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How To Get Free On Amazon

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Earn Up To 5% Cash Back When You Shop With Your Amazon Rewards Card

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon 2021 Legal (New Method) | Get Free Stuff On Amazon With Proof

Amazon offers a few options for credit cards. The first, the Amazon Rewards card, is a traditional credit card that you can use wherever you shop. The second, the Amazon Store card, is a credit card you can only use at Amazon.

who are also Prime members earn 5% back on all Amazon and Whole Foods purchases in addition to 2% back at restaurants and gas stations and 1% everywhere else. Non-members dont get the 5% back on Amazon purchases.

Now is a good time to sign up if youre a rewards credit card person. Youll get a $100 Amazon gift card instantly oh hey, more free money from Amazon.

Its a similar story with . Prime members get that extra 5% back on Amazon purchases, where non-members only get 5 15% off certain items throughout the year.

New store cardholders can get an instant $60 Amazon gift card right now.

All rewards points can be used to make future Amazon purchases.

Why Are There Free Products On Amazon

To get free stuff on Amazon, you need to understand the perspective of Amazon sellers. Their goal is to make as many sales as possible so they can earn a decent revenue.

To do this, they must:

  • Show up high on Amazons search results pages : whether on a computer or the Amazon app, most shoppers only look at the first page of Amazons search results. Thus, sellers stuck on page 10 or 20 are desperate to rise up the ranks. To rank higher, they must satisfy Amazons algorithm. The two leading ranking factors of Amazons algorithm are sales and positive reviews.
  • Generate more sales : To make more sales, Amazon sellers must appear reputable and provide evidence that they sell a worthwhile product. While photos and product listings can help their case, the only way online shoppers can verify a sellers credibility is by looking at reviews. If an Amazon seller has no reviews, theyll struggle to make sales. Amazon sellers also want genuine positive reviews, not fake reviews.
  • Garner as many five-star reviews as they can: As we just discussed, online shoppers rely heavily on reviews to make their purchase decisions. However, you cant get reviews if you havent sold any products yet. Thus, Amazon sellers get caught in a tricky catch 22they cant make sales without reviews, and they cant get reviews without making sales.

Amazon Prime Student Membership Trial

Students can sign up for an for six months 100% free. Once the six-month trial period is over the fees are significantly discounted.

Students will only pay $5.49 per month for four years or once they graduate. The best part is that the Amazon Prime student membership trial includes almost all of the benefits of Prime for only a fraction of the cost.

You still receive free 2-day shipping, photo storage, and unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows. The only benefits that are not included are access to the Kindle eBook library and Prime Music.

Before you try to sneak one by Amazon by claiming to be a student, understand that you have to submit paperwork to take advantage of this offer.

A few years back Amazon realized that people were cheating the system and now require additional information to receive the discount.

Amazon Prime Student Membership documents to provide:

  • School email address
  • Acceptance letter from your school OR copy of transcripts
  • Student ID with an expiration date

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How To Get Amazon Prime For Free Forever

For most homes, Amazon is the best option for online shopping as they offer great deals. And, with Amazon Prime, most of these homes can enjoy free shipping for two days.

Thats amazing, right?

Well, lets see how this can lead us to getting Amazon Prime for free, forever.

The existence of Amazon Prime brings about vast benefits for members, like Shipping, Streaming, Shopping, Reading benefits, and other substantial benefits.

One major benefit members enjoy using Amazon Prime is a paid subscription that costs $119 a year which comes with 2-day free shipping on all orders.

It also includes a ton of extra values like Kindle lending library and Prime Video.

Normally, Amazon Prime comes with a 30 days free subscription and most people will love to enjoy this benefit as long as they can get it.

This article will show you how to get an Amazon Prime membership Subscription for freeforever.

Lets get into it!

Before we do that, you need to know more about Amazon Prime. The next topic of this article will take you through that journey.

Get Surveying And Start Earning

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards. 100% Legal.

As you can see, there are tons of sites out there that will reward you nicely for simple and fun tasks. Answering survey questions from the comfort of your own couch isnt a bad way to earn a free Amazon gift card or put some extra money in your pocket, right? Sign up for as many of these companies as you like and watch your earning-from-home power soar!

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Earn Free Money With Ibotta By Submitting Your Receipts

With Ibotta, you simply create an Ibotta account, unlock rebates and rewards, go shopping, verify your purchases, and then get cash. You can redeem rebates from over 230 stores, such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, Publix, Walgreens, CVS, and more. And, its free money!

You can earn cash, or you can earn gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, and other stores.

