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How To Join Amazon Vine Program

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Pros And Cons Of Joining Amazon Vine

How to Join Amazon Vine Reviewer Program & Get More Reviews in 2020 ?

Because Amazon cancelled their Early Review Program, Amazon Vine is now one of the fastest, legal ways to generate early reviews for your products.

But with any Amazon review strategy, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages. Read the pros and cons below and decide for yourself whether Amazon Vine is worth it.

How Does This Benefit Vendors And Sellers

Put simply, if you have a good product, Vine Voice reviewers are bound to write a positive review, thereby boosting your brands value.

For brands just getting started, this is a fantastic way to build visibility and start driving those make-or-break early reviews. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck in the age-old catch-22: you need good reviews to make sales, but you have to make sales to earn good reviews.

Enrolling in Amazon Vine eliminates one key side of this unfortunate feedback loop, guaranteeing reputable reviews even before youve established a solid customer base. This builds brand awareness quickly. Amazons algorithm also places more weight on highly-ranked reviewers. So, if a prominent Vine Voice likes your product, that favorable rating increases the likelihood that others will see it.

If you believe in the quality of your product, Vine is the ideal way to increase conversions.

Review Products You Really Like And Want

Theres no point in reviewing something youre not interested in. Review products you want to have and are interested in, based on your niche.

This also creates the mindset for the consumers that you, the product tester and reviewer, are knowledgeable and genuine about the product.

Consider the product questions you would want answered if you were the customer buying the item, whether its worth the money, if it really works and other competing brands out there.

Help the customer decide if its right for them.

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How Do I Use Amazon Vine As A Seller

There are several criteria to join the Vine program as a seller. You must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be an active seller with a registered brand in the Amazon Brand Registry
  • You must have a buyable FBA new offer
  • You must have less than 30 reviews on your product
  • You also must have available inventory, images, and descriptions
  • Not be in a blocked category like adult, CBD, or other high-risk categories
  • Not a drop shipper
  • Account is not in danger of being suspended

Go to Vine from your account and then click the enroll button.

If you are eligible, youll see a text input box where you can enter the ASIN you want to enroll in the program. You can enroll 5 products at a time. If you end a Vine campaign early, you can use up that slot for another product you want to market to the Vine community.

The Vine program doesnt accommodate all products some products are not eligible for this program. Therefore, it is important to consider your inventory before making any attempt to enroll your product. Some of the products not eligible for the program are:

  • Heavy or bulky items
  • Hazmat items
  • Sample products

With big brands selling on the Amazon marketplace, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd and offer your competitors a run for their money. And that is why it is important for you to rank high among customers to increase your sales.

Even Amazon uses it for their own listings too.

If you can get videos, images, lengthy use reviews, thats a home run.

Vine Program Updates In 2021

Amazon Vine Program: Is It Worth to Join for Reviews ...

If you are a brand owner, vendor, or Amazon seller and would like to enroll in the Vine program, here are the requirements as of May 2021.

ASIN enrollment: Amazon will bill vendors $1,750 USD per enrolled parent ASIN

Stocking: Sellers are responsible for FBA fees to stock and ship products

Brand ownership: Vendors must be registered in Amazons Brand Registry

Review Threshold: Less than 30 reviews on your products page

Fulfillment by Amazon: Products must be enrolled in Amazon FBA must be in New condition

Note that Amazon Vine will not approve of these products:

  • hazmat or hazardous items

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How Amazon Vine Works

Amazon invites trusted customers who have a history of consistently writing helpful reviews to participate in the program as what they call Vine Voices. These participants receive free or discounted products to review, but are not paid to leave reviews. Reviewers are encouraged to leave their honest feedback . Reviews from Vine Voices often include images and detailed descriptions about the usage and features of the product. Amazon indicates in the review that it is from a Vine Voice customer.

Eligible sellers and vendors enroll in Vine and submit their products to be reviewed by Vine Voices. Participating brands have no say in which reviewers give feedback on their products and cannot contact the reviewers directly. Amazon matches the products with the most relevant reviewers and tags their reviews with a Vine Voice Badge.

Amazon Vine is a great way to increase the number of reviews of your products and improve customer trust in your brand. Sellers can even send samples of their product to reviewers before their official market launch to acquire essential early reviews. Additionally, enrolling in Vine can help increase your visibility, as Amazons algorithm gives more weight to reviews from Vine Voices, as they are giving an expert opinion.

How To Launch A Product On Amazon And Get Reviews Amazon Product Launch Strategy

Dan Rodgers 30.7K subscribers 10,423 views

Dan Rodgers is a business coach who loves to talk about cryptocurrency and eCommerce, and he is not just a business coach who is selling his course all his videos are free on YouTube.

