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How To Find What Is Selling On Amazon

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Use Google Or A Similar Keyword Research Tool

How to Find Number of Sales of a Product Selling on Amazon

One of the easiest ways you can sort through products to decide what might be good to sell on Amazon is by using keyword research. You can simply perform a Google search, or use a keyword tool like SEMRush to see what the search volume is for different terms, products, and categories.

As an example, say you think you want to sell customized winter hats. You can perform a search for “customized winter hats,” as well as other variations of the term, to see how many people are looking for this item, as well as what the competition looks like.

Through this process, you might also gain some insight on how to find the product you’re looking to sell on Amazon as wellas wholesale or direct suppliers may appear in your search.

Find Out Which Amazon Pages The Top Sellers Are Driving Traffic To

In order to find out the top selling products on Amazon, you should try to find out where the major players in the game are trying to push their traffic on Amazon.

These sellers have amassed huge audiences that are loyal to them and also know a thing or two about analytics and marketing.

If you find out what theyre selling, and which pages theyre focusing on, you will avoid wasting time on products that dont sell. Rather, youll be a step ahead in your quest to explore the best selling items on Amazon.

This is basically taking advantage of research that has already been carried out.

Follow this short guide in order to find out what theyre selling and where theyre selling it:

  • Find the biggest publishers in your space and put their domains into the Ahref program.
  • Check the outgoing links
  • Sort the links by linked domains to see how many links theyre sending to Amazon
  • Dig deeper into those links by studying the anchor text to see the products they link to.
  • Besides using these steps, be smart about your research. If something is selling well, such as a dandruff shampoo, think about why that may be.

    If its winter, then the shampoo may be selling well because of dandruffs prolonged occurrence in winter.

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    Browse Amazon Best Sellers

    is a list that shows best selling products category-wise.

    What more do you need?. Amazon itself is providing you with a list of its best sellers. Thats a powerful data for sellers to dig & know whats doing well.

    Here is the screenshot of the best seller page:

    Apart from the best sellers, you can also find the following list of products:

    • New releases
    • Movers & shakers
    • Most wished for
    • Gift ideas

    Please look carefully at the Most wished for list. Whys that the customers have wished for a product but eventually didnt buy?. Was it because the product werent up to the mark?. Was the price high?.

    The answers to these questions can help you to come up with a ton of product ideas.

    Pro Tip: Also, try skimming through the customer reviews of these best sellers. May be youd get ideas about the product faults & related opportunities.

    Once done listing down the best sellers, check their competitiveness by searching for the same.

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    How To Create An Amazon Listing And Ship To Amazon Fba

    Follow these steps when you want to create an Amazon listing:

    Step 1: Go to seller central on Amazon and select the inventory drop down and select Add a Product.

    Step 2: Next you want to select create a new product listing and start from scratch.

    Step 3: Choose the category of the products youre going to be selling. Make sure that your product category is not restricted. If you sell in a restricted category you wont be able to create your product listing until youre approved.

    There are plenty of categories that dont require approval so keep it simple and keep moving forward! Find the closest thing that relates to your product.

    Step 4: Fill in the required info. You just want to get the product listing up so that you can send your products into Amazon FBA.

    You can focus on after the inventory arrives in Amazon.

    Next you want to fill out these spaces to complete your product listing and get your Amazon FBA listing completed.


    You want your product name here, you can change it later.


    Since youre a private label seller you can list your company name as the manufacturer. If you dont have a company name just make it the company name you will have in the future. Again dont let this stop you.


    Your brand can also be your company name.

    Your Price:

    If you saw our last post about buying UPC codes you know that you need them to list your products on Amazon.

    How to Buy a UPC Code

    Step 5: Buy a UPC Code if you dont have a UPC code yet. Go to SnapUPC

    What To Sell On Amazon Fba

    How to Sell on Amazon in 5 Steps

    Regarding what to sell on , its crucial to remember that its a price-driven marketplace. This means that people visit the website to find the best deal. Thus, your products must be attractive to your target audience and often in a particular price range.

    When it comes to , the criteria for the products you choose to sell remain the same as when you sell on Amazon and manage and ship orders yourself.

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    Top Selling Items On Amazon: Product Research Software

    Pinpointing top selling products is more complicated than simply looking at Amazons best seller list. Its just the first step and a way to gather ideas. Unfortunately, its impossible to find all the relevant information there.

    The fact is that you need a more scientific approach. You need to know the stats behind each product before you decide to invest in it:

    • What are its average monthly sales?
    • How many other people are selling it?
    • What is its average price, average reviews or sales history?
    • What kind of sales margins can you expect?
    • Are its sales trending up or down?

    As a consequence, consider using third party product research tools that can show you this information, for example AMZScouts Product Database and Pro Extension.

    Tips To Help You Find What To Sell On Amazon

    Just because its a top-selling item on Amazon doesnt mean you should sell it. If you asked me, Id say we have enough Crocs already.

    Seriously, there are enough. More than enough.

