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How To Get Amazon Sales Rank

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How to Understand Amazon Sales Rank – When to Buy High Ranking Items to Sell on Amazon FBA

Some common mistakes when it comes to optimizing your content for Amazon include:- Not managing your product inventoryYour SEO strategy is useless without a streamlined inventory process. Check Amazon’s suite of inventory management tools on Seller Central. – Failing to sustain SEO effortsWith the updated algorithm putting a premium on accurate and relevant content, you cannot be lax when it comes to your product descriptions. Check for grammar and spelling. Keep your content descriptive, with an emphasis on benefits and your target market. Increase your relevance by regularly doing a keyword search to refine your existing product listing and ensure your future ones contain well-optimized keywords.- Lack of effort to get reviewsGive your customers a voice and let them feel you hear them by enrolling in the Vine program and answering their questions.- Featuring few or poor-quality imagesUse all available image slots for your page. Sellers get at least seven slots in most categories. Choose informative images that will help shoppers better understand your bulleted descriptions. Review Amazon’s photo guidelines.- Not keeping tabs on your competitorsFind out who your competitors are and take time to find the loopholes in their product listings. This form of competitive research can help you strengthen your product pages.

+ Factors Behind Amazon Sales Rank

While Amazon doesnt reveal its algorithm for calculating sales rank, sellers have found the following factors to influence their Amazon sales rank. Learning more about these ranking factors can help you create and maintain product listings with higher rankings.

1. Category

Amazon bases your sales rank on your product category.

Your sales rank will depend on the product category you select for your product listing, like Camera & Photo,Books, and Home & Garden. For the best results with your overall selling strategy, select an accurate category for your products.

If your products occupy a competitive category, like Books, which features over 13 million listings, expect to have a lower Amazon sales rank because of the competition. If you sell in a less competitive market, you have a better chance of becoming an Amazon Best Seller.

2. Listing optimization

Listing optimization, also called search engine optimization , also matters to your Amazon sales rank. When you optimize your product listings for , you make it easier for shoppers to find your products when searching on

If people can discover your products, theyre more likely to buy them because if they cant find your products, they have no way of buying them. You not only need to optimize your product listings to become an Amazon Best Seller but also to keep your business operational.

For fast product optimization, you can invest in .

3. Recency

4. Seasonality

5. History

6. Sales

A Note On Kindle Sales Ranking Adjustments Kdp Select Ebooks

If your eBook is enrolled in KDP Select and selling well on Amazon , you may think the sales calculator is overestimating your monthly sales, but something else is going on!

When Amazon customers borrow your eBook through Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Owners Lending Library , Amazon counts the number of pages those customers read from your book and counts them as sales in order to calculate your Kindle Best Seller Ranking.

Based on our data from a few hundred books enrolled in KDP Select, Amazon will count 1 sale in order to calculate your Kindle Best Seller Ranking every time the KENP Read reaches about 65% of the total estimated page count of your Kindle eBook.

In other words, if your Kindle eBook is 100 pages long, every 65 KENP Read in your KDP Reports will count as 1 sale in order for Amazon to calculate your Kindle Best Seller Ranking.

For publishers who use KDP Select, having a lot of readers borrow your book through KOLL or KU can dramatically increase your sales rankings on Amazon .

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What Is A Good Best Sellers Rank On Amazon

Best Sellers Ranks are different for every category. So what one might consider a good Best Sellers Rank for Patio, Lawn & Garden a category, might be a bad BSR in the Kitchen & Dining category.

Though good is subjective. If your goal is to sell 10 products per day, or 300 per month, use that number to figure out what a good BSR would be. You can use the to determine the BSR you should aim for.

Does Amazon Sales Rank Influence Future Sales

Amazon Category Sales Rank Chart

The jury is actually out on this one but just think about it for a moment. If your Amazon Sales Rank is between one and 10, then anyone looking at your product will see how popular it is. Popularity is a form of social proofing. If a product is deemed popular, it can positively influence the buying habits of others. So, anyone viewing your product is more likely to purchase based on its excellent sales ranking.

A good Amazon Sales Rank will also see your product appear in the Amazon Bestseller Lists, ensuring further excellent visibility to potential customers.

So, while your Amazon Sales Rank doesnt directly drive organic leads or have any impact on your future rank because, remember, its all about past sales, it can certainly improve your visibility within a specific category at any given time.

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What Information Does Keepa Provide

Keepa provides data on an Amazon items sales rank, price history, new offer price, used offer price, Amazon offer price, and total number of offers, as well as information on top-selling products and top-ranked sellers.

The list goes on and on, and your ability to navigate this software can dramatically increase your chances of finding good quality products that will sell quickly and for your expected ROIs.

