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How To Get Wholesale Prices On Amazon

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How Do I Store Bulk Wholesale Products

How To Get Lower Prices On WHOLESALE PRODUCTS For Amazon And Ebay

Buying cheap wholesale products in bulk means that youll be storing the goods until the shopper makes the actual purchase. Besides, theres virtually no way that youll sell all your inventory immediately after you get it from the wholesaler.

As a result, there are some rules you have to follow to properly store these bulk items:

  • Control the temperature if youre storing any food or perishable items.
  • Adhere to all applicable health laws if youre storing perishables.
  • Follow expiration or best-by dates on food and/or perishables.
  • Manage your inventory, including methods like first in first out .

Youll also need enough materials, resources, and employees to ship orders quickly and efficiently. Consumers hate waiting too long for their orders to arrive, so make sure it doesnt happen!

However, pulling, packing, and shipping orders is a lot more complicated than many people realize. In fact, its very time- and resource-intensive.

Learn How To Buy Products Brand Owner Direct

This may be the trickiest part of our blueprint.

It makes perfect sense that cutting out the middleman and buying direct is going to make you more money, but if it were that simple, everyone would be doing it.

Oftentimes, brand owners wont approve just anyone to sell their products on Amazon. Their brand is their entire lifes work and they dont entrust it to just anyone. They are looking for certain qualities and attributes in their online sellers.

This part of the process is what we call The Great Filter. Thats because this is where the majority of people fail with this business model. They never figure out how to break through and get approved to sell these amazing products.

Luckily, we have cracked the code.

There are 2 primary attributes brand owners are looking for

They want sellers who:1.) Appear professional & trustworthy2.) Add value to their products and brand

Lets analyze these a little deeper. How do you appear more professional and trustworthy? Well, for one you have to remember that this will be a business to business relationship, so you actually want to appear and present yourself as an actual business.

Having a professional business website that represents your company is a great way to help legitimize you in their eyes.

When it comes to adding value to their products and brand, it’s pretty simple. They want sellers that will contribute to the growth of their brand. They dont want a leech that is going to sell their product and nothing more.

Amazon Fulfillment Model Cuts On Hassle

Amazon FBA is a lifesaver for business owners who want to make money but dont want to deal directly with the customers and avoid all the hassling work. Amazon Wholesale primarily works on the FBA model. So, you can run your business with utmost ease.

Amazon Wholesale is more beneficial than tiring, yet it has some disadvantages that youll need to be aware of.

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Understand The Amazon Marketplace & Opportunity

If you are going to be selling stuff on Amazon, it is important to understand what exactly Amazon is and how it works.

You might roll your eyes at the fact that this is a step at all, but I fully believe this is the most important step there is. The opportunity for people to totally change their life is right at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they dont even know it exists.

Lets break it down.

Amazon is the worlds largest online marketplace. That means more stuff is bought and sold on than anywhere else online .

The key word here is marketplace.

When you shop on Amazon and purchase a product, there is a really good chance that the product you bought was not actually sold by Amazon. Yes, you bought it on the Amazon website, but the real seller is just an average Joe. Heck, it could be me. It could be the guy or gal down the street. And after finishing this blog, it could be you!


Ready to have your wig blown off?

Amazon did over 100 billion dollars in revenue for 2015 and they are still rapidly growing.

Do I really need to do the math for you? 100 billion in revenue, 50% of sales coming from 3rd party sellers like me and Joe down the street.

WOAH! That is a lot of money.

Amazon is basically waving around BILLIONS of dollars just begging people to come claim it.

But there has to be a catch, right? Well, sort of. Amazon takes a commission on every sale that is made on their website .

WOAH! That is a lot of people.

Buy Cheap Wholesale Products In Bulk From Greendropship

Amazon Discount Finder

Choose GreenDropShip as your low-cost wholesaler and dropshipping supplier. You can find plenty of amazing cheap wholesale products available in our amazing selection of items.

With GreenDropShip, you can use a kind of hybrid model: test new products with dropshipping and if they sell well then you can order the wholesale products in bulk from us and sell them in your store.

Plus, we focus on natural and organic goods, most of which are made in the USA. Although we offer plenty of cheap wholesale products, we dont carry any low-quality items everything we have is premium, specialty, and gourmet.

That being said, weve got a ton of product categories and retail niches like:

  • Natural & Organic Groceries

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Benefits Of Starting A Wholesale Business On Amazon

Amazon wholesale business model comes with the following benefits:

  • Wholesale sellers do not need to create a listing, which usually involves hiring a copywriter.
  • You can focus on adding value to a brands existing product listing.
  • Youre not building a brand from the scratch as such, the business model allows you to sell well-known products.
  • You dont need to spend time building a customer base or introducing a brand to the marketplace.
  • A brands popularity can catapult your sales potential.
  • You need a little push to enhance your marketing if you are already selling established brands.
  • Its faster to receive goods as you are likely getting it locally and not from overseas.

