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How To Increase Conversion Rate On Amazon

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Enhance The Purchasing Process


Making a purchase on your phone should be a simple process.

That means you shouldn’t have too many steps in your checkout process and your payment buttons should be easy to see and click.

Additionally, try to remove restrictions on online forms where you gather payment information. Personally, I’m always stopped on mobile forms because the name of my city is too long .

Users should be able to check out as a guest and use whatever payment method they want, whether that’s Google Pay, Apple Pay, or by PayPal.

Ultimately, this process should be easy and pain-free. A complicated checkout process will reduce mobile conversions.

What Is Cvr And How Is It Calculated

CVR is an abbreviation of Conversion Rate. The conversion rate is the measure of what number of people got attracted and persuaded by advertising to take a particular action such as Clicking the View pricing link, Adding a product to the cart, Watching an explainer video, Clicking the about us page and purchasing an item.

Want to know:- Importance of Click Through Rate CTR and Conversion Rate CVR

Its pretty simple to calculate CVR, you just need to divide the number of people who converted by the number of people who clicked on the ad, then multiply that number by 100 to give you the percentage.

On Amazon, your conversion rate measures how many buyers who visited your product listing ended up completing the action you want them toin this scenario, making a purchase.

Conversion rate = Orders ÷ Page Views

Conversion rate is crucial to ranking high on Amazon

How To Improve Yourlistings Conversion

Here are some ways you canimprove your listings conversion:

Product Content

Provide descriptive andcomprehensive product content by making sure that:

  • Your product image matches the description in size, color, and features
  • The product is recognizable and accurate
  • The photo captures all the angles of the product
  • Close-up shots are not blurry
  • The product occupies at least 80% of the image area
  • Take shipping costs into account when developing your pricing plan and dont forget to clearly explain your shipping policy
  • The five key features of your product are highlighted in the description and maintain a consistent order for all your listings
  • Each bullet point begins with a capital letter and doesnt include ending punctuation
  • Your listing doesnt include promotional/pricing information

A+ Content

Include A+ Content to yourproduct detail pages. This content includes a unique brand story, enhancedimages, and text placements.

This type of quality contentonce referred to as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content by sellers and A+Enhanced Marketing Content by vendors now receives the name of A+Content for vendors and sellers alike, and its available at no cost.

Early Reviewer Program

This program encourages buyers to share their experiences through reviews. These reviews can drive conversions since it helps customers make informed buying decisions. It is suggested that you have at least five customer reviews on each of your products.

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Curate Your List Of Recommended Products

Improve your add-to-cart rate success by implementing a feature on your website that shows similar products that the audience may like, says Olivia Tsang of SuperMoney. For example, if your user just added a baby product item, be sure to also show items that are relevant to baby products or its best sellers.

David McHugh of Crediful adds, Re-evaluate your list of recommended products.

When visitors on your homepage, carefully consider what products and items that are first recommended to them. Obviously, you cant list your entire product line in recommended product lists, so you want those products to really be the best and strongest you offer.

When visitors to your site look at your recommended products and none of them stick out or look enticing, their inclination wont be to keep searching the rest of your products, it will be to abandon the site and go somewhere else. Get in touch with your market by using surveys, competitor analysis, and split testing to figure out what the average customer wants, and make sure your list of recommended products reflects that.

Ways To Improve Your Amazon Conversion Rate

How to increase my conversion rate on Amazon

According to Statista, Amazon Prime Day 2019 drove a desktop conversion rate of 13.5%. This is attractive to brands because the average conversion rate on most other e-commerce sites is around 1-2%. Brands that sell on the channel often aim to improve their Amazon conversion rates. But, it can be a complex and time-consuming task and requires specific knowledge. Continue reading for six ways to improve your Amazon conversion rate.

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Perfect The Seo Keywords In Your Product Title And Page Copy

SEO is crucial for getting traffic to your product pages. Not just any traffic either, but the right kind of traffic: shoppers with an intent to buy. You can easily increase Amazon conversion rates just by attracting people who are already in the late stages of the sales funnel.

Shoppers prepared to purchase already know what theyre looking for. To get them on your pages instead of your competitors, use the right SEO keywords and search terms in the right places.

The most important area for SEO on Amazon is your product title. In addition to being the first thing your shoppers see, product titles are also prioritized in the Amazon search algorithm that means keywords in the title carry more weight than elsewhere.

If you want a refresher on Amazon SEO, heres .

How To Improve Your Ctr

A really low CTR means buyers on Amazon arent finding your ad compelling enough to click on it based on what they seek.

This can either mean you need to optimize your keyword targeting OR you have quality issues with your listing. Or both!

