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How To Get Free Items On Amazon

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Quick Tips About Buying From Third

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon 2021 Legal (New Method) | Get Free Stuff On Amazon With Proof

While wading around in the listings looking for Amazon Warehouse Deals you may have discovered even more discounted listings not sold by Amazon. What you’ve stumbled upon are items sold by third-party retailers whose only relationship with Amazon is that their items are for sale on Amazon’s marketplace, much like eBay.

Amazon’s buyer protections lag considerably behind eBay’s, however. eBay guarantees customers their money back in the event of a dispute, and although Amazon will ultimately do the same, its process is a bit more convoluted, so proceed with caution. Generally, if I can’t find a good enough deal on Amazon Warehouse, I’ll tab over to eBay and look for the item there instead. eBay is a little more transparent about both its vendors and the merchandise they sell. If I’m going to buy garage-sale used as opposed to Amazon’s never-opened used, I prefer eBay.

Get Free Stuff Through Cashbackbasecom

One of the best ways to get freebies is by accessing the website called cashbackbase.

This is an Amazon product website and the great thing about this website is that on some products it offers a 100 percent discount.

This means you can get an Amazon product on this website for free. See this example:

As you can see in the image, the original price of the product was $12.99. There is a 100% discount or 100% cashback on the product which allows you to get it for free.

There are a lot of people who dont know about this website just yet, so its a good way to claim all the free stuff without telling anyone else. Let me tell you how does cashbackbase work.

This is one of the best ways to get free products on Amazon and doesnt require a lot of effort.

You only need to sign up on the website and then you can buy any product you want. You could buy the discounted products or free products.

Sellers may sometimes ask you to review a free product, but this isnt the case when you buy a product from

You can get a product for free without giving anything in return.

If you are searching for free products to buy on Amazon, visit cashbackbase every day as they update free products regularly.

If you are late, the free products may sell out before you get a chance to purchase them.

The products are of good quality and high value, so you wont be disappointed with using the website to get freebies.

Things Anyone Can Get For Free On Amazon

These freebies are available to both Prime members and nonmembers.

If you love Amazon, you already know about the many great deals you can find there. But did you realize you can get many items for free at the online retail giant?

These items are available to anyone who shops through Amazon. You dont need to be a member of although joining that program allows you to access an ever-increasing number of perks, as we detail in .

Following are some of our favorite examples of the free stuff anyone can get at Amazon.

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Amazon Wish List Search

You can actually find what a relative or friend wants to buy but hasnt yet placed an order with Amazon.

Simply search for your friends Wish List by entering their email ID. Your friend or relative will get an invitation from Amazon to share their Wish List with you.

And if youre gifting something on that Wish List, usually Amazon lowers the price tag.

Will You Become A Top Reviewer

How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon Without Review!

It may seem like a long process, but if you take on the challenge, the fruits of your labor will be well worth the struggle.

Being a Top Amazon Reviewer may not pay any bills, but it can help save you and your family thousands of dollars, since youll get free stuff you would otherwise have paid for.

Shannon Quinn is a writer, entrepreneur, and legal student living in and around both the Greater Philadelphia and New York areas. She spends a great deal of her time discovering creative ways to save money so that she can live comfortably on a small budget.

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How To Get Free Shipping On Amazon

Most of the products on are sold by Amazon, though there are a few from third-party sellers. A large amount of the products sold by Amazon offer free shipping on orders of $35+.

In addition, there are some third-party sellers that have free shipping as well either with or without minimum purchases.

Amazon Prime: For $99 per year , you get unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping .

If you are not an Amazon prime member get a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime.

Look For The Amazon Warehouse Deals Page

I begin nearly all of my Amazon searches on the , because it cuts out full-price listings almost entirely so you mostly just see the discounted items . To get there, open Amazon using either a desktop browser or the Amazon mobile app and search for “Amazon warehouse” or “warehouse deals.”

Rather than getting a list of search results like normal, you should see a screen that looks a lot like the main Amazon search page, with a search bar, categories and so on. From there you can browse categories like Computers & Tablets, Kitchen or Home Improvement or you can search for more specific items just like you would on the regular Amazon homepage, except the results will be discounted, sometimes heavily.

This quick and easy approach works best if you’re not in the market for something in particular — say you’re just looking for gift ideas or killing time during your lunch break. It can be a lot of fun to scroll through the various categories looking for stuff that pops out at you. If you’re shopping for something more specific, however, keep reading for pro tips on how to find it discounted using Amazon Warehouse Deals.

