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How To Get Overnight Delivery On Amazon

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Amazon Onetime Password Secure Delivery

How I Made $600 Overnight Doing Amazon Drop Shipping

Amazons Onetime Password verification at the time of delivery will add a layer of security for the delivery of your packages.

How does Onetime Password work?

Amazon sends a onetime password to your registered email when the package is out for delivery. Your OTP is a six-digit numeric password thats valid until the end of the day. You or someone you designate will enter the OTP into the Amazon drivers device. Once the OTP verification is complete, the driver will hand the package over to you or the person who entered the OTP.

What can I order using Onetime Password?

An OTP is required for the delivery of select and highly valuable items.

How much is Onetime Password?

The cost for Amazons OTP delivery is the same price you pay for your Amazon orders.

What Are The Cheapest Overnight Shipping Options

The cheapest options for shipping are based on many criteria including package weight and dimensions, delivery time frame and distance, and any discounts that could be negotiated with a carrier. Generally, USPS will be the cheapest option for packages under 2 lbs.

Their Priority Mail Express Flat Rate envelopes will be the best option for any shipment that will fit into them. For packages over 70 lbs the cheapest option will be UPS or Fedex. Online sellers may be able to negotiate lower rates by negotiating with carriers, or by partnering with retail fulfillment providers like ShipBob.

Amazon Subscribe & Save Delivery

Image: Amazon

Amazons is an automatic delivery subscription that can save you up to 15% or more on items you order most. Prime members can save up to 20%. You can cancel subscriptions anytime.

How does Subscribe & Save work?

Shop via the to find everyday necessities, such as dog food, baby formula, contact lens solution, diapers and cleaning products. Then create a subscription to set up automatic delivery of these items.

Where is Subscribe & Save available?

Its available anywhere Amazon delivers.

What can I order using Subscribe & Save?

Any item available on Amazons Subscribe & Save page is eligible.

How much is Subscribe & Save?

You get free shipping on Subscribe & Save orders.

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Amazon Starts Offering Same

The company speeds up same-day Prime deliveries in a handful of cities.

Your Amazon Prime shipment may arrive in one of these delivery vans.

Amazon now lets Prime customers in a handful of markets order stuff at midnight and have the packages arrive at their doorsteps overnight.

This new feature is part of Amazon’s announcement Tuesday that it has sped up its same-day deliveries in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Orlando and Dallas.

The e-commerce giant has been working for the past year to bring more of its products closer to major population centers so it can accelerate its popular Prime two-day deliveries to just one day. The company said Tuesday it built mini warehouses around those four cities to power this new same-day service, which now allows shoppers to pick specific windows for deliveries throughout the day.

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Amazon And Back To School

10 Best Tricks for Shopping on Amazon

Back to school season is coming to an end, but Amazon still has a wide variety of back to school sales for students and parents. While we advise making your purchases now to avoid any delays, should you receive an Amazon Prime late delivery we recommend . You’ll need to log into your account to start a chat with an Amazon rep, but they’re available 24/7.

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Shipping Agreements With Carriers

You may be eligible to receive discounted shipping rates from carriers. Some carriers offer discounts for small businesses, while others discount rates based on high shipping volumes. When choosing which carrier or third-party providers to work with, look into which rate discounts might be available to you.

What Happened To Amazons Two

Although shipping times can vary according to demand, especially during Prime Day and over the holidays, Amazon continues to offer Two-Day Shipping. In 2020, Amazon received an influx of orders as stores around the country were closing their doors during the pandemic. Amazon prioritized essential items when stocking warehouses and making deliveries, causing a delay in delivering non-essential items by as much as a month. All signs point to Amazon being back on track with their Two-Day Shipping deliveries for both essential and non-essential items.

How does Two-Day Shipping work?

Place any eligible Amazon order and select Two-Day Shipping. For Prime members, theres no minimum purchase to qualify. If youre not a Prime member, you can get a free 30-day trial membership and immediately receive all the benefits available to Prime members.

Where is Two-Day Shipping available?

Free two-day delivery is available in the contiguous U.S. Orders made by addresses in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico receive free standard shipping.

What can I order with Two-Day Shipping?

Amazon fulfills over 100 million items that qualify for Prime Two-Day Shipping, including items sold by or fulfilled by Amazon. Eligible items have a mark on the product page and at checkout as eligible for Prime Two-Day Shipping. Although some items sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers may not include Prime-eligible shipping.

How much is Two-Day Shipping?

Shipping is free with any Prime membership .

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On Eligible Items Worth $25 Or More With Prime

  • FREE Same-Day Delivery is available in select cities: Orders placed in the morning, typically before noon, are delivered the same day. Orders placed in the afternoon arrive the next day. Find out more
  • FREE One-Day Delivery: orders placed by the afternoon arrive the next day. Find out more
Look for the logo
Add at least $25 of eligible items to your cart
Select shipping option at checkout

Amazon Expands Its Faster Same

How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

Amazon Prime members in Chicago can now have their goods delivered from click to doorstep in as fast as five hours.

