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How To Get Amazon Sales Data

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Amazon data into Excel from

Unique products.

If you sell a variety of products, that may or may not be unique from your competition, focus on selling the more unique products on Amazon and building up your product reviews.

Once you have several products that have a lot of positive feedback, then even if you have other products that your competitors have, you may build more of a loyal following based on those few unique products.

How To Use Amazon Sales Rank Data

There are a lot of ways you can use this sales rank data to help if youre an author or publisher. First, you can check out the competition and see how many books theyre selling.

Once youve done that, you can see how many copies you need to sell either in a one day or one month time period in order to outrank the competition. If youre planning a book launch or promotion, this data can help you predict how high your book will rank on Amazon and if you can hit #1 in your bestseller categories on Amazon.

You can also use this data for market research to get a good idea how big a niche or market is before you invest the time writing, publishing and marketing a book in that market. For example, if you notice all your competitors in a market arent selling more than 100 eBook copies per month on Amazon Kindle, you can be pretty sure your book wont be selling more than 100 eBook copies per month on Kindle unless your book is a lot better than the competition, is more appealing to the market, and you have a better marketing strategy than the competition.

Amazon Traffic Hack #5

Finally, no discussion of Amazon Traffic hacks would be complete without talking about the most important part of scaling anye-Commerce business


As you continue reading, were quickly going to look at three of the most powerful ways you can automate selling on Amazon.

Please note! This is not one of those posts where were secretly trying to get you to buy a bunch of stuff. Weve found free alternatives where possible, and there areno affiliate links anywhere in this guide.

  • Keyword Research
  • One of the most common questions we hear from entrepreneurs transitioning from SEO for Google to selling on Amazon is, How do I find good keywords?

    Well, the short answer is that there is no built-in . .

    Amazon Keyword Search Tips

    However, you can manually perform keyword research for Amazon.

    • Identify a popular root keyword in Googles Keyword Planner
    • Enter that keyword into Amazons search bar followed by a random letter
    • Get Search Suggestions for that keyword.

    You can see this process in action below:

    It wont take long for you to realize that manually finding and recording the Search Suggestions for even one root keyword would quickly turn into a huge task.

    What if you had a tool that automated this whole process for you?

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    Larry Kim Founder Wordstream


    Theyre not the most vendor-friendly platform and make changes from time to time that arent in the best interests of sellers.

    Not saying Amazon isnt a big deal, just suggesting that Amazon should be just one pillar of four or more major channels including Facebook Ads and Google Ads and, of course, your own direct web storefront.

    Seller Legend Presentation And Readability

    9 Strategies To Increase Sales On Amazon That You Can Use ...

    Seller Legend has a reputation for not only producing really accurate data but also presenting it in a way that makes it readable and interesting.

    No one wants to pore over raw data, but pie charts, graphs, and trend lines sure help in making sense of it. Thats exactly what Seller Legend offers in all its customizable glory.

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    Recommended Amazon Inventory Management Tools

    • Tool #1: If youre an Amazon-only seller, the best tool we can recommend is InventoryLab because its an all-in-one inventory management system. You can create product listings, keep track of shipments and inventory, manage income and expenses, and analyze your businesss growth and performance over time.
    • Tool #2: Now, if you are selling on Amazon AND an eBay , we recommend SellBrite. It sacrifices the accounting, financial and analytics tools of InventoryLab in favor of multi-channel inventory and listing management tools.

    For example, SellBrite automatically keeps inventory for your Amazon store, eBay store and Etsy store all synced up so that youre never showing duplicate products. You can also manage multiple stores on the same channel . You can learn more about specific features on their website.

    Additional resources to learn more:

    Key Elements Of An Amazing Product Opportunity

    Make a note of the criteria listed below, as they will help you make a wise decision for your business.

    Amazon Product Criteria

    Products > 18 dollars

    To be a successful Amazon, these are the key aspects to remember:

    • Low seasonality: Look for products that can sell year-round and arent limited to season sales.
    • No legal problems: Avoid picking up products that have trademark or legal issues.
    • A price that is greater than 18 dollars: You can easily increase the ability to make millions of dollars through sales by having a higher price per unit.
    • Lightweight and small: These types of products tend to generate better sales than the ones that are not. This is due to two reasons- one: lower shipping charges, and two reduced storage.

    Room for improvement: If you can choose a product that can perform better than your competitors, then it increases the chances of making more sales.

    Pro Tip: You can get the financing you need to fund your next round of inventory with Payability. Unlike other financing options, their products are designed for the unique needs of Amazon sellers. Approval is based on account health and sales performance so there are never any credit checks.

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    Amzpromoter Or Landingpagepromoter Pricing

    AMZPromoter or Landingpagepromoter offers some of the most competitive pricing for sales estimators on the market.

    It has three main plans, Starter, Essential, and Professional which go for $19, $37, and $74 per month.

