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How To Get Product On First Page Of Amazon

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Sign Up For An Amazon Seller Account

How To Get Your Amazon FBA Product To The First Page! – How To Rank Amazon Keywords FAST

In order to set up your Amazon seller account and get started selling on Amazon, youll need to choose a seller plan, provide some information about your business, and understand Amazons seller policies.

Choose a Seller Plan

When you sign up to sell on Amazon, youâll choose one of three different selling plans, depending on the scale of your business:

  • Amazon Individual Seller: If you own a very small business and plan to sell fewer than 40 items per month, you can sign up as an Amazon individual seller. This will cost you just $0.99 per sale, plus a few other transaction fees.
  • Amazon Professional Seller: If you plan to sell more than 40 individual items per month, youll need to sign up for a professional account. Amazon will charge a subscription fee of $39.99 per month, plus some transaction fees on each sale.
  • Amazon Vendor: If you manufacture products yourself, you can sell these goods as a wholesale business to Amazon. They will handle product listings, fulfillment, and shipping, and when they run out of stock, they will order more from you.

Be aware that certain products require approval to sellâand, if approved, only sellers with professional accounts are eligible to sell those products. Some products that require approval include specific software, laser pointers, and hoverboards.

Amazon recommends that you use the professional seller plan. Image source:

Create Your Amazon Seller Account

Image source:

Set up Your Seller Profile

Checking For Indexing On Your Amazon Listing

Once you have made changes to your Amazon listing, we recommend that you wait 24 hours before checking to see if you are indexed for the appropriate keywords. You can check keyword indexing for free manually with the following method:

  • Open an Amazon page and make sure All Categories is selected.
  • Type in the Amazon Standard Identification Number of the product and keyword you want to check.
  • Hit Enter.

If the product is indexed for that keyword, it will show us as a result .

If the product is not indexed for that keyword, the product will not appear in the result.

Suppose you are looking to check indexing for many ASINs or keywords we have found a paid tool that works well. KW Indexer is a Chrome extension allowing you to type in the keyword and check through the extension.

Inventorylab For Managing Inventory

Managing your inventory is important for ensuring that your customers get the items they order when they want them. If you dont have proper control over your inventory, you may run out of products, miss order due dates, and lose control of your retail store. However, manually monitoring all this information can be stressful.

Thats why InventoryLab enables you to automate your inventory, ensuring that you can keep track of the number of products you have in stock without spending time collecting this information manually. InventoryLab helps you get a big-picture view of the number of items you have in stock, as well as the list price, price per unit, and buy cost of those products.

InventoryLab offers a free 30-day trial, so you can test the product before you buy. If you do choose to purchase it, you can pay a monthly rate of $49, or save some cash by opting for annual billing at $480.

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Glossary Of Amazon Seo Definitions

What is A9?

A9, Amazons proprietary search algorithm, matches products with users search inputs. This scan-and-index formula determines a large part of your products discoverability. Many so-called Amazon gurus promise to teach sellers how to crack the Amazon algorithm. Dont be fooled : you cant hack the Amazon algorithm and get away with it for long. Instead, sellers can better understand the algorithm and then optimize their product listings accordingly.

How are different than characters?

Bytes are binary data units that stand for characters, numbers, and symbols. Most characters that you type are equivalent to a single byte unit. However, some characters require more than one byte. When Amazon says that you have under 250 bytes for keywords, that does not mean that you have 249 characters to use. It could be fewer, especially if youre using symbols or foreign characters. A good rule of thumb is to use a byte counter.

What is indexing?

Search engines like Google and Amazon crawl the Web looking for information that they can parse into results for users. However, crawling is not instant and not everything that is crawled is indexed. In terms of Amazon SEO, always put your most important keywords and features first, because that information is most likely to be indexed.

What are organic rankings? What is the difference between indexing and ranking?What are keywords?What are backend keywords? What is keyword stuffing? What are User Search Terms?

Amazon Seo Highly Values Conversion Rate

How to Read an Amazon Product Page

The number of visitors to a page, versus the number who make a purchase will determine the conversion rate of a product. The higher the rate, the more likely that product will be purchased when someone clicks. For this reason, Amazon highly values the conversion rate a product has because its a good indicator of how well that product resonates with customers. Because Amazons main goal is selling products, it will generally rank products with better conversion rates higher than others converting at a lower rate.

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A+ Content/enhanced Brand Content

A+ Content gives you the tools you need to create a more engaging and informative product listing.

It allows you to tell your brand story, while using visual assets that present your product in a visually exciting way.

Comparison charts are also an opportunity to promote the other products in your range. They can also be an effective way of convincing shoppers to trade up.

One thing to remember is that A+ Content is not discoverable by Amazon, so any keywords you use in this part of your product listing wonât help you climb the Amazon rankings. So, just make sure that you include your keywords in the product title, bullets, description and back end.

