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How To Get Ungated In Nike On Amazon

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How Long Does It Take To Get Ungated On Amazon


This is a really simple question with a really vague answer: It depends.

Under most circumstances, ungating on Amazon can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. First of all, some categories are easier to get approval for than others. Plus, if youre an experienced seller with a long and positive sales history, it will speed up the approval process.

Sometimes you even get near-instant approval in categories with Automatic Approvals. This means that your seller record and performance metrics were sufficient to get you ungated right away.

When this happens, you usually receive an email that says something like: Congratulations! Your selling application for has been approved based on your performance history.

On the other hand, some sellers report that it can take two to four weeks to get approved, depending on the category and the amount of necessary documentation required. If theres a huge influx of new applications and not enough Amazon service agents to process all of them, you can expect to wait much longer.

If your ungating application is rejected, then youll receive an email. Usually but not always the service agent gives a reason. However, this is not a given, and sometimes the application just gets rejected with no explanation. Instead, the agent will just tell you that its proprietary information and to apply again.

In the event of a rejection, youll have 14 days to either appeal or send in whatever documentation they request.

Are Brand Registry Tools Enough

Its clear that Amazons objective is protecting Amazon. Brand Registry exists to ensure product content accuracy and combat counterfeit goods — not to solve supply chain issues or give brands a direct method to gate sellers it doesnt approve of.

Amazon values and protects 3P sellers with long sales histories and positive reviews, and values its customer even more.

No brand gets special treatment on Amazon.

Although third party listings for Nike products fell 46% between February and September 2018, the game of whack-a-mole never stopped, with grandfathered sellers continuing unchecked and new sellers finding workarounds such as creating new ASIN pages for restricted products. In addition, brand performance dropped 15% as Nikes own listings competed for visibility and Amazon Choice status in categories and search.

The good news is smaller brands and manufacturers will likely be more satisfied than Nike with Registry and its tools. The high-scale demand for brands such as Nike creates higher-scale issues with unauthorized selling and counterfeits than the average business. Todays Brand Registry 2.0 may be sufficient for brands who want a more streamlined way to report IP infringement, ASIN hijackers and counterfeit goods, and protect the accuracy of product descriptions and other content.

Include The Contact Information For Your Supplier Or Sales Rep

If you have a dropshipping store or sell via Amazon FBA, you should always include the contact information for your supplier. If you deal with one person exclusively, thats even better, since youll have a personal relationship with them.

This is because Amazon has been calling suppliers more frequently, essentially treating them as if they were sellers references. This helps Amazon establish your credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness as a seller, so make sure you pay your supplier on time!

In the Optional Comments section of the application, make sure you include the following contact information for your supplier or sales rep:

  • Name
  • Business phone

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Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Additionally, Amazon gates certain categories during Quarter 4, specifically the Toy Category with additional Holiday Selling Guidelines. ASIN restrictions and product condition restrictions are also challenges you may come across as you are outsourcing.

Now, let’s look at a couple of proven Amazon ungating methods commonly used.

Troubleshoot Issues With Seller Support

How To Get Ungated For Nike On Amazon

I get it. It can be insanely deflating to wait six weeks for approval only to have your application rejected. To add confusion and hurt to the mix, Seller Supports reason for rejecting your application will be extremely vague. For example, Invoice was missing required product details.

However, this not the time to blow up and throw a tantrum at Seller Support. Nor is this the time to give up. You are so close. Here are some troubleshooting steps to consider:

  • Simply resubmit the application. Yup. Many times its luck of the draw on who reviews your application. Theres a good chance that the person reviewing yours simply missed the information on the invoice, misinterpreted it, or simply doesnt understand their own requirements. Not comforting, I know. But this is the reality.
  • Annotate the invoice. Consider using a digital tool to highlight and label key information on your invoice. Again, we want to make the review process as dummy-proof as possible. Label your seller name, address, distributor name, invoice date, product name, and number of units purchased to make is incredibly clear that you meet the requirements.
  • Take clearer product photos. If youre photos are meeting all of the requirements, it could be an issue with your picture clarity. Triple check all the text in your photos is legible.
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    Atticus Baker September 16th :

    Never knew about the restriction on Amazon until started my own cosmetics & skin/hair care store there.

    To be honest, I saw 50-50 chances of ungating my account, but with the help these guys, they approved of me personal safety and household and topical category.

    Glad to successfully launch the store now, without struggling much!

    Restricted Categories On Amazon In 2021

    A restricted category on Amazon requires approval for you to sell it in other words, its another way of saying gated category. Its important to point out both of these terms as they may be used interchangeably.

