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How To Get Audiobooks On Amazon Prime

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Look For The Read And Listen For Free Button To See Free Titles

How to Listen to Free Audible Books with Amazon Prime

Unfortunately, sometimes youll discover that not all the ebooks with an audiobook version on the Prime Reading page will be available for free with your Prime membership. Occasionally, ebooks listed here simply mean that an audiobook version is available and you can buy it if you want.

However, there are still lots of free audiobooks that come with your Prime Membership! To find the ones that are included for free youll need to look for the Read and Listen for Free button on each ebooks listing page. If you see this button, youll know its available at no charge.

What Are Benefits Of An Amazon Prime Membership

  • FREE shipping. Fast, free delivery on over 100 million items. Free same-day delivery in 8,000 cities and towns.
  • Free 1-hour and free 2-hour delivery on thousands of food items and household items with Prime Now in select cities.
  • Exclusive brands, savings, and deals available only to Prime members.
  • Watch for FREE thousands of popular movies and TV shows, as well as live event streaming, and cinema classics.Amazon Prime members can also watch award-winning Amazon Originals like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as well as exclusive series available only with Prime, including Goliath, Sneaky Pete, and The Grand Tour.
  • Stream over 2 million songs for FREE including top hits. Listen on any device .
  • Free Twitch Prime membership and games.
  • If youre a new mom or an expectant mom, when you create a Baby Registry as a Prime member, youll get a FREE box of baby stuff products and gifts!
  • 5% Cash Back for eligible Prime members with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card.
  • 20% OFF diapers and baby food.
  • Unlimited, free photo storage.

Go here to and get access to free audio books and books in the Prime Reading content library.

Where To Find Free Amazon Prime Ebooks

You can explore the Prime Reading catalog on the in a web browser. Make sure youre signed in to your Amazon Prime account.

The other place you can explore Prime Reading is the Amazon Kindle app. Its available for iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows PCs, and Mac. It also comes preinstalled on Fire tablets.

In the Kindle app, youll see the Prime Reading section on the home page. Tap See All to explore the full catalog.

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How To Get Audible For Free

While a lot of Prime Day deals and discounts weren’t live until Tuesday 12th July, a few were made available in advance, including this Audible one.

The retailer is offering the audiobook service Audible free for the first three months. So, you can listen to thousands of Audible Originals, podcasts, and audiobooks, alongside one new audiobook every month , without spending a penny.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll make use of this deal on our holidays and what better time to claim some free books than in summer, right?

Take a look at all Audible deals for July in our handy guide, and be sure to check out our Disney Plus offers page if you fancy bagging yourself another saving.

Get Amazon Prime Free Audiobooks Under Audible Channel

Free audio books on amazon prime

The other Audible benefit with is accessing Audible Channels for free. It offers short-form audio podcasts, documentaries, comedy shows, programs, and more in the Audible app. This is another option to get free audiobooks with Amazon Prime. If you are a Prime member, you can get access to a number of Audible books for free.

For non-subscribers, they can stream up to 30 minutes of content by accessing the channels. It’s also worth mentioning that Amazon Prime membership doesn’t include an Audible membership. But you can get discounted pricing on membership. The separate subscription fee for the Audible Channel is $4.95/month.

Step 1. Open the Audible app from your Fire, computer, or whatsoever.

Step 2. You will see the menu “Channels for Prime”, please click to open it.

Step 3. From the opened window, you will see a list of featured content.

Step 4. You can open and follow the channel you want. To stream the audiobook online, just click the “Play” button.

If you are an Audible member, the ‘Channels for Prime’ option won’t show up. And it will be switched to ‘Originals’, which content is different from Audible Channels.

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Current Audible Membership Plans

  • Audible Plus: This tier provides unlimited access to Audible Originals, Audiobooks, and Podcasts for $7.95 per month.
  • Audible Premium Plus: This tier adds a free premium select title per month thats essentially a permanent purchase you can keep as an audiobook even if you stop using Audible, for $14.95 per month.

How Much Do Audiobooks Cost On Audible

The collection from Audible sports over 200,000 audio programs, helping to make Audible the United States largest audiobook producer and retailer. The most straightforward option to purchase from Audible is to pay a monetary amount as with most online retailers.

However, Audible also offers a credit system subscribing to an Audible subscription will give you one or two credits a month to spend. Most audiobooks will cost you a single credit, with some more significant works requiring two credits and some short works requiring a fraction of a credit. Subscribers can also purchase additional books without credits, receiving a $30 discount. You can also take advantage of an Audible free trial.

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How To Get Free Audiobooks With Amazon Prime

Wondering how to get free audiobooks with Amazon Prime? Amazon offers a range of incredible features for book lovers, and while some of them require you to pay an extra fee , others allow you to read books for free as part of your Prime member benefits. And luckily for us, theres a way to get audiobooks for free with Amazon Prime too!

