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How To Get Gtin Number For Amazon

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How To Add A Product After You Receive A Gtin Exemption

How To Apply For GTIN Exemption on Amazon | Seller University

Watch this video to learn more about adding listings after you get your GTIN Exemption:

Things to Remember:

  • After you have applied for GTIN Exemption, check the status of your request in your case log.
  • Once you have a GTIN exemption, wait 30 mins before adding your product in the same way you would while listings with a GTIN. Our systems will identify the GTIN exemption and allow you to proceed without a GTIN
  • In certain cases, Category level approvals may be required in addition to GTIN exemption approvals to start listing products on Seller Central. In case you are unable to list products using approved GTIN Exemption, we recommend you to check if you are already approved to list in that particular category. If you do not have this approval already, go to Overview of Categories for more information on category level approvals and apply accordingly
  • For the exemption to work, be sure to enter the Category and Brand/Publisher name exactly as they appear in your exemption approval notice. If you use a different case or insert additional characters or spaces, the system will not recognize your exemption
  • After approval, you can leave product ID and product ID type column blank
  • You can re-apply for exemption in case you have taken GTIN exemption under incorrect brand name or category.
  • GTIN exemption is only given to list products without a product ID. You may be required to obtain additional Brand approval to list your products.
  • Note: Note:

    Why Do You Need A Gtin

    Any product sold on Amazon and These identification numbers help differentiate one product from the other and help find it. Note that the UPIs are the same even for resellers and are assigned by the manufacturers.

    GTINs are the most common UPIs that help you find different products and information, such as those associated with those items. Moreover, UPIs such as GTINs also help customers locate the products they purchase and adding them can spruce up the value factor to your listings. However, you should know that some products dont come with UPI.

    Identifiers For The Commercial World

    There are various identifiers that are used to track products which makes the trade more efficient and the shipping and storage easier than before. Books, for example, are always sold with an ISBN, an International Stanard Book Number, and Amazon has its own identifier as well: the ASIN, the Amazon Standard Identification Number.

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    When Can You Apply For A Gtin Exemption

    Here you can find some cases when you are eligible for a GTIN exemption Amazon:

    • You are going to list products with no GTIN provided by from manufacturer, like private-label or handmade products
    • You are going to list products that you manufactured yourself or you are a brand owner
    • You are going to list products that do not have a GTIN, like automotive parts or mobile accessories
    • You are going to list a bundled pack, like shampoo and conditioner.

    What Is A Gln

    GTIN Numbers, UPCs, and Barcodes: Everything You Need to Know

    Global Location Numbers – The name given to a unique set of numbers that are used to recognise, and distinguish between, whole organisations or sub-locations within an organisation.

    They can be used to identify a particular supplier, manufacturer, or hospital and their respective departments or wards, or even a specific shelf or a patient bay.

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    Selling Products Without A Product Id

    Most of the Amazon categories require sellers to use a GTIN product identifier to create new product pages and listings. The specific product ID required for product page creation and matching varies by category. You can sell your product without a product identifier by applying for GTIN exemption if you are a reseller or importer of your products. To view the exact product identification requirements for each category, please click here.

    Please note that Amazon has a list of brands that require a GTIN to list on Amazon. GTIN exemptions are not available for these brands since the brand already provides a GS1 approved barcode on their products. Any product that belongs to any of these brands and does not have a GTIN will be suppressed. For more information, .

    Things To Remember Before Requesting An Exemption

    Before you request an exemption, make sure that you qualify for exclusions first. Below are some instances when you can apply for a possible Amazon GTIN exemption:

    • You want to sell items that do not have a default GTIN provided by the manufacturer or publisher.
    • You are the manufacturer or publisher, but you dont have a bar code for your products yet.
    • You want to start selling items where no GTIN is provided such as small car parts, nails, screws, accessories, etc.
    • You are repacking a combined set of products into one bundle pack

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    Gtin Numbers Include Many Different Product Code Formats

    GTIN is an umbrella term, this family of codes includes: GTIN-12 , GTIN-13 , GTIN-14 , and GTIN-8 . The original form of bar code was the UPC . Because the UPC system was only intended for use in North America, the EAN was developed to allow overseas retailers to sell their products. Today, most retailers accept both identifiers.

    Under The Offer Tab Make Sure You Choose Fba As The Fulfillment Channel If Using Fba Of Course

    How to Get, GTIN Exemption in Amazon Seller Account

    When you are finished filling in the other required fields, you can hit Save and finish. After approximately 15 minutes, your product will be listed under your manage inventory.

    After clicking Save and finish, it will bring you to the Choose Barcode Type page. Since you do not have a manufacturers barcode you will choose Amazon barcode, which is the FNSKU.