Amazon explain that A+ Content wonât improve product ranking directly, but it will lead to better conversions and more rapid buying decisions, which will in turn improve ranking.

Also, A+ Content is discoverable by Google, which as we explained earlier, can lead to more external traffic.

To qualify for A+ content, you need to be a Professional Seller and approved as a brand owner via the Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon brand registry explained

The Amazon Brand Registry is a program that you must enrol in to demonstrate that you own and represent your brand.It allows you to have complete control over product listings and protect your brand wherever it is used on Amazon.

Maintain Strong Product Ratings

First impressions matter when youre on a marketplace as competitive as Amazon. Buyers are browsing through thousands of products, so they wont settle for items that seem low-quality.

A clear way to give shoppers a positive first impression of your Amazon listings is to maintain high-star ratings. When buyers are browsing through their Amazon search results, the star ratings are visible for each product.

Along with price, these star ratings are a major factor in whether shoppers decide to click on your listings. They cant see your products in-person, so this feedback from other buyers is especially meaningful to shoppers trying to make a purchase.

Here are a few tips for maintaining high-star ratings on all of your Amazon listings:

Ratings are a key way for buyers to quickly assess your Amazon products. Make sure your items scores stay high to keep buyers interested in your listing.

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How To Manage Your Amazon Marketplace Reputation

Amazon reviews are one of the most important factors shoppers consider when deciding what product to buy. Shoppers can easily see the percentage of negative to positive reviews that youve received, as shown in the example above, and this will play a role in their purchasing choices. Reviews can also influence where a product appears in a search. For this reason, you want to ensure that youre maintaining your Amazon Marketplace reputation, and securing glowing reviews about your product and company.

When someone makes a purchase, therefore, it can be a good idea to shoot them a message asking them if theyd be willing to leave you a review. However, you need to be cautious about how you solicit these reviews. According to , you cannot offer an incentive to a buyer to leave a positive review or to remove a negative review. This also includes providing discounts or coupons in exchange for reviews.

If someone leaves you a positive review, thank them for their kind words and encourage them to purchase again in the future. If someone leaves a negative review, on the other hand, contact them to see if there is anything you can do to change their opinion. In many instances, a negative review is left because the product wasnt what they expected or it came damaged. If you can replace the product, they may be persuaded to change their review.

Being Careless While Fulfilling Orders

How To Get Your Product Ranked To The 1st Page On Amazon

Whenever a customer makes a purchase, theyll to want to receive exactly what they ordered. If youre sending them the wrong product , theyre likely to get annoyed. Plus, carelessly fulfilling your Amazon orders can harm your online sales reputation. If an unhappy customer gets online to leave you a poor review, other shoppers may think twice before purchasing from you.

There are a number of fulfillment mistakes that can happen if you arent paying attention, from shipping the wrong product to realizing youre out of inventory after someone has already placed an order. Closely monitoring your inventory and sales is crucial for success on the Amazon Marketplace. While issues may still occur from time to time, youll want to do everything possible to mimimize their frequency.

If fulfillment is giving you problems or you dont have time to manage it yourself, you can always take advantage of the program. FBA members send their products to an Amazon fulfillment center, where packing, shipping, and customer service is all taken care of by Amazon employees. This of course comes at an additional cost, but enables you to scale your business quickly and sell more products.

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What Visibility Means For Amazon Listings

For products on your own online store, promotion is straightforward. You spread product awareness outside of your store through ads and other marketing efforts to drive traffic back to your listing pages.

Amazon listings are more complicatedthey require both external and internal promotion. With so much competition in the marketplace, sellers have to craft their listings to be highly visible on Amazons website, not just outside of it.

Chapter Iv How To Increase Visibility On Amazon In 4 Easy Steps

SEO is all about discovery users finding solutions that best match the search terms theyve entered. Google, Amazon, and alternative search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo serve up content in the form of answers most relevant to the search.

Amazons search engine algorithm matches products with search terms based on the likelihood of the shopper purchasing the product. After all, .

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What Is The Amazon Marketplace

The enables small companies and individuals to sell their own products on Amazons website. Not only does this make it easy for smaller brands to get their products in front of new customers, but it also creates a huge competitive market for shoppers.

With between 244 million and 304 million active Amazon accounts, selling on Amazon Marketplace can open many new doors for brands who are just getting into ecommerce. Since about 44% of shoppers immediately visit Amazon when theyre interested in making a purchase, this platform is clearly a go-to resource for people all over the world who are looking to buy products.

Listing Optimization Is Still Key

How to promote products to the first page on Amazon?

Ranking a product on Amazon starts with a well-optimized product listing.

This was true in 2020, 2021, and is still the case in 2022.