Even though we are going to walk through many of the uses for this software in this guide, keep in mind that this is not a complete list. I recommend taking the better part of a day and really deep diving into this software both on product detail pages with the extension and with the lists on the Keepa website so that you know how to navigate the data efficiently and can call upon it when you need to evaluate products in the future.

Scope Out Your Competitors

If your product is underperforming in the BSR area when compared to other products in very similar categories, its fair to say that you may need to look at your listing. Your competitions better Sales Rank is an indicator that theyre doing something right that youre overlooking.

Study their listing page, look at their prices, analyze their external link sources. Somehow, theyre positioning their product in a way that has resulted in greater sales velocity and volume than yours. Find out what that is and either emulate it or improve on it.

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What Tools Are Available To Calculate Sales From Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Going back to our SERP for marshmallow roasting sticks, this time, instead of spending half a day checking out each individual product page and guesstimating the sales totals for each of those products, Im going to use Jungle Scout.

It opens up a big spreadsheet that shows you the following information:

  • The average monthly sales and revenue for each product on the page
  • Average Amazon Best Sellers Rank
  • Average sales and review counts
  • Amazon fee estimates
  • And a whole lot more!

How To Find An Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon Sales Rank Explained – What it is & How to Improve Best Seller Rank (BSR)?


If you sell anything on Amazon, then youve probably heard of the Amazon sales rank. This mysterious figure has led many sellers to come up with various strategies to see their ranks improving, believing that their sales will improve, as a result. However, there is quite some nuance to the sales rank.

Lets start with how you find your Amazon sales rank for your book or other product. Amazon has an algorithm that determines the sales rank for all of its products. This figure is supposed to try to capture the popularity of that product, compared with others in that category.

If you release, say, a book, Amazon will begin to track its sales performance immediately. Its actually much easier than you think to find this ranking for your product. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the products page, and you will find it at the very bottom of the product details.

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Current And Historic Sales

A large volume of recently placed orders can push up your ranking. However, Amazon also takes your historic sales into account. As a result, a competitor with more sales within the hour may not necessarily overtake you if the volume of past orders made on your product exceeds your rival’s.

Sales ranking updates vary in frequency. Hourly updates cover the top 10,000 products in a category. Meanwhile, updates are done daily for products with rankings higher than 10,000 to 100,000.

Why Is The Amazon Sales Rank Important To Sellers

For those preparing to sell their products on Amazon, the Best Sellers Rank or Amazon Sales rank is valuable because:

1. It points you to in-demand products.

2. It identifies your competitors in a given category.

You can check who and how many other suppliers there are for the product or products you plan to sell and what their rankings are. You can go to the product pages of the entities with a high ranking to examine their strategy, including their keywords, pricing, and external links.

3. It can predict the frequency in which a product sells on Amazon.

Using sales estimator tools such as , Helium 10, SellerApp, and AMZScout, you can view the average monthly sales and revenues that each of the top-selling products makes.

For current sellers:

4. It shows your standing in the online marketplace.

Your rank indicates how your product is performing compared to other brands.

5. It signifies your buyers’ vote of confidence for your product.

The high patronage indicates that consumers consider you to be a credible brand with a useful product.

6. It boosts brand awareness.

Being a best-seller will make your product more visible, with the stickers awarded to top-performing brands. Consumers are likely to buy a product once they know that many others have already bought it.

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Promote Your Amazon Listing

You can help improve your Amazon sales rank by regularly driving new sales to your product page. The best way to do that is with regular promotion!

Experiment with running limited-time sales events with huge discounts. Of course, this will cause a temporary increase in your sales . So, youll want to run these sales regularly, perhaps every week or so, in order to make a positive impact on your Amazon sales rank.

You can also promote your listing with Amazon ads. Amazon offers several advertising options, from PPC sponsored product listings to display ads that appear both on and off Amazon.

Finally, host giveaways on social media to drive interest in your product. While youll have to give some product away for free, youll likely get at least a few organic sales, too.

What Is A Good Sales Rank On Amazon

Things You Will not Like About amazon sales rank chart And Things You ...

A good sales rank on Amazon depends on your product category and its competition.

For example, if your product earns a sales rank of one million, thats excellent if your product occupies a category with several million listings. However, if your product is in a category with around one million listings, thats a terrible number.

Generally, you want to have a low sales rank rather than a high sales rank. A low sales rank indicates that you are earning a lot of sales, while a high sales rank shows that youre making fewer sales than products in the same category.

Overall, aim to get the top sales rank in one of your product categories. Depending on your product category and its competition, you may have to settle for a position outside the top spot.

