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How To Get Ungated In Lego On Amazon

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That’s Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s Restricted Categories + Amazon Ungating

Retail Arbitrage for Amazon FBA | The LEGO Money Bag Heist!

Whew, that was a doozy to write.

So, even though there may be *a lot* of restrictions when it comes to selling on Amazon, there actually is a lot that you can sell without worry about restrictions. You see, many of the restricted categories are not really even ones that appeal to many Amazon sellers. With the exception of some subcategories , it’s just not a big deal!

Once you’ve got your categories under wraps, you may want to check out our post on . This is the other place where you will find Amazon restricting your product selections. Looking for Nike specifically? We cover that brand in this blog post about .

Want to get ungated in lots of sports brands using a trusted Amazon supplier? We’ve got you covered in the premium sports brands ungating training!

How have restrictions affected you in your Amazon business? Let us know in the comments below.

Gustavo Vega September 12th :

I was a bit skeptical about using this service after a terrible experience with another ungating site .

Thankfully, Ungating Amazon was super patient and answered all the queries I had related to the procedure.

They even took me through the process how I could do it myself . Finally, I was able to ungate Toys, Topicals, and Dietary Supplements with them.

Only regret I have is not finding you guys earlier! 100% would recommend to any Amazon sellers.

How To Get Ungated In Video Games With Our Assistance

The craze to have immersive and enthralling video games is never going to leave the gaming industry. With over a million game lovers located at every corner of the world, having a well established video game supplying business on Amazon is the best thing you can do.

However, whenever a great idea pops up in a mind there is always some trouble coming along the way. But when we are here for you to sort the matters related to anything from how to get ungated for CDs to video games, you do not have to worry about anything. Simply focus on expanding your business and we will get you equipped with all the legal support to get ungated music and video game category on Amazon.

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Real Quickbefore You Hit That Sign Up Button

There are a few pre-requisites that we need to get out of the way so I can guarantee you get the biggest benefits possible from taking this course.

2 of the 3 wholesalers we recommend require that you have a resale certificate from your state, if you live in a sales tax state. If not, you can still get ungated in Topicals and Groceries, just not as many of the brands.

Those same wholesalers will require an EIN if you are not a sole proprietor

Some funds available for purchasing your ungating products. You’ll need to buy 10 of an item for each category/brand you want to get ungated in. You can go as fast or as slow as you’d like. We’ve found each category takes at least $50 to buy enough products .

Amazon Restricted Categories How To Get Approval In 2021

Toy Ungating Guide

is a popular way to start an online business but does require plentiful research which takes considerable time and effort. So, after hours of hard work researching viable products, imagine your disappointment if you were to discover that your in-demand, low competition and highly profitable product happens to fall into one of Amazons restricted categories.

You may think its a better plan, in that case, to leave Amazon restricted categories well alone and avoid the hassle, however, if you are an Amazon seller prepared to go the extra mile, the sales opportunities are enormous!

Remember that other sellers may be put off by the thought of the extra work involved in getting approval for an .

The reason for this is that you will need to jump through some pretty large hoops if you want to sell in an Amazon restricted category, and this will deter many would be sellers but actually, this is the key. You can grab an opportunity for success here, where many others simply wont bother!

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Ungated Your Amazon Seller Central Account And Unlock Restricted Products To Grow Your Inventory Amazon Business And Profits

Youve started selling on Amazon and youre trying to add a product to your Amazon Seller Central account. Then, you encounter a message warning you that the product you are trying to add needs additional approval from Amazon to sell. You probably did not know before, but that product is one of many on Amazons restricted products that require verification before you can sell anything! Dont worry, the process to get ungated to sell these products isnt too hard.

In this guide, well be discussing why these restrictions are in place and how to get ungated to sell any of Amazons restricted categories, sub-categories, and brands.

Help With Toys Category Ungating

Hi everyone, hope youre all doing well.

Ive been selling on Amazon for over a month now, and am now wanting to sell some toys as well, specifically LEGO toys. While doing my research, I came across the fact that you have to become ungated from specific brands within the category, and I just have a few questions.

  • I understand that the products must have been bought from reputable wholesalers. I know that Harrisons is a good one, but does anybody else know any other options?

  • If I was to buy 10 products directly from the LEGO store, would that count as directly from the manufacturer?

  • Does anybody have any tips as to what I should bear in mind or consider before jumping into selling toys.

  • I will be using FBA. Many thanks in advance for your help.

    If I was to buy 10 products directly from the LEGO store, would that count as directly from the manufacturer?

    Does anybody have any tips as to what I should bear in mind or consider before jumping into selling toys.

