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How To Get Your Product Sponsored On Amazon

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Utilize Reporting In Ads

How to set up an amazon sponsored product

You always have to make good and profitable choices for your ad campaigns. You always have to keep an eye on your progress bar and use a data-driven approach to make effective choices for your ad campaign.

Amazon will provide you data from different advertisers about their searches and keywords to compete in the market with better keywords. Like Google ads, you have to be the advertiser who can have access to the informative data.

That data can be search terms, how to add new effective keywords, or how to increase your ad campaigns performance. The search result reports include some data for every keyword that are given below:

  • Impressions

Share Listings On Social Media

The average person spends nearly two hours per day on social media platforms. Given this popularity, sharing your Amazon listings on social media through your business accounts is a powerful way of getting your products in front of more buyers.

Since your followers expect to receive value from your posts, its best to avoid creating posts on your account that are basically ads for your listings. Instead, its better to share your listing in more subtle ways that are still helpful to your followers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a social media promo code. Merchants with a Professional Selling account on Amazon can create a promotion link to share through social media about a discount theyre offering on the listing. Unlike a traditional ad, sharing a promo code gives users value by helping them save money. For more details on setting up this promo code, check out this guide.
  • Posting an informative, helpful blog post or video that includes a link to your Amazon listing, such as a How-to video or list post, is a great way to indirectly promote your products through social media.
  • Host a contest or giveaway. Announce through your social media accounts that any user who posts your Amazon listing in their bio will be entered for a chance to win a prize. This reward will motivate users to share your listing and spread the word about your Amazon products.

Who Can Use Amazon Ppc Ads

Pay-per-click ads on Amazon are available to both vendors and sellers. Sellers offer their products to Amazon customers directly. Vendors sell their products in bulk to Amazon, selling them to Amazons consumers. However, sellers need to be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry to avail pay-per-click ads. FBA and FBM can benefit from Amazon pay-per-click ads.

The below table explains the requirements to be met before running a pay-per-click ad:

Adult, used, or refurbished products are prohibited

Products have to be in stock, and the Buy Box*

Adult, used, or refurbished products are prohibited. Alcohol, Prescription drugs and devices, Weapons like pepper spray, fireworks, airsoft guns, and Adult products are prohibited.

Products have to be in stock.

Member of Brand Registry program Yes, the seller has to be enrolled in the program Yes, the seller has to be enrolled in the program

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Will I See Better Results On Amazon Vs Google Ads

A major difference between Google Ads and Amazon Sponsored Products is where people are in the purchasing process when they search on each platform.

People searching on Amazon are more likely to be at the end of the buyer’s journey . On Amazon, they know what product they want, and they are just looking for the right deal and provider.

On the other hand, Google has more of a mixed bag of search queries, encompassing all stages of the buyer’s journey. This means your ad strategy can be much more flexible, targeting earlier stages of the buyer’s journey. That being said, not everyone searching in earlier stages of the buyer’s journey will be ready to make a purchase in the near future .

Many product-based companies have no need to target those individuals, making Amazon just fine for their advertising strategy where the goal is to put a product in front of interested shoppers.

Match Campaigns To Goals

Amazons Search Engine Ranking Algorithm: What Marketers ...

Customers visit Amazon not only as a place to shop, but to discover brands and new content. In fact, Amazon claims that use Amazon to discover new products or brands. As a result, you can reach millions of Amazon customers and deliver a range of results: creating interest in a product launch, driving brand awareness, maximizing product revenue or even disposing of slow-moving stock. Understanding what you want to achieve with your ads will help you understand how to target your ads. In turn, this will help drive clicks and maximize outcomes for a given product.

With Sponsored Display ads, you can:

  • Choose whether you are going to target the ad by audience or product.
  • Pick audiences who have previously shown interest in categories related to your product.
  • Re-engage with customers off Amazon who viewed your listing but did not make a purchase.

Each of these choices would have a different impression, click-thru rate and Advertising Cost of Sale . By determining these upfront you ensure you are meeting your goals.

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Amazon Product Targeting How To Find Asins To Target

Targeting products is an entire art, but it is an art one can learn and, of course, master. Undoubtedly, customers would want to buy your products if you are using the right product-targeting method.

