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How To Get Good Reviews On Amazon

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Follow Up After A Week

Book Reviews: How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, & More in 2019

A week or more has passed since you queried a book blog, and so far crickets. What do you do now? Why, follow up, of course!

When it comes to this stage, keep calm and follow Hannah Hargraves advice: Don’t bother reviewers for an answer daily. I will usually chase again after a week has passed.

“If you receive a decline response, or no one responds to your third chase-up, assume this means they are not interested. Any further follow-ups, or aggressive requests as to why your work’s not being reviewed, will not be viewed kindly. Above all, be polite and friendly at all times.

That said, someone rejecting your book for review is a worst-case scenario. Best-case scenario, the blogger responds favorably and youve bagged yourself a review!

Make Sure Your Listing Is Accurate

Many negative reviews are due to the buyers expectations not being met. Those expectations are set by your listing details, so that should be one of the first places you look if your product gets a negative review.

What might be wrong with your listing? It could be something as simple as uploading clearer images or adding a bullet point with product dimensions. Preventing just one negative review might be worth a lot more to your business than generating several new positive reviews.

How Can I Increase The Number Of Reviews On My Seller Account

When selling on Amazon, reviews should be one of your biggest priorities. Shoppers look at both the quality and quantity of reviews, so it’s important to encourage buyers to leave a good review for your product Please note that merchants are forbidden from soliciting or paying for Seller Account reviews. Any sellers who engage in these practices risk having their accounts suspended. Your best bet is to give customers a great shopping experience so they want to vouch for you on their own. If your business is losing sales due to a lack of Amazon reviews, we have some advice to help you out.

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Get Amazon Reviews With A Product Insert

Its easier for shoppers to leave a review soon after purchasing a product. Wait too long, and theyll forget why they loved it and how positive their experience was with your customer service team.

Sure, youll be sending them an email asking for a review, but why not give them another friendly push right there in the product packaging?

Start off by expressing your gratitude that they purchased your product. Then let them know how reviews help your business and give them clear instructions for writing a review on Amazon. Also, make sure to include your customer service contact information so they can easily contact you if needed.

When designing your product insert, refrain from suggesting that you only want them to write a positive review. Thats against .

Read The Review Policy

How to Get Free Stuff from (Seriously ...

Before you pitch any blog, make sure you read the bloggers review policy. Some blogs will have a form to fill out others might ask you to email them directly. Still others might not welcome any queries from self-published authors. Whatever they say, make sure that you follow it to a T.

There are two main benefits to reading and following the review policies closely, says Beverly. First, you show the reviewer that you respect and appreciate them when you follow their instructions. This is important when asking someone to do you a favor.

“Second, you may find that even if the site is closed for review queries, it’s open to publicity queries where you might be able to place an excerpt or do a Q& A or occasional blog post. You’ll never know if you don’t take the time to read the review policy first.

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Make Use Of All Kinds Of Forums

There are large crowds of people that love to gather on various online forums related to their interests. Reddit is a typical example of this.

There are many Subreddits within Reddit itself.

These Subreddits are user-created areas of interest with specific topics of conversation.

This means you can post messages in Subreddits relating to your products to attract potential partners.

There are some things you need to know before jumping right in, however.

The trick is that you need to get really involved in the forums for a few weeks or months before you post anything relating to reviews.

For example, if your product is some sort of fitness equipment, during the product development phase, you could talk about how your product is developed and what features it has on fitness and sports-related Subreddits or sub-forums.

More importantly, you can take this opportunity to ask other users for help and advice.

The problem with this method is that its not always successful and can sometimes take a long time to achieve the best results.

But, the risks are lower when compared to the previous method we mentioned involving Facebook groups.


You need to spend a lot of time interacting with people, but after your product is more well-known and released, you can send them to other users or give discounts in exchange for reviews.

Help Out A Local Charity Or Community Group

Find organizations like charities, clubs, and community groups that need your products and are willing to share their members experiences online. For example, local gardening clubs, playgroups and sports teams all need equipment and resources that might be a match for your products.

Donate products to them to generate goodwill, and make it known that your products are available on Amazon and that you need more reviews. If appropriate, you can also ask them to request more of your products through public wish lists on Amazon and other gift registries that they use.

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Well Look Into Three Other Things That You Could Do To Get Reviews Legally On Amazon

Give the sales a little push

Reviews influence sales and more sales bring you more reviews. You may have the most interesting, helpful, and useful product. But you still have to ensure that it reaches the ears of people. A majority of people arenât just going to stumble on your product. The idea is to give it a little push, so that you can see it take off. You can create promotions for your product, use social media networks, .