    As of 2021, these are the restricted/gated categories on Amazon:

    • New Balance
    • Ralph Lauren Perfume

    These gated categories, subcategories, and brands can change from year to year, depending on Amazons policies. So an ungated category might become gated the next year . As a result, being an Amazon seller means you have to keep an eye out and always do your due diligence.

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    How To Get Approved To Sell Nike On Amazon

    One of the things that every single Amazon seller comes up against every day is category and brand restrictions that don’t allow them to sell specific products on Amazon.

    Many sellers specifically want to know how to get ungated and approved to sell Nike on Amazon because it is a very desirable brand and a lot of stores deeply discount Nike so resellers would love to resell it online.

    Unless you’ve been selling on Amazon for many many years, you are likely gated/restricted from selling Nike. For sellers who have been on the platform for a long time, you may be grandfathered into the brand.

    But, if you are looking for information on how to get unrestricted from Nike on Amazon, you are obviously not grandfathered in and need to know how to unlock this very popular brand. Right?

    Alright, well this post is going to let you know exactly what you need to know in order to open the Nike brand on Amazon so you can sell things like Nike clothes, Nike bras, Nike athletic wear, Nike socks, and of course, Nike shoes!

    Check Brand Restrictions Using Seller Central

    How To Get Ungated In Nike & Big Brands For Amazon FBA In 2018!

    The second way you can check to see if you need approval to sell Nike on Amazon is through your seller central account.

    For this step, you need to login to your seller central account, then go to inventory > add a product.

    Next, we will use the same ASIN as above for the Nike Socks and press search.

    On the next screen, we see that the Nike socks are restricted from being sold because there is a blue Apply to Sell button instead of a Sell Yours button. When you click the drop-down link right below that, you can see exactly WHY this product is being restricted from your account.

    In this case, you can see it is because you need approval to list in this brand aka you need approval to sell the Nike brand.

    Alright, now that you have in fact determined that you can not sell Nike on Amazon, let’s talk about what you need to do in order to be ungated for Nike.

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    Apply For Approval Again Later If Necessary

    If you are denied a quick approval by Amazon, be sure to go back and reapply 3 to 6 months in the future. Many times you will be automatically approved later down the road because you have improved your seller metrics or gained longevity in your selling account.

    Make a habit of regularly going into Seller Central and checking your active applications to see if you can reapply and get a quick approval. I recommend setting a reminder on your calendar every 3 to 6 months to go in and check the status of your applications and reapply where necessary.

    Next week well talk more about how to find your open applications and how to reapply to sell restricted products/brands/categories on Amazon.

    To find out more information about the requirements for each of the Amazon categories, you can check out this quick link: This link will take you directly to the Seller Central page with an overview of categories, which ones require approval, what the requirements for approval are, and a link to start the application process.

    Hopefully this blog post has helped you see a general formula for seeking approval in restricted categories, subcategories, brands, and ASINs on Amazon. Again, its not a perfect formula for every single item on Amazon, but if you follow these general steps you should be able to start the application process for most restrictions on Amazon.

    Try A Different Amazon Service Agent

    Like we discussed above, the entire ungating process is kind of mysterious. If you frequent any social media groups or , youll see that theres plenty of discussion regarding ungating and hot to best navigate this process.

    In many of these posts, applicants try to predict what the service agents may be looking for in your application. Remember, rejected applicants dont always receive a reason for the rejection in some cases, the service agent doesnt mention at all why the seller wasnt ungated.

    However, with all these experienced sellers working together to try and decode the ungating process, they seem to have arrived at a general consensus: some Amazon service agents are tougher than others.

    If a service agent rejects your application, you can always withdraw your application, wait a few days, and then re-apply in the hopes that youll get a different agent. Unfortunately, you cant request service agents by name, but sellers have reported that this strategy sometimes works!

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    Apply For Approval To Sell The Item

    Once you know youre restricted to sell an item, you can apply for approval within the Seller Central website.

    Note: If youre using the Scoutify app to check for restrictions, you can tap the orange Research button, and then scroll down and click on Amazon Restrictions to take you directly to the correct Seller Central page to apply. Heres a quick video showing you how thats done:

    Sometimes the approval process is quick and easy just click Request approval and you will automatically be approved based on your current seller metrics. Other times Amazon will not automatically approve you, but instead ask you for more information or documentation as part of the approval process. This info may include one or more of the following:

    • Wholesale invoices
    • A letter from a manufacturer/brand owner
    • A monetary fee
    • Other types of documentation

    Obviously, some of the info/documentation is easier to obtain than others. Typically you wouldnt want to pay a large fee for approval in a brand unless you have an ongoing relationship with a reputable supplier and know for certain you will have a long-term source of high quality, profitable inventory. But in the case of simply needing to provide wholesale invoices, it can be relatively straightforward to acquire the necessary documentation.