How To Get Free Netflix Hulu And Amazon Prime

Welcome! Have you joined our super awesome Facebook group? If not,

Welcome Back! You’ve joined our super awesome Facebook group, right? If not,

Nothing is better than Free.

Okay, I lied

Nothing is better than a Free Netflix, Hulu, HBO or an Amazon Prime Subscription.

And yes, its totally legal!

In case you havent heard, you are able to get COMPLETELY FREE Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO depending on your wireless carrier.

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Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform, not lure you into signing up for certain offers. Compensation from our partners may impact what products we cover and where they appear on the site, but does not have any impact on the objectivity of our reviews or advice.

Your daily routine can earn you free gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon. Here are simple ways you can set your reward accumulation on autopilot.

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  • Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. If a purchase or signup is made through one of our Partners links, we may receive compensation for the referral. Learn more here.

    Did you know there are dozens of ways to get free Amazon gift cards?

    It may sound like a scam, but its not. There are plenty of ways to get free gift cards to many other retailers as well.

    So while you still have to do something to unlock these free Amazon gift card codes, all of these tasks require minimal time and effort.

    In This Article

    What Is Prime Student

    How To Get ANYTHING On Amazon For FREE!!! (WITH PROOF)

    Prime Student is a discounted Amazon Prime membership that also gets you deals on a bunch of things students would be likely to enjoy.

    The Prime membership portion of it includes all the same benefits of a regular Prime membership. That means you get free two-day shipping on millions of items, full access to Prime Video, Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Photos, and Prime Gaming.

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    Get $5 By Signing Up For Amazon Cash

    This promotion might not last forever you’ll have to take advantage of it before December 31st, 2019 but you can get a $5 Amazon credit when you sign up for Amazon Cash and charge the account with $20.

    is a program that lets you add money to your Amazon balance by buying Amazon gift cards at a large number of retail locations around the country. It’s aimed at customers who don’t want to use a credit card or debit card online.

    Once you get the credit, you’ll have until January 31, 2020 to use it.

    Use Credit Card Rewards

    If you have a cash-back credit card, you could use your accumulated cash back to pay for a Prime membership which kind of feels like you are getting Prime for free.

    If you sign up for the card, you will earn 5% cash back on purchases at Amazon and Whole Foods Market, and 1% or 2% everywhere else. If you spend $2,400 in a year at the 5% rate, you will earn $120 cash back enough to cover the cost of a one-year annual membership.

    If youre in the market for a new card, stop by Money Talks NewsSolutions Center and use the free .

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    Join Amazon Review Trader Websites

    You can also get free products on Amazon by joining Amazon reviewer trader sites.

    These are sites where members can receive a free or discounted product in exchange for a review. Some of the best Amazon reviewer trades sites include:

    Deal Go!Go!Go!

    Deal go!go!go! is quickly becoming popular mainly because of the fact that members can apply for more than one products at a time.

    Typical products you will find on the website include homewares, jewelry, childrens toys, and makeup items.


    Vipon is a very popular website for Amazon reviewers. Offering discounts of 50% to 100%, it gives members the change to get free products or great discounts in exchange for reviews.


    Snagshout is one of the first review websites. Its a coupon based site that offers discount vouchers on a number of products from cosmetics to electronics.

    VIP Power Club

    This website is free to join and offers some of the best discounts on Amazon products.

    Coupons deals are directly emailed to the reviewers so they do not have to keep checking VIP Power Club for deals.

    Sign Up For Free Sample Boxes

    How To Get Free Stuff On! (Working August 2017 ...

    The Amazon sample box program is something youve probably never heard of, but its a great way to get Amazon products without having to spend money. If youre an Amazon Prime member, you can purchase select sample boxes and get reimbursed for the cost with Amazon credit of equal value, similar to digital gift cards. If youre already an Amazon shopper, you might as well get a free sample while youre at it, right? These boxes have everything from free food, new products, product samples, and many other goodies.

    This offer has a limit of one of each sample per customer, but they are continuously updated year-round with new free boxes. If youre looking for an easy way to snatch up a free item or two, this is your best bet.

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    Share Your Opinion With Opinion Outpost

    Wondering How can I get a free amazon gift card? This is a great way!

    Opinion Outpost allows you to earn extra cash, gift cards, and more, just by sharing your opinion online. This is a paid online survey company that wants to hear your opinions on products and companies. In exchange, they will pay you with cash or free Amazon gift cards.

    Free Unlimited Photo Storage

    If you’re like me and have no less than a million photos of your kids , you definitely need a safe place to store them.