Create a mailing list and request customers to leave reviews

A simple way to get more product reviews is sending an after-sales e-mail.It is totally fine to send mails and request your customers to write reviews for you. The email should be sent after a reasonable period of time following an order.The only thing to keep in mind is not to sound pushy, outright or annoying in your mails.

Use a Keyword research tool

Gone are the days when you use the paper and pencil or excel spreadsheets to shortlist keywords for your Amazon product. SellerAppâs helps you shortlist the best keywords relevant to your product based on 10 different filters. You can also track the performance of these shortlisted Amazon keywords.

Use social media

Social media can increase the number of customer opinions. For example, you can occasionally send out campaigns to fans and supporters on Twitter and Facebook to write about their experiences and reviews.

Use Amazon Review Services

What Types Of Merchants Tend To Benefit The Most From Selling Products On Amazon

How to Get Amazon Product Reviews the RIGHT Way

Three kinds of merchants tend to perform particularly well on Amazon:

  • Merchants selling unique-to-them products. Companies who produce their own products, such as a company that designs its own jewelry. Since their products are unique, they face less competition from other merchants selling identical items, and have more flexibility over their prices.

  • Merchants who sell hobby or niche products. Amazon generally won’t start fulfilling or carrying hobby or niche products, so there’s less of a risk you’d have to compete with Amazon itself.

  • Merchants selling refurbished or used products. Amazon has a huge market for these products, as they attract shoppers whose main concern is price and dont mind waiting on shipping. It is worth noting, however, that used products cannot win the regular Buy Box spot – only the Used Buy Box, which drives fewer sales.

That said, the benefit of owning your stores URL and custom ecommerce website cannot be overstated this gives an extra level of credibility and authority, and visitors are more likely to remember you versus someone else. Many merchants who achieve popularity on Amazon still find it essential to have control over their own ecommerce website and branding. This allows them to achieve a fully independent store presence and market to large audiences outside of Amazon through other marketing channels.

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Ways To Write Reviews For Amazon & Get Paid

by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated March 11, 2019

Writing reviews for Amazon and getting paid may sound unreal, but it is as real as .

Statistics show that 75% of US online consumers shop on Amazon!

Thats a pretty impressive percentage!

So, its safe to say that most of us do at least some of our shopping on Amazon, which means that many of us are leaving reviews on products.

Reviews are beneficial to both the manufacturer of the product and other potential buyers who use reviews to decide whether or not to buy a product.

I know that whenever I buy something from Amazon, one of the first things I do is take a look at the reviews.

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You can often see whether a product is actually worthwhile or whether has any negatives before you part with any cash.

And, the reviews also help the seller of the item by providing valuable customer feedback.

So, reviews are definitely valuable.

But, how valuable?

Valuable enough that some Amazon sellers go out of their way to get reviews on their products.

White Hat Tactic #: Use Product Inserts

Product inserts can be useful when reminding customers to leave a review although you must be careful not to provide any if/then statements in the insert verbiage, for example, If you leave us a review then well give you a lifetime extended warranty.

In the Fall of 2019, Amazon warned sellers about using inserts to ask for positive reviews.

One effective and relatively risk-free way to use inserts is to ask customers to register their product for an extended warranty to get their email. Afterwards, you can enter them in an email auto-responder series to remind them to leave a review.

Amazon send an ominous email to sellers reminding them not to use inserts to ask for positive reviews. Reminding the customer to leave a review is still OK, you just cant ask them to leave a positive review.

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How To Get More Amazon Book Reviews

There are many ways to get reviews but searching for reviewers to review your book is a time-consuming process. You could waste precious time chasing bad leads and end up with nothing for your effort.

So where do you get reviews without spending hordes of time?

No matter how you do it, remember that it isnt just about quantity but quality as well. While we cant control what reviewers will say about our work, we can stay focused on writing great content that adds value in order to increase our chances of getting positive reviews.

To get Amazon reviews for your next book launch, or to add reviews to an existing book, consider taking action on these following strategies:

Rules About How To Get Reviews On Amazon

How to Get Reviews on Amazon the Right Way in 2019

Amazon has a lot of rules and restrictions when it comes to online reviews. If you break them, you risk having your product listings suspended or permanently removed. Its worth educating yourself properly on these rules, but here are the major no-nos:

  • Dont write reviews for yourself or competitors
  • Youre not allowed to write fake reviews
  • You must not offer discounts or free products in exchange for reviews.