So if youre wondering about Amazon Prime audiobooks that you can listen to for free, heres exactly what you need to do to find the audiobooks available with your Prime membership!

Can I Lend My Audiobooks To Friends And Family

How to Get Two Free Audiobooks During Audible Trial with Amazon Prime

You can lend your Audible books to your friends and family using the Send This Book feature. It allows them to listen to your audiobooks for free. However, they can only receive one free listen once. They dont even need to have an Audible membership to borrow your audiobook!

  • From the Audible app, go to your Library and tap on the triple dots beside the book that you want to lend.
  • Select Send This Book from the popup menu.
  • Choose whether to send the audiobook link via SMS, email, or other channels and enter the recipients information.
  • They will receive a code that they need to redeem to download the title for free.
  • If they already redeemed a free/borrowed title before, they will receive a message with the option to purchase the book.
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    How Do I Get Free Audiobooks On Amazon Prime

    Prime qualified books reveal a Prime emblem in the purchase box which states, Included with your membership. Books that also have a fitting Prime qualified audiobook will demonstrate a box that states, Read and Listen for Free. If the audiobook is not a part of Prime, itll only say, Read for Free.

    Where Can I Find The Amazon Prime Audiobooks Free List

    You can find the list of all possible Prime audiobooks here. Remember that occasionally some of the titles on this list are on there because they have an audiobook version available . This means your best bet is to look for the Read and Listen for Free button on the individual ebook listings to verify that the audiobook version is in fact free.

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    Info About Amazon Audible Audio Books

    There are many questions about Amazon and Audible audio books. Here are our answers to the most common questions about Audible trial and audio books.

    Is Amazon Audible included in Amazon Prime?As an Amazon Prime member, you can listen to a pool of 50 Audible audio books for free. You cant choose 50 audio books you want from Audibles huge library, you can only listen to 50 audio books Amazon gives away for free.

    How much does Audible cost with Amazon Prime?Audible costs $14.95 per month after the initial free trial month.

    What audio books are included in an Audible membership?

    You can listen to 3 free audio books of your choice, and unlimited romance audio books.

    The free audio books include 1 audio book from any author/narrator and 2 Audible originals. Audible records great sounding professional audio books with famous readers. They have many Original audio books in every genre.

    How do I buy Audiobooks from Amazon?If you want to buy audio book CDs, you can do so on Amazon. If you want to buy a digital audio book from Audible, join Audible, and then purchase the desired audio book on Audible.

    Can I buy a single audio book from Audible?

    Yes, you can buy any single audio book you want even without an Audible membership.

    Can you share an Audible account?

    Yes, you can share your Audible account with your family members! Audible has a feature called Family Library Sharing which lets you share your Audible audio books with members of your Amazon Household.

    How To Become An Amazon Prime Member

    Amazon Prime by Ben Alexi

    Becoming an Amazon Prime member is just a simple procedure that will make you a member of Amazon Prime right away.

    This is how you should do:

    • When you have your computer, smartphone, or device accessing intensely, Go to the Amazon app or website and open it.
    • Register to have an Amazon account or if you already have an account, just sign directly to your account.
    • Then click on .

    You are now eligible to be an Amazon Prime member.

    Here, you will be able to get special prime membership deals, unlimited streaming of videos, and unlimited free delivery of benefits under the courtesy of your membership.

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    Are Books On Audible Free

    While Audible is a storefront looking to make money, the company does offer a small selection of free audiobooks. Additionally, Audible is running a program known as Audible Stories, where children can access a library of free content in up to eight different languages. Even if you purchase a subscription, audiobooks are limited based on the Audible credit system.

    Sign Up To Amazons 1 Free Audiobook

    New customers of Amazon Audible service get 1 Free Audiobook to keep during the In Audible terms, this means a FREE credit, which you can exchange for almost any audiobook on the site.

    Youll have to provide credit card information to get 1 free Audible credits, but if you cancel before one month, you wont be charged.

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    You Can Return Books You Dont Like For A Refund

    Youve learned how Audible works when it comes to returning titles above. It doesnt matter the reason you want to return a book. Whether it was an accidental purchase or you just dont like the book, you can return it for a refund. You can also swap it for another title. This is applicable as long as you havent finished the entire book, which is only fair. You have up to a year to return a book for a refund after purchasing it.

    Here are some other benefits you will get with an Audible subscription.

    Audible Originals Are Free

    You dont need to spend your monthly credits to listen to Amazons original audiobooks. Subscribers can download two originals at the beginning of each month. You also get to keep these titles even after ending your subscription. These audiobooks range from podcasts, theater productions, to lectures. All are quite informative and entertaining.

    Free News Subscription

    You can subscribe to almost any news publication from all around the country for free! Get the latest stories right from your Audible app.