    After hitting Save & Continue, it will bring you to your FBA shipping plan.

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    What Is Isbn Number

    Just like any product needs a UPC or EAN for its identification, text-based materials can be marked with ISBN, an International Standard Book Number. The code carries information about the book registrant, title, edition, format, etc.

    There are ISBNs with 10 and 13 digits. Those numbers that were registered before the end of December 2006 have 10 digits, while those that are released since 1 January 2007 till now contain 13 digits in length.

    What Is An Fnsku

    An FNSKUor Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unitis an Amazon fulfillment-specific number. If you are leveraging FBA rather than shipping out products to customers yourself, you will need to affix an FNSKU barcode to all items you send to an Amazon fulfillment center. If you are not using FBA, an FNSKU is not required.

    When a team member at the Amazon fulfillment center receives your shipment, they will scan the FNSKU barcodes to determine which Amazon seller sent the shipped products. Amazon requires that this number be added to every product theyre fulfilling, and that it is easily scannable to streamline the process. The FNSKU is so important because it lets Amazon know which seller to credit when a sale takes place. It also allows Amazon to trace each item back to the Seller of record if there is ever a quality issue, and helps prevent co-mingling of stock.

    Although it does add another process to shipment preparation, we do recommend that all Sellers apply the Amazon FNSKU labels to their cartons. This extra effort not only allows for sales tracking, but it serves as a level of protection against counterfeits. Once received into the Amazon network, a Sellers product is traceable through every step of the ecommerce process.

    Nancy Hebert, Senior Specialist, Marketplace Operations at Tinuiti

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    How Much Money Does This Change At Gs1 Save You On Barcodes

    Before this change, if you needed a single barcode, the cheapest option was to buy a bundle of 10 barcodes. This would cost you $250 for the first year. After 365 days, you would have to pay $50 a year every year to renew and keep your barcodes.

    Now, you can buy a $30 barcode with no renewal fee.

    This means you can save $220 in the first year alone before renewal fees!

    That is money you can further invest into your business.

    How To Create Your New Listing Once Approved

    Ultimate Guide to Amazon Barcodes: UPC, GTIN, EAN, ASIN ...

    Were you approved? Congratulations! Now you can list your products without having to purchase a UPC code.

    Amazon recommends that you wait 24 hours before adding your product once you have the UPC exemption. This is to be sure that the exemption is updated in their system.

    For your GTIN exemption to work, you must enter in the exact same category and brand you were approved for. If you use different uppercase or lowercase letters, add additional spaces or characters, the system will not recognize your exemption.

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    Once You Have Support Letter Or Product Images Follow The Steps For Gtin Exemption Process

    First login to your Seller Central Account.

    On the right side write GTIN Exemption in help search bar. Click on Exemption Application Page, click on select button and provide relevant category of your product and in next column write name of the Brand. For unbranded products write Generic as brand name. You can take multiple GTIN exemptions for particular brands or category.

    Once youre done with choosing the category and name of the brand next step is you need to click on check for eligibility.

    The next step will be you need to click on submit proof.

    If you have support letter from brand manufacturer click on yes and if you dont have letter click No and provide the Title of the product and images. Once done click on Submit Request.

    Amazon Support Team will send you an email regarding GTIN approval in 24-48 hrs. You can also view it in case log. In most of the cases we have seen the approval gets within 15-30 minutes. Once you get the approval you can start adding your product.

    Click Check For Eligibility

    When you choose Generic, it may show you an automatic approval for that brand. If not, you will need to add images of the product showing there is no UPC or brand name.

    Now I am able to add a product using the brand name Generic in the sports category without having to input a UPC code.

    But let me show the steps when you enter an actual brand name.

    Using my previous example, I entered BC Sports as the brand name. If the brand name is eligible for an Amazon GTIN exemption, you will see a green check mark under status and you can continue to submit proof.

    You will need to provide proof that this product does not have a UPC or GTIN. The first question is, Do you have a supporting letter from the brand owner, manufacturer or publisher?

    If it is your own private label or handmade product, select No.

    Next, you will need to enter in the product name and at least 2 images of your product and the packaging.

    Make sure to include all angles of the product and the packaging that shows there is no UPC code. Your images should also include the brand name on the packaging or on the product somewhere.

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    Do I Need Either An Ean Or A Upc Product Identifier

    It doesnt matter. If youre a GS1 UK member youll get a company prefix that enables you to create 13 digit identifiers GTINs – that are used in EAN barcodes. But 12 digit GTINs and 13 digit GTINs, which are represented by UPC and EAN barcodes, are both part of the global GS1 System so both will be suitable for your products.