    Amazon members have access to the . Simply sign into your account online or through the app to gain access. Within the Amazon Cloud Drive is Amazon Prime Photos where you can save all these precious memories. You’ll be able to get to them wherever you have internet access.

    So go ahead and take all the pictures you want, without worrying about storage space on your devices – or that they could get lost.

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    Ways To Get Amazon Prime For Free

    Hesitant to drop $119 a year on an Amazon Prime membership? Here’s how to get it for free.

    Shopping on Amazon can be convenient, especially if you are still spending more time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. You can get anything from frozen pizza to light bulbs delivered to your door at the click of a button.

    An Amazon Prime membership is even more convenient. Perks include not just faster shipping but also access to free e-books, music, file storage and more, as we detail in .

    While the convenience is great, the cost of membership may give you pause. In 2018, the online retailer raised the price of an annual Prime membership from $99 to $119 per year. For monthly subscribers, the cost went from $10.99 to $12.99 per month.

    If you want to pay less but still enjoy the convenience of Amazon Prime, there are a few ways to get a free membership.

    Review Free Products As An Amazon Vine Reviewer

    How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

    If you’ve never heard of , don’t worry most people haven’t. But if you like to write product reviews on Amazon, you should be aware of Vine, which awards free products to members in exchange for honest and accurate reviews.

    Unfortunately, Amazon Vine is by invitation only you can’t even apply for consideration. But Amazon keeps an eye on prolific reviewers, and sometimes reaches out to offer them an opportunity to join the Vine program.

    You can read about the Amazon Vine program here, and learn ways to improve your reputation as a reviewer on Amazon.

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    Browse Free Digital Albums

    If you love music but hate paying for it, these free things called digital albums are what the kids are into these days. You can find anything from the Foo Fighters to the jaunty twangs of bluegrass music, all completely free. Just make sure you check those Amazon reviews so you dont end up assaulting your ears with something terrible.

    To find out what Amazon has to offer in terms of free music, just sort by the list price by selecting low to high or click the button below. This little trick is what we like to call one of those Amazon Hacks, but really its just pressing a button.

    Free Products In Exchange For Reviews

    One of the best things about Amazon is reading reviews, right? Well, theres a way to get paid in merchandise for leaving them. CashBackBase lets highly ranked reviewers earn points which can be exchanged for very cheap or even free items on Amazon.

    Next: Got photos? Now you have a free place to store them all.

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    How To Get Amazon Free Gift Code

    If you get a free amazon gift card of the values indicated, you will be able to acquire any product of the value within the period of validity of the card from Amazon. There is no string attached with the gift cards, it is absolutely free and genuine as said.

    These card are ready to go and can be used immediately after getting it. You may follow the following steps on how to successfully get yours in less than 3 minutes.

    Anything You Can Buy With Points

    How to get free amazon gift cards

    If you have one of the or the , you can use accumulated points to buy things on Amazon. And anything you purchase with those points is effectively free.

    These cards also come with freebies: You will get a free Amazon gift card worth $10, $50 or $100 depending on the card upon signing up and being approved.

    Of course, its generally unwise to sign up for any new credit card based on the sign-up bonus alone. First, do a little comparison shopping using a free online resource like Money Talks News to identify the best plastic for you.

    Also, if you have a cash-back credit card that is not affiliated with Amazon, note that you can still use the cash back you earned from that card to buy things on Amazon. Anything you purchase with any kind of cash back is still effectively free.

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    How To Find Amazon Checkout Coupons And Amazon Codes

    Sometimes it can be hard to find coupons. There are many places to find Amazon coupons and promo codes. You can search for Amazon codes by department and product by using some Google search tricks.

    In addition, there are always Amazon clickable coupons.

    Where are Amazon coupons to add to your cart?

    On the Coupon Page for Amazon, youll find clickable coupons for lots of different products. On this page, the coupons are arranged by category. To redeem these , click on the coupon and then add the item to your cart.

    When you check out, the discount will automatically be applied. Its that easy! The coupons change frequently, so make sure you bookmark the page and check back often.

    How to Find Amazon Promo Codes and Free Amazon Codes By Department

    These are a little bit trickier. I am unaware of a single page that lists all the current Amazon codes within the Amazon site. In order to find these hidden promo codes within Amazon, you need to do a little digging.

    On the Amazon homepage, search by department and choose a category. Within that category, there are often links at the top of the page. Look for special offers where you may be able to find discounted products with various Amazon discount codes needed to apply the discount.

    How to Search for an Amazon Discount Code

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