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How To Get Amazon Link

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What Does The Law Say About Affiliate Advertising

How To Get Amazon Affiliate Links For Your Blog and Website

As an advertiser , you also have to be aware of Federal Trade Commission regulations. For example, the FTC Guidelines say you have to disclose the fact that you might receive payment when visitors use your links to buy something, and they provide these more specific suggestions:

  • Place the disclosure as close as possible to the triggering claim.
  • Necessary disclosures should not be relegated to terms of use and similar contractual agreements.

A simple disclosure might look something like this:

Disclosure: This website may be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of products we link to.

Some bloggers put a statement at the bottom of each page, while others just provide a link there to a disclosure page that has the more-detailed information. That has apparently been enough for website and blog owners to avoid trouble with the FTC so far, but it also appears that neither practice is in complete compliance with the regulations, so you may have to put that disclosure a bit closer to the links.

Of course, you could be very clear and label it My affiliate link to my book, or even say something like, Do me a favor and use this link to check out my book, so I can make a commission if you buy it.

Xbox Series X Restock Tracker: How To Get Your Console Before Shipping Delays Start

We don’t know when the next announced restock will happen, but here’s how to be ready when it does.

Based on what we know about the average shipping times right now, this week will likely be your last chance to get in on an Xbox Series X restock before Christmas. Walmart offered a lot of consoles during its big restock on Monday, but that’s unlikely to be the only Xbox Series X restock this week. Currently there are no other announced Xbox Series X restock events, and that doesn’t mean no consoles will be available. The two most likely places to find a console this week are going to be Target and GameStop. Target has been heavily rumored to be holding on to console stock for a big online event, and this week is probably the best time to offer those consoles to people. If you’ve never seen a Target restock, they tend to happen around 7 to 8 a.m. ET and usually without an announcement. GameStop, on the other hand, tends to prefer afternoon restocks and tends to put consoles into bundles alongside controllers and games.We’ll be keeping an eye out for which stores have consoles as part of a surprise restock, and this article will be updated immediately with new information.

Here are some quick tips for catching a surprise Xbox restock:

Want to know how to better your chances of getting a console? Here’s what we’ve got.

Get Started With The Amazon Affiliate Program Today

The Amazon Affiliate program is an excellent way to turn a side passion into a source of passive income. Choose a niche, write product-centric content, and include contextual affiliate links, and youll be sure to grow your Amazon Affiliate income to astronomical levels.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in May 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Originally published Jun 28, 2021 3:00:00 PM, updated August 25 2021


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Add Your Ezbiolink Url To Amazon Associates

Amazon also wants to know where will your traffic be coming from. Remeber that Amazon does not allow you to share your future affiliate links directly. If you do so, your Amazon Associates account may be terminated.

This means that you cant directly share an affiliate link to a product directly in your TikTok bio. You need an intermediate page, where you will place the Amazon Associates affiliate link. If you dont already have a web site, EZBiolink is how you can properly share Amazon Associates affiliate links on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social platform. See below.

How to Properly Share Amazon Associates Links of Social Media

Take a look at the diagram below. To properly share Amazon affiliate links on TikTok or Instagram, you need to do the following :

  • Create video content
  • Generate an Amazon Associates Affiliate link
  • Share it on a EZBiolink biolink page
  • You can see an example of a in bio page that also uses EZBiolink.

    Once you comlete the rest of the Amazon Associates program steps, you must wait until your request is reviewed and aproved. It will take a couple of days. It is now time to create your biolink page, where you will be placing your Amazon affiliate links on TikTok. Go to step 2 below.

    Dont have an EZBiolink account yet? to start turning your visitors into paying customers.

    Is It Safe To Buy An Xbox From An Unofficial Source

    How to Link Amazon to Twitch (2 Methods)

    There are some places you can safely buy an Xbox secondhand. If you’re shopping at eBay or StockX, there are protections in place to keep you from spending money and getting nothing.

    • Stay away from Twitter links: If you see something on Twitter about an Xbox Series X restock happening somewhere, your best bet is to go straight to the retailer instead of clicking a link. In many cases, those Twitter links have turned out to be scams.
    • Only buy at the retail price: If someone is offering you an Xbox Series X for more or less than $500 or an Xbox Series S for more or less than $300, you should probably stay away. There are many of these sites offering “deals” or “bundles” that are frequently not actually worth it.

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    The Halo Infinite Edition

    In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Xbox’s original flagship series Halo, this year Microsoft released a special edition of the Series X console inspired by the series’ most recent title, Halo Infinite. The console was a limited edition and sold out quickly. While all retailers currently list the console as out of stock, there is a possibility that there are still a few of them floating around out there. If you’re truly committed to getting your hands on a Series X , it may be worth poking around for one. Read more on the special edition Halo Infinite console here.

