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How To Get Amazon Flex Blocks Quickly

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How to Get Blocks on Amazon Flex DAILY and Quickly with automatic clicker (2021)

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How Does Amazon Flex Work

Amazon Flex provides delivery services by using a fleet of gig worker drivers who use their own vehicles.

Amazon Flex driver deliveries include:

  • Packages: Picked up at a delivery station and delivered to customers. Your work must be completed within a time slot, which is usually in 3- to 6-hour blocks.
  • Prime Now and Amazon Fresh: Groceries and household items are picked up from an Amazon delivery station, usually in 2- to 4-hour blocks.
  • Store orders: Pickups from local stores, in blocks of 2 to 4 hours.
  • Instant offers: Only available in limited areas, these deliveries start near your current location and last from 15 to 45 minutes.

And heres something thats really important. Flex drivers can make about $18 to $25 per hour. Earnings will vary depending on your location, of course, but those numbers represent a good rate for delivery work, and can make driving for Amazon Flex well worth the effort.

Sign Up For Deliveries

Scheduling and completing deliveries for Amazon Flex mostly takes place on the app.

Delivery blocks, which are shifts that are typically three to six hours long, can be picked up in two ways:

  • Claim shifts offered to you by the app. Once you fill in your availability, youll periodically be sent options that fit your hours. Go to Calendar in the app to access shifts. These opportunities expire, so pick them up as quickly as you can.

  • Score hours on short notice. You can find same-day opportunities in a section of the app labeled Check Available Blocks. These appear on a rolling basis up to 24 hours before the shift begins and are first-come, first-served. Sometimes blocks at busier hours of the day are up for grabs, and these high-traffic hours can pay more.

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Yes Amazon Flex Drivers Really Can Make $25 Per Hour

We have to admit: Amazon Flex isnt the most popular app among independent contractor delivery drivers.

Former drivers are continually bashing the company on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Reddit.

One of their biggest gripes with the company is that theyre not making the $25/hour that Amazon said they could.

Between gas mileage, oversized orders, and traffic that makes it nearly impossible to get the job done on time, many drivers find they barely break the $18/hour mark.

While theres hardly anything to be done about traffic or the size of your orders, you can do a few things to work more efficiently.

Hopefully, by following the tips outlined above, youll be able to earn at least a few bucks more than you are right now.

How To Protect Your Standing

Free Amazon Flex Block Grabber

Here are a few ways to protect your standing and prevent deactivation.

  • Always show up on time, or cancel more than 45 minutes before a block
  • Always attempt a delivery
  • Always return undelivered packages promptly
  • Take careful photos of deliveries
  • Dont confront/argue with customers or property managers
  • Leave a paper trail: Call and text customers, call support, take great pictures
  • If you notice a repeated issue with a business or drop off, report it to Amazon and request the location removed from your route
  • Fight unfair reports, but get used to the fact that they happen
  • Have a backup gig. Other delivery apps are great backups

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Work During The Holiday Season

This one may seem obvious, but its incredibly crucial. If you dont work during the holiday season, youre going to miss out on a lot of potential income.

The holidays, of course, are the peak season for Amazon.

According to CNBC, nearly half of all online shopping happens on Amazon. Some have gone so far as to say that the company has stolen Christmas.

Ultimately, this means that there is a high demand for drivers during this period. This also means you may have to forego a bit of your spare time to capitalize on this demand for Flex drivers.

After all, the company depends on Flex drivers to take care of their last mile deliveries, transporting packages from their fulfillment centers to their customers homes.

Whereas most drivers are paid the Flex base rate of $18/hour during regular shifts, the price usually increases when there is a high demand.

During the holiday season, youre likely to get paid far more than you would during the rest of the year.

Some drivers have reported that there are shifts worth as much as $30/hour in December.

So, if youre looking to make some real money with Amazon Flex, the holiday season is the time to do it.

What Steps Do You Need To Follow To Grab Or Catch Blocks In Amazon Flex/how To Get Amazon Flex Blocks Quickly

The blocks in Amazon are Flex are released depending on the city where the user is, whether it is Spain or another, as well as the hours and hours available that have been indicated to work, in the same way the vehicle you use. Follow these steps to grab or catch blocks on Amazon Flex.

