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How To Get Sku For Amazon

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Asin Vs Sku: Whats The Difference

How to Customize SKU Seller SKU Amazon Customize SKUs

If youre already selling on Amazon or youve been looking into it, youve probably come across the ASIN acronym too. This is often used in tandem with SKUs, so it can get confusing about what each one is for.

While SKUs are codes for sellers to keep track of their products, ASINs are unique codes for products sent in to Amazons warehouse.

Basically, an ASIN is Amazons version of an SKU and it helps them keep track of merchandise instead of leaving it up to sellers.

What Is An Asin

ASIN is commonly confused with FNSKU, and while they share some similarities, they are not the same.

An ASIN, or Amazon Standard Identification Number, is used to manage and organize all products throughout Amazon. You can find it in the URL of an Amazon product. ASIN is also alphanumeric but this number is assigned to every item that is in the Amazon product catalog.

No item can exist at Amazon without an ASIN as the ASIN represents that specific product everywhere it travels through Amazon.

Once a new product is created in Amazons catalog, it receives an ASIN. The product only requires a FNSKU when it is sent to Amazon through the FBA warehouse so it can be identified to a specific seller.

Makes Communication With Suppliers Clearer And Faster

Have you ever tried communicating with a supplier? What was the biggest problem that youve had? In my experience, its when you are trying to pull data or information about a certain product.

When your suppliers cant figure it out because all you provided them is a vague product name, you will have a big problem on your hands. However, if you have SKUs in your product database, then it is much easier to communicate with your suppliers.

For example, when one of your products runs out of stock, you need to send the SKU to your vendor and ask for a restock. You dont have to send them vague product names that look similar. With SKUs, youll be confident that you wont make a mistake in communicating what you need.

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The Different Ways To List Products On Amazon

Listing products on the platform is a process that may sound confusing but I promise, its straightforward.

If you are in the reselling business through models such as retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, wholesale, or through books, youre likely reselling products that already exist on Amazon.

This means that you dont have to create a brand new listing from scratch because Amazon does not want duplicate listings of products for sale. If you resell other brands products, your offer will be on the same listing as other sellers.

For example, if you search for a product on eBay, you will likely see multiple listings for the same product. Whereas on Amazon, youll only see one listing.

If you are selling a private label product you will need to create a brand new listing, which requires a few more steps.

Stay with me Ill go over how to do both.

Other Barcodes For Amazon

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Identifiers: SKU, ASIN, EAN (Must Read)

If you are an Amazon seller you know that Barcodes are different from FNSKUs.

The easiest way to understand this is:

  • FNSKUs are Amazon-unique codes that are used to trace and identify your products as yours thus holding you accountable for them.
  • Barcodes, on the other hand, are specific to products from the suppliers. Barcodes are used to track inventory during the entire fulfillment cycle.

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Creating A Sku For Fba Sellers

If you are an FBA seller and you want your labels to print in the same order that you listed them, you will need to adjust your SKU. Amazon sorts the SKUs in your FBA shipment alpha-numerically. In other words, you will want your sequence near the beginning of the SKU.

In this example, the FBA labels will print out in the same order as listed since supplier is constant and the sequence is next.

  • GW-0001-G-2.20
  • GW-0002-VG-2.20
  • GW-0003-A-2.20

However, if you put in the condition in the beginning, the labels will print out in a different order:

  • G-GW-0001-2.20

Make Your Skus Work Harder For You

SKUs are an integral part of running an Amazon business. They help you identify your products quickly and keep a check on how much stock is coming and going from your inventory.

Creating an SKU is simple. You can either put it together yourself by using numbers and letters relating to the physical attributes of a product, or you can use Amazons SKU generator to automatically create unique codes.

Whichever way you decide to do it, make sure youre consistent. This will help you streamline the sales and shipping process. Ensure you keep your staff in the know too everyone who uses SKUs in your business should understand how theyre created and what each number and letter stands for.

SKUs are a crucial back-end part of product listings. They make keeping track of your inventory easy and help your team better understand the selling process.

Find out more about how Urtasker can help you optimize your product listings and streamline your selling systems to dramatically increase revenue. Schedule a 30-minute call with our expert team today.

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Reviews Descriptions And Other Data

All this information is at the ASIN level. In other words, the number of SKUs does not affect the descriptions.

Removing a product from Seller Central will remove the SKU, not the ASIN. To suggest changes, you can change your listing details using Seller Central. The application of the changes depends on whether they have priority over other merchants. If the program did not make the changes automatically, contact support.

What Does A Good Custom Sku Look Like

Sku Grid for Amazon Sellers How to Add A Single Item to Sku Grid Amazon

It is recommended that aside from including the name of the product in the custom SKU, that they are also customized with abbreviations you have created for your inventory of products. The best abbreviations to use will depend on the kind of products you are selling.

