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How To Get Amazon Buyer Account Reinstated

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Successful Amazon Suspension Appeal Templates

Get your Amazon Seller Account Reinstated FREE!!

Im putting together a file that has all of the successful suspension appeals that Ive been able to gather. This includes my suspension appeal from back in 2015, and from several other sellers who have generously offered to share their successful appeals with others.

All personally identifiable information has been removed, but other than that these templates remain unedited. In the file, Ill include the original reason for the suspension, and the date it was successful.

Now to be clear, these are to be used for ideas in putting together your appeal. You should not copy and paste these exactly and anticipate that you will get reinstated. Every suspension is unique, and you have to ensure that you are tweaking your appeal to fit your situation. As mentioned the goal is to use this for ideas on the format and wording you should use when putting your appeal together.

Why Should You Listen To Me

Of all random strangers on the internet, why should you bother listening to me?

Heres my street cred to show that Im not a college intern writing about something I know nothing about.

Im also not a lawyer, which means take what you think will work for you. But consult your own lawyer as needed.

My info is not theory. This is 100% practical experience.

  • Ive had one three of our best selling products ripped off by Chinese suppliers products and a category we created
  • Ive had a Chinese supplier claim our product was their idea
  • One of my suppliers shared our mold with other suppliers
  • Ive had a supplier refuse to transfer the mold I paid for to my new supplier
  • I personally visit and audit all my Chinese factories and meet the owners
  • I import from all regions in China
  • I sell millions of dollars worth of product

If you want to hear how we deal with listing suspensions and appeals, and get Amazon plan of action appeal template, keep reading.

Frequently Checking Amazon Seller Central Accounts

We highly encourage all sellers of any size to regularly and consistently check their Amazon Seller accounts. Many times, youll have messages from Amazon and from buyers who need to get in contact with you. The more frequently you check, the more organized your account will be, and the faster you can resolve any potential issues. Remember, communication is key!

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How To Open A New Amazon Buyer/personal/business/seller Account Without Traces

Now lets imagine that you cant get your old amazon account back but you want to open another one. I am sorry, it is not so easy to open new Amazon accounts. If you simply open a new one by merely changing your email, the system will detect you and suspend your new account. Below are the requirements for successfully opening a new amazon account that can never be traced or linked back to the one that was suspended by Amazon.

  • Get a New Device: phone or pc

This depends on the device you were using on the suspended account. Once amazon suspends an account, they log your devices serial on their database. any time you use the same device, their system will recognize and link. so, you need a new phone. If you want to use a pc and you dont want to buy a new one, you can partition your existing PC and use a different user account.

  • Get A new Internet

You must change your IP address to have a chance. As for me, what I normally do is to change my sim card from one network provider to another on a new phone. It is also important that if you are using wifi, dont use the same WiFi connection as the one with the suspended account.

  • Dont Use the Same Billing Name and Address

Amazon is good with address verification. you cant escape their wrath if you attempting to use any elements of your billing name address on the old account with your new account.

  • Dont Use A Debit/Credit Card From a Closed Account
  • Make sure you use a different Shipping Address or tweak the existing one

What Is The Seller Performance Phone Number


Amazon seller performance doesn’t have a phone number that you can call to discuss your cases.

I cant tell you how many times I have been asked, Can you call seller-performance? Or what is the number for Amazon seller performance?

If you know someone who works there that will answer, for the love of all that is good and holy, email me!

You can call seller support all day, but that won’t do you much good…but more on that in the next question.

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For The Sake Of This Answer I Will Provide A General Outline Of How To Handle The Mib Of Amazon

1. The first thing you need to know about Seller Performance is that they do not care about your sorrows, your personal issues or your sales volume.

This information is irrelevant to them. By including this in your appeal, you are consuming a part of the crucial 3 minutes the account analyst has to review the areas of your plan that actually matter. Sean Law, Paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC states, The employees at Seller Performance must be incredible pressure to review appeals somewhat quickly. When filing your appeal, be quick, be concise and your Plan of Action or Appeal must be persuasive. Amazon does not care about how profitable your account is their job is to not care about that.

2. There is not one seller on Amazon that is not expendable.

Amazons focus is on their customers. I have seen sellers who have some impressive selling metrics get their accounts suspended and are astonished. If you are selling one book per week for $10 or if you ship 10,000 items per day, step on Amazons toes, and they will lay the same hammer on any and all sellers.

3. The purpose of an appeal is:

1) To show Amazon that you are acutely aware of why they have suspended you, 2) Admit to these violations, and 3) Provide a plan of action that convinces Amazon that the policy at hand will never be broken again.

