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How To Get Your Amazon Product On First Page

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Shoppers Often Begin Their Search On Amazon

How To Get Your Amazon FBA Product To The First Page! – How To Rank Amazon Keywords FAST

Shoppers start their product research nearly 2X more often on Amazon than Google according to a recent study by BloomReach.

This trend continues to widen and it is inevitable that customers will search for your product on Amazon, whether you decide to sell on there or not. Nearly 9 in 10 consumers check Amazon even if they find a product they want on another retailers site.

I have seen first-hand dozens of case studies through my consultancy and time at Amazon where growth in the Amazon channel leads to growth in other sales channels. Weve all been there: just before purchasing an item we pull out our phones to check the reviews on Amazon.

The 6 Pillars Of Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Do you spend a big chunk of time creating your Amazon product listing? How much time do you spend ensuring it is optimized?

Its no secret that having a powerful product listing is important. But this isnt just a one-time investment. After youve implemented these quick its time to take the next step!

Im here to tell you how important your Amazon product listing is, we covered this in our but we went deep in the specifics here of what you need to know when creating a product listing and how you can continue to optimize in the future. After buying UPC codes, creating your product listing is necessary to start selling your products on Amazon FBA.

Were analyzing the product listing optimization for Jungle Stix which has generated $260,000 in sales.

Build Your Seller Metrics

Your Order Defect Rate in particular is extremely important in how Amazon rates you as a seller and how you show up in search rankings, including the Buy Box. Amazon wants to deliver the best possible experience for its customers, so building a strong history as a successful seller with reliable deliveries and excellent customer service will give you an added edge.

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Product Reviews Are Queen

If sales are king then reviews are queen.

Amazon knows customers rely on reviews to make informed decisions about their purchases.

That is why Amazon has been cracking down so hard on fake review services where people are getting paid to write fake positive reviews and why improving Amazon reviews is top-of-mind for many sellers.

Reviews serve as social proof and let buyers know its safe to spend their money on your product.

Plus who wants to be the first to leave a review for this product?

Additionally, reviews factor heavily into product rank in the search results.

I can recall a product one of our clients launched that started selling really well from day one with no reviews. However, it could never break past the page 5 mark.

Once the first two reviews came in, the product jumped to page 2.

Sales continued to come in and once the product received its 10th review, it hit page 1 almost the same day.

So the moral of the story is, do what you can to get honest and unbiased reviews as soon as possible.

The first thing to get in place is an email feedback sequence that communicates with buyers through the buyer-seller messaging service in seller central.

Two of our favorite tools are:

  • Sales Backer.
  • With these services, you can write custom email sequences to your buyers that help develop a customer relationship and ask for honest feedback and reviews.

    Ryan Bemiller Founder Shopping Signals

    How To Rank Products In Amazon  KeyworX Guide

    Understand that reviews and SEO play a large part in getting your product listings in front of more people.

    Amazon is a search engine as much as it is a marketplace.

    People search for products on Amazon.

    And Amazon has ranking factors to help it determine which products to show, in which order, when someone performs a search.

    So do some research on Amazons SEO factors.

    Things like title, subtitle, description, questions and answers, and even pictures all factor in on how a product will rank.

    Pay attention to keywords that people will use to find your products, and look at what keywords your competitors are using.

    Reviews also play a big part in your ranking on Amazon.

    The frequency and overall number of reviews you get will help Amazon determine your rank.

    Be careful not to break Amazons terms of service with respect to soliciting reviews, but do try to solicit reviews.

    Youll need them. Especially early on when youre trying to get some traction for a new product.

    Write long, detailed product descriptions. At least 1,000 words.

    Not just fluff, either add LSI keywords. Again, keyword research is CRITICAL here.

    Also, have a presence off of Amazon.

    Build a brand, start a blog or YouTube channel, and help people see you as more than just Amazon.

    Its the best way to grow, besides the obvious things like great pictures/description and competitive pricing.

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    Faqs About Amazon Store Insights

    Amazon Store Insights is fairly new . Luckily, a variety of common questions and concerns about the new platform:

    Q1. Why is some data in the analytics dashboard unavailable?

    According to Amazon, as they add information on your store performance over time, there could be instances where data is not available.

    Heres why:

    • Units and sales data are only available as of December 25, 2017.
    • Tagged sources data is broken down to individual tags when they meet Amazons data threshold. Amazon only provides a breakdown of the top 30 tags.

    Q2. How are sales and units sold calculated?

    Amazon calculates the total sales or units sold based on Marketplace data. They take into account sales generated by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit to your store.

    As of today, there are 2 types of attributed sales Amazon uses:

    • Direct sales or units: Total sales or units purchased of products available on a store page, where the store page was viewed by the purchasing customer.
    • Halo sales or units: Total sales or units purchased of products available on Amazon from your brand, where the product purchased was not available on the store page viewed by your customer.

    Q3. How are sales and units sold attributed?

