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How To Get Your Book Noticed On Amazon

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How To Get Your Book Noticed On Amazon A Guide

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This article will give you ten tips for getting your book noticed on Amazon. The tips are broken down into various categories and are very simple to follow.

Your blog is an invaluable resource for authors. They should follow the practices below to maximize their opportunities to get their book onto Amazon.

Lets begin and give some practical tips for getting people to see your book!

Add Blurbs To The Amazon Store Page

Blurb is a publishing industry slang term for a short quote that someone else writes about a book.

Youve probably seen these a million times before. They are often included on the front and back cover of a physical book, and they work best when they come from a prominent reviewer or another writer or celebrity.

If youre publishing for the first time, you probably wont be getting any big names to contribute a blurb to your book, but you can still get blurbs from others.

Try contacting book review websites or YouTube channels. These kinds of sites often want to release as much content as they can, so theres a decent chance that theyll take a look at the book or maybe even recommend other similar sites that could help you out.

The point is, having any kind of positive blurbs on your ebooks store page immediately increases the legitimacy of the product in the eyes of potential buyers.

The more people that buy your book, the more Amazons algorithm will start to take notice. It might even start recommending your book to users who havent even searched for it specifically.

This success can quickly snowball until you have lots of glowing user reviews, which will also help boost sales.

Edit And Proofread Well

After youve taken care of the outside of your book, you need to make sure the insides keep the reader engaged. That means making sure the text has been edited and proofread.

This is something you can do on your own, but when trying to get noticed on Amazon, its in your best interest to pay a professional to help with this endeavor. Remember: youre going up against millions of other stories.

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Add A Kindle Countdown Deals Promotion

If youre wondering how to market book on Amazon, add your book to KDP Select there is a chance that you can get paid when it comes to the number of pages read.

Another perk that is offered by KDP Select is the ability to run different types of promotions, including the Kindle Countdown Deals Promotion.

For this, youll choose special pricing for your book, then decide how long you want to run the promotion. The shorter the time frame, the more urgency you might build in readers to buy your book.

If youre wondering how to promote my book on Amazon, the Countdown Deal is something you need to consider. The best thing about this is that Amazon does a lot of the work for you. Its still a good idea to share the news on your social media sites, but having Amazon help is potentially beneficial.

An Awesome Book Cover That Gets A Second Glance

125: How to do a Book Launch that Will Get Your Book Noticed by Amazon ...

Someone once said: You can never tell a book by its cover. That might have been true back in 1946 but in todays world, readers DO judge by the cover and they will buy your book based on the front-end window dressing. The principle here is simple: If it looks good, it must be valuable. Most books get three seconds to sell a reader. If you want to sell more books, have a cover that grabs attention and gets your browser to take the next step.

For cover designers we can recommend a few sites here:

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Set Up Your Assets To Remind Your Network

Social media is a great way to remind your network that your book is ready to be reviewed.

Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or whatever social media assets you have to keep your book present in peoples minds.

For example:

  • Pin a tweet requesting reviews at the top of your Twitter feed
  • Add the book to your email signature
  • Put your book in the header of your Facebook and Twitter profiles

An Intriguing Book Title And Subtitle

Your cover is what grabs the readers attention, but your book title is what makes the sale. It will depend largely on the theme of your book but taking time to craft a title/subtitle will be a deciding factor for potential readers to buy or not.

The title is the hook that draws readers in and the subtitle is your elevator pitch that tells them what they can expect to gain by reading this book. Will they lose weight? Become better at saving money? Run a full marathon in under six hours?

Brainstorm as many possible titles as you can for both the main title and subtitle. Although the title can make them guess what the book is about, the subtitle is what sells it. Good books that sell often have great subtitles that gives browsers a stronger idea of what is behind the cover.

Check out these great titles for inspiration:

Book Launch: How to Write, Market & Publish Your First Bestseller in Three Months or Less AND Use it to Start and Grow a Six Figure Business by Chandler Bolt

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The Birth Of Book Rescue

I dont have to tell you that 2020 was an outright dumpster fire. The effects of the global pandemic reverberated through the self-publishing community and even more so beyond it.

My goal has always been to help struggling authors indirectly through my videos. I have steadily built my business to that end since I started my YouTube channel in 2016. Ive also put together a small team to help me, so while Book Rescue was my idea, it has been expanded exponentially through collaborating with my team.