Listing them with an abbreviation makes product location much faster because as you , you will start to memorize the abbreviations and identify on your own what products are assigned to them.

Here are some examples of what you can include in your SKU:

  • Product name or code
  • Manufacturing Date or Expiration Date
  • Target market

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Do I Create My Own Seller Sku Or Will Amazon Do It For Me

The majority of sellers prefer to create their own SKUs. Unfortunately, getting Amazon to do it for you has several downsides, including:

  • The format of the seller SKU will be meaningless. In other words, you wont be able to look at an SKU and know what product it is referring to.
  • Sellers who choose to sell identical products on two different Amazon stores will have , which can make inventory tracking far more difficult.

Here is why I recommend creating your own seller SKU:

  • It allows you to standardize product references and sales reporting.
  • You can easily identify your top-selling products.
  • It makes it easier to locate your inventory and reduce picking and packing speeds.
  • It is much easier to describe your products to other people in your business.

Why Do You Need An Sku

A Stock Keeping Unit is an integral part of selling online. It is a scannable barcode that aids vendors keep track of their inventory.

In addition, it is instrumental in providing sales data to vendors, allowing them to understand and fulfill inventory requirements.

Tracking inventory is a standard part of most e-commerce businesses. An SKU is used by vendors, catalogs, service providers, warehouses, and delivery fulfillment centers to keep an eye on their inventories.

It helps in letting vendors know when their products need to be restocked. Also, vendors can find out which product is selling well and which one is not using SKUs.

SKUs are unique to every company that uses them. So, while a vendor might use a set of SKUs for their products, they will have a different SKU when they reach an Amazon warehouse.

On online shopping forums, SKUs are used for product placement. That means if a customer purchases an item, the online marketplace can suggest the buyer products with similar SKUs.

As a consequence, the company sees an increase in sales and profits.

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Why Create A New Amazon Sku And Not Just A New Listing

The greatest advantage of adding a new SKU is the ranking and sales history arent affected. Because you are not creating a new product listing in the platform catalogue, product ranking, reviews and sales history stay unchanged. You do not have to restart the whole process.Furthermore, a simple product improvement may make you think about how to prevent customers from still receiving the former inventory. Well, a new SKU will prevent that exactly that scenario. Your new SKU will have a new FNSKU hence, commingled inventory will not trouble you. Simply, deactivate your old offer when sold out or whenever you want to mark your new offer as active.Be aware this will not work if you choose a manufacturer barcode since that is UPC based and will result in commingled inventory. However, I believe Amazon is just changing the rules for manufacturer barcodes.

Despite that, rules apply if you make major changes to your product, you are required to use a new product identifier . For example, you can not sell a round picture frame as an improvement if the former one was square. That is called ASIN theft and suspendable. At any time, you should of your customer in mind to avoid potential confusion.

How To Get An Amazon Fnsku

SKU Amazon

Getting an FNSKU on Amazon is so easy. If you already have this, Amazon can connect your products to you once they arrive in their fulfillment centers. This is also important especially if you are a Fulfillment by Amazon seller and have plans on shipping products to customers.

Heres a tip: Follow these simple steps to obtain an FNSKU for any of the products you sell FBA:

  • Set the product you will sell as FBA .
  • Launch the product to Amazon.
  • Amazon will assign an FNSKU to your product once it is already in your catalogue
  • Export the barcode-like code Amazon generates.
  • Affix your FNSKU to your product before you send it into the fulfillment center.
  • Once Amazon generates it,how can you get the FNSKU code? Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to Manage FBA Inventory
  • Find your product
  • Apply your new FNSKU to your products
  • *This is an important note to remember: The process for obtaining the FNSKU is different for Private Label Sellers vs Arbitrage Sellers and Wholesale Sellers. Lets see how.

    • Private Label Seller: You have to create your own unique listing. Once you click create, Amazon will generate your FNSKU.
    • Arbitrage or Wholesale Seller: Amazon will generate your FNSKU once you enter your price and the condition of the product and if you find the existing listing of your product in the platform.

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    What Is A Upc Code

    A UPC code stands for Universal Product Code and its assigned to products by the manufacturers who make those products. It’s a widely accepted form of tracking and registration system adopted by most countries across the globe.

    More specifically, it’s a barcode symbol encoding a 12-digit number called a GTIN-12. The GTIN-12 is essentially the UPC data derived primarily from a GS1 Company Prefix and Item Reference Numbers

    Pros And Cons Of Creating Your Own Sku Vs Amazon Generating One

    When allowing Amazon to generate your SKUs for you the code will essentially be meaningless to you and/or those who work with you in your business. You wont have specific details of a product such as the date of purchase or supplier.

