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How To Get Your Amazon Account Off Hold

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Unusually High Volume Of Orders Placed

Amazon account on hold – my personal experience and how to get back (for sellers)

After registering your new Amazon account, do not start with 50 orders a day because this will trigger the anti-fraud system. Of course, sometimes your account could not be locked but most of the times it will be.

Our advice is to start developing your account as you do on eBay. You can start with 5-10 orders a day and progressively increase the number to 20-30-40.

Keep in mind the more orders you make from one account, the higher the chance is to activate the Amazon security features. For us, keeping around 30 orders a day is a healthy operational volume.

Multiple Ip Addresses In Different Locations

Opening your Amazon account in one location, then making lots of purchases with an IP address in another location can make Amazon start to think hows this possible? and has your account been hacked?.

Weve had phone conversations with Amazon where theyve specifically told us that the account was locked because it was created in the USA, but then gift cards were being purchased thousands of miles away via an IP address located in the Netherlands.

Because of this, international dropshippers should be wary of accessing and buying gift cards with their local IP address or using software that logs in from one location when you order from another.

What Does Amazon Need To Verify And Unlock Your Account

When you contact Amazon to unlock your account, theyll usually ask for your credit card statement with your billing address on it showing the transactions made on Amazon , and also sometimes a copy of your ID, bill or credit card details.

If the information you entered originally on your Amazon account is correct, there should be nothing to worry about by giving these details and itll quickly resolve your Amazon issues. But do be aware that if youve entered fake information, there is little chance of having your account unlocked. Instead, you should continue reading to get advice on how to prevent future accounts being locked.

A special note for Amazon UK users

You may be asked for a bank statement that shows your debit card number alongside the transactions however, unlike U.S. banks, most U.K. banks dont do this.

For this reason, most people with a locked Amazon UK account resort to taking a photo of their statement alongside their physical bank card and sending this as evidence instead.

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New: High Volume Of Returns

Every time you return an item, Amazon has to deal with shipping and restocking which costs them a lot of money particularly for a company that notoriously sells items at a very low profit margin.

Recently a report from Appriss showed that US retailers suffered a staggering $369 billion in lost sales in 2018 just from returns. Thats why Amazon have invested heavily in systems to detect unprofitable customers that have a higher than average return rate.

Therefore if your volume of returns is particularly high, expect to see your account locked.

To avoid this, some dropshippers are now absorbing the cost of low value returns themselves to reduce their return %.

Use Your Credit/debit Card To Buy Costly Electronic Devices While You Use Gift Cards For Cheap Non

Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central: Which is ...

As a rule of thumb, if you want to avoid amazon account suspension while using gift cards to shop, then you must not be fond of buying phones or high-end devices with your gift cards. Alternatively, when you want to buy electronics, use your credit card/atm to buy it. Even if your account is banned when using your ATM, your bank will help you get back your money.

4. Contact Amazon support via chat if you want to perform any action that you are unsure of its consequences.

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Unusually High Volume Of Returns

Just as every online retailer, Amazon knows how often an average every person returns its products. The more returns you have, the higher the chance for your account to get locked. So, pay close attention to your returns and make sure you keep them as low as possible.

Since the returns are free for us Amazon pays for the shipping and guess what? They do not want to. Thus they pay attention to accounts with an unusually high percentage of return rates.

Reasons For Amazon Account Suspension

  • Amazon is targeting and blacklisting certain countries as being fraudulent. First on this list of this country is Nigeria. I also learned that Indians and china are not spared. If you are in any of the countries mentioned above, please dont buy any high-end electronics with a gift card. Amazon will suspend your account without remorse.
  • Amazon is definitely using more of a machine to detect fraudulent activities. These machines are bound to make little mistakes here and there occasionally. These mistakes are rare and they can be corrected when you contact them. Artificial intelligence is utilized by Amazon dwells on metrics already put in place. This will, in turn, triggers the termination of your account pending further review.
  • Things will neglect can also cost us our amazon account. For example, Incomplete personal info on your account. This can be very costly. Please make your information is accurate and verifiable.
  • Incorrect personal info on your Amazon account: If you do this deliberately, you can as well say a final bye-bye to your account when you receive that email from Amazon. However, if you do it as a result of negligence, my tips will help you. y
  • Mismatched information. E.g, the name on your credit card is different from the name of your billing address.
  • High volume/denomination gift card balance. this is one of their newest triggers. You must explain how you come about such a balance if you want to get your account back.
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    Amazon Locked Account Scam: How It Works

    Watch out for the new Amazon Locked Account scam. It is a text message claiming to be from Amazons headquarters and informing you that your account could be compromised after being accessed in a different country. The scammers ask you to verify your account in order to unlock it. It is a classic phishing scheme that also happens in an email version. Lets see.