This Pilot Episode was heavily influenced by Dan Norton who handles my video editing. I rely on his insights and expertise to steer my YouTube channel on a steady path to 100K + subscribers. Thats been a goal of mine since the beginning.

Once the Pilot Episode was done, I shared it with my assistant, Ava, and she was on board as well. She brings WordPress skills and brand-building knowledge enabling her to fill any gaps an author might have in their platform.

This small team makes Book Rescue live up to its name.

That wasnt enough. I also tapped my network to pull together a package of services to carry each Book Rescue candidate through the building and correction phase into ongoing success which brings me back to Thomas.

Generate And Respond To Reviews

What Is Business Development Planning?

Reviews are essential when promoting your book, and youll want to start with as many great reviews as possible when you first launch your book on Amazon. So, ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to read your book, and hop onto Amazon to share their thoughts shortly after you list your new title. Then, as your book grows in popularity, be active with your fans!

Respond to new reviews as they trickle in, and encourage folks to share their thoughts on your story. Word-of-mouth marketing is alive and well, even in the online realm, so the more people talk about your book and generate feedback, the better.

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Responding To Reader Reviews Matters

I am personally a huge fan of this I love letting readers know that I appreciate them taking the time to review the book on Amazon. Just a short note that thanks them and then calling out a specific point that theyve addressed to make sure your comment is customized to the actual review.

If you want to get to all of your reviews, head on over to Author Central and click on Customer Reviews .

Once youre there, youll see all of the reviews for your books. They arent stacked by individual book, but rather by most recent review. Click on Add a Comment and itll take you to another screen where it allows you to place a comment!

Its a free and easy way to get your book noticed on Amazon and generate more positive word of mouth.

Why Do Book Reviews Matter

If youve put in the effort to write a good book, then its worth taking the time to get honest feedback from your readers.

Quick note: I said a good book. All of my advice assumes you wrote a good book. Im going to teach you how to get honest reviews, so if your book is not good, my suggestions will backfire. Youll get reviews, but they wont be ones you like.

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Amazon Secrets Every Author Needs To Know

Amazon has always been a secretive organization. For example, Jeff Bezos never divulges how many Kindle devices the company actually sells. Instead, he makes cryptic remarks such as, “It’s the bestselling product in our store.” Also, Amazon doesn’t reveal how much money they make selling books. Those financial numbers are rolled into their “Media” division that includes movies and other products. In addition, Amazon keeps a lot of book marketing secrets hidden from the world. If you write and sell books on Amazon, here are 3 secrets every author needs to know:

Plan Your Book Marketing For A 48 Hour Blitz

How to Get Your Book Noticed on Amazon: Your Relevancy Score (Book ...

After #4, we know what youre thinking: How do you sell lots of copies of your books in a short period of time? This is where you use the stacking strategy, namely, planning multiple promotional opportunities for your book at once. Many authors book promotions with services like Freebooksy or Bargain Booksy during a free or discount price promotion to spur a spike in sales. Readers subscribed to these services are always on the hunt for great, bargain reads, and a high volume of them will download your title if they find it appealing. Dont know where you should price your book during a promotion? We can help you with that. Once you have a price promotion scheduled, start stacking up other things you can do on that day: Post to social media send an email to your list and tell your friends and family.

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Tips To Get Reviews For Your Book

Using public relations has historically been the best way to get your book out to the media.

Now thankfully there are amazing online tools like Promo Panda, which can pitch your book out to a wide range of media outlets for reviewing and taking a look at your book.

All the media coverage we secure is in blogs with real following as well as a niche-specific outlet, so you can get real engagement out of your media placements.

Have Smart Descriptions And Focus On Keywords

Sometimes, if your description is too lengthy, your verbiage gets squished on your books page. This makes it difficult to read. Other times, your description may be short and sweet but doesnt get to the meat and potatoes of what your book is all about. Again, this makes it difficult to find readers who are looking for works on a specific topic.

So, use your words wisely when it comes to your book description, and focus on keywords. Think about the searches that readers might use to search for a book like yours, and ensure to include them in your description. For example, if you have written a historical romance book, you may use phrases like A thrilling love story set in Tudor-era England under the reign of Henry VIII.

Another trick to grab attention is to reference other prominent works and stories that share similarities with your book. For example, If you like thrillers like Gone Girl, youll love this book. Essentially, you want to be as specific as possible without getting into too much detail and bogged down with heavy-handed descriptions. So, think carefully, come up with specific keywords, and create a description that tells your story in just a few brief sentences.