    Amazon uses a last discovery methodology to attribute sales and units sold to pages and to sources.

    Pro-tip: Its important to note that Amazon display sales data in Stores insights based on the date of the visit, not the date of the sale itself.

    Use The Product Detail Page To Add A Product Offer

    You can list an offer for a product directly from its product detail page on the Amazon website.

  • Search the Amazon website for a product you want to sell.
  • Click the Sell on Amazon button on the product detail page.Important: After clicking Sell on Amazon, review any restrictions provided on the Amazon Services Seller Central page. If you see that you are not approved to add this product, click the Learn More link.
  • If you are approved to sell the product, click Go to your Account.
  • Add your offer details by entering your price, quantity, and condition.
  • Save your updates.
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    Not Responding Promptly To Customer Inquiries

    Its common for potential customers to have questions or concerns about your products. Whether theyre interested in learning more about the product or have a specific request, your customer service responsibilities begin the moment they send you an inquiry. Amazon is popular among shoppers largely because it offers so many different options in one place. If you dont answer customer inquiries quickly, theyre likely to move on to a similar seller.

    There are also if you dont respond to inquiries fast enough. Amazon gives sellers 24 hours to provide a response, including on holidays and weekends. If the question is not answered within this time frame, Amazon will be notified. Once youve missed too many inquiries, your account will be suspended.

    You will be notified of new inquiries through your primary email. Therefore, you may want to schedule time at least once a day to check your inbox, making it a habit so you never miss crucial messages.

    Amazon Seo: How To Rank On The First Page

    How to SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCH Your Product on – Rank to PAGE 1 – Amazon FBA 2020

    Amazon really is a fantastic marketplace for almost any online seller looking to sell more and grow their business.

    The problem is, itâs also an incredibly competitive one.

    Now depending on what it is you sell, you could be competing against hundreds of thousands of other sellers for that coveted top spot on Amazonâs search results page.

    But how exactly do you go up against the competition and successfully secure the number one search position on Amazon?

    More specifically, how do you get seen by buyers looking for something that you sell?

    Throughout this article I will walk you through the steps involved in optimizing your listings for Amazon SEO, in order to rank on the first page, increase your visibility and ultimately sell more products.

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    How To Setup Your Author Central Account

  • Go to and click Join for free.
  • Sign in with your regular Amazon username and password. If you dont have an account, select I am a new customer. Youll need to give a little more information.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions, then click Accept.
  • Enter your author name, pen name, or book title into the search field. A list of possible books appears.
  • Select any one of your books to create the account. If your book is not on the list, you can search for it by title or ISBN.
  • Amazon will send you a confirmation email to finish creating the account. as an additional measure to verify your identity, which may take three to seven days.)
  • While youre waiting for verification, you can start adding information to your Author Page. You cannot add or make changes to your books or blog until your identity is confirmed, but dont let that stop you from getting started. You can start adding things like pictures and a bio right away.

    Key Elements Of An Amazing Product Opportunity

    Make a note of the criteria listed below, as they will help you make a wise decision for your business.

    Amazon Product Criteria

    Products > 18 dollars

    To be a successful Amazon, these are the key aspects to remember:

    • Low seasonality: Look for products that can sell year-round and arent limited to season sales.
    • No legal problems: Avoid picking up products that have trademark or legal issues.
    • A price that is greater than 18 dollars: You can easily increase the ability to make millions of dollars through sales by having a higher price per unit.
    • Lightweight and small: These types of products tend to generate better sales than the ones that are not. This is due to two reasons- one: lower shipping charges, and two reduced storage.

    Room for improvement: If you can choose a product that can perform better than your competitors, then it increases the chances of making more sales.

    Pro Tip: You can get the financing you need to fund your next round of inventory with Payability. Unlike other financing options, their products are designed for the unique needs of Amazon sellers. Approval is based on account health and sales performance so there are never any credit checks.

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    What Is External Traffic On Amazon

    This is something Casey covered in the YouTube Live Webinar, but in reality didnt go anywhere near as far as defining External Traffic For Amazon Sellers in a broad and expansive way. Thats what Im doing today, in this post.

    External traffic is simply traffic thats come from a website or App other than Amazon. The searcher and potential customer starts their journey somewhere else, but ends up on Amazon.

    So External Traffic answers the question how do I increase my Amazon Sessions on my listings, without relying on Amazon listing optimisation or Amazon PPC.

    Here we cover the 9 external to amazon traffic sources to promote Amazon Professional Sellers Account listings and get more Amazon sales:

  • Instagram for Amazon Sales
  • Product Launch Services
  • Search Engine Marketing Organic Traffic
  • Email Marketing Traffic
  • Using Amazon Influencers to generate sales & traffic
  • So if youre looking for ideas on how to promote your product on Amazon, youre in the right place!

    Optimize Your Amazon Listing Title

    How to Create Amazon Affiliate Link [Tutorial]

    Your listings title is the most valuable real estate on your Amazon product listing.