You can use the following suggestions to find the best ASINs to advertise on:

  • Use an Amazon Product Research Tool to analyze the traffic a listing is getting in your campaign.
  • Use the Search Term Report in Campaign Manager to know which products appear when shoppers look for products similar to yours.
  • Compare your products with the market and make sure that your price, reviews, added value, and the quality of your pictures are better than those from the competition.
  • Analyze which products have been purchased together and target those ASINs. This will help your items appear as the top-performing ASINs on the results page.
  • Target the main category and subcategory of your product.
  • Use Brand Targeting to target brands you want your ad to show up for.
  • Refine each category, try out different combinations, and avoid targeting products with generic words.
  • As you can see, Sponsored Products is one of the most lucrative advertising tools available on Amazon, and Product Targeting allows you to optimize your ad campaigns based on a series of factors that, in the end, will capture more conversions. Remember, you can target both Categories and ASINs within the same Ad Group to get better results, and wait for two weeks after youve run your campaign to check your performance.

    Reach Your Customers With Sponsored Brand Video Ads

    Amazon continues to create features that help sellers reach customers during multiple parts of their buyer journey. From to Sponsored Brand Video ads, there is no better way to test out what works best to improve sales. If you want some guidance with your Sponsored Brand Video strategy and execution in Amazon, reach out to the Adlucent team today!

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    Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy

    Amazon sellers can build out campaigns to launch a new product or feature products that are seasonal or in demand.

    There are two ways to build & manage your campaigns within Sponsored Products:

    • Automatic Targeting: Amazon targets ads to all relevant customer searches based on product information.
    • Manual Targeting: Sellers manually set keyword options for Sponsored Products ad campaigns.

    There are pros and cons to both methods.

    Automatic Targeting allows you to skip the process of selecting keywords. However, also removes the higher level of control associated with Manual Targeting.

    Manual Targeting allows you to explicitly identify the keywords for searches their ads are surfacing for, but if Automatic Targeting is not in place, you could miss out on discovering lucrative keywords their audience is using to find products like theirs.

    We believe a great Amazon Sponsored Products strategy involves both Manual and Automatic Targeting.

    Set Different Bids According To Performance And Value

    How To Get Your Product To Page ONE On Amazon. Listing SEO, Ranking, Sponsored Ads, PPC, Promotions,

    Not all your products have the same profit margin therefore, you cannot bid the same amount for all keywords. Otherwise, youll risk losing money in products that provide low profits. Choose the keywords that have the potential of bringing the most value and bid higher on them.

    At the same time, select the keywords related to low-profit products to lower their bid according to your set target advertising cost of sale. After all, your goal is to make a profit, not to lose money or break even.

    Also, keep in mind that if your campaigns are new, youll need to set higher bids to gain search history. Without it, Amazon will give preference to other more senior competitor campaigns that have proven to generate sales. Once you gain search history and sales, then youll be able to set your bids back to normal.

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    How To Get Started With Amazon Ads

    As you know that the variables that can make your ad campaign successful, you can proceed with sponsored product ads campaigns. You have to follow some steps given below:

  • You have to sign up in the seller central and then create your account.
  • Then create your sponsored product ad campaign.
  • You have to choose the products that you want to promote in your ads.
  • Now, you have to decide the keywords that you want to target with your ads.
  • With the keywords, you have to determine the budget of promoting ads and keywords.
  • Then, your first ad can be created.
  • You can launch your sponsored products as soon as you complete your steps of creating Amazon ads. You can also see some additional tips on starting the Amazon ads:

    Implement A Cohesive Structure In Your Ad Account

    With your seller ad account, you will be able to build ad campaigns for your products. After understanding the basic structure of the ad account, you can easily optimize your ads to enhance their performance. Below are some discussions about the components of Amazons structure.

    • Account: Account is a big basket that gives you access to many tools. From your account, you can have access to your ad campaigns and many seller tools.
    • Campaign: By building campaigns, you can easily target any product for sales. Creating campaigns can lead to increased sales of your product in the market.
    • Ad Group: Ad group contains those ads built by you with its corresponding keywords you are targeting. These ad groups increase the performance of your ads. You need to be specific with these ad groups to make more profits.

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    Create Headlines With Engaging Messaging

    Come up with a creative and attractive ad copy. Following Amazon guidelines, you can use a maximum of 50 characters. Look at using phrases such as:

    • Exclusive or New
    • Include actionable phrases such as Buy Now or Save Now

    Avoid any unsupported claims like Best Seller or #1. These will likely not be approved by Amazon.

    How To Create Amazons Sponsored Product Ads

    Are Amazon

    Abhishek PathakFact Checked

    Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you .

    In this article, I will present you a step-by-step guide on How to create Amazons Product Ads. Go and check the complete write-up.

    If you search for any product on the internet, then the most preferred searching browser you use is Google. But Amazon is a leading eCommerce platform for purchasing products. Many other eCommerce platforms exist, but nothing you can compare with Amazon.

    It is the leading, efficient, and most convenient method of selling goods over the internet. Now you may be thinking of advertising your products on Amazon. But could it be done? Is it fruitful for your business? It is necessary to know the answers to these questions to grow your business properly.