  • Start by entering Google Play to download the application on your smartphone or mobile device.
  • When entering your account, you must repeatedly press the update button, until the available shifts or delivery shifts, called blocks, appear on the screen.
  • When a block appears you must be smart and act fast to take your turn.
  • You can claim change by sliding your finger on the block and then clicking accept on the screen, these changes appear randomly, it is in a matter of seconds that you can make them, so you must act quickly so as not to lose your turn.
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    Who Are Amazon Flex Drivers

    Amazon Flex drivers are the people who deliver blocks for Amazon. They use vehicles that have a wider door, allowing the driver to push through more packages in a single trip. This allows Amazon to service customers in areas where it is cheaper to have drivers rather than having to rent trucks and store them and is a way the company takes advantage of people with vans, trucks, and other vehicles.

    The program was designed to cut down on delivery times. Instead of the traditional route, where drivers pick up packages at distribution centers and deliver them to customers, the Flex system relies on drivers who work out of their own homes. Amazon says the model can cut down on delivery time by as much as 70%.

    To get sign up for the Amazon Flex program, you have to be at least 21 years old and have a car or van with a valid driving license. If you meet the requirements to enroll in the delivery program, you can sign up for and start delivering parcels from Amazon warehouses and pick up from customers who bought something on Amazon. You can also deliver parcels from other Amazon sellers.

    The number of blocks available on amazon flex is limited and there is a high demand for it. So you need to accept blocks quickly and be fast in delivering to get more blocks. You can as well join Amazon flex drivers forum on sites where you can find the latest news about the delivery program. You can search for and join forums for tips on

  • How to apply
  • Use the drivers app
  • How to avoid rejection
  • Holding Blocks Amazon Flex

    How to Get Blocks on Amazon Flex DAILY (2021)

    An important point to consider is that Amazon Flex releases the blocks in different ways What do we mean? Block that vary from the city or country where we are, support staff, including the selected schedule and the type of vehicle used.

    Because of this, we must be aware of these variables to grab a at the time Amazon Flex release him. But there is another problem is that, sometimes in the city where we are, we are not the only ones using Amazon Flex.

    This is where secondary applications come into play. Before explaining the function of a secondary application called Flex Utility, we should note that, to the use segundarias applications, runs the risk that Amazon block your account.

    However, this occurs when using automatic applications. For Flex Utility is a tool that allows you to capture the blocks on Amazon Flex , using buttons to refresh the page and react quickly when the block is available.

    As we see in this article, Amazon offers tremendous advantages for get extra money. So, if you want to offer to deliver Amazon, feel free to use the Amazon app Flex. And so you can catch blocks in Amazon Flex and have many benefits.

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    Ways To Get Deactivated By Amazon Flex + How To Get Reactivated

    Amazon Flex has been deactivating delivery drivers

    It could happen to any Amazon Flex driver. One day you are happily delivering packages to customers with Amazon Flex, the next day your main source of income has disappeared. No driver is completely safe from a possible deactivation on the Amazon Flex platform. In order to avoid deactivation, make sure that you are not breaking any of the following rules. It’s important to know the difference between a temporary deactivation and a permanent one. Some of these will only get you deactivated temporarily while others will get you permanently blacklisted from the Amazon Flex platform. Whichever type of deactivation occurs to you, we’ll show you how to gt reactivated.


    Get To The Fulfillment Center Early

    One of the biggest mistakes that Flex drivers make is arriving at the fulfillment center at the start of their shift.

    When you do this, however, youre likely to find that theres a line of other drivers waiting in front of you.

    This is a common complaint from drivers, who say that theyve waited as long as 45 minutes to pick up their orders.

    Now, the problem with this is that your account can face deactivation if you are late to deliver too many packages, especially the Prime Now packages.

    So, those 45 minutes you spend waiting at the fulfillment center can be detrimental to your rating.

    We know that its not your fault, but this is unfortunately how the company operates at this point.

    Therefore, the best thing you can do is to get there at least a half hour before your block begins.

    This will give you more time in case you have to wait for other drivers to pick up their orders.

    While it wont make you more money in the immediate future, it will help to boost your rating with the company, and youre likely to get more offers for on-demand delivery blocks and reserve shifts.

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    Amazon Flex Tricks You Cant Afford To Miss Out On

    So now that youve gotten a few delivery blocks under your sleeve, its time to improve your delivery performance and reliability. Read on for our list of top 5 Amazon Flex tricks to help you get a leg up against the competition!

    Amazon Flex trick #1: Be strategic about the blocks you accept

    For the most part, Amazon Flex payout rates are fixed regardless of the time of day or the weather. What this means is that a 2 hour delivery block on a rainy Friday evening with rush hour traffic pays as much as a 2 hour delivery block on a sunny Saturday morning without any traffic. Is it really fair that you get paid the same amount of money for work that has significantly different difficulty? .