    Sharing Product Links From The Amazon App On The Iphone

    The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 9.2. The version of the Amazon app being used is the most current version available at the time this article was written. Note that newer versions of the Amazon app have moved the Share button to the product picture.

    Note that these steps are specifically for sharing from the Amazon shopping app. These steps will not work if you are browsing Amazons website in Safari, or if you are using a different Amazon app, such as the Kindle or Amazon Video app.

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    Start Creating And Promoting Your Content

    The Amazon Associates program is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs out there.

    Your Amazon affiliate links will be most successful if you are providing high-quality content that helps your readers.

    Having an existing audience can help you get a faster start with the Affiliate Program, too.

    How Do I Access Alexa

    How To Find Your Amazon Profile Link (URL) And Ranking

    Use Alexa as Your Computer Speaker

  • Log in to your Alexa account by going to
  • Select Settings in the left pane.
  • Choose your Echo in the list of devices.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Select Pair a New Device Alexa will search for available devices.
  • Go to your computers Search box, which may be in the Start menu.
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    You Cannot Purchase From Your Own Link

    You or your family members may not ever purchase through your own affiliate link. Dont make any purchases from the computer you use for setting up the account and managing it.

    This applies even if the purchases are not made from your account.

    You will not directly or indirectly purchase any Product or take a Bounty Event action through Special Links, whether for your use or for the use of any other person or entity, and you will not permit, request or encourage any of your friends, relatives, employees, contractors, or business relations to directly or indirectly purchase any Product or take a Bounty Event action through Special Links, whether for their use, your use or the use of any other person or entity.

    Further, you will not purchase any Product through Special Links or take a Bounty Event action for resale or commercial use or offer any Products on your Site for resale or commercial use of any kind.

    Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial

    Yes, Amazon makes it simple for you to get addicted to using with a 30-day free trial option. Amazon got me on this offer over 5 years ago and I couldnt imagine life without the membership service now.

    The membership has saved me so much time not going to random stores, enjoy free returns, and quick shipping options. Plus, the customer service has been amazing!

    To get started simply log on to Amazon Prime and sign up for the free 30-day trial. After your monthly trial is over you can choose whether or not you want to become a Prime member.

    You can pay this fee monthly or a one-time, annual fee. The cost of an Amazon Prime membership is $119 per year.

    As someone who has more than 100 orders per year, its still well worth the price.

    If you choose not to enroll for Amazon Prime after the 30-day period sometimes they will give you another 30-day free trial. I havent tried this method but read about it in several forums.

    A few days before your Amazon Prime membership is set to expire log into your account and cancel the service.

    Amazon will email you and ask if you would like to try another 30-days for free! Simply click Yes and enjoy another 30 days of Amazon Prime for free!

    If you dont think its worth it or you cant afford Prime at this point the back to back free trial is a great option.

    Ive also read of tons of people doing this around the holidays to make gift shopping more convenient.

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    How Do You Find Your Amazon Url

    William StantonRead more December 15, 2019

    A couple of decades ago, nobody expected online shopping to become a thing. Nowadays, its a widespread trend. And with services such as Amazon, nobodys really worried about safety. There are systems put in place to avoid scams of any shape and form.

    Even some of the most experienced Amazon shoppers dont know everything about the platform. There are nooks and crannies that can help improve your entire Amazon experience. Here are some of them.

    The Date And Time Of The Last Price Update Must Be Listed

    How To Find Your Amazon Profile Link 2020 Guide ð

    When displaying product prices, you must show when they were pulled from Amazon. Prices can be obtained via the Advertising API .

    Amazon wants the time and date to be included because prices on Amazon can be constantly changing.

    Many plugins automate the process including the date and time of the price being listed and give you style control over your text.

    You will include a date/time stamp adjacent to your display of pricing or availability information on your application if you obtain Product Advertising Content from Data Feeds, or if you call PA API or refresh the Product Advertising Content displayed on your application less frequently than hourly.

    However, during the same day on which you requested and refreshed the pricing and availability information displayed on your application, you may omit the date portion of the stamp.

