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How To Get Amazon Prime Discount At Whole Foods

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Amazon Prime members get Whole Foods discount

Variety. Both groceries offer a vast range of products, with everything from bacon to exotic superfoods, but Whole Foods has much more brand variety than Trader Joes. Joes certainly sells other brands, but much of the store is populated with its own brand. That is not to say that this brand isnt delicious, however.

How Does Whole Foods Pickup Work With Amazon Prime

If you prefer to pick up your groceries at Whole Foods, you need to select the pickup option and location before moving to checkout. You can follow the instructions below on how to choose pickup at Whole Foods:

  • Use the Amazon app or the website to shop for groceries.
  • Tap or click the banner at the top left corner of your screen and select Pickup
  • Select your preferred Whole Foods store.
  • Move to checkout and choose a pickup time from available options.
  • You can choose a pickup time as early as 1-hour after checkout. If your order is over $35, the pickup is free for Amazon Prime members. You can find the list of Whole Foods stores that offer pickup on the Whole Foods website.

    Prime Perks Ignite Competition

    This week, news broke that a Whole Foods in Austin, Texas, tested banners proclaiming 10% discounts at the grocer for members of its growing Prime program. The discounts are not official and the marketing materials are still in their trial stages, according to CNBC. The banners were hung late on Wednesday and were removed by Thursday morning. One banner targeted Amazon Prime members, reading “Blue signs mean special deals just for you, yes you.” Another sign indicated that Prime members save an extra 10% off “hundreds of sale prices.”

    Earlier this year, Amazon announced that its Prime members who use its Visa rewards card will receive 5% cash back when they shop at Whole Foods. Its monthly subscribers have been offered various perks, such as an exclusive discount when purchasing roses at Whole Foods during Valentine’s Day. Jeff Bezos’ retail behemoth has been rolling out a free delivery service for Whole Foods products for its Prime members, aiming to expand its online grocery delivery to about 800 stores by year end.

    While Amazon has been quiet on the number of customers who use its Prime membership, which ranges from $10.99 to $12.99 per month, many on the Street say that more than 50% of U.S. households are part of the group. One of the most ambitious figures came from keynote speakers at the Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition in June, who estimate that 64% of households have a Prime membership, as cited by Forbes.

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    Shop At Whole Foods In Person And Save With Deals

    I dare say that shopping at Whole Foods has become more attainable for me strictly due to my Prime membership. Most of you have probably heard the phrase Whole Foods aka Whole Paycheck. I witnessed the truth in that criticism first hand! I remember buying groceries at Whole Foods in the past and my jaw dropping at how two bags of groceries would eat up the majority of my grocery budget. It was years later, after catching wind of the new benefits Whole Foods was offering to Prime Members that I actually gave it a try again.

    Heres the deal even with Prime discounts you are not going to save in comparison to somewhere like Walmart, Aldi, or some other discount grocery store. But you will have the opportunity to upgrade the quality of your groceries, have access to a wider array of specialty diet items, and choose more healthy, sustainable options while paying roughly what you would for a normal grocery shop at a normal grocery store. If youre on this site and interested in the Clean Movement, its probably worth it to you.

    One of the things I really appreciate about the experience of shopping at Whole Foods with a Prime membership is that its so freaking easy to find the Prime Deals! I dont know about you, but I find it so annoying when I have to function like an investigative reporter just to find which items are on sale at the grocery store. Whole Foods doesnt do that, they clearly label the Prime deals with a bright blue sign which makes them easy to spot.

    Exclusive Whole Foods Discounts

    What I saved shopping at Whole Foods with the Amazon Prime ...

    Even though Whole Foods deliveries will now come with an additional $10 charge, there are other ways to save on organic fruits and vegetables. There are also free 1-hour pickup windows depending on your location — just remember to check in with the Amazon app to see if you need to enter the store.

    Some other Whole Food perks for Prime members are still around. Blue tags indicate sales exclusive to Prime members, while yellow tags mean an extra 10% off of an item already on sale. This gets you discounts on weekly bestsellers, including produce, packaged goods and beauty products, but note that it excludes alcohol.

    You can also use the Whole Foods Market app at checkout to get exclusive Prime discounts on select products. The few cents saved on items may seem insignificant individually, but savings do add up in the end. But there are other if you don’t want to pay the extra fee.

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    Ways To Use Prime At Whole Foods Market

    You’ve probably heard the news that Prime members can now save more at Whole Foods Market. Here are five ways to take advantage of your Prime membership while shopping in-store or online:

    1. Yellow sale signs: Extra 10% offYellow signs on existing sale items indicate that Prime members get an extra 10% off those items .

    2. Blue sale signs: Prime-exclusive dealsBlue sale signs indicate special deals only available to Prime members.

    3. Get select 365 Everyday Value products delivered to your door with Prime PantryEven if you don’t live near a Whole Foods Market, as a Prime member you can stock up on 365 Everyday Value products through Prime Pantry.