    Weve written about tricks like avoiding nighttime delivery blocks when possible due to challenges of navigating streets in the dark and safety risks. In addition, driving during poor weather or heavy traffic can increase your chances of an accident or late deliveries.

    As they say, its all about risk vs reward. But if the payout amount is the same as the risk , why take on additional risk without getting additional compensation?

    PRO tip: start tracking your tips and see which delivery block time frames get you the most tips on average, and prioritize fishing for these blocks.

    Amazon Flex trick #2: Make smart driving decisions

    Amazon Flex trick #3: Be smart with the Amazon Flex app

    Amazon Flex trick #4: Keep your costs down

    Bottom line

    How To Get More Amazon Flex Delivery Blocks Assigned

    guaranteed Amazon flex blocks almost
    • May 22, 2021

    Help! Amazon Flex shows no delivery blocks available!

    Youve registered, completed the background check, , set up your available times in the calendar, and you are ready to begin deliveries! But then, you get assigned very few blocks, or even no delivery blocks, for sometimes days, or even weeks. Whats happening?

    Unfortunately, the reality is that there are many drivers competing for limited spots, so it can be difficult to be assigned available delivery blocks in advance.

    Keep reading and we will show you how to resolve your problem of having no delivery blocks assigned!

    How to search for and get same-day delivery block availability in Amazon Flex

    It is very rare that you will automatically get blocks assigned to you in advance, even after you let the app know your availability in the calendar. Luckily, there is another way to search for and get same-day delivery blocks assigned.

    These delivery blocks are released or dropped by the warehouse in real time, depending on their demand for Flex drivers at that particular time. What this means is that if someone forfeits their preassigned delivery block, or if the warehouse suddenly anticipates higher package volume, a delivery block can suddenly become available.

    The key to getting these delivery blocks is to remember that they are first come first serve, and you must act fast!

    To see the latest delivery block availability, you must refresh constantly!

    Be sure to swipe all the way down

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    Is Amazon Flex Better Than Uber Or Lyft

    This is the million dollar question! Amazon Flex certainly has its benefits. The pay of up to $25 per hour with an $18 per hour minimum is great, however, it is VERY hard to consistently get shifts.

    You cant just turn on your app and get deliveries like with rideshare or delivery apps, which means youre at the mercy of Amazon and you have to fight a pool of hundreds of drivers to pick up shifts.

    That means youre not going to be getting anywhere near full-time hours.

    On the other hand, Amazon Flex is an easy gig that has little customer service, unlike Uber and Lyft which is a 100% customer service job. For these reasons, we believe that Amazon Flex is a great option for a rideshare or delivery driver that wants an easy way to pick up a few high paying hours per week, but not something that you should bank on for more than a few hours per week.

    For an in-depth review of Amazon Flex, check out this drivers thoughts below:

    And if youd rather do something completely different, consider jumping into a software engineering career by attending acoding bootcamp like Kenzie.

    What Their Drivers Have To Say:

    The app makes 3 4 hour delivery blocks available. If there are any delivery blocks available, you pick up the packages a local warehouse, where a warehouse worker places 3 4 hours worth of packages in front of you. You scan them and put them in your vehicle. The app will open a gps to your first delivery location. Most of the deliveries will be in the same area. They pay direct deposit in 2-3 business days.

    This is NOT a reliable source of income. I was using this in between jobs. I had 100% reliability rating and worked hard every day 2 -4 hour blocks a day . All of a sudden, I stopped getting blocks everyday. Then I would get maybe 1 here or there. So I went from being able to support my family to fearing the bills coming up!

    A while back someone posted why do you hate apartments so much? today was the answer to that question. I had 11 packages in one complex. The buildings are not well labeled so good luck finding the apartments. I got 7 delivered up and down 3 flights of stairs and took the rest to the leasing office where a worker berated me about being a liar for not attempting delivery first.

    Suggested Options.

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    Deactivated From Flex: Can You Be Reactivated

    If your standing is at risk and you continue to have issues, Amazon may deactivate you. You can also be instantly deactivated for major incidents, such as a serious customer complaint. Amazon will email you to let you know that you are deactivated, but in typical gig economy fashion, the email only contains minor details.

    It is possible be reinstated after a deactivation, but its a big challenge with no guarantee of success. To attempt to overturn your deactivation, contact Amazon and ask them why you were deactivated. Then dispute the claims as well as you can.

    Heres an example of a Flex driver on Reddit who was reinstated after a deactivation. Unfortunately if you search the internet for more stories youll find more about unsuccessful appeals than deactivations that were overturned.

    Flex deactivation emails are vague

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