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Keep Your Prices Competitive

Price is a crucial factor for Amazon sellers. If youre not competitive youll miss on sales and your Amazon Sales Rank will suffer.

Constantly monitoring the prices of your competitors product is impossible, especially if you have a high volume of SKUs. Instead, you can save time and remain competitive with . These tools automatically set your prices to the optimal level to win the Amazon Buy Box.

What Amazon Sellers Can Do With Amazon Sales Rank

Let’s go through AmzChart to show the two main uses of BSR

  • Select product Selected Bedding category, sorted in descending order of BSR, we can see the best ranking BSR goods under the category, we can also easily see the ranking of the goods under each parent category through the hover window, not only that, we can intuitively see its BSR in 1, 7, 14, 30 days of BSR growth. In this way, the best-selling items can be seen at a glance, which greatly helps us to capture the needs of users.
  • Monitor CompetitorsWe can also monitor the changes in the BSR of competing products and improve sales by advertising and other means to rank jamming and other operations during high traffic periods.

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The Resellers Guide To Keepa

Hopefully this post will help you get started with Keepa but weve just scratched the surface in terms of what you can do with historical sales data. Stephen Smotherman from Full-Time FBA has an entire video course on Keepa and the things you can do with the data. Its called The Resellers Guide to Keepa, and has over 34 videos that are focused on helping you make the best possible sourcing decisions.

Get More Customer Reviews

Amazon Sales Rank 101

The more sales you achieve, the more reviews you are likely to get but the trends compound on itself, and can be challenging to get started. Its also important to note that customer reviews have to give customers genuine product feedback from fellow shoppers. Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy for any review designed to mislead or manipulate customers. You must ensure that you are staying on the right side of Amazons rules. The best thing you can do is to get really familiar with them and not step over the line. Then, take a look at Amazons own review offering .

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Optimize Your Product Description

After shoppers have fun browsing through your photos, they may go ahead and buy. But others will want to know more. This is where an excellent product description comes in handy.

Include keywords in your product description, but more importantly, make your product sound interesting! Highlight key pain points it solves, and any competitive differentiators.

Pro Tip: Call out your products best features in a bulleted list. Most people prefer to scan, rather than read large blocks of text. A short list of bullet points can satisfy these shoppers.

Amazon Sales Rank Charts Should You Be Using Them

The simple answer to this question is yes.

Amazons sales rank charts are incredibly valuable, you should be using them to build a solid historical picture of a product.

When scrolling through Amazon you can use a tools to quickly see the best seller ranking information, this saves you having to click through to each individual listing.

I hope that this information has been useful to you, if something that comes up in the community a lot so i thought it was worth explaining.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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What Is A Good Amazon Sales Rank

Getting a spot in the top 3 is ideal. But at the end of it all, your total sales are what really matters and not your sales rank. If you’re starting out, work on raising your sales on a monthly basis and keeping your margins healthy. Improving your ranking to below 5,000 is a good sign that you’re leaving the “low demand” zone.

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Amazon Sales Rank Chart Explained

The Basics of sales rank amazon That One May Take Advantage Of Starting ...

Amazons sales rank charts are created by third parties on a monthly basis.

The charts help you understand how a certain product might be performing on the Amazon marketplace. When looking at new product opportunities, ill use sales rank charts to help me decide if a product is worth investigating further.

Keepa was popular because it was free, and then last year they moved to a paid subscription model .

This is what an Amazon sales rank chart looks like

Let me explain a few things about the above sales rank chart.

  • The pink link in the above chart is measured against the axis on the right hand side, this line tracks the amazon sales rank.
  • The gold line shows the RRP listing price of this product, this is usually set at high level as a sales tactic.
  • The blue line show the actual pricing level for this particular product.
  • As you will see, the above chart is set over the course of 30 days, you can extend this to all time to see the lifetime story of the products performance.

    The above chart is taken from Helium 10s chrome extension, this is what we use rather than Keepa.

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    How Can Amazon Best Seller Sales Figures Be Positively Influenced

    General and Amazon-specific marketing measures help to influence the sales figures:

    • You can run promotion or advertising campaigns on various channels and considering using Amazon Ads
    • Like a search engine, customers search for products on Amazon using keywords. Researching and using the most searched-for keywords can draw more attention to your products.
    • Keep an eye on your competitors and study how prices are developing or what special discount promotions they are introducing. Try to adjust your own pricing strategy accordingly.
    • Choose a smaller, niche sub-category with fewer competitors where you can achieve a higher ranking. You may also cover several subcategories to improve your chances. Of course, these should always match the goods on offer.

    So there are several approaches to influence your sales figures. Ultimately, however, your product should convince buyers with its quality.

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