    4. Extend savings to your Amazon HouseholdShare Whole Foods Market benefits with your including one other adult and up to four teens.

    5. Meet AlexaAlexa-enabled devices like Echo and Fire TV are available for purchase at select Whole Foods Market stores. Control your TV or sound system with just your voice and gain access to movies, TV shows, music and more included with your Prime membership.

    To get started, download the Whole Foods Market app and scan your Prime Code at checkout. Learn more at . You can also scan the Prime Code in your Amazon shopping app, which you can find by searching “Whole Foods QR.”

    Andy Beatman is a senior editor at Amazon.

    What Are The Best Items To Buy At Whole Foods

    Here are some absolute cult favorites from the most heavenly of grocery stores.Avocado Ice Cream. Instagram. Pasture Raised Eggs. Whole Foods/Amazon. Nut Milks. Whole Foods. Oat Milks. Amazon. Biena Chickpea Snacks. Whole Foods/Amazon. Kite Hill Cream Cheese Kite Hill. Olive Oils. Whole Foods. Skinny Dipped Almonds. Whole Foods.More itemsDec 8, 2020

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    Prime Members Shopping Whole Foods Market

    Leading up to Prime Day, Prime members can receive discounts on customer favorites, including organic honeycrisp apples , beef short ribs and sustainable wild-caught shrimp from September 30 to October 6. From October 7 to October 13, customers can get deals on favorites like beef chuck roast , medium-sized avocados and all packaged teas . Prime members can learn more about Prime Day offers and weekly deals by asking, Alexa, what are my Whole Foods deals? Or by visiting for more information.

    Besides Prime member deals for Prime Day 2020, Prime members enjoy benefits year-round, like exclusive discounts on select popular products each week, an additional 10% off hundreds of sale items throughout Whole Foods Market stores, free two-hour delivery in more than 2,000 cities and towns from Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh, free one-hour pickup from Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh.

    Extra Discount And Exclusive Deals

    How To Use Amazon Prime Discount At Whole Foods

    Amazon Prime Members get an extra 10% discount for on-sale grocery items at Whole Foods. These items are on sale for everyone, but the extra 10% off is only for Prime members.

    The extra 10% discount is marked with yellow signs, and you can see hundreds of items throughout the stores.

    Whole Foods also has exclusive deals for Amazon Prime members. Grocery items priced exclusively for Prime members are marked with blue signs throughout the stores. These Prime member-only deals are for the bestselling items, and they rotate frequently.

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    How To Get Amazon Prime Discounts For Whole Foods Online

    You can shop for Whole Foods items directly through Amazons website, but you need to be in one of the areas where Prime Now and Whole Foods operate. They operate in many major metropolitan areas in the US, such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

    To see what’s available from Whole Foods on Amazon, you can visit the . In the top-left of the page, youll also see a drop-down menu where you can select your region or enter your ZIP code to confirm your ability to order Whole Foods items with quick delivery via Amazon Now.

    Getting your Amazon Prime discount at Whole Foods by shopping directly on Amazon this way is easy. The discounts are automatically applied. While shopping for various items, youll immediately be able to see the discount prices. You can also shop by department, or look at the weekly specials and best sellers.

    Prime members placing a Whole Foods order for delivery through Prime Now can also enjoy free 2-hour delivery in select cities after meeting a minimum purchase amount of $35.

    Finally, Prime subscribers checking out with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card can also receive 5% back in rewards on these purchases.

    Whole Foods Is Taking Part In The Prime Day Deals With A Week Of Special In

    So what are the Whole Foods deals we can expect for Prime members?

    • Summer Sunset Pie Regularly $14.99, Prime members can expect to save 25 percent off of this seasonal pie that is stuffed full of strawberries, mango, and peaches, and then tipped with a brown butter streusel.
    • Butterfly Berry Lemonade Another fruit forward offering, this lemonade typically costs $3.50, but Prime members will be able to snag this refreshing sip for just $1. Wondering what this lemonade is? Its the Whole Foods Market 365 Lemonade combined with Allegro Blueberry Burst Rooibos Ice Tea and Butterfly Pea Flower.
    • Heirloom Caprese Pizza You can never go wrong with a deal on pizza. And while the usual price for this savory treat is $16.50, for Prime members it will be just $10! This summer ready pizza features a classic pizza dough that is brushed with olive oil and then topped with thin sliced heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and garnished with some fresh basil.
    • Single-Serve Mochi If you have ever been inside a Whole Foods, then you know about the single-serve Mochi! And luckily for those of us who love this sweet treat, we can get it for Prime Day with an epic BOGO deal! Thats right Prime members, your mochi is Buy One, Get One Free.
    • Chilean Sea Bass Want some fish in your life as you head into summer? Then this is the deal for you. Whole Foods will be giving Prime members 25 percent off this delicious fish.

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    How To Get Amazon Prime Discounts At Whole Foods Without The App

    If you dont have access to the Whole Foods Market app or would prefer not to install it, you can still get your Amazon Prime discount inside of Whole Foods locations using your phone number.