    Here is how the Amazon Locked Account scam works:

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    Consider What May Have Caused The Suspension/suppression

    Amazon Seller Account on Hold/Under Review | Learn How I got my Suspended Account Reinstated

    Occasionally, Amazon can be somewhat vague regarding the reasons for your suspension, suppression, denial, or ban. So, if the letter from Seller Support doesnt reveal the causes for the status, take a step back and think about all of the actions youve taken within the last few months.

    Also keep in mind that the event that led to the change in your seller status might come either from something you did and can control or from something outside of your control.

    Things you can control: seller performance and account health

    In Amazon Seller Central, under Performance > Account Health, you can view all of the elements that Amazon uses to grade your overall performance. There are three primary elements:

    • Customer service performance and order defect rate. Your order defect rate is a catch-all score based on the experience of your customers. The rate is affected by negative feedback, A-to-Z Guarantee claims that are not denied, and credit card chargebacks. Amazons policy is to keep your order defect rate below 1%.
    • Product policy compliance. Your products must not violate any of Amazons product policies. A single complaint in any of the following categories can jeopardize your seller status:
    • IP violations
    • Product safety claims
    • Customer product review policy violations
    Things you cant control: policy changes and black hat sellers

    *Amazon Update: Action required for listings on Amazon classified as pesticides

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    Things To Avoid When Contacting Amazon To Open Your Account

    • Make no mistake of ignoring the content of their first email to you.
    • Also, dont trivialize things or take things for granted. I did this and that was what complicated things for me.
    • To add to the above, make sure you dont supply an illegible document. In the same way, you should avoid altering the document you are sending to Amazon.
    • Also, follow their instructions to the letter. If they ask you to provide some docs via FAX, please dont send them via email. Disobedience can be costly.
    • Dont give too few details: Make sure you provide everything they need for their investigation. If they say provide proof of purchase of all gift cards, do exactly that.
    • On no account should you say too much? Dont provide information that they didnt request.
    • Be polite but firm. Rudeness is not an option here.
    • Avoid been emotional
    • Finally, help them to help you by cooperative activity.

    Upgrade To An Amazon Business Account

    Upgrade your personal Amazon buyers account into an Amazon business account if you know that you will be shopping very often on Amazon. In addition, you cant rely on amazons business account any longer if you are operating it from Nigeria. I will advise you to ask your contact in the USA to help you open and manage it. Amazon is still afraid of USA residents to some extent because they know they can sue them for damages if they close their account unjustly.

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    How Would You Know If Your Amazons Buyer Account Has Been Closed

    Lest I forget, I am an Amazon buyer account holder. I buy and never sells. Also, it might interest you to know that I am not a USA resident. I had my account closed in early September and I went through hell getting it reinstated. Now let me share with you the indicators/features of a suspended Amazon account.

    • You will most likely receive an email from Amazon notifying you of your account suspension. This email will clearly state why they take such action. Interestingly, the email will not give you a clue on what to do. I mean, they wont ask you to appeal or advise you on how to go about the appeal.
    • If Amazon closes your account, you will not be able to login to the Amazon website on a desktop browser or mobile browser. However, for a limited period of time, you may still be logged in into your Amazon App.
    • To compound your login problems, no matter how many times you try to reset your password, it wont just work.
    • For those who are still logged into their mobile app, even if you manage to place an order, it will be automatically canceled within 10-minutes.

    How To Compose The Letter/email That You Want To Send To Jeff Bezos

    What is Amazon Attribution and How to Use It

    If you get your acts right, you will receipt the most anticipated message from Amazon. This message will herald the reopening of your account. Take note as it will be sent from and the title would be Your Amazon Account has been reinstated. There is a very tiny line between getting this email and not getting a response from Jeff or another executive altogether.

    Another mistake that most customers make is that they try to jump the hierarchy. Please contact them one after the other. Dont go straight and send an email to Mr. Jeff by skipping Mr. Dave. Secondly, allow at least one week between the message before contacting the next executive. If you want a successful email like mine, please follow the tips on what to write in your message to Amazons executives below:

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    Solution : Contact Via Phone

    How to unlock Amazon account? You can also unblock your Amazon account via your phone. There are two methods phone number and online chat.