Fulfill Orders And Manage Your Inventory

After you start getting sales youâll need to stay on top of them to ensure that your customers receive their orders in a timely fashion. To make things easier you may want to consider using the .

How an FBA wholesale business works is you ship all your inventory to Amazon and theyâll store it for you in one of their warehouses. Then when someone places an order theyâll ship the product to the customer. There are some added fees that youâll have to pay for these services, but the convenience is more than worth it. There are also some added perks, such as:

  • Your items qualify for Prime shipping.

  • Amazon will handle all customer service related to shipping.

  • You donât have to worry about order fulfillment and can just focus on managing your business.

As youâre selling products make sure to keep an eye on your inventory. Running out of inventory means youâre unable to make any sales. It also hurts your Amazon rankings, so donât let it happen. Make sure to order more items well in advance to ensure that your new shipment arrives before you sell out of the last one.

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Create Amazon Seller Account And Sign Up For Fba

This is the fastest and easiest step. I have already gone into detail about the benefits of selling on Amazon and using the FBA program.

All you have to do here is commit. Commit to whatever it is you want to accomplish. With Amazon FBA, you can go as big or small as you want.

Whether you just want to make extra money to save up for that vacation your husband/wife always wanted, or you want to build a highly profitable business that will serve as a lasting legacy for you and your family, it is all possible with FBA.

To get started making those goals a reality, all you have to do is set up an Amazon seller account.

You can create your seller account right here:

How To Start Selling Amazon Wholesale Products

How to Find Amazon Wholesale Suppliers Without Software for FBA

Before you can start selling wholesale on Amazon, you must follow a series of steps as outlined below.

First off, you must follow the proper procedures to make your business legal.

In addition, most wholesale sellers are required to get a wholesale license or resale certificate in order to purchase products tax exempt.

For more information about sellers permits and sales tax, please consult your country or state website for the wholesale requirements in your area.

You must have the following 4 items ready to go before you follow the rest of the tutorial below.

  • A FEIN or federal tax ID number This number can be obtained from the government website in 5 minutes.
  • A sellers permit or resale certificate Check with your state or locality to get a sales tax ID. This will be required by most wholesale suppliers.
  • Money set aside to purchase inventory Most wholesale purchase minimums are on the order of $100-$200 but it helps to have at least $500 to get started.
  • Domain branded email address Its much more effective to use a professional email address when contacting suppliers. Avoid Gmail because it will come across as unprofessional.

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Find Wholesale Products To Sell On Amazon

Simply reselling goods made by other companies falls under the wholesale sourcing method. This is a very common way to find cheap products to sell on Amazon, especially for startups looking to explore the profit potential of different product categories.

Its easy to source products from wholesale suppliers online via wholesale marketplaces like Alibaba, Thomasnet, and others. You can also visit trade shows and buyers markets within your industry to find all types of wholesale vendors.

In fact, a simple online search is an easy way to kick-start your wholesale sourcing efforts and run an efficient ecommerce business. Start by searching for the name of an item youd like to sell and add wholesale.

When you work with wholesale suppliers, you purchase goods in bulk, often in units called case packs, store your inventory, and ship products as theyre ordered. You can handle product storage, order packing, and shipping yourself or use FBA for these fulfillment tasks.

However you fill orders, you also need an inventory and purchasing management system to track your inventory levels and ensure you keep enough products in stock to fill orders. Many inventory management tools integrate with Amazon seller account and FBA accounts.

Pros and cons of selling wholesale products on Amazon:

If you have a wholesale product that sells well, you can gain higher profits with direct sourcing, which we cover next.

Will You Be Buying Wholesale Items Domestically Or Internationally

Supply chain hiccups throughout the pandemic have many retailers looking closer to home for wholesalers.

A domestic supply chain can mean less disruption, certainly. And customers often like made-in-America or Canada goods. But not all wholesale items are available from domestic manufacturers or suppliers, and prices can be higher.

Meanwhile, while youll have a wider selection from international suppliers, you never know when youll run into manufacturing or shipping delays.

Rather than relying too heavily on one or the other, it may be best to ensure youre sourcing from a mix of international and domestic wholesalers.

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What Are The Types Of Wholesalers

Wholesalers arent one-size-fits-all. There are a range of wholesale businesses that work with retailers . The type of wholesaler you work with will depend on the specific items youre buying in bulk, the retail niche you want to fit in, the kinds of relationships you are able to build and the wholesale ordering technology you want to work with.

