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How To Fix Stranded Inventory On Amazon

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Where Can I Find Stranded Inventory

How to fix your Amazon stranded inventory

You can check your Performance Notifications on the Seller Central to see if Amazon has sent you a message regarding stranded inventory. If you have any stranded inventory, the âFix stranded inventoryâ button will also appear on the Manage Inventory page of the Inventory section. Click on that button to see the stranded ASIN.

What Is Stranded Inventory Amazon

A stranded inventory could be simply understood as the inventory which is stuck in the fulfillment center due to some kind of issue with the stock. The reason could be anything like: the product fails to fulfill the requirement ordered by the customers. Therefore it is very crucial that all the details even the little ones must be checked carefully before sending your inventory to the fulfillment centers.

Amazon, the world’s most trusted and extensive platform, is likewise plagued by this major issue. Amazon FBA storage facilities are brimming with inventory products that have some sort of issue, preventing them from shipping farther and selling out to customers. However, there is a range of options for coping with Amazon’s stranded inventory, all it takes is a little concentration.

Furthermore, if your business holds stranded inventory, it portrays a negative impression of your firm’s management, implying that you are unconcerned about the sale of your product and are simply doing business for the sake of it. Furthermore, it places a significant burden on warehouses because there is no room for fresh products to enter for transportation to customers. As a result, the smarter way should be done to resurrect the stranded inventory and sell it to the appropriate buyers. As discussed above, Amazon, a huge e-commerce business brand also faces this problem, but at the same time, it knows also how to cope with it.

Be 100% Accurate When Creating Fba Shipments

Another reason your inventory may become stranded is that an FBA warehouse received more inventory than what was specified in your shipping plan or you sent in items that were not included in the shipping plan. Make sure this information is 100% correct to limit the number of issues that may happen during shipment check-in.

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New Seller Storage Limits

At the start of 2018 Amazon started imposing limits on storage to new sellers in an effort to control quality and make room for more experienced sellers.

In 2018, we are adjusting our FBA storage limits policies to encourage improved inventory management, which will help your products be received and delivered to customers more quickly.

Here is the official article on the subject below but Amazon will throw all of your products that are over your storage limit right into stranded inventory until you come down in your inventory levels.

Bulk Upload Template Error:

Update to Stranded Inventory Removal on Amazon

When filling out a bulk template upload file, if the quantity column is populated, your listings will change from , which strands your inventory.

However, whatever the reason may be for your stranded inventory, its important to stay on top of and take action on any inventory issues within your seller account.

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You Ship More Boxes Into Fba Than Your Restock Limits Allow

Generally Amazon does not make this possible for you to do, but every so often a seller will find that their restock limits are at a certain level one day. The seller creates and ships in inventory. While the inventory is in transit, Amazon then lowers the restock limits and the seller suddenly finds himself sending in inventory that puts him over his restock limits.

When this happens, Amazon may receive your shipment and check it in or may just send it back to where it came from, which can mean lost sales and increased shipping & handling fees!

Even if Amazon decides not to return your shipment to you, it might end up stuck in their warehouse and not being checked in. This particular issue usually is not exactly flagged as stranded inventory most times, but in essence acts as stranded inventory, not being checked in and not able to be sold. In these cases, there is nothing you can do but wait and I always advise you create backup channels for shipping and for fulfillment to customers.

Consider teaming up with a 3rd-party logistics company to whom you can send any additional inventory that Amazon might otherwise reject.

A backup warehouse allows you to plan your FBA shipments better to avoid exceeding your restock limits.

Youve Checked In Your Inventory Too Early For Product Launch

Your products go live as soon as theyre checked in. So if youve checked them in too early for launch, you lose a lot of steam needed to market them successfully. This mistake forces you to delete or close that listing to prevent your listing from going live too soon. In that case, you are deliberately stranding your inventory. Your next action is to prepare for launch as soon as possible and then relist your product.


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What Is Amazon Stranded Inventory

Simply put, an Amazon Stranded Inventory is inventory that is received by an Amazon Fulfillment Center but has no active offer on the site. In other words, your products are taking up space in a warehouse with no way of going outhence, stranded.

Potential customers might see your products on Amazon, but they wont be able to purchase them. The listing is either missing, inactive, incomplete, or worse, theres really nothing wrong with it except that it caught a bug in the system.