    Only that you might get declined anyway. Oh, and stay away from sensory toys.

    I know that Harrisons is a good one,

    Some sellers have apparently found that Harrisons are not accepted by Amazon as a genuine wholesaler

    Hmmm OK.

    It would be nice if Amazon could create a list or something of genuine wholesalers that they accept.

    It would be nice if Amazon could create a list or something of genuine wholesalers that they accept.

    remember you will also have to obtain conformity documents for all toys

    Hi ,

    Best wishes,

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    Get Ungated In Toys On Amazon With Our Expert Assistance

    Do you want to know how to get ungated for toys on Amazon? If so, look no further as we are here for you.

    At Reinstated Pros, we provide highly professional un-gating services to our customers all across the globe. We are equipped with resources that can help you unlock avenues for better and progressive business online. You will surely find a huge group of target audience online so lets not wait any longer and quickly get started. You streamline your operations while we will handle all the services to get you ungated on Amazon toys.

    With our assistance, you do not have to worry about any legal documentations or processes. We know how stressful it becomes when you have to indulge in something, which you know nothing about. Thats the reason why we are here. With over a decade of experience in assisting customers, we know all the ways to open better avenues for your business. With our round the clock services, we promise to be there for your every query and concern.

    Which Categories Are Restricted On Amazon

    How I got Ungated for Toys on Amazon FBA UK ( Selling Lego )

    To give you a heads up and an idea of what you might be up against before you start your product research and sourcing, these are Amazons currently gated categories, as listed by

    • Collectible Coins
    • Personal Safety and Household ProductsEntertainment Collectibles
    • Fine Art
    • Toys and Games
    • Jewellery

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    Everything You Need To Get Ungated In Toys On Amazon

    Are you tiredof constantly finding profitable toys to sell on Amazon but not being able to sell them because you are GATED or RESTRICTED? Are you struggling to grow your Amazon FBA business because you are gated or restricted in almost every product you find?

    Let’s make that a problem of the past because in this guide you are going to learn the exact Step-By-Step process to get ungated in the toy category and also big name brands like Hasbro, Mattel, Nerf, Lego, Disney, StarWars, and much more. Not only do we provide you with the instructions on how to get ungated, but we also provide you with multiple toy distributors that we personally use to get ungated on Amazon.

    In this guide, you will learn the following:

  • How the ungating process works from start to finish.
  • How to pick a product that will get you ungated in multiple brands at the same time.
  • List of authorized wholesale distributors that you can use to get invoices.
  • Application To Sell In Toys Help

    I Ordered straight from LEGO Group themselves and have received my orderso I can apply to the toys category however amazon have responded with this:

    “We have reviewed the documentation you provided and determined that it does not meet the following reasons:


    • You have provided an unacceptable document. Please provide the invoice reflecting the itemized list of goods purchased and the terms of sale.

    Product Packaging Picture: The product shown in the product packaging photos cannot be found on the invoice that you submitted. Please provide an invoice showing purchase of the same product shown in your product packaging photos.”

    I dont understand as Ive sent them the PDF Invoice Lego sent me and Ive taken photos of the Lego toy I bought, yes I did buy 10 of them.

    please help

    Does your address details on the invoice match your amazon account details exactlyie my toys v my toys ltd ?

    Edit – do you also have an LOA from lego stating you can sell on Amazon?

    You need to ask lego to produce the loa stating you can sell their goods on amazon- it has to be from lego directly

    Okay Thank you, Ive just emailed Lego customer service and asked,do you think i need anything else or need to make any other changes to my application?

    Thats a receipt not an invoice because youve bought them retail not wholesale so Amazon wont accept them.

    I Ordered straight from LEGO Group themselves and have received my order

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    What Are Gated Categories

    Gated categories refer to categories where listing is controlled for safety reasons and to prevent fraudulent activity. Sellers have to apply to list in these categories, which requires certain types of documentation and may also require additional fees. They also have to allow Amazon to conduct performance checks, among other requirements.

    There are also certain products that are not in gated categories but require similar permissions to sell on Amazon.

    How To Use Our List Of Restricted Products On Amazon

    Toy Ungating Guide

    Our list includes brands gated by Amazon. It also includes brands where the owner has filed an intellectual property complaint in the past and therefore listing the brand poses a risk.

    All brand names on our list have either been provided by other Amazon sellers or we have experienced problems with the brand owners ourselves.

    Personally, I think it is not worth the risk of selling any of the brands listed, particularly if you are a new seller.

    Amazon restricted products can vary from country to country so for example, you might be able to still sell on but not . However, if a brand has taken action in one country it demonstrates they are willing to take action generally so we tend to avoid their products.

