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How To Get Amazon’s Choice

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What Is Amazons Choice And What Does It Mean For Brands

What is the Amazon’s Choice Badge and How to Get It

Originally developed to make voice shopping via Alexa easier, Amazons Choice is a feature that algorithmically identifies the best fit product for a customers search query. When browsing for products via devices such as the Echo smart speaker, Amazons Choice is often the first product Alexa recommends. On the Amazon website and mobile app, this distinction appears as a badge on search result and product detail pages.

With the increased adoption of voice technology and Alexas undeniable dominance in this market, Amazons Choice gives Amazon more control over customers purchasing decisions than ever before. Rather than being skeptical of this control, consumers are responding favorably, with 85% selecting the products Amazon suggests . Whats more is that shoppers are actively seeking out these recommendations since February 2018, there have been almost 2 million searches on Amazon for keywords containing Amazons Choice .

Below, well explain exactly what Amazons Choice is and what its implications are for brands that rely on Amazon as a source of revenue.

Optimize Your Product Listing Page As Much As You Can

To maximize your results on Amazon, you want to make sure to optimize your listing page by making it as accurate and relevant to the customers search. Its going to help you boost your conversion rate and get noticed by Amazon.

For example, your product description must be as clear and straightforward as possible. Optimization must also include detailed information on all your products material as well, so that the customer gets no nasty surprises and you lower the return rate.

Including high-quality product images as part of your listing page will also be essential. Amazon allows you to include up to nine photos in your listing to give the customer a complete view of your item.

The Amazon Best Seller Badge

The Best Seller badge is the most sought-after Amazon badge of all. It has almost instant benefits, but it is also the hardest one to earn.

This coveted orange ribbon appears on:

  • The top-left corner of a product image on a search results page or
  • Right under the star ratings and beside the category on the product page itself.

As the name suggests, the Best Seller badge is awarded to the best-selling product in a particular category or sub-category. Amazon lists up to 100 Best Sellers for any specific category.

Naturally, items with this badge show up first when someone browses a certain category, say, mens shoes.

Whoever has the badge changes quite often, and last we checked, you wont be notified when one of your listings is currently rocking this badge.

In any case, aiming for this orange ribbon will boost your products visibility, since customers will check the best-selling products out before anything else.

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Do I Have To Continue Working For Amazon After I Receive Career Choice Tuition Reimbursement

You do not! If you receive tuition reimbursement, you are not under an obligation to continue at Amazon. While they may hope that you choose to apply your new skills at their company, you do not have to. You can use Career Choice tuition reimbursement to earn a degree that allows you to land a new job elsewhere. But its worth noting that many courses are taught directly through Amazon, and its unclear whether other employers will value these credentials.

No Need To Sell A Lot To Be On Top


It has been a notion in the AMZ e-commerce space that you need to sell a lot of items first. Before the algorithm starts to notice your listing, you need to become a top-seller first. While this might be true when it comes to the BSR feature, it doesnt apply to the Amazons Choice badge. As long as you are nailing the right factors in your listing, you can still get this badge without selling hundreds of products. And for beginners who dont have lots of products sold yet, this is a very important feature to have.

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Is It Worth Putting All This Effort Into Gaining An Amazons Choice Badge

Getting the Amazons Choice badge requires constant tweaking of your listings and a focus on competitor research and customer search terms. If Amazon has a private label brand in your category, naturally that range of products will receive the Amazons Choice badge as well as a perfectly placed price. Long story short, sometimes the badge is pre-determined.

What Is The Best Seller Badge On Amazon

Amazons Best Seller badge is gained if you have the most sales in the last hour. Its an endless competition! How many units have you sold in the last hour compared to other products in your category? Unlike the Amazons Choice badge, the Best Seller badge isnt dependent on longtail search terms its not linked to a keyword search. This means that if your listing gets the Best Seller badge, you are the best seller in your product category.

Screengrab of mens onesie

The Amazon Bestseller badge hops between listings hourly based on search trends, conversion rate and other variables.

This product was a Best Seller in the indoor plants category.

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How Can You Get The Amazon Choice Badge

The number of clicks and conversions are the most important factors in getting the badge. Along with these two important factors, other factors must be taken into consideration for increasing your chances of getting the badge.

Note that, these factors are only increasing your chances of winning the badge. They are also not sure-fire ways to get it, but they will help increase your chances. Lets look into these factors to supplement your ability to win the Amazon choice badge:

Amazon Wont Say Who Chooses Amazons Choice

How to Earn the Amazon’s Choice Badge & Spike Your Amazon FBA Sales! ð¥

The purpose of Amazons Choice is pretty clear, but how do products get the Choice label? According to Alexa, the Choice label is awarded to highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. Sure, anyone couldve guessed that but who chooses which products are marked as Amazons Choice? Is it done through an algorithm, or are Amazon employees involved? Can a company pay for its product to be listed as Amazons Choice?