Fully Complete Your Listing Information Before Sending In Your Fba Shipments

How to Fix Stranded Inventory Amazon FBA

When you create a brand new listing, you can skip steps such as adding product features or images. However, if you dont add this information before your inventory arrives at an FBA warehouse, your products are at risk of becoming stranded. Thus, it is recommended you do this ahead of time to prevent listing errors from happening.

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Merchant Fulfilled Shipping Templates

As an MF seller you MUST add the exact name of your shipping template you will be using into each batch being processed with AccelerList or it could cause your entire batch to be pushed into stranded inventory.

We are constantly updating this article as we learn of new reasons why Amazon places inventory into stranded status and thus this article is not ever 100% complete. By submitting your support ticket to Amazon and relaying to us the reasons for which your items have gone stranded really helps us and your fellow seller.

More helpful answers:

How To Handle Stranded Inventory:

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to Seller Central
  • Under the Inventory tab click Manage Inventory.
  • In the list of links along the top of this page , click Inventory Dashboard.
  • If you have stranded inventory, you can then click Fix Stranded Inventory.
  • Note: If you do not currently have stranded inventory, you will not see this option. Thats good news!

The stranded inventory page brings up a list of all your items currently at an FBA warehouse that are stranded and do not have active offers on Amazon. When we first began cleaning up the problems with our inventory on Seller Central after allowing them to accumulate for several months, I brought up this list and discovered we had six pages of stranded inventory, requiring several hours of work to sort through the mess and take the appropriate actions. Now, I look at the stranded inventory every few days and never find more than a couple of items at a time that need to be addressed.

In the Status column, youll see a few different reasons why your inventory might be stranded. The statuses weve encountered include Restricted ASIN, Brand or Item Qualification Required, and Listing Error. There might be others that were unaware of, but these are the ones weve personally had to deal with. If you have experience with other statuses, please leave a comment below, and tell us how you dealt with it. Now lets look at each of these statuses and their implications.

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How To Handle Stranded Inventory On Amazon

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If youre facing issues relating to stranded inventory on Amazon, it can hurt your business. The good news is that its not too difficult to fix stranded inventory. Lets look at how this happens, what to do to fix it, and how to prevent the same error moving forward.

If youre facing issues relating to stranded inventory on Amazon, it can hurt your business. The good news is that its not too difficult to fix stranded inventory. Lets look at how this happens, what to do to fix it, and how to prevent errors moving forward.

Make The Most Of Automatic Action Settings

What Is Stranded Inventory and How to Fix It

If you look at the Fix stranded inventory page, you can locate the Edit Automatic-action button on the top of the page.

When you click on the Edit automatic-action settings button, you will see two sections: Automatic fixes and Automatic removal. If you enable the Automatic fixes option, it will automatically fix your stranded inventory and relist your listing if the stranded is happened due to âclosed listingâ, âitem discontinuedâ, âlisting closed and inventory errorâ, and âmerchant fulfilledâ.

The Automatic removal setting section lets you choose the removal method and the cutoff time for the automatic removal.

Here, you will find removal method options for different stranded inventory scenarios. You can either pick âreturn unit to meâ or dispose of units. Then, you also need to select the cutoff time for the initiation of the automatic removal. If you want to get your inventory back instead of Amazon doing it with whatever it pleases, check this section and check the âreturn units to meâ the moment you find out about the stranded inventory issue.

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Stranded Reason Please Review For Quality Issues

This reason comes up when Amazon notices something wrong with the listing youre selling. Its possible that the bullet points are mentioning something that now goes against or maybe a pair of shoes has some problems with consistent sizing on the listings size drop down options.

There are many reasons a listing might have quality issues. To find out what the issue is, click on the Edit Listing option and then look for the red triangle with the exclamation point in the middle. That is the tab that needs updating. Find out what the listing needs, and then update that listing with the correct information. If the issue is the listing needs consistent shoe sizes, here is a walk-through video on how to update a shoe listing.

These are just a few of the issues weve encountered with stranded inventory. Sometimes the fault is ours, sometimes its a glitch in the system, sometimes its unexplainable. Regardless, youll want to check your stranded inventory and see if there are items that you can relist and make available for purchase inactive listings do not bring any profit!

Have you encountered these or other problems in your stranded inventory list? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.*This post was updated in 2019

Imagine knowing exactly what to expect in your Amazon FBA business every month of the year.