    Requirements For An Amazon Gtin Exemption

    How to Apply for a GTIN Exemption to Avoid Buying a UPC Barcode for Amazon FBA Private Label in 2018

    Here are some scenarios when you can apply for a GTIN exemption:

  • You want to sell products for which the brand, manufacturer, or publisher does not provide a GTIN.
  • You want to sell products for which you are the manufacturer, brand, or publisher and you do not have barcodes on your products. For example, private-label products or handmade products.
  • You want to sell product parts that do not have a GTIN. For example, automotive parts or mobile accessories.
  • You want to sell a bundled pack of more than one product. For example, a pack containing a leather belt and wallet or a pack of two shirts.
  • You want to sell a generic product that does not have a brand name.
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    Best Practices For Upc Codes On Amazon

    Now that you know why you need UPC codes on Amazon and how to get them, there are a few guidelines to remember when youre entering UPC codes on Amazon:

    • Buy codes from reputable sites. On some sites, you can buy UPC codes in bulk for a few dollars, compared with the $250 you need to get started on GS1 US. However, dont get distracted by the low price tags some sites advertise. Codes might cost more on GS1 US, but you minimize the risk of Amazon thinking youre using recycled codes and having your listings removed.
    • Create a unique code for each product. Every product variation you sell needs its own code. For example, if you sell backpacks online, and one style comes in five different colors, you need five different UPC codes for that backpack style. GS1 US has a barcode estimating tool to help you figure out how many barcodes to buy:
    • If reselling products on Amazon, use the manufacturers UPC code. Dont create a new UPC code for products that you didnt manufacture theres a risk of your account being shut down if you do. If a UPC code isnt available, you can apply for a .

    Why Does Amazon Need Gtin Numbers

    Imagine what it would be like if an online retail marketplace such as Amazon starts selling products without product IDs.

    Let us paint a picture for you: Sellers will start selling copyright and patented products without product numbers to uniquely identify them.

    Its incredibly likely that people will exploit the system, as now there will be no way to distinguish between products and their sellers or origins.

    Furthermore, the use of product identification helps you to increase the visibility of listing, rank higher on search engines and cross-promote your listings alongside relevant products.

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    What Is A Sku

    What does SKU stand for? Its a Stock Keeping Unit that is described as a unique alphanumeric code the item receives from the retailer to track their stock or sales, making a shopping experience smoother both for the sellers and customers.

    Unlike UPC and EAN, the SKU number is not universal, which means that every retailer will have its unique SKU system.

    SKU codes are generated to eliminate human inventory errors and to better differentiate between the items in the assortment. Every product feature like supplier, category, brand, model, size, color, and more gets a unique set of letters and numbers. You can even set a store or warehouse location if you have multiple premises.

    For example, you would like to sell a T-shirt in three colors and three sizes . Each product parameter will get a unique code set by you.

    What Is A Barcode

    GTIN Exemption Process â Amazon BUYMARG help Amazon ...

    A barcode is the image youll recognise from most products that you see every day. It is the machine readable version of a Global Trade Item Number – the number that sits underneath the barcode – formed of black and white lines that allows lasers to read the number and automatically identify a product.

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    Place Barcode On Your Product

    Last, but definitely not least: put your barcode on your product!

    If you havent packaged or designed your labels for your product, you can obtain a digital barcode file directly from GS1 to incorporate it into the packaging and labeling of your product.

    Almost all manufacturers will be comfortable with the idea of working with UPC codes and understand how to incorporate them from a digital file. If you have already packaged and labeled your products, you can order adhesive barcode labels to stick onto your product or packaging.

    As an Amazon seller, its important to place your barcode in a place that is visible and scannable.

    Avoid placing your barcode on the edge of the package, and make sure theres enough white space around the barcode so its scannable. Make sure that the barcodes you use are printed clearly, sized correctly, and match the information on the GS1 database.

    Summing Up About Asin Upc Ean Isbn Sku

    Weve just covered the most popular barcode numbers every eCommerce seller might need to sell on popular marketplaces. To make things even clearer, heres the chart that shows what barcodes you might need for a specific selling channel.

    The variety of barcodes might blow your mind as you see the list for the first time. But, in fact, thats not that hard. Especially, when you are using SellerSkills. We made the process of adding and managing the barcodes through different marketplaces really simple. You just pick the identifier and enter the barcode when creating a new listing.

    Some barcodes are marketplace-tailored. It means that you can get them only through a definite platform like Amazons ASIN, FNSKU, and more. Universal barcodes like UPC and EAN can be purchased at Barcodes Pro. They are transparent at their pricing and charge only once, without any additional monthly or annual fees. The company also offers a FREE barcode generator that allows you to get a machine-readable image for your existing UPC or EAN. The free QR code maker is in the work now and it will be released in the shortest time.

    Now we hope you know what are ASIN UPC EAN ISBN SKU.

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