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How To Get Seller Feedback On Amazon

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If Amazon Or The Buyer Will Not Remove Negative Feedback

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon as a Seller

Having some negative feedback is not the end of the world. It is just best to take the proper steps to limit the volume of negative feedback present on your account.

The last option you have is to post a public reply to the negative feedback on your account.

It is best to write a concise apology. Be sure that your response aligns with the customer service brand you are promoting to your customers. You may find access to response templates or create your own here.

Be Polite And Ask For Feedback

Use buyer-seller messaging on Amazon to send a request to review your products on Amazon once the order is delivered. Amazons Request a Review button can help you with that.

Besides, you can opt for a 3-emails strategy. Send an email to your buyer post-delivery of your product. Follow-up with them after a couple of days for product review and feedback. If you receive positive feedback, you can follow up on the same email asking for seller feedback. This process boosts your chances of getting more product reviews and seller feedback. However, Amazon allows buyers to opt-out of unsolicited messages from third-party sellers, which includes buyer-seller messaging service too.

Dealing With Negative Seller Feedback

No seller should ignore their feedback score, no matter how busy fulfilling orders. Negative feedback can lead to account suspension, which heavily impacts sales. Moreover, the competition is so fierce on Amazon that sellers need to actively maintain a great rating to become the preferred choice of customers.

No seller can avoid negative feedback you simply cant please everyone. You can, however, take steps to mitigate the effects of negative seller feedback. There are three ways to do this:

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Manage Your Buyer Messages

SageMailer makes it astonishingly simple to read and respond to all your customer Amazon messages directly in the dashboard. We give you access to Amazon messages inbox and all the buyer’s info you need.

Answer Using Pre-created Templates

Fast customer service = better sales. SageMailer helps you to provide quality support spending fewer hours to get the job done.

How To Deal With Negative Seller Feedback

How to view any seller

If you sell on Amazon, its somewhat inevitable that youll get a negative review. It happens to all sellers even top-rated ones. When it happens, dont ignore it as even a handful of bad reviews can affect your Amazon business.

One thing to note, Amazons feedback isnt set in stone.

An unsatisfied customer can update or remove their seller feedback for 60 days after they leave their review. Therefore, if you receive a disappointing review, work with the customer to see if theres any way you can improve their experience and satisfaction levels.

Now, lets look at the three main ways you can .

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Email Templates For Requesting Feedback On Amazon

March 31, 2020 by refunds

7 out of 10 customers will leave a review if you ask and80% of reviews originate from follow-up emails asking shoppers to provide feedback on their purchases. Reviews are the lifeblood of a successful eCommerce platform. An Amazon feedback request template is a great way for Amazon FBA sellers to request reviews and feedback from customers.

More positive reviews results in a high seller rating, Buy Box percentage and consequently, sales. If youre struggling to get more product reviews, weve created several feedback request templates to help Amazon FBA sellers request more reviews without violating Amazons strict policies.

Heres the easy way out:

Step 1: See a Seller in your category whos absolutely killing itwith 97% positive feedback and over 12,000 lifetime ratings.

Step 2: Think its not worth it and give up.

Dont take the easy way out. If you want your Amazon business to be a lasting source of income, you cant afford to give up on improving the amount and quality of your Seller ratings.

Save Time: Automate Your Customer Communications

Regardless of whether you use Buyer-Seller messaging or Request a Review, youre going to have to do it manually. If youve got a big email list, manual communications take a hefty amount of time.

Sending automated messages to buyers is the most efficient way to build a strong reputation. Youll save countless hours weekly, which frees you up to focus on innovation, advertising, all of the other important aspects of growing your business.

What does automating customer communications really mean?

  • Having a library of messages and workflows at the ready so that you can engage with buyers at every critical juncture all without painstakingly repetitive manual actions.
  • Meeting your customers needs every step of the way, getting more seller feedback and product reviews, proactively attending to any potential product or shipping issues, and building trust with your buyers.
  • Not having to babysit every send!

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Create And Optimize Messages To Be Most Effective

Its hard to know which messages will get the best results. Sometimes a simple tweak to a subject line can dramatically increase an emails open rate. But you cant know unless you test. Try both methods to see what works.

With A/B testing, you can systematically determine which messages deliver the best open rates and most conversions. These message analytics provide a wealth of data to help you reach more people and inspire them to leave seller feedback and product reviews.

Deliver Proactive Customer Service at Just the Right Time

One important factor to test is your messages timing. For Buyer-Seller Messaging and Request a Review to be most effective, emails need to reach buyers at the right times.

For example, if the product requires assembly, the buyer might need additional instructions. In this case, you might use Buyer-Seller Messaging to send a PDF with directions. But you wouldnt want that message to arrive at the moment that the order is placed. Youd most likely want the message sent as soon as the package has been marked as delivered. Sending timely messages will increase your star rating as a seller or for your product.