    Your product title is the part of your listing that will have the greatest impact on product performance in search.

    Per Amazon suggested best practices, your title should contain elements such as:

    • Brand.
    • Size.
    • Packaging/Quantity.

    The secret to an effective title is how you order these elements, along with one other major ranking factor: additional target keywords.

    In our experience, keyword order and keyword choice can dramatically influence Amazon product sales and rank.

    First lets discuss order, then well address our favorite way to determine the best keyword choices for a particular product.

    Do you notice anything different between the various sponsored placements?

    Yes, the number of characters in the title!

    Titles in organic results typically have between 115-144 characters depending on the product/category.

    Titles in right rail ads have around 30-33 characters and mobile titles have between 55-63 characters.

    So what does that tell us?

    We must place the absolute most relevant keywords first.

    This has both practical and algorithmic implications.

    From a practical standpoint, we want to make sure every customer, regardless of search result location, knows exactly what were selling.

    Anecdotally, the algorithm correlates higher relevance with keywords that appear earlier in the title.

    One very common question with clients is if they should use the brand name in the title or not.

    • |

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    What If Your Product Doesnt Have An Asin Already

    Maybe you’re selling a completely unique item that has not already been assigned an ASIN in Amazon’s database. In this case, you’ll need to go through their process to create a new product. When adding a new product listing to Amazon, you should use the products Global Trade Item Numbers . This includes ISBN, UPC, EAN, JAN, and GTIN-14.

    For a more in-depth look at this topic, check out our blog about how to create a new ASIN.

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    How To Create A Professional Author Page In Amazon Author Central

    Using Amazon Author Central and creating an Author page can make a big difference in your book sales.

    It proves your legitimacy as an author and gives you certain functions and capabilities on Amazon to convert readers into fans.

    Sadly, creating a professional Amazon Author Page can feel daunting with all the different steps. But don’t worry, because I’m about to show you step-by-step how you can create a fantastic Author Central Page and super-effective tactics to help boost your sales and follower numbers.

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    Applying Automation To Your Amazon Marketplace Account

    Automating your Amazon Marketplace account means putting some of the processes and tasks on auto-pilot. By using certain technology, you can enable systems to run on their own without much effort on your part. This means that you can get more done in less time.

    Automation can also help you land additional sales. For example, in order to stay competitive on Amazon, you need to consistently track the prices of similar products. Automation can make this easier, helping you easily ensure that your items are always fairly priced. It can also let you keep track of your inventory, enabling you to efficiently fill orders and keep your customers happy.

    The Amazon Store Manager Has Four Sections Including:

    How To Get Your Amazon FBA Product To The First Page! – How To Rank Amazon Keywords In (2018)

    Page Manager: Used to create, select, move and delete pages from the Amazon Store

    Preview Window: Provides a live view of the current page and can be used to select a tile to edit the Tile Manager.

    Tile Manager: Used to add, edit, move, and delete tiles from the Amazon Store.

    Status Bar: This provides the current moderation status of the Amazon Store and displays any error messages.

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    Why Tracking Your Sales Success Is So Important

    Tracking and measuring your marketing and sales enables you to better understand what your audience is connecting with. Through identifying your most popular products and content, youll be better able to serve your customers and develop a marketing strategy that improves your sales.

    When you properly track your sales success, you can also make more strategic decisions when it comes to promoting your Amazon Marketplace store. For example, once you understand what your target audience is drawn to, you can provide them with more products or materials that fit their unique preferences.

    Ways To Promote Your Amazon Listings And Sell More Products

    • 255shares
    • 255shares

    Amazons marketplace is just as lucrative as it is crowded.

    To profit as a seller, you have to stand out against over two million merchants. But if you do grab buyers attention, youre bound to make sales since so many shoppers flock to Amazon. The average conversion rate in the marketplace is roughly 15%, roughly three to five times that of other e-commerce sites.

    The key to reaching Amazon shoppers is maximizing your listings visibility. There are so many products on the marketplace, and buyers dont have the time or patience to sift through every single one. Make it easy for buyers to find your products and youre on track to win greater sales.

    To boost your listings visibility, well highlight nine key ways to drive external traffic outside of Amazon and internal traffic within the marketplace to your products. Using these strategies leads buyers right to your listings, so they can make their way down your sales funnel and grow to become a customer.

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    Amazons First Page Study

    It’s crucial that your product be as near to the top of Amazons first page as possible.

    One Click Retail estimates that only 30% of all shoppers look past the 1st page, which means your chances of making a sale drop exponentially after page 1. Most buyers will rarely click through past page 4 on Amazon.

    Find out how to rank on Amazon by searching your primary keywords directly on You can also check your Amazon Best Selling Rank, which looks like this:

    You Amazon best selling rank is algorithmically calculated based on factors such as sales, reviews, conversion rate, and keywords. All of these ranking factors tie in together to your product title, description, and images.

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