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How To Get An Amazon Seller Account

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Choosing A Fulfillment Method

2021 – How To Setup Your Amazon Seller Central Account | Complete Seller Registration [START HERE!]

After choosing a business model, youll need to decide on a fulfillment method. During this stage of creating an Amazon seller account, you have two options:

Fulfillment by Amazon

You should use FBA if:

  • Youre comfortable with Amazon handling your customer service responses
  • You dont have logistics in place to despatch items
  • You have fast-moving inventory
  • The products that you sell are lightweight or small/medium-sized
  • It would cost you more to store and ship your own products

Fulfillment by Merchant

You should use FBM if:

  • You have a well functioning and efficient customer service department
  • You have existing logistics in place
  • Youd like to keep control of how you interact with your customers
  • Your products are heavy or large in size
  • You have a slower moving stock inventory
  • Youre able to absorb the costs of fulfillment

How To Decide What To Sell On Amazon

First and foremost, before you can actually get into the details of setting up your account and creating your listings, youll need to decide what youre going to be selling on Amazon. The products that you decide to sell, after all, have a large impact on the way you set up your store and the way you conduct your business.

So, how do you decide what to sell? When it comes down to it, there are nearly endless options for products you can sell on Amazon. To have the greatest success, however, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • If possible, finding and operating in a niche market can give you an advantage when selling on Amazon. With a niche market, you find a particular space with a customer base that is highly engaged and interested in purchasing your product. Instead of operating in a highly competitive market against big-time sellers and companies, youll have a better chance to stand out and meet the demand of your customers.
  • Demand: Although operating in a niche market is great, you still need to ensure that there is a demand for the type of product you want to sell. Again, youll want to avoid products that everyone is sellingâespecially big companiesâwhere the competition will be too difficult. This being said, to evaluate , you can perform a Google search for your potential products, look at listings on Amazon and other sites, as well as use a search volume tool, like SEMrush, to see how many people are searching for your potential product in any given month.

Set Up Sell Scale: Follow The Steps To Fba Success

Whether youre selling as a sole proprietor with an individual seller account, or a professional business owner with an LLC, this guide can help with getting your business set up and ready to make money. You cant scale your e-commerce business until its selling products, and you cant sell products until your FBA business is set up properly.

Seller Central may appear complicated on the outside, but never fear Amazon also makes it easy for new Amazon sellers to navigate the space with an extra-thorough Help section. Plus, theres a lot to learn and experiment with in terms of figuring out the best set-up for your situation, and in terms of optimization, so take your time.

If you want to future-proof your business, you can start thinking about . Amazon is unrolling new social media tools like Amazon Posts and brand-building platforms like Amazon A+ content to make your business stand out on the marketplace.

And of course, if you want to get a head start, you can always register for a free account.

Then check out our marketplace to that is already making money month-in and month-out.

If that is something more appealing to you then starting from scratch, then schedule a criteria discovery call with our team and well help match you up with a business that makes sense for your current skill level.

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Get Amazons Approval First

Weve been seeing rapid suspensions for related accounts. A seller creates a 2nd account, and because of that, they lose their 1st account too. If youre thinking about this, use this as your warning. You have the opportunity to get approval from Amazon. If you think for a business reason you need to sell on a secondary account / sell completely new & different merchandise, then go through Amazons approval process to save yourself the hassle that you might have down the road.

Do You Plan To Use A Dba Name To Operate Your Amazon Seller Account

Getting Money Back On Your Amazon Seller Account Part 2 ...

While some companies have legitimate reasons to use a different customer-facing name, Amazon is also a place where many sellers purposefully conceal their identity.

Reasons for doing this include not wanting brands to know that they are selling online, or the brand is actually the reseller and doesnt want its other retail partners to know that it is selling product online direct to consumer.

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How To Create Discounts And Deals In Seller Central

Amazon sellers have the ability to create promotions, discounted deals, and coupons right from their seller accounts and theyre easy to set up.

Simply hover over the Advertising tab and choose from Vine, Deals, Coupons, Prime Exclusive Discounts, or Promotions. Note: you must be enrolled in Brand Registry to use Vine.

A common way to provide discounts on your products is by using a clippable coupon. You can set the discount you want to provide and a coupon will be displayed on your listing as well within the search results to help your listing stand out.

Ways To Contact Amazon Seller Support

You have various reasons as to why they need to know the direct Amazon contact number Seller Support:

  • You are a newbie who wants to get to know the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace.
  • You are a veteran who has questions regarding new and updated policies.
  • You’ve got an notification and want your account to be reinstated.
  • You want to cancel an underperforming product listing.
  • You want someone to walk you through Amazon’s complicated registration process.
  • You need an Amazon Seller Support representative to help mediate the conflict between you and your customer.