    First, youll need to sign in to Amazon using the account with your Prime membership. From there, youll need to add a phone number to your account. You can do that by selecting Accounts & Lists in the Amazon navigation bar and click on Your Account in the drop-down menu. On the next page, find and click the box labeled Login & Security. This will take you to a screen that will allow you to add or edit a phone number for our account.

    With the phone number added to your Amazon Prime account, you can enter your number while checking out at Whole Foods. This will apply your Amazon Prime discounts.

    But, without the app, you may not know what items are on sale before you go shopping. Fortunately, Whole Foods labels items that are discounted for Prime members. There is a yellow label that says extra 10% off SALE, offering an extra discount for Prime members. A blue label that says prime Member Deal indicates items in the store that are discounted for Prime members.

    If you check out with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card, you can also get 5% back in rewards points, adding even more to your savings.

    How Do I Enter A Code On Amazon

    Amazon Prime Members Get Whole Foods Discounts Nationwide ...

    Add an eligible item to the shopping cart. On the Select a payment method page or on the Place Your Order page of the order form, enter the promotion code in the Gift Cards and Promotional Codes section exactly as specified. Select Apply. Dont add spaces before, inside of, or after the promotion code.

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    Get Great Discounts At Whole Foods With Amazon Prime

    by Elizabeth Harper on June 27, 2018in , , , , ::

    Amazon Prime already offers subscribers plenty of perks, but starting today, Prime Members nation-wide can also get discounts at Whole Foods. Prime Members will get an extra 10% off sale items which were already decent deals plus Prime-only discounts of up to 50% on everything from sustainable fresh shrimp to organic boxed mac and cheese. The bargains range from fantastic to just okay, and like a standard grocery store circular, they’ll rotate every week. And no matter how you look at it, these discounts are pretty good for a store whose reputation for high prices earned it the nickname “whole paycheck.”

    There are two ways to get in on these sales. The simplest is to download the Whole Foods Market app and log on with your Amazon account. The app will pick your local store automatically to show relevant deals and a QR code to scan at checkout. It’s similar to shopping in the brick-and-mortar Amazon stores, except there you use the Amazon app instead of the Whole Foods app. But if you prefer to skip downloading yet another app, you can and add your mobile number to your account, then enter your number at checkout. If you’d rather skip the store entirely, online orders using Prime Now will get the discount automatically, though it’s a bit difficult to find sale items on the website. Prime Now isn’t available everywhere yet, but you’ll find it in most major metro areas.

    How Can I Get A Discount At Whole Foods

    21 Ways to Save Money at Whole FoodsDownload the Amazon Whole Foods app, scan your Prime Code at checkout, and save 10%. Find yellow signs and get 10% off Whole Foods sale items for Prime members. Blue signs indicate Whole Foods Prime savings on specific products. Coupon order matters at Whole Foods Market.More itemsMar 1, 2021

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    Amazon Prime Members Now Get Discounts At Whole Foods Nationwide

    The state-by-state rollout ends June 27.

    After Amazon announced it was acquiring Whole Foods one year ago this month, at least some sort of integration between the two brands appeared inevitable though the extent and pace of that melding of iconic names was unknown. But outside of maintaining their separate identities, the resulting merger has been pretty significant from Amazon delivery of Whole Foods groceries to Whole Food selling Amazon products like the Echo and Kindle. And starting this week, one of the biggest crossovers will be complete: Amazon has announced that as of June 27, Prime members will be able to get discounts at Whole Foods and Whole Foods 365 locations nationwide.

    This Prime member promotion has been about six weeks in the making. Whole Foods discounts for Prime members were first introduced in Florida back in May and by the end of the month, 12 more states had been added. And just two weeks ago, Amazon announced ten more states would be included in the program, bringing the total to 21. Now, the remaining 29 states dont have to feel like they’re missing out: On Wednesday, Whole Foods Prime discounts will have spread to the remaining northern and eastern parts of the country.

    Amazon Prime Members Will Now Have To Pay For This Perk What To Know

    Saving With The Amazon Prime Discount At Whole Foods

    Plus, we’ll tell you what other hidden membership benefits you may not know about.

    Get your Prime hacks here.

    One perk is no longer free for members. Now, members can expect to pay $10 for Whole Foods’ grocery deliveries. Fortunately, other discounts are sticking around for Prime members to save on their grocery hauls but it may mean that you buy more to offset the delivery charge or use other grocery delivery options.

    But there are other Prime perks that you may be missing out on. For instance, you can save time and money on errands, like the pharmacy or the mall with Amazon’s services. And if you didn’t know, Prime Video and Prime Music can help you limit your monthly subscriptions while you still stream shows, movies and music.

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    Your annual membership cost includes more than just free two-day shipping and returns. We’ll tell you the best Prime membership perks we found that can help save you time and money. And you can also check out these Black Friday deals before the big shopping day. This story was recently updated.

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