Amazon would prefer that all of your reviews occur organically, but we all know that customers could use a little push. So how are you supposed to get more reviews on Amazon without breaking the rules?

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You Know Amazon Reviews Are Important So Whats Next

Amazon is continuing to improve its review processes and encourages brands to interact with product feedback. Shoppers appreciate this interaction and are becoming increasingly savvier when it comes to detecting trustworthy reviews. Brands should be ready to partner with companies like Pattern to surpass shoppers expectations and keep the authentic positive reviews flowing.

Need help managing and improving your products Amazon reviews? We get it. Tell us what issues youre having with reviews, and let our brand experts fill in the gaps.

How To Get Amazon Reviews To Gain Traction And Grow Your Business

Adam Enfroy
In This Post

Selling on Amazon has some amazing benefits. Chief among these benefits is its enormous reach. Amazon has around 300 million active users, equal to the entire population of the United States. Not only that, but according to Forbes, 64% of American households have Amazon Prime. Conversion rates on are also much higher than other online retailers. 13% for non-Prime Members & 74% for Prime Members, compared to 3.32% for the next top 500 online retailers. So Amazon sellers have access to an enormous base of potential customers who are very likely to convert.

But selling on Amazon is not easy. Competition among Amazon sellers is fierce, which explains why product reviews are so important.

Why Its Important To Get Amazon Reviews

Product reviews help customers manage expectations. Customers want assurance that they will receive exactly what was advertised. This is what product reviews are for. They allow past customers can to inform prospective customers. As such, they provide a powerful measure of social proof.

Collecting positive reviews is vital for a new product to gain traction on Amazon.

The Old Days of Getting Amazon Reviews

Savvy sellers used to get incentivized reviews. That is, they offered discounted or free products in exchange for reviews. But in October 2016, Amazon banned incentivized reviews. Violators of this policy risk losing their selling privileges.

The New Days of Getting Amazon Reviews

Ways to Get More Amazon Reviews

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Daniel Townsend Managing Director Plum Tree Group

With more than 2 million sellers worldwide selling on Amazon, gaining the necessary visibility to succeed can be difficult.

However, all hope isnt lost.

Amazons latest release, headline search ads, may help new and experienced sellers by putting their products front and center in Amazon search results.

Headline search ads are pay-per-click ads that help sellers target customers based on specific search terms.

Once campaign parameters are set , headline search ads appear at the top of search results a powerful opportunity to outrank similar products , drive shoppers to your listings and increase sales.

How Does Amazon Build Those Review Summaries

The Best Ways to Get More Amazon Reviews That Work Right Now

Amazon is very secretive about how it arrives at an items star rating summary. Reviews and ratings are weighted to scale, but star ratings dont necessarily correlate with Best Seller or item rank status. We do know that Amazons models factor in how recently a rating or review was written and whether the purchase was verified.

Amazon has migrated through several programs to foster unbiased, trustworthy reviews and currently does so through , an invite-only program that invites trusted Amazon reviewers to review new products.

Amazon Vine reviewers, called Vine Voices, are invited to participate in the program based on the helpfulness of their reviews and their expertise in specific categories. Vendors participating in the program pay for the products, and reviewers give their honest opinion in return.

While a strong review can lift a products conversion, its a violation of for sellers to incentivize customers into giving product reviews outside of Amazon Vine. Of course, fake reviews and black hat tactics still are common on the marketplace, as we discussed with Buzzfeed News and the New York Times.

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Use The Request A Review Button

While Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging is less effective than it was a few years ago, there is a new way to reach out customers within Amazons system.

When you view your orders in Seller Central, youll see a button that says Request a Review. Clicking this button will trigger a standardized email, sent by Amazon, asking the customer to rate/review your product.

You wont be able to personalize this email at all. The text is the same in every email, except for the product details and seller name.

The best part about this is that the customer doesnt actually need to write a review. They can simply click the stars in the email to give a rating from 1-5 stars. This leads to a lot more ratings, since customers dont have to actually go through the effort of writing something.

Theres little reason not to use this feature for every sale, as its 100% within Amazons terms, and is probably the easiest way for someone to rate your product.

Unless you have very low sales volume, its best to use a tool that automatically hits this button for every purchase, such as SageMailer, Feedback Whiz or .

Summary: use Amazons Request a Review feature for every sale you get. This triggers an email to be sent from Amazon to the customer, asking for the customer to rate your product, as well as their experience with the seller.

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