No matter what your reason is, you should be familiar with Amazon Seller Support’s contact details, as follows:

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Accessing Funds In Seller Central

Getting paid for your sales using Amazon Pay requires just four steps:

  • Set up your checking account in Seller Central we can’t pay you until you specify your ACH-enabled checking account.
  • Ensure that you have a valid credit card number in Seller Central. This is required in order for disbursements to be made to your bank account.
  • Sell your products using “Amazon Pay” buttons, and ship them only to the addresses specified by the buyer.
  • Capture payments for your orders this is required to collect payment from the buyer.
  • Note: Whenever you add or change your bank account information, we apply a one-time, 3-day hold on disbursements starting the day on which the change takes effect. Also, there is usually a 3 to 5 day period between the time we post your disbursement and the time when it appears in your bank account.

    How To Open Your Amazon Seller Account

    How to Contact Amazon Seller Support & Get Help with Your Seller Central Account or Business

    To sell on Amazon you first need to create an Amazon seller account. Follow these steps to open your seller central account in no time.

    Here is everything you need to open your seller account:

    • Your contact information – This information includes your legal business name, address, phone number, etc.
    • Email address – You should create a designated email account for your business. You will frequently receive important emails from Amazon
    • You need a credit card with a valid billing address. If your card is not valid, Amazon will cancel your registration. If you don’t have a credit card, a debit card will also work.
    • Phone number – You will need to have your phone close by during the registration process for verification purposes
    • Banking information – You will need to provide Amazon your bank’s routing and account number to set up a direct deposit.
    • Tax identity information – Amazon is required by the IRS to collect and report your tax information. You will need to have either your company’s Federal Tax ID number or your social security number to register

    Once you are ready, let’s get started.

    Step 1: Go to and Choose Your Amazon Selling Plan

    Individual selling plan

    With the individual selling plan on Amazon, you pay $0.99 plus other selling fees per sale but no monthly subscription fee. This plan is recommended for people looking to sell fewer than 40 items per month.

    Professional selling plan

    Step 2: Choose your business location and business entity type

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    Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account

    You can switch your Amazon Seller account type at any time.

    This is the route I took when I first started selling on Amazon. When I was doing it part-time as a hobby, I used an individual seller account. Then, once I was selling over 40 items per month, I upgraded to the professional seller account.

    Heres how to upgrade your Amazon seller account:

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Account
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Account Info under Settings
  • In the Your Services section click Manage
  • Click Upgrade next to the account type
  • Heres how to downgrade your Amazon seller account:

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Account
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Account Info under Settings
  • In the Your Services section click Manage
  • Click Downgrade next to the account type
  • Stats About B2b Customers

    • Over 5 million registered business customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises:
      • 80+ of the Fortune 100 companies
      • 92 of the 100 biggest US hospital systems
      • 45 States
      • 90 of the 100 largest cities and counties
    • B2B customers have a larger basket size than B2C
    • On average, B2B customers return products less frequently

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    Know Who Is Already Selling The Same Skus As You On Amazon

    Shockingly often, new sellers join Amazon and list their products, only to discover that the level or type of competition on their listings will make it next to impossible for the new seller to make any sales or any margin.

    Before setting up an Amazon seller account, I strongly encourage every seller to spot check their intended catalog on Amazon to see if Amazon Retail is already selling these items.

    If so, its best to walk away from those items now.

    Also, I encourage sellers to gauge what price points are competitive on Amazon. If you find that you are competing with low-priced competitors, it can serve as a valuable indication that, as a seller, it will be difficult to make money in that particular category.

    How To Open Amazon Account For Selling

    Amazon Seller Account Suspended UK How to get my suspended ...

    Before you sign up, make sure youre ready with the following:Before you sign up, make sure youre ready with the following:Before you sign up, make sure youre ready with the following:Business email address or amazon customer account

    Business email address or amazon customer accountBusiness email address or amazon customer account.Choose between individual and professional selling plans.Click selling on amazon, then select your account, and then select other account issues.

    Click upgrade next to the account type Create an amazon seller account.Create your amazon seller account.

    Decide what you want to sell.Find the products page on amazon.Firstly, the correct selection of the account type for selling is key on amazon.

    Follow in six simple steps:Free doesnt mean you should not take your account health seriously.Go to, or click sell in the main navigation on a sample email ive had luck with:

    Heres how to downgrade your amazon seller account:Heres how to upgrade your amazon seller account:How do i open an amazon seller account?How to start selling on

    In the search bar, type in the product that you wish to sell.In the your services section click manage In your request, please provide an explanation of the legitimate business need for a second account.Log in to your amazon seller account

    You must have a separate bank account for each.Your account configuration is set to sell across europe.