Long story short, nobody knows who chooses Amazons Choice, that are awarded the Choice badge. We asked a representative from Amazon for more information, and she reiterated Alexas claim that Amazons Choice launched in 2015 as a way to simplify shopping for customers by highlighting highly rated, well-priced products ready to ship immediately. Good to know. She also clarified that companies cannot pay to have their product listed as Amazons Choice but didnt tell us if Choice is fully algorithmic or if there are people involved.

Until Amazon releases more details about Amazons Choice, its impossible to know how products receive the Choice label. But you can learn a lot about the program by simply poking around the Amazon marketplace.

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Customer Reviews And Ratings

Another critical factor that Amazon will take into account is the quality of your customer reviews and ratings.

The more good things customers have to say about your product, the more it looks good in the eyes of the Amazon algorithm. It helps Amazon ensure that theyre promoting the highest-quality and most relevant products to their customers search.

How Are Amazon Choice Badges Selected

Since Amazon does keep certain things secret, there is no way to know exactly how Amazons Choice badges are awarded. Their Choice list is private and not available to the general public. There is also no way to be certain how Echo products are being recommended or why one brand may be chosen over another. This being said, Amazon considers specific attributes when making a recommendation.

This includes:

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Things You Should Know About Amazons Choice

  • Its keyword dependent. For instance, when you look up lava rock steak, lava rock stone, and lava rock oven on, youre always shown the product in Fig. 1,2,3 on the first results page. But this product wont always be Amazons Choice for your specific search phrase.
  • Its only available for in-stock Prime eligible offers. This doesnt mean that the buyer will always end up ordering a Prime item, with or without the Buy BoxThis refers to the situation where a selMore. But it goes to show that one FBA unit alone can affect the badges continuity.
  • Unlike the Best-sellers badge, you dont need massive sales volume and velocity to qualify. But you should do your best to make sure your product attracts new Prime buyers who trust Amazons recommendations and have little time to spend browsing and comparing offers.

How To Get An Amazon Choice Badge

What Does Amazon

Now that you know how Amazon Choice works you may be wondering how to get the Amazon Choice badge. While Amazon does not give specific instructions for how to get the badge, it is clear that the best choice products have one thing in common they are sold by all-around strong sellers.

If you want your products to become Amazon Choice items, there is no other way than to be a great Amazon seller. Here are some ways to improve your chances of earning the Amazon Choice badge for your items.

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The Amazon New Release Badge

The second orange ribbon on this list, the Amazon New Release badge is available for the first 90 days from when you start selling your product.

Check out this guide for our secrets to launching our products on Amazon to a New Best Seller.

Earning this badge is not as cut-and-dry as shooting for the Best Seller badge, but the same best practices still apply:

  • Optimize your listings
  • Make your product stand out
  • Maintain an excellent sales record

Amazons Choice Is A Byproduct Of Alexa

As a whole, Amazon is successful because it makes shopping easy. Its hard to complain about free one-day shipping, low prices, easy returns, and the largest retail selection on earth. But Amazon has a seemingly unfixable problem: there are too many products on its marketplace.

While most retailers sell their products directly to customers, Amazon relies on an open market system with a ton of 3rd-party sellers. Anyone can sell items on the Amazon marketplace, and these 3rd-party sellers are responsible for according to Jeff Bezos. As youve probably guessed, this system works well for Amazon and its customers. Open markets create competition, which leads to lower prices, better service, and a wide selection of items to choose from.

A wide retail selection is usually a good thing. But what happens when you need to buy something cheap and ubiquitous, like a USB-B cable? Well, youd better know what youre looking for. Among Amazons 400+ search results for the term USB-B cable are a ton of weird options and technically incorrect results. This ultra-convoluted selection is manageable on a computer or perhaps even a phone, which is why Amazon didnt do anything about it until 2015 when Alexa launched.

Whenever Amazon rolls out a big new product, you can expect it to have access to the Amazon marketplace. You can shop for books through a Kindle, buy apps on a Kindle Fire, and rent movies through Fire TV. You can shop just by talking to Alexa, too.

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Extra Savings Coupons And Discount Badges

Nothing speaks more to customers than deals and discounts. It should go without saying that offering your products at the lowest possible price is a surefire way to pump up your sales.

Discount badges appear either as orange or green ribbons on both search results and product detail pages.