Amazon Seller Feedback: What Is It And How Does It Work

How To Remove Negative Seller Feedback and Reviews Amazon FBA

Seller feedback is all about you as a seller. It acts as a report card, indicating the quality of the customer experience you provide. Both your feedback score and total review count matterâAmazonâs algorithms will consider each when deciding where to place your products in search results.

Seller feedback is especially important for resellers who compete for the buy box. Most buy box winners that weâve observed have 99% positive feedback over the past 12 months, and at least 97% over the last 30 days.

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This score is based on one to five-star ratings that your customers leave up to 90 days after their purchase date. Seller feedback typically covers things like packaging, shipping, professionalism and customer serviceâbut NOT products. Unfortunately, itâs easy for customers to accidentally leave product reviews as seller feedback. Note how on the âYour Ordersâ page that customers go to, the âWrite a product reviewâ button is below âLeave seller feedback.â

If you suspect that a customer has accidentally left a poor product review on your seller feedback page, contact Amazon to get the entry removed. Amazon will generally remove feedback if:

  • The order was Fulfilled by Amazon
  • The feedback contains obscene language or personal information
  • The feedback contains promotional content
  • The feedback content relates more to product quality than your service as a seller.

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Address Negative Seller Feedback On Amazon

First, not all negative feedback can be removed. However, Amazon has strict guidelines that customers need to follow while giving their feedback.

If you find the comment is not valid, you can have them removed by Amazon. Inappropriate customer comments include offering promotional links or comments to other websites, suppliers, or sellers, abusive or inappropriate language in the content, and personal information of other Amazon sellers or customers. For this, go to Amazon seller central Performance and initiate the process. Give a valid reason why Amazon should remove a specific comment. Usually, Amazon addresses the issue quickly. If it lasts longer than three days, make sure to follow up via email.

Mixing Templates For Maximum Success

Notice how the above example also has some elements of The Let Us Fix it First template? Theres a reason for that. Youll likely want to pick a couple elements to bring together for the perfect template.

You can test what works, the type of responses you receive, and also make some guesses based on your product and who its target customer might be. No matter what, be brief and polite.

You can by automating them and reusing your most successful template.

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Asking For Feedback The Right Way

The best way to get more feedback is, ask for it. And, ask for it in the right way and at the right time.

Most buyers wont bother to leave feedback. The average feedback ratio for buyers is just 2% on Amazon. Using a well written and tested email template will increase the percentage of buyers who take the time to leave feedback for their purchase.

If youre not already using Amazon feedback software such as FeedbackExpress to request feedback, now is the time to start with a FREE 30-day trial.

If you are using FeedbackExpress and not seeing the improvement in feedback that you wanted, get in touch with support and our feedback copywriting expert will help you tweak your messages for better results.

Dont Forget To Follow The Rules

Amazon Feedback Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Amazon takes its product reviews very seriously. In fact, many sellers are suspended from the platform due to review manipulation.

When youre trying to get reviews on Amazon, its important that you understand the difference between legal methods and black hat tactics .

Here are some essential Amazon product review rules you should know and follow:

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Request Feedback Routinely And Effectively

Instead of using the feedback page on Amazon seller central to contact buyers one by one, which makes buyer seller relationship a burden rather than an opportunity, you can use automation.

Each feedback and review request can be handled automatically by seller apps, paid or free tools. HighFive is the best in class Amazon feedback software and Feedback management tool used by smart sellers to improve Amazon feedback and review gathering. It uses the Request a Review functionality to get Amazon customers to leave feedback automatically by the parameters you define. This lets you choose the time that will increase the chances of positive feedback. It also gives you data and analytics on your seller performance in this field.

Why Is Amazon Seller Feedback Removal Important

Winning the Buy-Box is crucial to success on Amazon. 70-80% of all Amazon Sales are by customers buying from the buy-box. Having bad seller feedback will indeed significantly lower your buy-box percentage.

Seller feedback will also greatly affect the conversion rates of your products. Imagine two sellers selling the same product at similar prices but one seller had significantly better Amazon Score. From which seller will you by from?

Just like you, the customer will be more confident in buying the product from the seller with a higher score.

In addition to lower sales, sellers with low enough feedback may even see their selling privileges revoked by Amazon. For all of these reasons, it is vital for you as a seller to actively manage your Amazon seller Feedback.

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A Warning From Amazon Catches My Attention

Take a look at this huge warning that I got as soon as I logged in!

What a super scary message!

Your account is at risk of deactivation? Good grief! When I click through to view the account health to see if it was really just because of this negative feedback, take a look at what I saw.

As you can see there, it said that I had a 1.89% order defect rate.

Now, I dont know about you, but to me, 98.11% success rate is an A+! But, according to Amazon, they do not want you going over a 1% order defect rate! It still didnt tell me exactly what was driving this defect rate, so I clicked through to see the details.