Amazon is expanding its faster same-day delivery service to six new cities: Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, Charlotte and Houston. The company introduced the service last year, in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Orlando, and Dallas, followed by the addition of Nashville and Washington, D.C.

Customers have the ability to order items across a dozen categories, ranging from beauty & health to electronics and pet supplies.

Faster same-day delivery orders can be placed throughout the day. Customers can also place an order by midnight for overnight delivery. The service is free to Prime members on qualifying orders over $35.

Most deliveries occur within hours after the order is placed. Orders placed between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., for exmaple, will arrive by 6 p.m. The fastest same-day delivery to-date was made in 22 minutes in Dallas, according to Amazon.

The evolution of the Same-Day Delivery program is driven by our partnership with local communities and made possible by the people who live there, Amazon stated. In the areas where we offer faster Same-Day Delivery service, weve built brand new mini-fulfillment centers that are optimized for faster click-to-delivery speeds. These new facilities offer hundreds of well-paying part-time and full-time jobs that give employees and drivers the option to choose work that fits their schedule.

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Talking To Customer Service

Once it’s time to talk to a customer service rep, the process is somewhat simple. Customers simply confirm that they purchased a product and that it hasn’t arrived. Amazon customer service will look into the claim, quickly determine that the package hasn’t arrived and, in most cases, automatically offer a free month of Amazon Prime service.

But as mentioned, some people have been lucky enough to get more than a free month of Prime, so it’s a good idea for customers to push back a bit and explain why the delay is such an inconvenience.


Perhaps you ran out of critical household goods or you were counting on the product to land in time so it could be given as a gift. Whatever the case, the commenters suggest customers who come up with a good reason Amazon’s delay is upsetting them are in a good position to get a bit more. As long as it’s all done in a polite manner. In other words, writing in all caps or too much complaining will probably get you nowhere.

Given that Amazons official policy only allows for customer service representatives to offer a freebie on the first late Amazon Prime delivery, the company might be less willing to offer a deal if delays start to pile up. As such, it’s a good idea to go for it all the first time around or face the possibility of more pushback on subsequent attempts.

How Much Does Overnight Shipping Cost

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to overnight shipping costs, and several factors come to play when determining the fees. They include:

  • Package dimensions: This pricing model takes into account the dimensions of the package to determine its cost
  • Delivery time frame: The faster the delivery time for the package, the more you can expect to pay
  • Package weight: This is based on either the actual weight or the dimensional weight of a package heavier shipments cost more to ship than lighter packages
  • Shipping distance: This is the distance between the point of origin of the package and its destination. The further the distance, the more the shipping costs
  • Carrier shipping agreements: Some carriers offer discounted shipping rates to small businesses or those that have high shipping volumes.

Here is an overview of overnight shipping costs for various couriers when shipping a 2lb package sized 10 x 5 x 5 from Brooklyn, New York, to Miami, Florida.

Courier Service
FedEx Standard Overnight $60.80

As you can see, in this instance, USPS Priority Mail Express service is the cheapest overnight shipping service.

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Amazons Whole Foods Delivery + Pickup

Amazons Whole Foods free contactless delivery and pickup options are available at select locations for Prime members only. Find out if a Whole Foods location near you offers free delivery services. Shoppers can choose one-hour pickups or two-hour deliveries. Prime members get an extra 10% off Whole Foods sale items.

Order With Prime Free Same

Amazon will pay you $18

Amazon Prime members shipping to select metro areas across the US can choose to receive FREE Same-Day Delivery on a broad selection of items.

To qualify for Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery Prime members can:

  • Place orders before the Same-Day Delivery order cutoff time. The “order within” countdown timer provides the window of time in which you must place the order to receive your delivery by the date shown. That delivery date may become unavailable during that time due to changes in inventory or delivery capacity before you place your order. We’ll include your confirmed delivery date in your order confirmation email.
  • Select Same-Day at checkout and shipping to a residential address within an eligible ZIP Code.

To find items and place orders with FREE Same-Day Delivery:

  • Sign in to Your Account.
  • Set or update your default shipping address in Your Addresses. This address must be residential and within an eligible ZIP Code for Prime FREE Same-Day delivery.
  • Add at least $35 of Same-Day-eligible products to your Shopping Cart. We’ll show the shipping discount and delivery time in your Order Summary.
  • Note:

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    Amazon Scout Robot Delivery

    Image: Amazon

    Amazons Scout robot delivery program is currently still being tested. Read more about the Scout Robot Delivery.

    How does Scout Delivery work?

    Prime members who order in the Scout Robot Delivery test areas can have their packages delivered via an autonomous robot with free Same-Day, One-Day and Two-Day shipping. Youll receive a text when the robot arrives to retrieve your package.

    Where is Scout Delivery available?

    Amazon Scout robots are making test deliveries in Snohomish County, Washington and Irvine, California, Monday through Friday, during daylight hours.

    What can I order using Scout Delivery?

    You can order anything that fits inside the large cooler-sized robot.

    How much is Scout Delivery?

    There are no further details yet from Amazon whether Scout deliveries will be only for Prime members, but it will cost the same as your current Amazon orders.