    These plans include Email support, Facebook and Google integration, Chatbot integration, custom audiences for Facebook, etc.

    Compared to the rest of the sales estimators on this list, it offers solutions to drive traffic through social media at an unbeatable price.

    Helium 10 is lauded as being a tool that offers a lot under one roof.

    There are keyword rank trackers, sales estimators, and duplicate keyword eliminators, etc.

    Jacob Firuta Content Manager Livechat

    How to Import Amazon Sales Data to Tally? | Dropship

    Reviews from past customers give you the credibility you wouldnt otherwise get.

    Its an extra portion of word-of-mouth that boosts your offer.

    Its in your best interest to get as many of them as possible.

    Have a customer thats raving about a particular product? Ask them to provide a review. Happy customers wont mind and it can significantly increase the number of reviews you get.

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    Helium 10 Performance Matrix

    Helium 10 analyzes sales trends from days before and calculates which Amazon products are increasing in revenue.

    It then expands on gross revenue and net profit data by taking in to account the analytics from the 30 days before the current date.

    It also takes into account year to date measurements, ROI, profit margins, promotions, refunds, and your ASIN account.

    Through this, it gives you a complete picture of your sales estimates.

    Fields In The Sales Report Csv File

    The CSV file is a text file with a .csv file extension. The CSV file must use UTF-8 encoding to support localized strings.


    The CSV file contains one header row . Each subsequent row in the file contains the information for one report item. The Invoice ID field defines a unique identifier for each line-item in the report.

    The following table describes the fields for each entry in the CSV file:


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    Brett Curry Ceo Omg Commerce

    Get reviews! Quality and quantity are necessary.

    Its also better to have a few not-so-great reviews mixed in as long as your overall rating is strong.

    It makes your listing look real.

    If all you have is a few 5-star reviews, customers will assume it was you or your mom who reviewed your product.

    Several studies show that products with more reviews outperform products with fewer reviews, even if the product with fewer reviews has a slightly higher average rating.

    More reviews = more confidence.

    Amazon Category Sales Rank Chart

    How To Increase Sales On Amazon

    Thank you for being a valued subscriber to the Full-Time FBA mailing list. As a subscriber, youre set up to receive weekly newsletters from Full-Time FBA with the top strategies, tips, tricks, video trainings, walk-throughs, coupon codes, resource recommendations, and so much more to help you take your Amazon business to the next level. And once a month, youll get the latest updated sales rank chart!

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    How To Find Your Amazon Asin Number

    There are 3 different methods to find your Amazon ASIN number: web address, listing details, or you can use a software tool for ASIN lookups.

    We think the fastest way to find the Amazon ASIN is to use your browsers address bar when you find the product youre looking to sell.

    The will be after the dp/.

    The next place to find the Amazon ASIN is in the details section of any product listing, near the bottom of the Amazon listing.


    Steps to Amazon ASIN Piggybacking:

  • Identify a successful non-unique product and find its ASIN. The Amazon ASIN is listed in the Product Details section of the product listing.
  • Research the manufacturer to figure out how you can start reselling the product for yourself. Find out how much it will cost wholesale, and calculate what it will cost you to ship. Is there room between that number and $0.01 less than the current Buy Box-winning price for you to make a profit?
  • If the answer to and #2 is YES, contact the manufacturer and start selling. Youve just found a gold nugget!
  • If the answer to #2 is NO, you may still be able to work out a special deal with the manufacturer if you ask for it. However, if you dont think its worth it, look around for other products in the same niche Chances are, theres money to be made on a slightly lower ranked product.
  • Blackhat Amazon ASIN Piggybacking

    Small Subsets For Experimentation

    If you’re using this data for a class project please consider using one of these smaller datasets below before requesting the larger files. To obtain the larger files you will need to to obtain access.

    K-cores : These data have been reduced to extract the k-core, such that each of the remaining users and items have k reviews each.

    Ratings only: These datasets include no metadata or reviews, but only tuples. Thus they are suitable for use with mymedialite packages.

    ratings only

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    Extract Thousands Of Amazon Products

    • The Amazon Scraper has been created but if you want to take it a little further and scrape product data of multiple products, you simply need to input multiple URLs in our detail scraper.
    • It would be amply clear if you see its application so lets take a look at how to import URLs in.
    • To import a bulk list of URLs from a file, go to Scraper Manage Inputs and then click on the button Import URLs.
    • Next, it will show the Import URLs pop-up which allows you to add URLs from a CSV file. This list of URLs can be added to your current list of URLs. Please see the screenshot given below that explains the process.

    Its so easy and simple, isnt it?

    With this, you can scale it up and scrape Amazon data not just in bits and pieces but in huge quantities and bulk.

    Whatre you waiting for then?

    Try out the devised by ProWebScraper and take your business to the next level.

    How Our Amazon Book Sales Calculator Works

    SALESCOUNT() and SALESTOTAL() – How to get Amazon sales data inside Google Sheets

    You can use this handy Book Sales Calculator to give you an extremely accurate estimation of how many copies are being sold on Amazon for any eBook or print book .