Your product page needs to have all the ingredients to let Amazons search algorithm know what exactly the product is and which searches are relevant to it.

It also needs to convince people to follow through and buy your product, so the search engine knows that its likely to end in a sale when they show your product high in the search rankings.

These are the two elements you need to nail when it comes to SEO and conversions. Its non-negotiable you need both.

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Get Authentic Reviews From Customers

Amazon values review highly because customers use them as references before purchasing and because they affect rankings. Customer reviews are critical to making informed purchases on Amazon. The reviews you receive from customers show that you are a trustworthy seller whose products match descriptions. Nonetheless, youre unlikely to get a review unless you ask for it in the right way and at the right time.

Amazons feedback software allows you to automatically email customers after they purchase, saving time and increasing the likelihood of getting positive product reviews. Remember, your goal as a seller is to ensure that every potential buyer Amazon recommends your product will receive exceptional customer service.

Optimizing Your Listing For Seo

Amazon search is text-based, so you should have text on your listing that links your product to any customer searches that have the potential to lead to sales.

The more keywords on your listing, the more searches you can show up for, and the higher your potential sales.

Start with a few top tier keywords. These are the keywords that are at the intersection of search volume and relevance .

Even better if you can add a third factor low competition. If youve found keywords that have both high volume and high relevance with few strong competitors, youre onto a winner.

Top tier keywords go in the places where people see them first, such as the title, followed by bullet points and about the product sections.

After this, you can start adding more keywords throughout the rest of the listing. Just ensure that your keywords are always relevant. Its no good to try and rank for keywords that have nothing to do with your product.

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Promote Other Versions Of Your Work

Offering multiple formats of your book effectively allows you to get several adverts for the price of one. When someone clicks on your ad, they are taken to your books Amazon sales page. If you offer various formats, such as a paperback from CreateSpace or an audiobook for Audible, browsers will be exposed to those options and this leads to more sales.

Use A Database To Store The Scraped Data From Amazon

How To Get Your Amazon FBA Product To The First Page! – How To Rank Amazon Keywords In (2018)

If you are scraping a large number of products from Amazon, writing data to a file would soon become inconvenient. Retrieving data becomes tough, and you might even end up getting gibberish inside the file when multiple processes write to a single file. Use a database even if you are scraping from a single computer. MySQL will be just fine for moderate workloads, and you can use simple analytics on the scraped data tools like Tableau, PowerBI or Metabase by connecting them to your database. For larger write loads you can look into some of the NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.

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The Anatomy Of A Product Listing

Below, we describe the component parts of an Amazon product listing and how you can optimise them to help your product reach the right audience:

Product title

Getting the product title right is key to success.

Amazon title character limits vary between categories, so be sure to check before you start writing.

There are a number of guidelines you should follow:

  • Product titles should be under 200 characters including spaces
  • Keep your title short and include only the most important information
  • Avoid duplicating words in your title and keep it as simple as possible
  • If youâre writing in English, the first letter of each word should be capitalised
  • Use numerals instead of spelling out numbers
  • Donât use any special characters, symbols, trademarks or company type, e.g., Ltd
  • Donât use subjective commentary or verbiage such as âGreat Holiday Giftâ or âBest Sellerâ
  • Donât use guarantee phrases, or their variants, such as âLifetime Guaranteeâ or â100% Quality Assuranceâ
  • Donât include pricing or promotional messaging like âLess than £10â or âFree Shippingâ

Be aware that Amazon will shorten titles on mobile devices, so ensure that you include your primary keyword near the start of the title.

Bullet points

Bullet points are used to draw attention to the main selling points of your product.

First letâs look at the Amazon bullet point character limit:

To write effective Amazon bullet points, you need to keep a few things in mind:

Product description

Product Reviews Are Queen

If sales are king then reviews are queen.

Amazon knows customers rely on reviews to make informed decisions about their purchases.

That is why Amazon has been cracking down so hard on fake review services where people are getting paid to write fake positive reviews and why improving Amazon reviews is top-of-mind for many sellers.

Reviews serve as social proof and let buyers know its safe to spend their money on your product.

Plus who wants to be the first to leave a review for this product?

Additionally, reviews factor heavily into product rank in the search results.

I can recall a product one of our clients launched that started selling really well from day one with no reviews. However, it could never break past the page 5 mark.

Once the first two reviews came in, the product jumped to page 2.

Sales continued to come in and once the product received its 10th review, it hit page 1 almost the same day.

So the moral of the story is, do what you can to get honest and unbiased reviews as soon as possible.

The first thing to get in place is an email feedback sequence that communicates with buyers through the buyer-seller messaging service in seller central.

Two of our favorite tools are:

  • Sales Backer.
  • With these services, you can write custom email sequences to your buyers that help develop a customer relationship and ask for honest feedback and reviews.

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