    Amazon Hub Apartment Locker Delivery

    Apartment Hub Locker Delivery is free and works the same way as Amazon Hub Lockers, but packages are delivered to the secure locker location within your apartment building.

    Note: For Locker, Locker+ and Apartment Locker deliveries, you have three calendar days after its delivered to the locker to pick up your package, or its returned to Amazon for a refund.

    How does Amazon Hub Delivery work?

    Your Amazon order ships to a secure Amazon Hub location . Once it arrives at the locker, youll receive an email with a unique pickup code and the hours of operation for the locker. When youre ready to pick it up, youll enter the pickup code or scan the barcode and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Where is Amazon Locker Delivery available?

    Amazon Hub Lockers are available throughout the U.S..

    What can I order using Amazon Hub Delivery?

    Eligible items include orders weighing less than 10 pounds and smaller than 16-inches-by-12-inches-by-14-inches, items sold or fulfilled by and items with a total value of less than $5,000.

    How much is Amazon Hub Delivery?

    There is no additional cost to use Amazon Hub Lockers. Youll pay what you normally would for an Amazon delivery.

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    How To Narrow Down Amazon’s Huge Gift Guide

    Amazon has a huge gift guide broken down into sections including electronics, home goods, clothing, toys and more. It even has sections for geeky gifts, white elephant exchanges, gifts under $20, unique gifts and stocking stuffers.

    Or, if you’re shopping for men, women, teens, kids 8-12, kids 4-7 or babies, there are entire sub-sections for those, too.

    Just follow the links I’ve included to search each area, then filter down by specific topics for each area by clicking the links at the top of each page. If you pick babies, for example, you can then choose “bath time” or “nursery decor.” If you’re looking for gifts for kids 8-12, you can narrow down the search by selecting “building toys” or “super heroes.”

    Also note the small check box on the top-right of the page that lets you narrow for Prime-only results that offer free shipping. And next to that, there’s a drop-down that lets you narrow your search by price, too.

    So, if you’re shopping for a best friend who’s 40 years old, you might first choose the gifts for men section, filter down to “home improvement” choose “up to $30” and Amazon will suggest a bunch of useful gifts from a book titled “Home Maintenance for Dummies” to tool kits that are in your price range. And all of the recommendations that I saw were highly rated.

    Houston Amazon Shoppers Get A Prime Boost With Same

    How Amazon Shipping Works ft. UPS, FedEx

    Whether its for fear of shopping in public or just plain convenience, using just makes life easier. Now, Houstonians can enjoy even speedier service, thanks to a Jeff Bezos rocket-sized boost.

    Amazon has announced that Prime members in Houston can now enjoy even faster same-day delivery. Specifically, some 3 million items originally tagged as Today by or Overnight can now be ordered for delivery throughout the day, according to a press release. Items are guaranteed to reach doorsteps in five hours.

    That means locals can get those Fire TV Sticks , charging cables, batteries, face wash, sunscreen, toothpaste, paper towels, and coffee capsules without leaving the house.

    The global juggernaut is able to execute orders by storing need-it-today and popular items in brand new facilities even closer to customers. These first-of-their-kind buildings serve as mini-fulfillment centers optimized for faster click-to-delivery speeds. Houstons newest site, which launched in July, is located at 10611 Red Bluff Rd. in Pasadena.

    Houston is one of six cities getting the Prime treatment, a press release notes.

    Prime members can also place an order by midnight for overnight delivery by selecting Overnight by 8 am to have orders delivered by the next morning. The service is free to Prime members on qualifying orders over $35.

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    Get Started With Shipbob Today

    While overnight shipping can be a more expensive option, offering it can help you exceed customer expectations . Working with a 3PL like ShipBob can help you offer these delivery options to your customers at scale by storing inventory in multiple locations and accessing carrier discounts.

    To start offering faster delivery and the cheapest overnight shipping options to your customers, click the link below to learn more about ShipBob and get a pricing quote.

    How To Offer Overnight Shipping To Your Customers

    Working with a third-party logistics provider can help you offer overnight shipping on your ecommerce store. ShipBob is a 3PL that allows online sellers to offer a variety of delivery options to their customers, including ground shipping, 2-day shipping, overnight shipping, and same-day delivery.

    Because ShipBob works with different shipping carriers, delivery times are based on when the carrier scans in a package after picking packages up from a ShipBob fulfillment center. This can be later that same day or the next business day, depending on the carrier and time of day.

    Distance makes a huge difference in overnight shipping costs. ShipBobs network of fulfillment centers in major US cities can help you keep your inventory closer to more customers. This lowers the number of shipping zones each order has to travel, which can help you save money on expedited delivery options.

    Plus, ShipBobs cumulative shipping volume qualifies for discounts from major carriers to save ecommerce businesses even more money. ShipBob also has fulfillment centers across the globe to offer more domestic shipping for faster, cheaper deliveries.

    As our customer base grows, so does our global reach. Having orders shipping internationally, ShipBobs affordable rates solved our need for international fulfillment capabilities.

    Carl Protsch, Co-Founder of FLEO Shorts

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