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Things You Can Get For Free On Amazon

Amazon has faced plenty of controversies, but its also changed the way the world shops. With Amazon, you can order a life-sized Bigfoot statue or even a $90,000 Mickey Mantle baseball card collection. You could spend months perusing the product listings and still not see everything.

People save money with Amazon, but many fans dont realize all they can get for free. Read on to discover all the free stuff you never knew you could get on Amazon, including products you can download for free right now .

Shop Til You Drop With Free One

How to get FREE items on AMAZON ( 2020) *REAL*

You probably know Amazon ships almost everything to Prime members for free. Its the most obvious freebie that comes with a Prime membership.

But did you know that as a Prime member you can also get free One-Day shipping on certain items? When youre shopping, filter by Get it Tomorrow to see One-Day eligible items. Youll receive a One-Day shipment by 9 p.m. the next day.

Plus, Amazon offers Same-Day delivery, but its currently only available in Philadelphia, Dallas, Orlando, and Phoenix. In these cities, place an order by 5 p.m. and youll get it within five hours. Items marked Prime FREE Same-Day are eligible.

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Do You Know Other Ways To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

Are you looking for a particular Amazon item for free? Cologne or perfume? Free toys? Free clothes? Food? If so, your best bet is to look for appropriate Facebook groups .

Amazon Prime members not only have two-day free shipping, but you can also get dibs on Prime product samples, and a ton of promotions exclusive only to Prime members.

How about you? Have you received free items from Amazon in the past? Did I miss anything else? Id love to know your secret and add it to this list.

Read Free Kindle Ebooks

Prime member or not, everyone can read free Kindle books from Amazon’s Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks. You can also view this list by genre to find just what you’re looking for.

There are also limited-time offers for free Kindle books which change almost daily so be sure to check the list often.

Amazon Prime members can get unlimited reading for more than 1,000 books and magazines with Prime Reading and a free monthly editor’s pick with First Reads. There’s also Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, where you can borrow hundreds of eBooks for free.

Everyone has the option of sharing Kindle books with family and friends and exploring .

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Watch Free Movies And Tv Shows

If you are currently an Amazon Prime member or have a 30-day free trial, you have access to thousands of free movies and TV shows. Watch original content such as The Tick, new movies, and a slew of classic films you wont find that at Walmart.

You can enjoy unlimited streaming and more with . If you dont want to sign up for everything Amazon has to offer, thats okay too.

Editors’ Recommendations

Getting Free Items From Amazon It Might Be A Brushing Scam

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon 2020 Without REVIEW

Random packages turning up at your door may be a sign of something bigger, but there’s no reason to worry just yet.

Everyone loves getting a package in the mail, but sometimes you get an item you don’t remember ordering. Before you chalk up an odd package to an error on Amazon’s part, you should consider that it may be part of a brushing scam.

So, what is a brushing scam, and how does it work? Moreover, how does it affect you and your life? Let’s find out.

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Score Free Shipping On Lightweight Stuff

Amazon quietly announced that they were going to start offering free shipping on thousands of small, lightweight, items like cosmetics, in-ear headphones, and mobile phone accessories.

No Amazon Prime membership required. No minimum order size required.

If youre like most, and missed the memo, its a great option to start considering.

Be aware that because all items are fulfilled from their Kentucky warehouse, shipping will take between 4-8 business days, depending on how far you live from the blue grass state.

The single best way to discover these items that ship for free is to click on Other Sellers, from the product page, as those are the majority of eligible products.

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Get Free Gift Cards Ebooks Music Movies And More

  • Tweet
  • Prime Music offers over 10,000 free songs.
  • There are loads of free Kindle ebooks on Amazon, and you can search for them.
  • Prime Video has an ever-growing library of movies and TV shows, including Prime Originals.

This article explains how to get free things from Amazon, including Music, TV shows, books, and even gift cards. To get some, but not all, of the free stuff on Amazon, you’ll need to subscribe to . It’s $119 a year but you can try it out for 30 days with a free trial. You also can to save even more. If you’re a student, you can get a free 6-month trial to Prime Student.