    You need to find products that are on-brand. It also helps if you like, care about, and use the items you sell. If youre a 40-year-old balding man , shampoo products might not be your thingand thats OK.

    Again, you dont have to like or use the products you sell, but it helps.

    With over 150 million Amazon Prime subscribers on the platform, youre bound to find a healthy-sized audience for just about any nichewhether thats Star Wars LEGO kits or crossfit foam rollers.

    With that said, finding what to sell on Amazon isnt quite as easy as Googling Best Selling Products On Amazon and clicking the first link you see. Thats why we have so many darn Crocs.

    Let us help you narrow down your search. Follow these tips to help you find the right on-brand, in-demand, not overly competitive products on Amazon:

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    Identify Best Selling Products With Sellerapp

    The easiest way to get actionable data is by using SellerApps advanced . The extension will give you all the product data you need, as well as spy on your competitors with the click of a button.

    To get an initial overview of similar products, just type in the main keyword in the search bar and let the Chrome extension do the rest. Once youre on the search results page, the SellerApp extension will give you key metrics such as average price, average daily sales, and average best seller rank . Youll also get an overall opportunity score you can use to make an informed decision about the product. Once youve studied the overview, you can open individual product pages to study your potential competitors more closely.

    A detailed summary of products for the keyword Catan compiled by the SellerApp Chrome Extension)

    You can also find the best products to sell on Amazon with real-time data using the SellerApp dashboard. Once youve opened the dashboard, click on Product ideas to find trending and most wished products. You can also check out the most popular new arrivals and BSR movers with the click of a button. The product ideas feature also provides BSR, estimated sales, and estimated revenue for each of these products to help sellers make an informed choice.

    What Is Amazon Marketplace

    What to Sell on Amazon FBA (2022) Find a Profitable Product with Jungle Scout Research Tools itself is a major website that sells everything from car seats to lipsticks to sun umbrellas. When you shop from, you are buying directly from Amazonâs complete product inventory and individual sellers. Amazon Marketplace is the third-party retailer market integrated into the same platform.

    It offers customers a much wider product choice from thousands of external sellers and enables price comparison to keep the platform competitive. Because is so well integrated into, a lot of customers donât even realize they are purchasing from third-party sellers. Thereâs a good reason for this, and youâll begin to understand why further along in the article.

    Unlike Amazon Marketplace where retailers can sell new and used items, anything sold directly by the namesake’s domain is new and owned entirely by Amazon. Therefore, when something is purchased directly from, all the profits go to Amazon. When something is purchased through Amazon Marketplace, both and the third-party retailers share profits. is very selective about who they allow to sell on Amazon Marketplace. Only certain countries are allowed to participate in it and sellers must have financial accounts registered to those jurisdictions.

    An online retailer, much like others such as Walmart. sells only new items and keeps the entire profit of sales.

    Amazon Marketplace

    Amazon Selling Programs

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    Find Demand With Keyword Research

    When looking for the right product to sell on Amazon, youre searching for the right Goldilocks balance between demand and competition. Ideally, you want to sell items with high demand and low competitionbut youre going to have to do a lot of research to find those golden opportunities.

    To find demand, youre going to need to look at specific keywords. Here are popular tools you can use:

    Amazon Search Bar

    Begin typing a product into Amazon and see what comes up. Amazon pre-populates the text with options based on search volume. If other people frequently search for the same thing, it will appear higher on the list. These are the products you want to go after.

    For example, dog toys for large dogs aggressive chewers is a very specific product. Its not just a dog toynor is it just a dog toy for large dogs. Its a dog toy for large dogs who happen to be aggressive chewers.

    Once you find an in-demand product, you want to search to see what other sellers list on Amazon. If you find a popular search term that doesnt have products catering specifically to it, then youve likely found a golden opportunity.

    Google Keyword Planner

    Another tool you can use to gauge interest is . Use Keyword Planner to find what people are searching for online.

    We could double-check the dog toys keywords to find if it does have significant search volume.

    Use Amazon Reviews To Locate Market Gaps

    Selling physical products online is nearly a $1 trillion industry. If you look at selling digital products, they make up a huge portion of that industry.

    However, there are yet unexplored markets out there that you can supply.

    One of the best ways to discover top selling items on Amazon is by analyzing customer reviews that have been posted online.

    People usually leave clues to what they wouldve wanted in a product and what they desire that product to be.

    They often leave thoughts of disappointment and wish that a product they wanted had just a little bit more so that they could justify their purchases.

    If you really want to make a great product and like to see it among the best selling items on Amazon, focus on the customers.

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    Diving Deeper Into The Data

    If you wanted to dive deeper into that data to see the products that are driving these numbers, you just need to hit the âSee all metricsâ button to the right of those figures. This will take you to the Helium 10 Black Box tool so that you can see all of the products that these numbers are pulled from.

    Below the sales data, you will see a section titled âTop matching keywords containing…â

    This will show you a list of the most searched keywords that contain the seed keyword youâve pulled from You can also see its corresponding search volume, as well as how many products show up on Amazon for each of those keywords.