    There are a variety of ways to advertise your products and services on Amazon. The most efficient advertising way is sponsored product ads. It is the best way to increase your sales and profits in the market. If you want to stay a step ahead of your competitors, then you must go with this method.

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    Let us see more about sponsored product ads below:


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    How To Start Using Amazon Coupons In Seller Central

    Luckily, creating coupons is a breeze inside Seller Central, so give it a shot when youre done reading this guide.

    Step 1: In Seller Central, navigate to the Advertising tab and select Coupons from the drop-down menu.

    Step 2: Click Create your First Coupon and select between your different ASINs.

    Step 3: Select either a percent or dollar discount. Percent discounts must be between 5-80% off.

    Step 4: Set your coupons maximum budget. Each time you sell an item, this maximum budget will be deducted by the amount of the coupon and a $0.60 coupon referral fee. Once your maximum budget reaches 0, your coupon will automatically be deactivated.

    Step 5: Lastly, schedule how long your coupon will last. This can range from 1 day to 3 months.

    And just like that, youve set up your first Amazon coupon!

    Now that you can make coupons, the next step is figuring out which products to apply them to.

    Your Products Are Out Of Stock

    Sounds like a no-brainer, right? You cant advertise if you have nothing to sell. Regularly check to make sure you are keeping up-to-date with your product inventory at all times.

    Amazon has full visibility into your product inventory and is often managing the fulfillment for their sellers. This situation is a benefit in this case. There is no chance youll be advertising for products that arent available and in stock.

    Keeping your inventory well-stocked and avoiding outages will ensure that there arent any gaps in your advertising. Additionally, keeping your products in stock is a ranking factor that the Amazon algorithm weighs when determining where to rank your product and if it will win the Buy Box.

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    What Is Amazon Sponsored Products

    If youâre familiar with Google Search Ads, sponsored products are essentially that but on Amazon rather than Google. The ads allow sellers to boost the discoverability of individual listings by targeting customer search terms. Once a shopper clicks on your sponsored listing, they are taken directly to your product page.

    Before You Get Started

    Amazon Sponsored Products (Amazon PPC) – Step by Step: Create Your First Sponsored Products Ad

    Before you can advertise on Amazon, it is key to have optimized product listings and a well set up seller central account. This is because advertising will only help to draw traffic to your product listings.

    However, once the customer lands on the product detail pages, they need to be able to easily find all the information they would need on that product. Hence, its essential to have a well-made and organized seller central account which serves as the ecosystem that hosts your products.

    Also, in order to set up a campaign manager for advertising, you must have a seller central account with multiple ASINs to target.

    For more guidance on how to develop or improve your seller central account visit:

    To learn more about the basics of Amazon selling check out:

    SEO optimized product listings are very important for Amazon advertising as well. Typically you want to build your Amazon ads around keywords your product listings rank strongly for.

    If you are bidding on keywords that your product isnt ranked for then your ads wont even show on Amazon search results.

    For more information on how to improve product listings for SEO read:

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    Bid On Popular Brands That Sell Similar Products

    When brainstorming keywords to bid on, dont forget about your well-known competitors. For instance, if you sell backpacks you should be bidding on terms like L.L. Bean backpacks and Northface backpacks because these are well-known brands that are commonly searched for and purchased. This will allow you to gain exposure and pursue someone to buy your much cooler, less well-known brand name backpack.

    To find your top competitors, do a generic search on Amazon for products in your vertical say, backpacks and see which brands come up the most in your search results.

    Amazon Sponsored Products: Ppc Model

    Sponsored Ads are billed according to the PPC model. That means advertisers only pay, if their ad is clicked.

    The typical CPC for Amazon.com currently ranges from a few cents up to 3 US dollars.

    See CPC benchmarks below or in our free .

    The cost of the click is determined in a real time auction whenever an ad is shown. Every advertiser submits a bid and gets an ad position accordingly. However, the bid is different from the actual CPC as each advertiser only pays 1 cent more than the next highest bid.

    In the above example, Advertiser 3 wins the auction with a bid of $4.00. If this ad is clicked, the CPC charged to Advertiser 3 will be $3.51. This logic also applies for all following ad ranks, e.g. advertiser 1 pays $3.11.

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    Sponsored Products: Key Metrics

    To identify areas in which you can improve your advertising strategy, its useful to use tools like the free to see how your KPIs compare with other sellers in your marketplace and category.

    Conversion Rate Conversion rate = number of orders ÷ number of clicks x 100 Conversion rate is an indication of how persuasive your ads and products are also as CVR goes up, so does profitability

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