    Unlike most other Kindle Sales Calculators out there, this one is incredibly accurate with only a 6% error rate. That means if it shows an estimate of 1,000 sales, the actual sales will fall somewhere between 940 and 1,060 sales. By contrast, many other Kindle sales calculators weve tested have a 50-100% error rate.

    Notice the Amazon Book Sales Calculator tells you how many sales you need to hit in EITHER one day OR one month to hit a certain bestseller ranking. We use The Rule of 15 which means if you take the monthly sales needed to hit a certain bestseller ranking, all you have to do is divide that monthly sales number by 15 to calculate how many sales you need in one day to achieve that same sales ranking.

    The Rule of 15 works because Amazons algorithm for sales rankings more heavily weights recent sales. That means 10 sales in the last hour will boost your sales ranking faster than getting 10 sales in the last week.

    For example, in order to hit #1,000 Kindle Best Sellers Ranking, your book either needs to sell 2,778 copies over a 30-day time period OR sell just 185 copies in a single 24-hour period .

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    Datahawk’s Amazon Sales Dashboard

    DataHawk Sales Tool is an intuitivesales reporting dashboard that helps Seller Central users get an instant view of their dailysales data even on an ASIN-level. When correlated with other data such as BSR & SEO performance,your entire Amazon performance and understanding starts making a lot more sense.

    Bill Bailey Ceo Nodal Ninja

    FBA Fulfilled by Amazon.

    Amazon sells 24/7 and setting up a FBA account on products you know will sell well will certainly increase your sales.

    FBA comes at a higher cost so a little Googling prior to doing this is best advise.

    Having an Amazon store as well will help to keep abreast of the competition, which most likely is already selling on Amazon.

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    Important Buy Box Metrics

    First, lets take some time to review known Buy Box metrics. They can basically be grouped into three categories. For reference, you can see the first page of sellers for the kettlebell listing above, shown to your right.


    Understand, this is without a doubt the most important Buy Box metric.

    So even though the image of the product listing above says that there are other offers from $15.65, closer inspection of the listings reveals that those cheaper options are actually more expensive once you take shipping into account.

    Shipping Performance

    Normally, Amazon puts an enormous priority on fast, hassle-free shipping for their customers. Thats why they encourage sellers to use their Fulfilled by Amazon program.

    And, shipping performance includes a number of individual metrics, including Order Defect Rate and Perfect Order Percentage , both of which we talked about in our .

    • ODR is how many orders are canceled, returned, shipped improperly or get negative feedback for any reason.
    • POP is how many orders go perfectly smoothly without any customer intervention.

    Therefore, Amazon keeps track of how often you run out of stock, so try to maintain a 100% in-stock rate.

    Seller Rating

    It seems to me that the magic number for the seller rating is 90%.

    Now the listings shown to your right are a great example. Every seller on the first page has a 90% rating or above. However, you can see that a seller with a 90% rating has a higher Amazon seller ranking than a 100% rating.

    Great App Needs Two Things Added

    How to Get Tax Exempt on Amazon

    Really like the app, great easy way to check my account, especially to keep up with customer messages. The two things I would really like added would be PPC monitoring and ability to modify. Also I would like to be able to modify sale prices, currently I can only modify the regular item price, which doesn’t help me when I want to run a sale or modify a sale. Otherwise it is great. The app actually has something that I can’t get on the web app- I can filter messages to see all received messages. This is awesome for following up on customer messages that I may not have gotten a response on in a while or something. On the web app I cannot find those conversations back easily if I send several other messages out in the mean time. That would be nice to pull from the phone app and get in the web app functionality.

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    How To Get Amazon Api Key

    To work with Amazon API and get access to its overall functionality, youll have to get an API key. Its not that difficult, and heres a quick tutorial for easy start in Amazon Product Advertising API. It gives opportunities to implement all the advantages enlisted in the previous section.


    Tip: if you dont have an Amazon Associate account, you should create it and ask for an acceptance by completing the Associates Contact Us form. In it, youll have to provide more details about why youve decided to use Amazon API.

    Please keep in mind that only qualified and reliable partners are approved for being an Associate.

  • Sign up for the Product Advertising API. On the Amazon Associates page choose Tools and, afterwards, click on the Product Advertising API. Only the primary owner of the account will have an opportunity to register for the Product Advertising API.
  • After youve signed up, go to the Download credentials page, find and copy the generated Secret key or Access key. You can also download the credentials in the CSV file.
  • Bear in mind that you are allowed to create API keys in two places: in the AWS admin panel and in Amazon Associate account. Choose one of the options, because if created in both places, none of the keys would work properly.

    If you need to simply display reviews on your web page, you are very welcome to try Elfsight ready-made . It gives an opportunity to showcase Amazon reviews on your website effortlessly in several minutes.

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