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Choose The Right Title & Subtitle

If you were getting ready to launch a new product, you wouldnt just slap a random name on it in 5 minutes, right? Youd take your time thinking about it. Maybe conduct a few marketing studies.

Your book title deserves the same level of attention.

Its often the first thing readers are going to see or hear about your book. It needs to be catchy and memorable, and it needs to convey the essence of what your book is.

The subtitle is just as important but in a different way.

Once your title hooks the reader, the subtitle explains the benefit of the book. Thats the only thing readers actually care aboutwhat your book will do for them. So your subtitle has to get it right.

If youre reading this and thinking its too late because your books already out there, dont.

Its never too late to change your book.

One of the best things about being a self-published Author is that you can experiment as much as you want with any part of your books marketing. You can even rewrite it and launch it all over again.

How To Get Your Book Cover Noticed On Amazon

Morpho anaxibia / Anaxibia blue morpho – REGUA, Brazil: Closeup and flight

If youve ever wondered How can I sell more books on Amazon, or How can my book stand out on Amazon, then youll enjoy todays guest blog by Jim Kukral, who designed the cover for my new ebook. Stay tuned for details about that!

Jim is a 15-year Internet marketing expert who has a design team he guides. This is important because its not the best thing to just hand things like book covers to artists. Artists like to make things look pretty only. Marketers know how to direct artists to make them sellable. Isnt that why youre writing a book? You can learn more about his book cover designs they are hot here

Im a happy customer and a sponsor!

How To Get Your Book Covers Noticed on Amazon

If you havent noticed theres a major publishing revolution happening these days. Now anyone can easily and quickly put a book up on Amazon for sale, without having to have a publisher. This has begun the official gold rush for existing and new authors. Now, hundreds of thousands of writers are able to sidestep the middleman and go direct to their readers. Oh, and also make a lot of money doing it.

Jim Kukral

So what makes an amazing digital book cover? As we all know the attention span of people who use the Web is very low. We have become accustomed to finding what we need online as fast as possible and have learned how to scan massive amounts of information with our eyes in seconds flat.

Image Is Everything

Images Count

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Reach Out To Authority Reviewers & Top Reviewers

Amazon has a list of top reviewers who are enthusiastic and authoritative about certain areas. If you notice that someone consistently reviews books in your field, they might be a good person to reach out to.

Be cautious about contacting too many top reviewers, especially if your book isnt in their realm of interest. No one likes spam, so only reach out with good reason.

You have to know your audience, so look at book bloggers who might have some knowledge in your area or podcasters who might be interested in your books topic.

Alternately, you could use a site like BookRazor to find people interested in your book. If you send them a free copy, they agree to follow up with a review.

Be aware though: cold calls have a high failure rate. We havent found this method as effective as tapping personal networks.

The Permission Marketing Plan

Permission marketing turns strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers. Its not just about entertainment its about education. Permission marketing is curriculum marketing.

Seth Godin

Now that we have looked at the basic elements you need to sell your book, it is time to get into the initial marketing. Generally speaking, most authors are not marketers. But you dont have to be to sell.

Following the above steps will place your book in the top 10%, but its time to enter the pro leagues by using a solid marketing plan. This is where you can start making some real money.

Mind you, these strategies represent the infrastructure of a long-term book business. If youre looking to make a quick buck they wont help, but if youre looking to lay the foundation for setting up passive income and drawing monthly income from your books over time, theyll help.

First, understand this, to create sustainable income from your books, you cant just tweet your way to sales, or send out weekly blog posts. To sell lots of books you need one thing: traffic.

How to get traffic? By invitation. How to invite people to buy your book? By giving stuff away and providing so much value that they cant possibly say no.

We do this by setting up an email list of raving fans.

Without an active email list, youll be relying heavily on luck and organic traffic. Although you can still do well without a list, youll work twice as hard to get your book into the top search engines.

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Choose The Right Categories

relies on your readers finding you quickly and easily. Take time to consider the genre of your book and identify any applicable sub-categories. Search through the books which are similar to your own and look at the categories they are placed in. You have two category options so choose them wisely. Remember, if you dont seem to be getting anywhere with the categories youre in, theyre not set in stone. You can go back into your KDP account and alter them. So do that play around with your category choice and monitor the results.

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