Notice the details from Amazons message:

Yup! Sure enough, all of these warning messages stemmed from receiving just ONE negative feedback! I decided to click through to the feedback manager in seller central to find that negative feedback. I already knew from Helium 10s Alerts tool that it was something about the product being way too small.

You know what that is classified as? Yup. A product review. So I had a strong feeling that I could get this removed. Here is how the feedback manager in seller central looks, and there was that bad feedback right there at the top.

To attempt to remove Amazon negative seller feedback, you click on the choose one from the right side, and then select request removal. As you can see below, it makes sure you know the only circumstances in which feedback could be removed.

When was the last time you checked your seller feedback?

Respond To The Negative Feedback

How I DOUBLED My Amazon SELLER Account Feedback â GET REVIEWS FAST!

Okay, so maybe the first two strategies didnt work and you can only limit the damage. Its like how on TripAdvisor you might come across a review from a disgruntled customer only for the restaurant manager to respond, addressing the persons concerns. You wont be able to remove the negative feedback, but at least youve got an opportunity to explain your side of the story.

Sometimes its necessary to take one on the chin and move onthe important thing is that you addressed the issue in a professional manner.

With time, the feedback will fall off the first page and after 12 months, it wont count towards your seller feedback rating. Just make sure that 95% of the feedback you receive is positivein other words, you need to get 19 positive reviews for every one bad one.

Seller Tip: One thing that many sellers dont realize is that 3-star or neutral feedback can be harmful to your seller ratingso, treat this in the same way you would a 1-star or 2-star review .

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How To Remove Amazon Negative Seller Feedback

A lot of Amazon sellers confuse seller feedback and product reviews. More importantly, a lot of BUYERS confuse the two as well.

In a recent post about , I wrote about how many of the messages that Amazon sends out make it seem like a customer should leave a product review in the seller feedback section.

How Does Amazon Seller Feedback Work

is a metric to evaluate your performance on Amazon. It is available for Amazon customers who purchase products from wholesalers and resellers.

A customer can leave you feedback in two ways:

  • Access your feedback page on Amazon.
  • Return to the order page and go to the specific purchase .

Amazon allows the customers to leave their feedback about sellers within the 90-day window of their order date. Customers can provide ratings to the sellers and leave comments, which is optional. Seller feedback rating is the aggregated average of the feedback received from the buyers. You can find this on your Amazon seller central homepage, and your customers can find this information on your Amazon storefront.

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How To Deal With Negative Amazon Seller Feedback

If you sell on Amazon, its somewhat inevitable that youll get a negative review. It happens to all sellers even top-rated ones. When it happens, dont ignore it as even a handful of bad reviews can affect your Amazon business.

One thing to note, Amazons feedback isnt set in stone.

An unsatisfied customer can update or remove their seller feedback for 60 days after they leave their review. Therefore, if you receive a disappointing review, work with the customer to see if theres any way you can improve their experience and satisfaction levels.

Now, lets look at the three main ways you can deal with a negative review on Amazon.

How To Check Amazon Seller Feedback

How To Get Reviews on Amazon in 2021 (Proven &  Safe ...

Follow this step-by-step guide to check if a seller is legit on Amazon.

  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Find the item you want to buy.
  • Open the listing page.
  • In the upper right-hand side of the screen, locate the sentence that reads Ships from and sold by .
  • Locate the box on the right-hand side of the screen then see the percentage of positive and negative feedback the seller has received over the last three, six, and 12 months.
  • Scroll further down and click on the Feedback tab to see comments other buyers have left about the seller’s service.
  • Note: Seller reviews on Amazon are only available when looking at third-party sellers’ profiles.

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    Why Is Feedback Important On Amazon

    Amazons vision is to be Earths most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

    Their mission statement revolves around one thing that has always been important to them the customer. Amazon uses its seller feedback rating to see if third-party sellers are reaching the high standards of customer service it expects.

    Amazon calculates your feedback rating based on the feedback received from its customers over the last 12 months. If you have aspirations of winning a share of the Buy Box then you need to maintain a feedback rating of over 95% and ideally over 98%.

    Compare these two sellers. Who is more likely to win the sale or the Buy Box?

    Seller B is doing reasonably well but Seller A is knocking it out of the park with a 100% feedback rating. Seller A is therefore seen as more trustworthy by Amazon and the customer. Your feedback rating provides social proof that you can be relied upon to deliver an outstanding customer experience .

    We strongly recommend that all third-party sellers become familiar with .

    Heres a quick recap.

    • Asking for reviews is allowed and is encouraged by Amazon.
    • Offering incentives or asking for positive reviews is not allowed! If you do this, youre very likely to have your seller privileges revoked. So, our advice is dont do it!

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