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    What Can You Do In Amazon Seller Central

    Seller Central is the command center for your Amazon business. Everything involving selling products will happen here.

    You will see a few different tabs once you are signed in. When you hover over each tab, a dropdown menu will appear with more options. Take some time to navigate through each one to learn more about the tools and features you have access to.

    For example, if you hover over the Inventory tab, you will see this:

    One of the sections youre likely to visit most frequently is Manage Inventory. In this section, you will be able to see and manage all of the products you have in your Amazon store. From here you can adjust pricing, add products, and get a quick glance at your sales rank or Buy Box eligibility.

    The Manage Inventory section is also a great place to quickly see if there are any issues with your current inventory. For example, if your listing is suppressed, it will be listed under the Status column. From there, you can take the appropriate action.

    Youll also be able to access many other listing and inventory tools from Manage Inventory.

    Setting Up Your Seller Central Space

    Seller Central is the space that Amazon provides for you to set up your FBA business, manage inventory and orders, and so much more. You can reach Seller Central by going to and logging into your account.

    Once you start exploring Seller Central, youll discover that its pretty user-friendly. Start by exploring the different drop-down lists on the upper left side Inventory, Orders, Advertising, Reports, and Performance to familiarize yourself with what these areas look like.

    If you check out the drop-down list for Inventory, youll see Manage FBA Inventory. As an FBA business, youll become pretty familiar with this page, full of your Amazon-fulfilled inventory.

    When youre ready to enter your first product, you can select Add Product from the Inventory drop-down list and follow the steps.

    Under Advertising, Amazon provides you with ideas on how to reach your audience. Below, youll see that theyre suggesting my store Beach Bum Accessories should participate in the Early Reviewer Program, where I would send my products to someone and they would provide me with a review based on their experience.

    Performance will probably be one of your most-utilized subsections, and for good reason. Amazon provides you with an Account Health Dashboard that breaks down customer service, product compliance, and shipping performance, letting you see how your business is doing in a more detailed way .

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    How To Access Amazon Seller University

    Did you know that Amazon has its own seller training videos and webinars? Yup! Its called Seller University. Every new seller should go through this section to familiarize themselves with selling on Amazon and to learn more about Amazons guidelines.

    On the Seller Central homepage, you will see a section titled, Tutorials and Training. Then click on Visit Seller University.

    You can choose from dozens of topics to learn about.

    Choose An Amazon Store Name And Building Your Personal Brand

    How to Create an Amazon Seller Account 2021: Step-by-Step Tutorial

    After inputting your financial information, the next step is picking your account and business brand name. Whats in a name? While you may think your name plays a huge part in your profitability, no one really pays attention to your store name. Amazon allows sellers to change this as often as they like, so dont put too much time and resources trying to pick the perfect name. Specifically, if you are planning on selling brand name products, the store name will not impact your sales greatly. The brand names on the products you sell will go way farther than your store name!

    Once completed, Amazon will ask you two questions. 1) Do you have universal product codes for all of your products? Click yes. 2) Are you the manufacturer, or brand owner, agent, or representative for the brand? You can click whichever ones if they apply to you, but if you are planning on reselling items on Amazon, choose no. If you are not sure what type of seller you want to be, check out our article on .

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    How To Sell On Amazon In 5 Steps

    Although there have been entire books written about how to sell on Amazon, selling your products using this online marketplace can be a pretty fast, easy processâespecially if youre already chosen your products, found a supplier, and evaluated potential costs before setting up your account.

    This being said, regardless of their size, every new Amazon seller gets started with the same five steps. Here are the details of what you need to do to start selling on Amazon.

    Including Sales Or Coupons In Your Product Title

    It can be exceedingly tempting to include a coupon, sale or store marketing message in your product title to make your store stand out on Amazon. However, this is a clear Amazon policy violation, and Amazon will hurt you more in the long run than any short-term benefits.

    Avoid any title information with: 20% off, Lowest Price, your URL or other information that may be construed as promotional. Amazon will eschew any product information which isnt descriptive of the product itself.

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    Individual Vs Professional Amazon Seller Accounts

    The first difference youll notice between an Individual Amazon seller account and a Professional account is the price:

    The Professional account costs $39.99 per month while the Individual account is free. The Individual account comes with a $0.99 per item sold fee though, and the differences dont end there.

    If you are just looking to sign up for a free Individual account, you can learn how to do that here. As of March 2021, there is still an option to sign up for an Individual account. If you are one of the many people who have tried to set up an Individual account but keep being asked to pay for a Professional account make sure you read the updates.

    If you follow the directions we give and still have trouble, please let us know in the comments.

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