In this video, he has covered how to get in 2021, specifically regarding how to get reviews on Amazon FBA and use tactics such as the Amazon Vine Program for Sellers.

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Benefits Of Becoming An Amazon Product Tester

Initially, Amazon allowed the sellers to give buyers promo codes to get products for free or at highly discounted prices in exchange for customer reviews.

However, Amazon changed their terms of service for customer reviews, which means sellers can give out promo codes but not in exchange for a review.

For Amazon reviewers, the revised terms means you dont have to write reviews or put disclaimers that you got products in exchange for reviews.

However, it also led to review sites changing their rules or shutting down altogether, plus there arent many free products to go around these days.

You can still get some free items, but most products are now extremely discounted.

If youre signed up with Amazon Prime, its also possible to get free shipping.

Another benefit is that you get to help other consumers make the best choices possible by letting them know whether or not you enjoyed the product or service you got.

Whats more, if you become a top or popular reviewer whose opinion is highly valued, you may get free items and gifts to test so you can give a review in return.

This is because you wield more influence over others opinions thus you can benefit from the attention brands and retailers give for your services.

Amazon product testing is getting popular by the day. Becoming a product tester is one of the many ways you can save on purchases you make on Amazon.

Were going to show you how you can become one for any of the items listed in Amazons categories.

Use Negative Reviews And Return Reasons As Actionable Feedback

How To Join Amazon Vine – Get Invited in 2 minutes

At Envision Horizons, we always advise clients to be looking at negative reviews and even the three and four-star reviews for valuable information on the customer experience. Additionally, looking at your return reasons can provide valuable insight. For example, if you are receiving common concerns such as apparel sizing being too large, you have an opportunity to fix this issue and improve reviews by either adjusting the product detail page to better set expectations or updating the product itself. Amazon lists 72 different official reasons for a customer’s return, and many of these return reasons can and should be used as valuable feedback.

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Get Freebies And Gifts

Then, you might be in it for the deals, and even freebies. If you become a known reviewer someone whose opinion is highly valued then you just might receive free gifts and products to test just so you will offer a review.

You will have been identified as someone who can influence the opinion of others and so you benefit by also being desired by the brand and retailers for your service.

Wanting to share your opinion is easy you just sign in and then offer a review. Becoming a reviewer who gets free stuff well, that takes a bit of commitment and effort.

However, the potential rewards are huge so it is worth knowing how to do this successfully.

Product Restrictions For The Amazon Vine Program

In addition to the restrictions already in place for listings, Amazon also has the following product restrictions for the Vine Program.

  • Require us to bundle multiple products for delivery/review.
  • Require reviewers to separately order another product in order to conduct a review accessories for widely-owned products are permitted but you should not enrol an ink cartridge that requires a specific printer, or a replacement battery that only works in a particular camera.
  • Do not correspond to the exact product listed on the FBA offer.

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Im A Seller Who Wants To Be Part Of The Amazon Vine Program What Are The Requirements

The Seller Vine program is currently free but subject to change. Sellers who want to participate in Amazon Vine must:

  • Be brand registered in Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Have fewer than 30 reviews on the product detail page.
  • Have a buyable FBA offer in New condition.
  • Not be an adult product.
  • Have already launched at the time of enrollment.
  • Have available inventory.
  • Have an image and a description.

Amazon Vine Program Requirements

Amazon Vine Program for Sellers

Initially, the Amazon Vine program was only open to first party sellers on Amazon Vendor Central. But today, its free for all brand registered sellers.

However, you must cover the cost of the 30 free products you are giving away including any FBA fees.

Here are the exact requirements to enroll in the Amazon Vine program as a seller.

  • You must sell brand new .
  • Your product listing must be active and complete with images and descriptions.
  • You must have not previously enrolled the product in Amazon Vine.

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How Do I Enroll

To get started, log in through your Amazon Seller Central account, then follow these steps:

  • Hover over the Advertising tab at the top of the page.
  • Once the scroll-down menu appears, click on Vine. This will take you to your Vine Dashboard.
  • To begin enrolling products, enter their Amazon Standard Identification Numbers .
  • After the ASIN is enrolled, make sure to update the product page with a picture, description, and title.
  • If youre unable to access the Vine Dashboard, you may need to check your permissions. For that, go to the Seller Central main page, click on Settings, and then User Permissions. Scroll down to the Advertising Section and modify permissions for both Vine and the account.

    What Do Vine Reviews Look Like On My Product Details Page

    Below is a product detail page for our example barbeque sauce product. We submitted the product to Vine on 12/9/2019. As of 12/17/2019 17 reviews have been left for the products.

    While we cannot guarantee such a fast turnaround time for every situation Vine is a legitimate service and can be instrumental in helping new or under-performing products.