    Phone number

    If you have an American account, you should call this phone number – +1 -266-2992. Then, you need to provide verification details for identification and explain your situation and how your account was incorrectly blocked to the expert. At last, you can ask for the expert to unblock your account.

    Online Chat

    Log in to the active Amazon account and contact support via online chat. Then, provide verification details and ask the customer specialist and explain the situation. The customer specialist can help you to get rid of the Amazon account locked issue.

    Avoid Ordering The Same Items In Large Quantities With Your Personal Account

    Dont do anything that will strike Amazon as if you are buying for reselling. For example, dont order the same items from the same seller in multiple quantities. This is risky especially if we are dealing with phones.

    Also, avoid buying more than three high-end electronic devices within a 30 days period even with your card.

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    What Is Amazon Account Suspension

    In a laymans language, Amazon account closing/suspension is a situation whereby Amazon closes a customers account either on request or as a result of a policy violation/ Now if you request Amazon to close your account, you are safe and free to come back to the community anytime you deem fit.

    On the contrary, if you receive an account closure message from Amazon informing you that you have been banned because you have committed an offense, then you need to take some action if you ever want to get your account back. The latter reason is the essence of this post. How to Reinstate Amazon Buyer Account.

    Unlock Account By Calling Customer Care Support:

    Re: [Amazon – Account Update] Account is on hold. Action is required e-mail. Probably fake no email

    You can also unlock your account by calling customer care support help line number. Here is the full steps:

    • Dial the amazon customer care number
    • Choose IBR option, if you are a prime user press 2
    • You will be connected with a available support agent
    • Provide your account details to verify and Explain your issue.
    • You will need to provide documents if required
    • They will forward the call to an account specialist
    • Ask him to review your account to unlock the account and answer them if they ask something.

    They might ask you to mail account details with documents, if they not get proper details in call. But worry not! We have also added mailing process.

    Amazon Account Locked & Contact via Live Chat

    • Browse site
    • Login your account or create a new account
    • On the right side corner click Help & Support
    • Next, click on Live Chat option
    • Now provide your account details and ask them to unlock your account
    • They may ask your ID or Credit Cards to verify your Payment information

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    Contacting Amazon Via Voice Call

    Amazon highly invests in its customers and exercises strong will to satisfy the parties involved in the business.

    With that being said, contacting an Amazon Supervisor or an Accounts Specialist on a voice call is the best option to get your account unlocked.

    Note: If you’re a US customer, you’ll most likely be called by account specialists, but it’s rare if you have an international account.

  • When you get to the answering machine: Ask for a supervisor and provide verification details when asked
  • Explain that your account was blocked by error after you purchased products and that you need an account specialist to review your details and restore your account.
  • Exceptions To The Bank Deposit Hold Rules

    Banks are allowed to maintain holds for longer than those rules generally permit for the following reasons:

    • New account: One opened for 30 calendar days or less
    • Excessive deposits: More than $5,000 in checks on any one day
    • Redeposits: Checks that were returned unpaid
    • Account history: Repeated overdraws
    • Emergencies: Including loss of communications or computer facilities.

    Your bank may also maintain longer holds if there’s reasonable cause to believe the check being deposited is uncollectible.

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    Contact Amazon Customer Service Through Cell Phone:

    If you dont have Internet at the moment, you can use your cell phone to place a call to Amazon customer service from anywhere in the world. The Amazon customer service phone numbers are:

    • +1 -266-2992
    • 1-888-230-4331

    After connecting with the toll-free numbers , the automated calling system will perform phone verification by sending an OTP to your cell phone. Soon after, you will be placed on the waiting list to talk with the Customer service and wait patiently for your turn.

    While talking with the Amazon account specialist over your cell phone, reply correctly to any question asked from their side, and when given a chance, convey your condition to them in detail the situations under which your Amazon account was placed on hold. You might be asked for:

    • Your Amazon account email address
    • Bank statement of the payment you made for the last order.
    • Proof of your default shipping address
    • Invoice of other order that can to the default address

    If they find the verified information correct and according to their database, they will release your Amazon account on hold.

    How Do I Find Out Which Orders Were Shipped From My Locked Account And Which Orders Were Not

    Malware Disguises Itself as Amazon Order Confirmation ...

    Our suggestion is to simply call Amazon and ask them for a detailed report of your last 30 days orders since you cant access your account. You can also look through your email account and see which order despatch emails you have, though some users have found this unreliable.

    If you were logged into the Amazon app before the account was locked, you may still be able to access parts of your account via the app to see.

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