    Meditation and Fitness

    You can also listen to guided meditation and fitness classes at no extra cost. Some classes are available weekly and some span a few months. You can listen to them as you please or commit to the program from start to finish.

    Audible Escape and Latino

    Can You Access Audible Books With Amazon Prime


    As you do not become full Audible member benefits, you can get some .

    Being a prime member, youll have access to over fifty audiobooks, in addition to additional ad-free streaming content such as podcasts.

    These podcasts include talk shows, comedy podcasts, and much more. However, well be moving over all of the audiobook features that Amazon Prime currently offers to its members for this guide.

    Fans of audiobooks might have been grieving the loss of perceptible channels, which started in 2016, but before this season was canceled.

    Nonetheless, in its place, a new marriage of solutions was declared with and Audible partnering.

    And the very best aspect of this is the simple fact you dont also need to get an audible account to enjoy streaming those free audiobooks so long as you own membership with Amazon Prime in a great position.

    This is thanks to Prime Reading. Amazons service uses a rotating library of books to select from, such as some magazines and, like mentioned previously, podcasts.

    With Audible channels out there for Amazon Prime associates, you may enjoy many quantities of books and podcasts. All audiobooks have a rotating library. Therefore theres something that will give you.

    Audible channels also include news reports in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

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    Get Free Audiobooks With Amazon Prime Via The Audible Channel

    Aside from the first method, we got another one in this section. So upon learning what audiobooks are free with Amazon Prime, you can also try getting them via the Audible channel. Just an added note, you can also access free podcasts, programs, comedy shows, and more apart from audiobooks .

    All Amazon Prime members have the ability to access free content but if you are a non-subscriber, nothing to worry about because you are given 30-minute access via the channels. Also, you must know that getting an Amazon Prime membership wonât mean that you are an Audible member as well. You can subscribe to the Audible channel at 4.95 USD per month.

    Now, to get free audiobooks on Amazon Prime via the Audible channel, you simply need to follow these steps.

  • On your device , have your Audible application opened.
  • You will see the âChannels for Primeâ option. Click on this.
  • A new window will be displayed. From there, all featured content will be displayed and shown.
  • You can have any channel opened and followed. You can even stream online just by hitting the âplayâ button.
  • Note: If you have the Audible membership, you wonât be seeing this âChannels for Primeâ option. Youâll see âOriginalsâ instead. The content under this will be different from that of Audible Channels.

    Now upon knowing what audiobooks are free with Amazon Prime, what if you want to keep them forever? What must you do? Learn more details as you move to the next part of this post.

    How To Listen To Audiobooks On Kindle App

    Many Kindle books have complementary Audible audio books. However, not all Kindle books have an audio book. If yours has an audio book version, heres how to listen to the Kindle book:

  • Go to your Home screen of the Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Tap a Kindle book to open it.
  • While reading, tap the center of the screen, and then tap the Listen icon.
  • From the mini-player screen, tap the Download icon to begin downloading the audio companion.
  • Does the Kindle app have audio books?

    You can listen to Audible audio books through the Audible app or the Kindle app. See above for how to listen to audio books in the Kindle app.

    Can you read and listen to audiobooks on Kindle?

    Yes, you can listen to audio books in the Kindle app and read the books. However, not at the same time. You can easily switch between reading and listening to Kindle books. Amazon will automatically move you to the right position in the book.

    This is great if you want to continue listening to a gripping book you were reading while doing housework or preparing dinner.

    Instead of paying for an audio book, what happens if I illegally download a stolen audio book?

    You could be fined up to $500,000 by the FBI per audio book you download illegally, and get up to 10 years in jail according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    What was the most popular audio book of 2018?

    Ready Player One.

    What is an audio book?

    How many audio books does Audible have?

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    Why Is Audible Not Free With Amazon Prime

    Audible is an Amazon service, but the two entities are effectively separate. So, unlike the movies and shows you get with Prime Video and the music you get with Prime Music, your Amazon Prime membership does not get you an Audible account. Is Audible free with Amazon Prime India? Amazon Prime Members can enjoy the free audible subscription for 90-days after which they have to pay the price of Rs 199 per month for the audiobooks subscription which they can cancel anytime they want. Also, with the use of Amazon coupons you can save on the subscription plans.

    What Is The Quality Of Audible Audiobooks

    How to Get Amazon Prime Audiobooks Free Forever

    Audible has moved through several audio formats over the years, including Format 2, Format 3, Format 4. Audible eventually dropped the names and uses an enhanced audio format for all titles. Note that if you are a returning user, none of the previous numbered formats work on the app, and you will have to re-download them .

    If you want to manage audiobook size or work within data streaming limits, etc., note that you can switch between High Quality and Standard Quality formats in your Audible settings.

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