4. Amazon knows much more about you than you think they do.

5. The words Plan of Action are somewhat deceiving.

6. Speak in the past tense.

Account Reinstated After Appealing For 10 Months

After 10 long months and numerous appeals, the oceans finally parted this morning and I received the reinstatement email from seller performance.What lessons have been learned ?? MANY, including being VERY aware of your seller metrics and working very hard to keep them perfect.For those of you that are currently suspended, my advice is to never give up no matter how grim things may be So what has changed for amazon sellers over the last 10 months that a new or reinstated seller needs to be aware of ?Thanks in advance for all of your tips !

For those of you that are currently suspended, my advice is to never give up no matter how grim things may be

It was certainly a long road, , including at least one paid POA and substantial Forum help. Thank you for updating!

  • What do you think finally worked?

  • What specific suggestions and tips do you have for others?

Ive been selling here for over a year and today received the following email: Hello, Your account shows shipping violations under the terms and conditions of buy shipping option. As a result, your customer account will be closed and you may no longer sell on . Your listings have been removed from the site. You will have access to Seller Central for the next 30 days. After 30 days you will no longer be able to buy or sell on . We recommend that you use this time

If youre continuing with FBM, check the following Forum announcements:

P.S. –

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Things To Include When Writing To Amazon Executive For An Appeal To Restore Your Account

Note: Sadly, amazon has blocked email access to all their executives except Jeff Bezos. In other words, if the account specialist cant help you, only Jeff Bezos can. I wish you the best of luck. If you are however from Nigeria or any country that is being targetted by amazon as being prone to fraud, you have a very slim chance of getting back your account.

Contacting the echelons at Amazon is the simplest and the most difficult thing for any Amazon subscriber. I will, however, make this easy for you. It is difficult because you need to give your best and pray that it is enough. Three things will set the tone for whether your appeal will be rejected or accepted.

  • Your case: are you an unrepentant violator of their policy? if you aint, then your chances are high.
  • Are you polite and courteous enough? Although Amazon is a formal organization, no one would tolerate abusive words. If you are abusive in your email to them, your email will be trashed. Your introduction matters a lot.
  • Be detailed and avoid being emotional.

Signs Of A Suspended Amazon Account

How to Get Your Amazon Suspended Account Reinstated in 24 Hours

Before you get cranky, determine first if it’s a legit email from Amazon. It might be a phishing attack that aims to steal your personal and credit card details. Amazon may contact you via email, phone, and SMS. Here are things you should remember:

  • Amazon will never:
  • Ask for your personal and/or payment information.
  • Request you to update payment information not linked to your Amazon order.
  • Offer you a refund without a valid reason.
  • Ask for payment outside Amazon’s website.
  • Ask for remote access to your device.
  • Ask for any sensitive information like passwords.

If the email follows the guidelines above, then it’s without a doubt that you have received a genuine suspension email from Amazon. How can you tell if it is the letter?

It will come from “,” and its signature is “Account Specialist.” It may have a format like this:


We have closed your account and canceled all of your open orders.

We took these actions because .


Account Specialist

Oof. This disheartening email doesn’t only prevent you from ordering but also affects your reputation and sales as a seller. Luckily, Amazon allows you to reinstate your account, but you have to do it the right way.

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How Do I Reactivate My Amazon Seller Account

To reactivate your Amazon seller account, contact us to get expert amazon reinstatement services.

If you wish to do it yourself, you need to figure out the cause of suspension.

Your main task is to draft an appeal letter for Amazon. It should include the issue, its solution, your current actions to recover from the issue, and future preventive measures.

We Do Hope To See You Again Soon At Amazon If You Have Any Suggestions On How To Improve Our Third

In relation to what you have mentioned above, yes i actually do have an old email from Amazon on that old account, stating as above:

Why is this happening?Because you have not used your European marketplace seller account for continuous period of at least two years and six months, the European marketplaces are now inactive. In order to protect our customers, we deactivate accounts that have been inactive for extended periods. For more information, review the Amazon Payments Agreement:How do I reactivate my account?We continue to welcome your business. To reactivate your account, please reply to this email and confirm your intension to keep the European marketplaces active:

As I never used this account, I never looked at any of the emails, and was unaware I even had this old seller account .

I cannot physically get further than successfully logging into, that old seller account. It asks me to highlight which market place I want to access within the account, but theres nothing there to select, and the button to continue with a selection is greyed out. There is literally nothing else on this page besides a log out button top right.

I cannot show there was no trading history due to the above, but im 1000% sure there never was anything on it the whole 5+ years.

Is that what happened?

Thanks. I wanted to check my understanding, otherwise I might have given poor advice.

The problem is that its not possible to close a deactivated account – and your old account was deactivated.

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The Best Defense Against Amazon Account Suspensions Follow The Rules

The best defense against getting suspended on Amazon is to know the rules and to follow them to the letter.