  • Manufacturers: some, but not all, manufacturers also act as wholesalers. Because there are less middlemen, buying directly from a manufacturer may net you lower wholesale prices. However, buying directly isnt always available as an optionand even when it is, it isnt always the most convenient.
  • Retail wholesalers: retail wholesalers sell products in bulk to retailers at a slight markup from manufacturers. Buying through a retail wholesaler means you can purchase wholesale items from more than one manufacturer.
  • Merchant wholesalers: as opposed to retail wholesalers, merchant wholesalers sell to both retailers and the end customer. They generally have lower minimum order sizes in light of this, and are your direct competition while also being suppliers.
  • B2B wholesale marketplaces: this is the most convenient option. Wholesalers and brands come together on B2B wholesale marketplaces like NuORDER, where retailers can browse and order products much more efficiently than the traditional email-and-purchase-order format.

Start With A Google Search

Amazon KSA Offers

It may seem totally obvious, but this should be the first place you start! However, a wholesaler is also known as a:

  • Wholesale distributor
  • Wholesale supplier

In other words, theyre simply the source of your cheap wholesale products in bulk. As we mentioned above, some wholesalers also function as dropshipping suppliers.

If youre looking for wholesale products in a specific niche or cheaper wholesale items, make sure you specify all of that in the search terms.

Please note that you can use various synonyms for cheap, including budget, low-price, low-cost, affordable, and bargain.

If you want to find cheap wholesale items that are natural and/or organic, try these variations:

  • Natural cheap wholesaler
  • Cheap wholesale products organic supplier
  • Bargain distributor organic wholesale items
  • Affordable natural wholesaler

You dont need to go with a result from the first page or pages. Just because theyre ranking high doesnt necessarily mean that theyre the right wholesaler for you.

Finally, if you want to properly vet the wholesalers, ask them the following questions:

  • Do you get a discounted price for buying in bulk?
  • Is there a membership fee? Or per-transaction fees?
  • Do they offer also dropshipping services?
  • Are there any other fees?
  • Do they offer any apps for eCommerce platforms?
  • Is there full platform integration?
  • Is their customer servicealways available?
  • What product niches do they carry?

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Start Your Search With A Trusted Wholesaler Directory Or Network

When looking to find wholesalers for Amazon, a great place to start is wholesaler networks. The best directories have a subscription cost for their service, but its often well worth the cost in time and money saved.

  • Alibaba is an international marketplace where you can get reputable suppliers. Some sellers source excellent products on Alibaba, while others run into quality even counterfeiting issues. So, its your duty to research the Alibaba platform very well before making any move to place an order.
  • Wholesale Central has a list of verified wholesalers without paying any membership cost or subscription fee. Wholesale Central gives you wholesalers direct contact information, so its a great place to start.
  • SaleHoo offers start-to-finish support for those who want to sell wholesale goods. They have tools like that will help you research products and they offer a rich supplier directory. Plus, they will help you organize your supplier search and manage communication with suppliers.
  • Worldwide Brands has earned a reputation for being the most sought-after wholesale network. They provide access to certified suppliers, resources, and also help you manage communication with suppliers. In fact, they provide a free preview of a suppliers directory, which makes Worldwide Brands a great platform to start.

How Do You Find Out Where A Product Is Manufactured

One way is to check the product for information on the manufacturer. Its often included on a label or stamped on the product itself.

You can also try researching the brand. Some manufacturers list products by NAICS code. In this case, you can try to locate them through professional directories. The NAICS directory can be found at your local library or online.

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How To Sell Wholesale On Amazon

Youll make better product procurement decisions if you have a plan for how youre going to sell those products. While a full discussion on selling your wholesale products is beyond the scope of this article, here are a few top-level recommendations that will get you started.

  • Consider using . Its an ideal program for very small businesses and resellers. In most cases, you can arrange for your wholesalers to ship products directly to Amazon .
  • Have a plan in place for inventory management. If you decide to use an alternative to FBA, youll need a plan for managing your inventory in a way thats cost-effective but still allows you to ship quickly.
  • Have a plan for promoting your products. Advertising has become an increasingly important tool for success on Amazon. Consider your options, learn the , and have a plan for getting your product noticed.

Theres obviously a lot more to selling on Amazon, but factoring fulfillment, inventory, and promotion into your business plan will help you start strong.

What Is Amazon Wholesale

Amazon FBA WHOLESALE For Beginners 2022 (Step by Step Tutorial)

Amazon wholesale is quite simple. Merchants acquire products from suppliers, and then resell them to consumers. Heres the process in a nutshell:

  • Research the market for high-demand, but low-competing items.
  • Find a reliable supplier to source the product from.
  • Buy your chosen products in bulk, at wholesale discounts.
  • Handle storage for the bulk product pallets.
  • Set a competitive price for the single items.
  • List and sell your products on Amazon.
  • Suppliers reduce per-product costs when they sell in bulk. So, youll get great discounts for your stock. Then, you can sell it on Amazon at a competitive price.

    Thats the key to Amazon wholesale! Alas, this is not a perfect business model. Lets compare its pros and cons, so you may decide if Amazon wholesale is right for you.

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