Listing quality issues that can affect your CTR negatively usually include:

  • Main image quality
  • Fulfillment method
  • Pricing

Before we move onto CPC, lets talk about how average CTR changes over time. According to the graph below, average CTR has deviated from its usual average over the past six months.

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Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is an integrated part of your customer reviews. Good customer service will leave a pleasant impression on shoppers, and leave more positive feedback. Besides, good customer service will be much more easily convert a customer, and increase your Amazon ranking. In addition, great customer service will bring your customer back for much more relevant conversion. Generally, good customer service should be responsive for all shoppers questions or inquiries, and possible issues during their shopping process.

How Do We Improve Our Conversion Rate/unit Session Percentage For Our Listing

2021 | Increase And Optimize Your Amazon Conversion Rates

There are different strategies on how to improve our unit session percentage. The most simple one is the Buy One, Get One promotion, and you can set this up under the Advertising tab of your Seller Central.

Alternatively, you can use the Percentage Off promotion. So for example, if a customer buys X of one product and Y of another product, then they can enjoy a 10% discount.

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Make Sure Youre Winning The Buy Box

Competitive pricing allows sellers to win the buy box. When a seller owns the buy box they drive a significant amount of conversions across Amazon. This is because buy box ownership enables a sellers product to be chosen when a shopper clicks add to cart or buy now. The buy box is such an important factor in a brands success and conversions because it accounts for almost 85% of all sales on Amazon.

To ensure your brand is winning the buy box, start by comparing competitor prices. If necessary, adjust your products price and ensure its still profitable. Sellers should also consider the price of their products on other channels. For example, if the product is less expensive on and, Amazon may shut off the buy box.

Improving your Amazon conversion rate involves a number of factors. Consider each tactic outlined in this post when your brand aims for a better conversion rate. Not one strategy is more influential than the other. Each work together to propel a brand toward success.

If you could use the support of a strategic partner to improve your conversion rate, schedule a free consultation. As always, were here to answer any questions.

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Finding Your Conversion Rate On Vendor Central

If you sell to Amazon through Vendor Central, getting to your conversion rate is a lot more difficult and expensive.

When it comes to Amazon Vendor Central, you have two choices for reporting:

  • Amazon Retail Analytics Basic: This free reporting tool provides information on sales diagnostics, Inventory Health, Product Catalog, and Forecasting tools.
  • ARA Premium: This includes everything that is included in ARA Basic, plus many additional reporting tools. These extra reporting features come with a high price tag. The cost of ARA Premium can start at $30,000 a year.

Unfortunately, the only report on Vendor Central that shows your actual conversion rate for items is in ARA Premium. You can find this in the Page Views and Conversion report.

In addition, the Traffic Diagnostics Report gives you a comparison of your conversion rate compared to previous time frames.

However, if you are a manufacturer on Vendor Central, ARA Basic will provide access to the Traffic Diagnosis Report.

Here you can see you change in overall conversions for a date range or you can view your change in conversion rate by ASIN.

This allows you to track changes in the conversion of your products over time. You can select the report range of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

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Address Customers Objections And Fears In Your Product Copy

A call-to-action with a nearby message that helps dispel any buying doubts will help improve the add-to-cart rate, says Shem Mandajos of Tankarium.

One major reason that customers fail to press the add-to-cart button is that they still have remaining inhibitions about purchasing the product. However, if businesses dispel those negative thoughts with words of reassurance like money-back guarantees, the chances are high that visitors would proceed with the purchase.

Offer Fast Free Shipping

How to Improve Amazon Conversion Rates and Drive Sales ...

Shipping cost has a huge impact on if consumers complete a purchase. According to UPS, free or discounted shipping is the second most important reason a person will shop at a marketplace over a retailer. Offering Prime shipping a big advantage on Amazon. Two ways to provide Prime shipping on Amazon are by joining or Seller Fulfilled Prime. This post breaks down the pros and cons of each service so you can choose the option that is best for your business.

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Focus On Strategic Design

Strategic design is focused on the consumer experience. When shoppers arrive at your brands product detail pages, they should be able to interact with high-quality images. Ensure images are at least 1,000 pixels in height or width and have zoom capabilities.

In addition, strategic design is best used to educate shoppers. Do so by using a variety of image types in your products library and optimizing your brands A+ pages. Another opportunity to leverage strategic design is through an Amazon store if youre brand registered.

Focusing on creative is beneficial because 63% of consumers say images mean more than product descriptions. So when shoppers are in the consideration phase, images need to be attention-getting and explain exactly what the product is and does.

Offer A Discount For First

Jack Choros of IronMonk Solutions recommends, Offer a discount on a first time purchase. You can also promote products that go with the product currently in the cart. As in customers who bought this also bought. Amazon does this very well.