    If you want to broaden the keyword search related to coffin shelf, you can click âSee the full keyword list.â This will take you to a Helium 10 Magnet search page. Here youâll be able to look closer at thousands of related keywords.

    On the right hand side, you will see thumbnails of the Top Products that have âcoffin shelfâ in the title. If you scroll your mouse over them, youâll see the full title of the product as it appears on Amazon. As soon as you click on the thumbnail, you will be redirected to the listing on Amazon.

    What To Sell On Amazon Fba: Product Criteria

    Selling on Amazon
  • Usually its better to avoid selling well-known or designer-branded products. Most Amazon buyers are interested in decent products that come at a good price.
  • Listing products under your own brand name and offering something a little extra, e.g. faster shipping, can put you ahead of your competitors.
  • Choosing small and lightweight products will save you extra storage fees in the case of slow-selling items. Plus, the bigger and heavier the product, the higher the shipping costs.
  • Choose uncomplicated products so you avoid potential customer issues.
  • Some goods, e.g. foods, toys, batteries or beauty products, may require certifications or paperwork that may be challenging and frustrating to obtain.
  • Additionally, consider a selling price between £10 and £50. Products you list and sell below £10 are unlikely to make you a decent profit unless you sell in huge volumes. Products above £50 have potential for more profit, but fewer shoppers may be interested in them.

    Products selling for less than £50 are usually within the impulse buy price range. Between £10 and £50 should be cheap enough for buyers to make a quick decision. This means that they probably wont need to think very hard about making the purchase.

    The most popular categories on Amazon tend to be:

    • Apparel
    • Toys.

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    Amazon Seller Success Stories

    Successful Amazon products come in all shapes and sizes, just like the businesses behind them. Some of the best examples of Amazon success stories though, come from small and medium businesses.

    A great example is Shearer Candles. The family-run Scottish business had been selling from just one high-street location for over 120 years until they started selling on Amazon. Their candles proved a big success and their growing sales have allowed them to grow their retail operations. They were also recently chosen as the face of Amazons latest television advert in the UK.

    Another success story was Dock & Bay. In fact, their range of microfiber towels proved so successful that they featured on Dragons Den last year. Their business went down well and they received three offers. They are now working with Deborah Meaden, a serial investor with a brilliant track record.

    There is always room for niche businesses to find success. One category, for example, that has seen incredible growth on Amazon is male grooming. More specifically, beard oils and moustache wax. One brand that has done particularly well, is Mo Bros. What started in 2014 as three guys growing beards for Movember has developed into a global brand. They have sold products to over 250,000 customers in 78 different countries, as well as receiving a £150,000 investment on Dragons Den in May 2017.

    Wholesale Products On Amazon

    When you wholesale an item, its as if youre purchasing the product in bulk from the manufacturer.

    If you sell the items individually on Amazon at the retail price, then youll be more likely to gain more customers as most of them search for the lowest prices they can get.

    In order to wholesale the item, you will have to establish a relationship with the supplier. This can be a long and time-consuming process, but it will be worth it if you succeed.

    You will need to ensure that the manufacturer youre partnering with is very reputable and reliable. An excellent tool for vetting the people youll need to be partners with is Sourcify.

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    The product development and the production will be taken off your hands, and you can even place your products on the Amazon FBA program.

    You can even predict the pricing and profit margins more accurately since youre in greater control.


    The cons associated are that because youre selling someone elses product, the profit margins may be tighter.

    You will also be at the mercy of the manufacturer since they can choose to pull the plug at any time. Theres also the matter of the upfront investment required.

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    The Exact Steps To Finding Overseas Private Label Suppliers

    Follow these steps to open an Alibaba account and buy from Alibaba:

    First: Go to Alibaba and click on Join Free

    Second: Enter your Email address and verify that you own it. Try to not use your main/personal email if you dont want your inbox clogged up with supplier emails.

    Third: Fill out your basic information. Password, location, first name, last name, and telephone number. Alibaba asks you for Company name..Do not panic. The name can be whatever you want.

    Fourth: Confirm your personal information and complete the opening of your new Alibaba account. Now you can start buying products on Alibaba.

    How to open an Alibaba account

    Minimum Requirements to Select the Perfect Supplier

    • Accepts Trade Assurance, Paypal, or AliPay
    • Theyre a Gold Supplier
    • Has been assessed and certified checked onsite by Alibaba

    You want to keep your money as secure as possible. So checking all these boxes is a way to make sure you protect yourself when looking for a good supplier.

    Startupbros must have requirements in a supplier:

    Now, lets dive deeper into Alibaba payment methods and which ones would be better over others.

    Overview of Alibaba Payment Methods

    Suppliers like to compete on price but some might be willing to offer you a better one.

    Finding a supplier making the exact product you found on Amazon is crucial. Youll see that sometimes the pictures are even the same ones that are selling on Amazon.

    Side Note: Were not doing that when we list our product!

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