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    Don’t Miss Out On The Amazon Flip

    Amazon has a lot going on. Regardless of your thoughts on its founder, when a company has taken over the e-commerce and data storage markets, there’s money to be made. Over time, one of the most common ways for everyday people to get in on Amazon’s business has been through dropshipping,

    Toronto Sun

    How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Link

  • Log in to your Amazon Associate account.
  • Add the ASIN of the product OR search Amazon for the product in the bar they provide.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Amazon Associates SiteStripe to generate Amazon Affiliate links directly from the product page.
  • Use the generated link on your site or other promotional materials according to Amazon’s standards.
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    Start Generating Your Affiliate Links

    That’s it you’re now an Amazon affiliate! Note that Amazon asks you to identify yourself as an Associate and put a disclaimer on your website. You might want to do this right away to avoid getting banned from the affiliate program.

    When youre ready to create your first Amazon affiliate link, head to the Amazon Associates home page. This is where youll search for products and track your monthly performance:

    Lets generate the first affiliate link. Navigate to Quick Links: Search for Product, and type the product youre looking for into the search bar.

    Click on Go and you’ll get a list of results. Choose your product and hit the accompanying Get link button:

    Next, youll see a page with options for displaying the product on your website: Text and Image, Text Only, Image Only, and Add to Widget.

    Whatever option you choose, youll get an HTML code to add to the page or post where you wish to display the product. If you select Text Only, you can grab a link instead of the code:

    Use Amazon Prime For Free

    How to Get Your Amazon Affiliate Links With SiteStrip Tutorial

    Amazon Prime gives you a lot of great options that improve your Amazon experience. For instance, Prime members can enjoy one-day deliveries and a variety of other discounts. Naturally, Amazon Prime doesnt come free.

    What does come free, however, is a 30-day trial, which gives you access to all the neat perks that Amazon Prime offers. In theory, therefore, you can subscribe for the trial, order things at a discount and have them delivered in a single day, then cancel the subscription before you get charged. If youre a student, you can make the most out of Amazon Prime by subscribing to Prime Student. This subscription gives you access to Prime for free over a period of six months.

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    Select Your Payment Preferences

    Once youve built your profile and hit Finish, youll see a page confirming that your application has been submitted. Youll also find some information about using your Associate ID and navigating the affiliate program.

    Amazon will review your application once youve made the first sale through your website. If you dont make at least three sales within the next 180 days, your application will be withdrawn.

    This page will also ask you to enter your payment details and tax information, but you can choose to do that later.

    Will You Join Amazon Associates

    The program offers a way to boost your income from book sales. More than ever writers have to be marketers anyhow, so why not add affiliate marketing to your plan? Youll at least make more money from your own books, and perhaps profit from recommending other books and products as well.

    Do you use affiliate links to promote your books?

    Photo via Ollyy / Shutterstock

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    Using The Easyazon Plugin To Insert Links

    Another option for how to use Amazon affiliate links on your site is to use a WordPress plugin .

    For many of my niche sites, Im using the EasyAzon Pro Plugin.

    The EasyAzon plugin makes it very quick and simple to insert Amazon affiliate links without ever having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

    So, rather than going over to to find your product and then copy and paste the link, you can have the plugin do it directly for you within WordPress post or page.

    Heres an image of the EasyAzon plugin in action:

    So, this is located directly below where you create a post in your WordPress text editor.

    All you have to do is type in your search query , then hit search.

    This will pull back all the Amazon results using the Amazon Product Advertising API, as you can see in the image.

    Using the product advertising API from Amazon ensures that you stay compliant when using images, prices, and other product details.

    Then simply select whether you want a text link, image link, info block, or call to action.

    I went ahead and selected a Text Link, and here is what I get:

    In the link text box, you can change your anchor text to whatever you want. You can see that I made it, Click Here for Pricing, Reviews, and More.

    Then simply clicking Insert Shortcode and your Amazon affiliate link is all set!

    I like having a custom anchor text because it can increase clicks, which can then lead to more sales.

    More About Ottero Pet In Free Fire

    Amazon Affiliate: Easy way to earn online more than Google ...

    Description: Ottero sleeps with its headphones on, and is a musically talented otter.

    Skill: Double Blubber.

    Ottero’s ‘Double Blubber’ is a great skill to pair with characters like K and A124, which have the ability to transform Ethical Power to Health Power quickly. Users will recover some EP when using treatment guns or medkits with this pet.

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    How To Create A Biolink Link With Your Amazon Affiliate Link

    Create a Biolink Link

    Once done, you can even add the product photo. This is optional, but nice to have.

  • Click Edit
  • Go to your Amazon product page
  • Click on the product picture on that Amazon product page
  • Once the product picture is maximized, right-click on it and choose Open Image in a New Tab
  • Go to the new tab and copy the tab URL
  • Go back to the EZBiolink link and paste the newly copied URL into the Image Thumbnail URL box
  • Click Update
  • Once updated, you should see the product image appearing on the left side of the link box. It should look like the picture below.

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