    Why Use Our Amazon Ungating Services

    How To Get Ungated In Nike &  Big Brands For Amazon FBA In ...
    • How we can help: With over 4 years of experience delivering Amazon ungating services and hundreds of satisfied sellers, we know the exact A to Z process in dealing with Amazon, in order to get you ungated. Fast, reliable, headache-free service.
    • Our Guarantee: We guarantee approval, or 120% refund money back. That is our 100% no BS promise guarantee.
    • Since 2016: We have helped over 3000+ Amazon sellers just like you, since 2016. Let us help you ungate, while you focus on the important aspect of your Amazon business.

    Yes! We can approve any brand for any marketplace!

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    Try Submitting The Application During Regular Us Business Hours

    You can submit your application during regular business hours if youre hoping to speed up the process. If youre lucky, then a service agent will look at it on that business day and give you an answer or request more documentation right away.

    When the agent asks for more documentation, dont procrastinate! If you do, the service agent might inadvertently push your application back as they deal with more applications that come flooding in.

    Obviously, this only works for applications that are fairly quick.

    Do Not Use An Editable Format For The Invoice

    Remember that Amazon uses gated versus ungated categories to avoid unscrupulous sellers who are trying to game the system. As a result, every part of the application process should be kept as legit as possible.

    When submitting your invoice to the Amazon service agents, make sure its not in a format thats editable or easily doctored. This means that PDF files are preferable to Word , Note , or Open Office files.

    If you get a hard copy of the invoice, then you should scan it and send it with your application. Ideally, this should be in PDF format or some kind of picture format like JPEG or PNG. Some sellers have reported that sending a photograph of the invoice has also worked.

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    What Amazon Categories Are Restricted

    Below is the list restricted categories according to .

    While these categories are the ones officially listed, I have seen sellers separately restricted for additional categories such as Grocery & Gourmet or Toys & Games .

    What about brands?

    There is no official list of gated brands on Amazon. Brands are restricted almost entirely based off of your seller performance . While many brands will auto-ungate as you sell more, you can get ungated on Amazon for brands quicker using the invoice method discussed in this guide.

    Why Does Amazon Have Gated And Ungated Categories

    How to Get Approved To Sell Nike On Amazon – Shoes | Adidas | Ungated | Restricted | Amazon FBA

    You might be asking yourself why Amazon has this gated versus ungated policy in place. It all seems awfully confusing and it certainly complicates the Amazon seller process!

    Generally, there are a few reasons why Amazon imposes these restrictions, including:

    • Safety to ensure that all products are safe for consumption.
    • Liability to protect the consumer, seller, and even Amazon from any legal or health issues.
    • Brand Integrity to protect the integrity of a brand and maintain supply chain control.
    • Consumer Confidence to optimize user experience and to keep quality control standards consistently high.
    • Fair Pricing to avoid price gouging by unscrupulous sellers in times of product shortages or extraordinary circumstances.

    Restrictions that come from the first two reasons Safety and Liability tend to be the strictest. This is because certain products can be dangerous for consumers if theyre misused or improperly labeled. This includes the Health & Personal Care subcategories we discussed in the last section.

    Additionally, Brand Integrity or Consumer Confidence restrictions are usually applied to brands that are frequently counterfeited. Unfortunately, its not uncommon that dishonest sellers will buy cheap knockoff products and then sell them as the real thing. This is especially common with electronics, clothes, and perfume.

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    Bottom Line: Overcoming Amazon Brand Ungating Is Valuable

    Lets be honest: reselling some of the worlds favorite brands on Amazon is tough! But theres big money in it if you can overcome the challenges. Not all people make it that far, which is good news for the ones that do because it means less competition.

    Whats more, well-known brands need no introduction, so you may end up with quality products that basically sell themselves! Follow our steps above to expand your business for more profits.

    What Does It Mean To Be Ungated On Amazon

    Youve probably seen this phrase everywhere: ungated on Amazon. What does it mean? Is this something that will trip you up if youre a seller?

    It simply means that Amazon puts selling restrictions on certain categories, subcategories, or brands. This prevents new sellers from jumping in and selling these products before they get approved.

    So, when we say ungated on Amazon, we simply mean that you have approval to sell those goods.

    Just imagine a gate: if the gates down , then you cant sell. If the gates up , then you can go ahead and sell all you want.

    Gating and ungating apply to all Amazon sellers, whether you decide to or use . Plus, getting ungated is also important because it expands your selling opportunities, especially in categories with less competition.

    Remember, not everyone gets ungated, so some categories will have fewer sellers competing for the same sales. With less competition, you have a better chance at snagging those online shoppers!

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