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    How Does Amazon Vine Benefit Buyers

    Buyers rely on product reviews when shopping online since they cant see or touch the item themselves. No matter how convenient Amazon makes delivery and returns, its still frustrating to receive a product only to have to return it. Buyers are counting on reviews to be accurate, so they can make an informed purchase. Having an algorithm to select reviewers who are best suited to comment gives buyers more confidence in their opinion. When they can see a badge of Vine selection, it makes them more likely to purchase.

    An Alternative To Amazon Vine

    How I got accepted into Amazon Vine

    While Amazon Vine certainly has its appeal, it also comes at a super steep price and is only available to businesses who use Vendor Central. So, as a seller launching a new product or looking to boost sales for an existing product, if you cant afford to participate in Amazon Vine or dont want to switch from Seller Central to Vendor Central, what options do you have?

    Amazon has a relatively new service called the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, but there are some added costs and limitations to the number of reviews you can earn using this program.

    A better option for businesses who cant use Amazon Vine is to use Salesbacker to grow the number of product reviews for your listings. Salesbacker offers an inexpensive, easy, and automated way to request product reviews from each customer who buys one of your products. With Salesbacker you can create an email campaign that triggers when a customer purchases your product, allowing you to contact the customer to thank them for their purchase and to request their feedback in the form of a product review. You can sign up for Salesbacker today and receive a free 30-day trial, so there is zero risk to giving this tool a try.

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    Gaps In Amazons History

    Today, I can go back to the dawn of my days as an reviewera dozen years ago, nowand I can find the first reviews of books I recommended. As part of that global transformation in 2007, I had agreed to spend some weeks working in Asia as a journalist helping the non-profit East-West Center. I came back home absolutely convinced that Americans should begin reading a whole lot more about Chinese culture and tradition.

    . Thats a 5-star recommendation of an excellent book by Yale scholar Annping Chin on The Authentic Confucius.

    My entire body of reviews seems to live on eternally on Amazon.combut my recent surprise was the discovery that some of my early Vine reviews are gone.

    I think Amazons minions are scouring their vast global Community to mop upperhaps reviewer by reviewer or product line by product linea lot of those early Vine reviews.

    How To Become An Amazon Product Tester

    We will now discuss how to become an Amazon tester.

    , making it harder for brands and programs to get feedback or reviews so the opportunities arent as many as they were before.

    That said though, there are several methods different people use to become Amazon testers and get free or discounted stuff for reviews.

    Read on to find out the different ways available so you can pick the one thats suitable for you.

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    Whats The Price Of Enrolling In Vine

    When the program first launched, Amazon charged vendors an enrollment fee of around $2,500 per product. After its relaunch in December 2019, amazon vendor enrollment became free for sellers on Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central.

    If youre already on either of those platforms, youll only be responsible for paying FBA fees involved with stocking and shipping your products to Vine Voices.

    What Are The Requirements To Enroll In Amazon Vine Program

    Amazon Vine Program for Sellers

    Only vendors had access to Amazon Vine program earlier. Since 2019, sellers also have access to this feature.

    In order for you and your products to be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Be a professional seller.
    • Be enrolled in the Amazon brand registry.
    • Have fewer than 30 reviews or ratings on the product you wish to enroll under Amazon Vine program
    • The item should be available under in the New condition.
    • Have sufficient inventory.
    • Products are launched at the time of enrollment.
    • The enrolled product needs to have an image, title, and description on the listing page.
    • No digital software, applications, or adult products

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    Three Situations For You To Take Advantage Of The Vine Program:

    Here at Seelk, we think there are three specific scenarios for brands to submit their items to the Amazon vine program:

    Product launch:

    • Only applies when you launch a new product through the Vine program
    • When launching a new product for sale, Vines main goal is to attract a maximum number of 30 reviews in a short period of time and to drive traffic on the items product page. In vendor that will help you generate Amazons orders.

    Breathe new life into products

    • You launched your products for a while now, and you didnt reach the sales target because of SEO ranking? Is your product underperforming on Amazon while the product page is optimized?
    • If the content of your product page is optimized, then the next step is to run a Vine campaign to give a boost to Amazons algorithm. Itll lead to more reviews and itll help your product pages conversion rate due to the attraction of more reviews on the item. Reviews written by Vine Voices include pictures, videos and other forms of content, which is great for consumers as its proof of the quality of the reviews.

    To weaken the rate of negative ratings and reviews on a product: Your product received fake or unfair negative reviews? We recommend you to run a Vine campaign to increase the number of product reviews so that you can dilute the fake ones with the trustworthy ones.

    Warning: Some categories are more prone to fake reviews than others!

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