Imagine what it would feel like knowing you were not missing out on any of the opportunities that will come your way this year.

How To Find And Fix Your Fba Stranded Inventory

While Amazon should notify you if and when your inventory becomes stranded, it is up to you as the seller to take action within 30 days of the notification.

Amazon no longer classifies stranded inventory as unsellable after 30 days. Instead, if you do not take action on the stranded inventory, within 30 days, Amazon will automatically remove the inventory from the warehouse.

Plus, the default setting is to have Amazon dispose of your inventory.

This is why you shouldnt rely on Amazon 100% to notify you when there is an issue with your inventory. You should be proactive and frequently check for issues within your account.

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Why Would An Automatic Removal Setting Be Useful

Fix your Amazon stranded inventory

The Automatic Removal Setting is very useful as it tells Amazon that you wish to have your inventory returned to you in the event you ever have a listing deactivated . The other option is that Amazon will destroy your inventory. Destruction of their inventory is rarely something any seller wants, especially considering you will be responsible for paying comparable fees to Amazon whether your inventory is destroyed or returned to you.

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Stranded Reason Brand Qualification Required

One possibility for stranded items is that that item requires brand approval before you can sell it. To fix these stranded items, you have a couple of choices:

  • Apply for and receive approval for the brand or item by using the Add a Product option under the Inventory tab in Seller Central. Once you receive approval, you should see the option to Relist the item in the drop-down menu of actions on the stranded inventory page.
  • If you cannot receive approval to sell the item, you will need to create a removal order and have the item returned to you. You can then sell the item on another platform like eBay or sell it at your next garage sale.

Even if you have already received brand or item approval before you send an item in to an FBA warehouse, sometimes items will go into stranded inventory and state brand qualification is required. In these instances, weve been able to immediately choose the Relist action and the item moves out of stranded. Hopefully this is just a glitch that Amazon will soon fix.

How Do I Prevent Stranded Fba Inventory On Amazon

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Amazon details three ways to prevent stranded inventory:

  • Avoid closing or deleting listings immediately after inventory is sold. If something goes wrong with the shipment or if there are customer returns, this inventory will be stranded.
  • Do not have multiple listings for the same product.
  • Be careful when using the Bulk Upload template. This setting can change listings from Amazon fulfilled to merchant fulfilled, which will cause problems for your FBA listing.

Properly shipping items to the warehouse is also essential to running a successful Amazon FBA business.

Here are our suggestions to streamline the shipping process:

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Why Is It Important To Fix Stranded Inventory As Quickly As Possible

You need to fix the stranded inventory issue as soon as possible for the following reasons.

  • Stranded inventory remains unavailable for sale. However, it still occupies space in Amazon fulfillment centers and increases your storage expenses with mounting monthly storage, long-term storage, and storage overage fees.
  • Stranded inventory also decreases your points on Inventory Performance Index . As a result, Amazon will limit the available storage space for your account if the IPI drops below 400 .
  • Stranded inventory means an inactive listing, which means no sales and revenue for the given period.

What Is Amazon Stranded Inventory And How Do You Fix It

What Is Stranded Inventory and How to Fix It

The fact that ecommerce business owners can earn without having to see their inventory is both a blessing and a curse.

Sure you can easily import from China, coordinate with your suppliers, and monitor your products long distance, but this convenience comes with a risk, one of which is having your inventory stuck in a warehouse somewhere, unable to be sold to customers.

When youre selling on Amazon, this misfortune is called Amazon Stranded Inventory.

In this article, I will be talking about what it is and how you can deal with it so you wont have to waste your hard-earned money on something that literally just sits there, gathering dust.

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Opening A New Case With Seller Support To Fix Stranded Inventory

You may have to contact Seller Support to fix stranded inventory in many cases. You may succeed in troubleshooting the problem with their assistance. For that, you will have to open and submit a new case from your Seller Central.

Follow the below steps to open a new case with Amazon to sort out stranded inventory.

  • Scroll down the Help page, locate the Need More Help section, and click on the Get support button below it.
  • Proceed while clicking on Selling on Amazon
  • Describe your issue, i.e. inventory is stranded due to the given reason . Then inform them you want to fix the problem and resume the listing to its active status. The Seller Support team will take up your issue, and soon you will be on your way to getting your stranded inventory back.

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