Naturally, the best place to start learning is on Amazon itself. gives you all the details you need to avoid suspensions. Then, review your Performance > Account Health page to see where your metrics currently stand.

You can also check out our break down of to help you understand what you should and shouldnt do on the platform. In addition, we address how certain practices regarding product reviews can get you suspended on Amazon. Id review that as well.

And even if you are the target of black hat sellers which is somewhat rare playing by the rules and having an account in good standing will help when it comes to making a case against the accusations of those offending sellers.

Finally, whenever youre about to do something that doesnt seem right, ask yourself why it feels that way.

If it feels like youre breaking the rules, chances are you probably are!

Have you had an ASIn suppressed, or your account suspended? Share what did you do to get reinstated in the comments. Wed love to hear from you!

How Long Does An Amazon Suspension Last

Reinstate Amazon Buyer Account That was Suspended by Amazon

Suspension cases can take as long as several months to complete

The questions I am often asked:

  • How long does an Amazon suspension last?
  • How long does it take Amazon seller performance to respond to my appeal?”
  • How many times can I reply before Amazon suspends me permanently?

Sometimes the key to reinstatements is perseverance.

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Writing Your Amazon Appeal Plan

As far as Amazon is concerned, the only thing that matters is your dedication to customer satisfaction. That means to successfully get reinstated on Amazon, you need to show the seller performance team that you have already corrected any errors that led to the suspension in order to ensure they wont happen again. When you write your Amazon appeal plan, you must acknowledge that you are accountable for the errors that caused the suspension.

Once youve taken accountability, you must provide a concise, yet detailed plan on how you have amended these errors. For example, if a shipping error caused your suspension, state exactly how the employee in charge of this department has changed their method of work to avoid any errors in the future. Your appeal plan must be brief overall, but this is where youll need to offer very precise details.

Avoid Ordering The Same Items In Large Quantities With Your Personal Account

Dont do anything that will strike Amazon as if you are buying for reselling. For example, dont order the same items from the same seller in multiple quantities. This is risky especially if we are dealing with phones.

Also, avoid buying more than three high-end electronic devices within a 30 days period even with your card.

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Should Not Contact Seller Support Again And Again:

Seller support cannot help in account restoration. anyhow, they can give the basic and the most relevant advice regarding the account restoration process and general support to sellers.

Seller performance department is the only way that can help you once, after the suspension of the account. Seller performance department can only be contacted through emails, no contact numbers are given. Do not send frequent emails after your first appeal. It usually takes 24 hours to respond but the huge amount of appeals can longer the duration, do not panic or rush to send emails to get a response.

The last thing to remember during the communication to the seller performance department is to use a decent language and professional style. Rude behaviors and non-professional communication styles can mark your performance unsatisfied. Then, Amazon can hold your account suspension for a longer period.

Can You Open A New Account If You Are Banned As A Seller

How to Get Your Amazon Seller Account Reinstated in 24 Hours [Inauthentic Products Suspension]

Perhaps a better question would be: should you open a new account if you are banned on Amazon?

While you can open a new Amazon seller account if your old one is banned, it is not a good idea.

First, you would be in direct violation of the companys legal policies, and thats not something you want to get caught and sued for.

Any Amazon suspension expert would never recommend opening a new seller account after a ban. It is too risky and simply not worth the hassle.

Why is it risky?

You will have to jump through a lot of hoops. For example:

  • You need to create a new legal identity
  • You cant use your old credit card and old bank account
  • You need to set up a new email address, new IP for your computer or use a VPN

You are basically creating a new company, and there is still a chance of getting caught. Take our advice: it is not worth it!

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Amazon Plan Of Action Process Considerations: How To Appeal Amazon Account Suspension

If you choose to write your appeal without hiring an appeals service, we recommend that you stick to the following process best practices:

  • Work Quickly But Dont Rush. While you must submit your appeal within 17 days, submitting a hastily written, ineffective Amazon appeal letter can have significantly detrimental consequences, and can even result in permanent deactivation. As a result, it is important to put the time and effort into your appeal so that the product you submit to Amazon is professional, targeted, and efficient.
  • Stay on Top of Amazon. Once you submit your appeal, you should expect to hear an initial response from Amazon on your appeal within 48 hours. Hopefully you will hear good news, but it is possible that you hear no news or bad news. If you hear nothing from Amazon within 48 hours of submitting your Amazon appeal letter, you should contact the Amazon Seller Performance Team again within 24 hours thereafter. This email can be a simple re-submission of your initial appeal with a short cover email explaining you submitted the appeal on x date and have not heard a reply, but it is very important to keep the communication window open. If you hear bad news from Amazon it becomes even more important to act quickly in addressing the issues and submitting a second appeal since this notice does not reset the initial 17 day window.

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