To Prime members, they appear as green banners on the product page, while to non-Prime members, they take the form of green text right next to the Coupon badge.

Weve covered what coupons are in this . To start, head over to your Amazon Seller Central account and go to the Advertising section.

You can create either percent-off or dollar-off discounts. Dollar-off deals seem to be more effective, since its more straightforward.

You may add both a Coupon badge, which the customer can clip, and an Extra Savings badge, which will allow the customer to select from all available promotions youre currently offering for that product.

Offering coupons isnt free, though. Amazon will take a fee for every time a customer clips your coupon.

What Is Amazons Choice & What Does It Mean

How to Get Amazon Choice and Best Seller Badges on Your Listings

Amazons Choice products are easily identified by a black badge placed over the item. If you move your mouse pointer over the badge, a box will pop up that says, Amazons Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

Amazons Choice debuted in 2015 as a supplement to the Echos voice assistant Alexa. The thinking was that if you asked Alexa for the best deal on diapers, it would use an algorithm coupled with your purchase history to make a suggestion. But what if you hadnt bought any diapers via Amazon? Well, thats when it would choose an Amazons Choice-labeled product.

While many people have been trying to crack the code behind Amazons Choice items, the company has been coy about revealing what constitutes a Choice of theirs. One thing is certain though: The designation is supposed to make it easier for shoppers to decide on what to buy.

Explaining the companys rationale, an that, We launched Amazons Choice in 2015 as a way to simplify shopping for customers by highlighting highly rated, well-priced products ready to ship immediately for the most popular searches on Amazon. Its been a really popular feature both on Amazon and on Alexa, because it allows customers to make fast and easy decisions on what to buy. Amazons Choice is just our recommendation, and customers can always ask for specific brands or products if they choose.

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Why Having The Choice Badge Matters

In the following sections, well tell you steps that can help you regarding how you can get the badge. It is not simple, but it is also not that impossible. For example, if you are a best seller with all other perfect performance variables, you might have a chance to get it. Believe us, there is no Amazon choice badge hack.

When you focus on being a great seller, you surely will take care of having a well-optimized product listing. This means you are prioritizing aspects of your listing such as the product image, descriptions, product title, and featured bullet points. If you master the product listing, you have already performed all the tasks to win the badge. When you rank high on the first page of search results, you are already on AMZs most relevant product for any search term.

You may be curious to know how AMZ provides this icon to various products. There is no way that this can be looked after manually. Do you think that Jeff Bezos or his assistants will look at these products closely and provide the icon individually? No way! Its impossible to be done.

Amazon has an algorithm to choose the product for the badge. This algorithm selects the products automatically depending upon the various factors. The most important factor among them is the conversion and the number of clicks on the given keywords search result page.

Be A Great Fba Seller

Amazon doesnt want to promote products that are hard to buy! To make a profit, Amazon needs to connect shoppers with products that are available to ship, ready at the click of a button, and Prime eligible.

If youre not an FBA seller already, apply to be one. Once you offer fast, free shipping, it will be far easier to convert shoppers and move products. Side note: make sure that you have enough inventory so that you always win the Buy Box.

All these tips are general best practices for successful Amazon selling, but implement them now, and youll be one step closer to Amazons Choice.

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What Does Amazons Choice Mean

So what is Amazon Choice? Amazon Choice is a label that Amazon applies to various products on its site. You can find the badge in the upper left corner for the productâs feature image on category and search results pages. You can also see the badge beneath the productâs title on the listing page.

When a product has Amazonâs Choice badge, it shows that the product is the best match for the keyword that the customer is using. Specifically, the product has an absolute majority of all sales resulting from that keyword, meaning it has more than 50% of all purchases for the term. If there isnât a product with an absolute majority, then there is no Amazon Choice for that keyword.

Amazon first unveiled its Choice program back in 2015. It was originally only used for customers that were shopping using the Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon had discovered that customers that used the voice assistant didnât know how to find the items they wanted and were having more difficulty browsing the marketplace when compared to shopping on a computer or phone.

Amazon Choice became a way for customers to quickly find the products that they wanted. When they spoke a search for a specific keyword, Amazon would serve its Choice results first. The Choice products were highly relevant so many customers did not have a drawn out purchasing process, looking for multiple items.

How Amazons Choice Has Evolved Since Then

The Proven Way to Get the Amazon

Now, Amazons Choice still remains in place for Echo purchases , but its expanded to non-voice searched items, too. Its a way to cut through some of the noise of the sheer amount of choice out there and help you choose an item thats supposed to lead to better peace of mind during the purchase process.

But how does it work? What products get the Amazons Choice badge? And how can you try and get one for one of your products?

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