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Be Careful Of Amazon’s Redirecting Trick

Another thing to keep an eye on — make sure you always go back to the Amazon Warehouse Deals splash page before starting a different search. Otherwise, if you just search for another item from the search bar at the top of the page, Amazon might bounce you out of Warehouse Deals and into the full site.

Same goes for “recent searches.” If you searched for, say, “bunny slippers” across all of Amazon, then went to Warehouse Deals and searched for “banana slippers,” then decided you definitely want bunnies over bananas, don’t select “bunny slippers” from the drop-down menu that appears when you select the search bar. Those recent searches will search not just the same terms but the same Amazon sections as the original search. In other words, it’ll yank you out of Warehouse Deals and back to the land of full-price slippers. Instead, type the search in again on the Amazon Warehouse Deals main page.

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Finding an awesome deal always feels great. There is something about saving the hard-earned dollars that really gets our blood pumping.

But, there is something better than a great discount free stuff.

Amazon may be the largest retailer on the internet, but that doesnt mean that they dont offer any freebies.

If you know where to look, you can get plenty of free stuff on Amazon. There isnt any need to visit pesky survey sites or use coupons to get free products on Amazon.

There are plenty of great ways to get free stuff on Amazon without filling surveys or using coupons.

Sellers are usually giving away free items to people and there are a few good reasons why.

One of the major reasons is that the sellers want to increase their sales, and offering free items helps improve their chances of meeting their sales target.

Thats because the free items help with the promotion of their brand and people who get the free items are likely to check out the other items being offered by the seller.

Another reason sellers give items for free is that the free items can help generate positive reviews from the customers.

This helps their brand. Some sellers have many products in their inventory which cost them fees. So, they give away some of the products for free to clear the inventory.

Since the sellers are often giving away items for free, you should take advantage of this and get your hands on the free stuff.

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Today’s Deals On Amazon

Amazon’s best deals for new products are found in the Today’s Deals link on the top of any Amazon page. The section offers several Deals of the Day, and time-limited Lightning Deals . There isn’t always a lot of notice, but if you use the Amazon mobile apps, tap the hamburger menu and select Today’s Deals to see discounts on the go.

Free Beauty And Food Samples

Why buy a full-sized bottle of something youre going to hate? Try before you buy with Amazons Sample Box program, which allows you to enjoy mini-sized versions of products like lotions, snacks, and other items for free. You have to pay a small fee for the box, but any money you pay up front will go toward the purchase of full-sized products.

Next: When you need to ship this one thing, Amazon will pay for it.

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Exchange Your Opinions For Free Stuff

As we know, for Amazon sellers, positive reviews for their products are very important, which influences the potential buyers and then sales. However, the ratio for customers to leave a review for products is less than 3%. So Amazon sellers usually send out free samples to get more orders and reviews.

If you want to get free samples, you can contact sellers through their website, fan page, or directly send emails to ask for the free samples. Besides, you can do this on a few Amazon review trader websites, such as these below:

Members can apply for multiple products at any one time

Sign Up For Free Sample Boxes

How To Get FREE Stuff On Amazon 2019(ACTUALLY WORKS ...

The Amazon sample box program is something youve probably never heard of, but its a great way to get Amazon products without having to spend money. If youre an Amazon Prime member, you can purchase select sample boxes and get reimbursed for the cost with Amazon credit of equal value, similar to digital gift cards. If youre already an Amazon shopper, you might as well get a free sample while youre at it, right? These boxes have everything from free food, new products, product samples, and many other goodies.

This offer has a limit of one of each sample per customer, but they are continuously updated year-round with new free boxes. If youre looking for an easy way to snatch up a free item or two, this is your best bet.

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Sign Up For An Amazon Prime Student Free Trial

Do you have a student email address? If so, you can sign up for Amazon Prime Student free for six months, no coupon or promo codes required. This includes free shipping, access to thousands of free TV shows and movies, and exclusive college discounts. You can cancel your subscription at any time, or pay just $5.49 a month once your trial ends its worth it to keep it for the whole year.

This free trial is great for holiday shopping or an unhealthy six-month binge of your favorite movies and shows.

Get Free Kindle Books Through Prime Reading

Prime members get free, instant access to loads and loads of Kindle ebooks and audiobooks. Best part? You dont need a Kindle device to read. This is what makes this freebie different from the one I already mentioned. Non-Prime members can read select titles for free, but only on a Kindle device.

If youre a frequent reader, take advantage of , which offers once a month early access to select new titles.

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