    If you have multiple Amazon stores, Amazon will create different SKUs for each store even if the product type is the same. While it might not be that big of a deal now it may become a logistical nightmare in the future.

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    Ways To Determine Your Sku Sequence

    This generator will also provide you with three options for how the sequence of your SKU will be determined:

  • Based on the products title: In this example the product is called T-shirt The Big Bang Theory and therefore the generator will take the first letter of every part of this title and generate the SKU: TSTBBT
  • 2. Based on a products attributes: A T-shirt Green XL will be converted into TS-GR-XL for example.

    3. Lower/upper case conversion: A lower case SKU will automatically be converted into an upper case SKU. For example: wm-bk-230718-nw-10d-5 will be converted to the SKU: WM-BK-230718-NW-10D-5

    Amazon Seller Sku: How To Easily Customize Your Own Skus

    How to Make Useful Product SKUS for Amazon Items

    Like It? Then Share

    provides an all-inclusive solution for e-commerce and supply chain management. As a result, most small businesses choose to sell from this platform. But businesses that are new to the game are often confused with the numerous terminologies and jargon. One of them is Amazon Seller SKU.

    One of the primary aspects of selling on Amazon Seller Central is creating SKU, often pronounced as skew. These product identifiers have multifaceted purposes and thus, can get quite confusing for new sellers. This blog covers all there is to know about SKUs to make it a little easier for you to understand, especially if you are new to selling on Amazon.

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    What Is Seller Sku On Amazon General Seller Questions

    When you first start as an Amazon seller, it takes some time to understand all the processes, requirements, and terminology. In this guide, I will be answering a common terminology-related question: What is seller SKU on Amazon?

    Whether you decided on the private label, retail or online arbitrage, SKUs are a requirement.

    Let me take you through the specifics.

    It Is Required By Amazon To Match Your Items With Product Detail Pages

    At the end of the day, your Amazon Seller SKU is not an option. It is a requirement. AMZN needs your SKUs so they can connect your products with their catalogs product detail pages.

    Therefore, even though you havent assigned an SKU to your listed products, AMZN itself will give your products arbitrary SKUs to product-detail match them in their system.

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    What Does A Sku Look Like

    Lets say that you have a pair of Steve Madden black Terraa womens shoes in size 6. Heres SKU number example for that product:

    Sm, the abbreviation for the manufacturer, Steve Madden, is followed by, terraa, which is the name of the shoe. Bk, describes the color of the shoe, black. Finally, 6 is the size of the shoe.

    Heres another SKU number example for an Alloy Art 1 rear axle kit for a 2010 Harley Davidson thats a little more complex:

    Aa, the abbreviation for the manufacturer, Alloy Art, is followed by, rak, which is an abbreviation for the type of part that it is a rear axle kit. 1, describes the size of the part. 2010, is the year. Hd, stands for Harley Davidson, which is the make of the motorcycle that the part is intended for.

    What Is The Difference Between An Fnsku And Upc


    A UPC is similar to an FNSKU in the sense that it also identifies what a specific product is. The difference is that a UPC can be used in every store or online marketplace, whereas the FNSKU is unique to Amazon only.

    The FNSKU barcode is essential on each of your units, especially if youre reselling products via retail arbitrage or wholesale on ASINs with multiple sellers.

    That is because if you only use the UPC barcode when shipping products to FBA, your inventory will be mixed in with other sellers inventory of the same product. If you use the FNSKU barcode, Amazon will keep your inventory separate from other sellers, even if you sell on the same ASIN.

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    What Is A Seller Sku On Amazon And How Does It Work

    A seller SKU is a string of numbers and letters assigned to products listed on Amazon to keep their track. Its primary objective is to track the goods sellers list on Amazon. In other words, the SKU gives essential information about an item and inventory.

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    So far, you know that an SKU is a mix of numbers and letters, and you may wonder how many of them are in one SKU. Thats where the SKU anatomy comes in to help you.

    Makes It Easier To Identify Your Products

    Easy identification is important when you are an Amazon FBA seller pushing thousands of products every day. To make it easier for fulfillment centers to find your products on the shelves, having a SKU is essential.

    Short product identifiers can easily describe the nature of your products with just one glance. For example, the SKU US-DT134 can mean that your product was made in the United States , it is a dog teether and it is the one hundred and thirty-fourth item unique item in your inventory.

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    What Are Some Of The Best Sku Practices

    There are definitely some concrete best practices when it comes to creating SKUs. Following these will ensure that your system is rock solid for years to come:

  • Use each SKU for only one product or product type ie sunglasses
  • Use the same SKU for identical products selling in different Amazon stores
  • Once you develop an SKU system with information that you feel is most relevant to you and your business, maintain consistency. If your supplier is always first and the product type is always second then keep it that way
  • Type up and print an SKU creation set of rules and make sure every employee or business partner receives a copy
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