    Sellers can get caught out holding lots of stock once the brand owner turns their attention to the country they are selling in. This could then also result in an Amazon policy warning or even account suspension.

    A good example is Lego. At the time of writing you can still list and sell Lego in the UK, but not in the US. We would presume it is just a matter of time before Lego is also gated in the UK.

    You need to avoid being stuck with stock of riskier brands which you then have to remove from and sell on eBay.

    We have also included variations on brand names. Sometimes due to errors, there are listings with a slightly different version of the same name or a different trading name for the same company. We thought it best to include everything on one list.

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    How To I Get Approved To Sell In Toys

    we received the CPC from authorized distributor for mattel.

    Which does not mean it was generated in the US and acceptable.

    while I disagree with the used term

    Well, youre wrong

    while I disagree with the used term since again, I dont give people used gifts that I buy at the store

    Disagree all you want this is reality on Amazon

    it states the importer/certifier is in the US but the tested lab is in china

    And that is why it is rejected.

    There is something wrong with the whole toy category, We have been selling on AZ for over 10 years buy direct etc etc. In the last month randam items from major brands are showing up and not able to sell. We can not even request approval.SC just replies oh even though your brand approved you need something to show you can list that asin.our other account that sells about 5 bucks a year lets us request approval but states we need approval in toys to list theitem and has nothing to do with that exact asin. System is messed up but normal road block with SC understanding I think it has to do with toy guidlines for Q4 and something got messed up. I know a number of sellers with same issue exact same ASINS.

    The problem is that this year, yes, toys and games is a gated category. It is not brand specific – it is the toys and game category period.

    This is in response to the Johnny Come Latelys over the years who come in for Christmas and wreck it for the 12 month sellers.

    Good way to be banned quickly. New sellers cannot do this.

    Other Types Of Amazon Restrictions

    When you’re looking at restrictions, they include three major areas: categories, brands, and condition.

    Restricted categories are just what they sound like: an entire category, like Jewelry, that Amazon guards carefully. You’d apply to Amazon directly to get approval to sell.

    Then within any category, gated or not, you’ll find some product restrictions and brand restrictions. This is when a brand like Disney or Black & Decker will go through a process with Amazon to have its brand protected. Many of the major sports brands like Nike are also restricted.

    This means that as a seller, you’d need permission direct from that brand to sell on Amazon you’d work with the brand to obtain that permission, then supply proof to Amazon.

    And finally, there are condition guidelines. This is like the Toys category, which doesn’t allow you to sell toys as Used.

    It’s always a good idea to .

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    Why Do You Need Ungating Services

    Ungating Toys category on Amazon can be quite easy with expert knowledge. Though the sellers can do the approval process themselves, proceeding without in-depth knowledge might land you in trouble. For example, brands like Lego, Disney, etc do not allow you to resell their products without their approval. They might charge a hefty non-refundable amount for selling their products on Amazon. The sellers can leave it to the experts and focus on increasing sales rather than worrying about ungating.

    • Latest Posts

    Submitting Supplier Invoices To Amazon

    How to get UNGATED in TOYS for Amazon

    When you apply for the selected category, you will need to have the official invoice that comes inside the box not just a printed copy of what gets emailed to you after the purchase.

    You can use your phone to take a picture of the invoice, then submit that image to Amazon.

    In some circumstances, you can get your sales rep to give you a PDF of the invoice before your order arrives. The company we recommend in the Toy Ungating Workshop usually does this for us which greatly speeds up the approval process.

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    Khanh Trinh September 3rd :

    I would like to thank Vinny Ly and his team for helping me lift a restriction off my first product. 4-6 weeks away from my first product lauch, Amazon stated that my product was classified as medical and locked my listing.

    The products were enroute from China to the Amazon Dallas warehouse and due to arrive in the US in a few days. I spent weeks fighting with Seller Central sending all the documents they asked.

    I posted in this group and saw that someone had the same problem. I reached out to Vinny and he and his team were able to resolve my issue in about 1.5 weeks.

    I can finally update my product listing and add the new images that Paul and his team created for me. I should finally be live in a few days. Thank you Vinny for the great support

    Leveraging Ungated Amazon And Amazon Restricted Categories

    Congratulations, your products are now ungated on Amazon. While the process can require a couple more steps, it is not too difficult to get ungated and it provides plenty of benefits in return. Restricted categories and products can be very profitable and tend to have a lot less competition, providing sellers with a greener field of products that can leverage to increase their catalogs, increase potential earnings, and grow their businesses.

    For help to find restricted or unrestricted products that you can add to your Amazon FBA business, visit our website at and our FBA tools!

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