At the end of the day, you have to follow up with customers if you want them to continue taking action or increase the rate at which they take action.

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Trial And Error Testing

These tips are some great options to help improve conversion rates whilst making sure listings are well optimized, however, there is no real magic ingredient to producing high-converting product listings on the worlds biggest marketplace. We highly recommend testing what works well for you as an individual seller. From tweaking product descriptions, using shorter or longer titles and even including emojis to entice readers to click through- try testing subtle differences with product listings to find something that works for you.

Optimize Your Product Listing

How To Increase Conversion Rate On Amazon In 2021 [17 Ways]

How else can your company increase your conversion rates on Amazon? Optimize your listings. Even if your business already uses search engine optimization , its worth reevaluating your strategy to discover new opportunities.

Not familiar with optimizing your products with SEO?

Amazon SEO helps improve the visibility of your products in search results on Amazon. For example, if someone searches for power tool set and thats what your company sells, it would make sense that youd want your product to appear in that search result.

If your business doesnt show on the first page of search results, it can have a direct impact on your conversion rates. Research shows that do not go past the first page of search results.

They find what they want on that first page, which is why Amazon SEO is essential.

How do you , though? Just follow these steps:

  • Research keywords or searches relevant to a product
  • Set the appropriate category and sub-category for your product
  • Include the targeted keyword in your product title, features, and description
  • With a smart Amazon SEO strategy, you can improve your ranking and conversion rate.

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    Advanced Sellers Should Focus More On Acos

    For more advanced sellers, the most important focus is achieving target ACOS.

    If youre able to achieve an ACOS thats consistently profitable or right at break-even, then youll ideally want as many impressions, clicks, and sales as possible at that ACOS.

    Make sure you never run out of budget if your ACOS is in profit or right at break-even. Sales from the PPC side of your business greatly benefit the organic side of your business.

    Heres A Quick Optimization Checklist

    • For the main image, make sure to show the entire product on a pure white background.
    • Show every side of your product: This can help make the customer feel as if they have an understanding of the whole product and not just the part youre comfortable showing them.
    • Show your product being used. This helps give shoppers an idea of how they can use the product and understand its functions.
    • Lifestyle images help prospective buyers see the value in a product that matches a desired way of life through branded images.
    • Increasingly, 3D rendered images are becoming more common. They help the product pop off the screen.
    • Ensure that your title, bullet points, product description, and back-end keywords are all optimized for the search terms youre targeting.
    • Focus on getting customer reviews for your Amazon products. The social proof that you receive from good reviews makes it much more likely that prospective customers will press the buy button.

    When it comes to reviews, you need to start by creating a great product and offering exemplary customer service. Thats number one.

    Then, make sure you send follow up emails. Helium 10s Follow-Up is a great way to do this.

    Youll also want to take advantage of . After enrolling in the program and agree to their terms of service. You must pay $60 to register an ASIN. When a customer buys that product, Amazon will send them an offer to leave a review in exchange for a small Amazon gift credit . This may net you up to 5 reviews.

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    Make Products Super Easy To Find

    Search is a crucial element for any eCommerce store. The more products you have, the more important it is for customers to be able to find their solution quickly and easily.

    Amazon has this down to a science. Not only do they offer extensive filters that change based on the product types and categories, but their search functionality isnt limited to site-wide results.

    Along with in-category searches, the auto-complete feature of search enhances the shopping experience for customers to help them find exactly what theyre looking for.

    Just having a search box and filtering isnt enough. You need to optimize your products for search and enhanced filtering:

    • Know how your customers search for products.
    • Optimize product titles and descriptions.
    • Make product types and categories accurate.
    • Include model numbers and variations for purchase-intent searches.
    • Make sure product fields are validated and populated, with no missing data.

    According to IBM, 70% of consumers use in-site search while shopping and those customers are twice as likely to convert over other customers who are just browsing.

    So What Is Essential To Know About The Amazon A9 Algorithm

    How to increase conversion rate on Amazon?
    • Amazon ranks your products based on performance, meaning sales velocity is a key performance indicator for the marketplace. The higher your sales velocity, the higher you will rank. The Amazon A9 algorithm analyses sales results and ranks products that sell better higher in the search results.
    • Your Amazon listings need to be relevant: you want your products to match when a customer searches for specific keywords matching your product. Fill your product listing page with the information a shopper needs to make a buying decision, from keywords in your product title to attractive product descriptions with bullet points explaining all the product benefits. If your product pages are relevant, you will sell your products
    • Positive and authentic customer reviews and returning customers show Amazon you know how to make customers happy, and that’s the most important thing for the marketplace.

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