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How To List On Amazon Handmade

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When Do You Get Paid On Amazon

Amazon Handmade – Listing your First Handmade Product

Amazon disperses payments to you every 2 weeks. You can request payments before that time if you need to, providing you have enough funds in your account. There is no charge for withdrawing funds.

When you sell on Etsy, your funds are available to you as soon as the transaction is completed and you can also request daily disbursements.

For sellers who require payments to cover the cost of creating new products, being able to access your funds can be helpful.

For some sellers, having to wait 2 weeks to get paid by Amazon can be annoying but it also has its advantages. Because its regular and Amazon shows you in advance what disbursement you can expect, its easy to forecast your cash flow.

Ive always found the regularity of the 2-week payments really helpful for growing my business but it will depend on your cash flow.

Search Through Each Handmade Category On Amazon And Etsy

When looking through the search results in each handmade category, it will display the top-selling products for that main category. Handmade will also award top-selling products with a badge, just like the rest of Amazon.

A strong indicator of a great selling product is by looking at the review count. On average, only 2 out of every 100 buyers will leave a review. So if you see products with a high review count, you can guess that product has a strong sales history.

Another tip to gauge how consistent sales are for a particular product, scroll down to the review section on a listing and filter by Most recent. This will give you a better understanding of how often or recently someone bought. If the most recent review was from 2 years ago, then that product probably isnt selling that much anymore.

Amazon Handmade Vs Etsy: Which Should You Sell On

Selling your handmade art and creative products online has never been so straightforward. Amazon Handmade and Etsy are two of the largest international platforms, and both make finding customers and ringing up more sales a cinch.

As an artisan, how do you choose between Amazon Handmade vs. Etsy? Lets consider the pros and cons of the registration processes, fees and fulfillment options to choose the right platform for you.

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Apply To Sell On Amazon Handmade

When you want to sell on Amazon Handmade, you cant just sign up right awayeven if you already have a seller account in the Amazon Marketplace. To ensure the quality of all Handmade items, Amazon requires you to go through a short and simple application process to get approved first.

You can get started by heading to this Handmade sellers page and tapping Apply Now.

The form will then help Amazon determine your eligibility by asking about your organization, your production process, and what Handmade category your products would fall under. Make sure to provide a few high-quality pictures to show off your best work! This can include images of your production process, so its clear that youre truly the master crafter behind your art.

You should hear back with an approval if you qualify within two weeks, though many sellers receive answers within a day or two.

Tips For Selling Handmade Items On Amazon

Amazon Handmade Waives Monthly Fees For Sellers Indefinitely

Jami DeLoe Dec 18, 2018

Since 2015, crafters and artisans have been selling their handmade products to Amazons 250 million global customers. Handmade at Amazon marketplace is a great additional option, or alternative, to selling on Etsy.

If youre an Etsy seller, or an artisan entertaining the idea of selling your creations online, you should consider Amazon Handmade.

To help, weve listed seven tips for selling handmade items on Amazon thatll make your transition much more seamless.

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Final Thoughts About Handmade By Amazon

Just like diversifying your investments for retirement, its important to diversify sales channels for your ecommerce business. If you make handmade items, then itll benefit your brand to list those products on Amazon Handmade. Itll also benefit you to be aware of these common handmade mistakes and avoid them at all costs. Try the above tips as you get started to simplify the onboarding process and improve your likelihood for success.

Do you sell on Amazon Handmade? Share your experience with the marketplace in the comments.

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Is Amazon Handmade Better Than Etsy

Both marketplaces have their own pros and cons. For instance, both platforms do not charge a listing fee, and they feature user-friendly interfaces. Etsy offers more product niches compared to Amazon Handmade. However, Amazon gives you access to a large customer base of more than 300 million active customers. Besides, customers already trust Amazon. So selling on Amazon Handmade gives you better chances of making sales as compared to Etsy.

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Can You Actually Make Money

Making money in an online product business depends on a handful of things. These can be your customers ability to find your products and your ability to charge enough to cover your costs including your time.

Amazon has an incredibly large reach, so part of the appeal of is that makers get access to all of those people people who already know, trust, and are used to shopping on Amazon.

That large reach only matters if those people can easily get to your products. If you go to Amazon and search for a product it auto-selects a category to display results from. Under normal operating circumstances, thats fine because it does a pretty good job of giving you the products you asked for. However, since Handmade is a category of its own, those items dont show up in the initial search.

If you want a pinback button from a certain Handmade seller, you have to manually select that category. Thats not a big deal for someone who doesnt care who made their product, but it doesnt help Handmade sellers.

Pros And Cons Of Amazon Handmade

How to be Successful Selling on Amazon Handmade



  • User-unfriendly dashboard: The features and listing functions in Amazon Seller Central are not laid out as well as they are on Etsy, and there are a number of components which may overwhelm new sellers who do not know how to navigate it yet.
  • Slow application process: Amazon wants you to prove you are actually making your products so it might take up to 2 weeks to get approved to sell on Handmade.
  • Delayed payment: You get paid when you marked the order as shipped. And then, you need to wait for the money to be deposited.
  • Limited scope: Amazon Handmade only allows you to sell in the following 14 :
  • Accessories
  • Stationery & Party Supplies
  • Toys & Games
  • Limited customer engagement: Just like selling on Amazon as a private label or other seller, Amazon prevents you from accessing your customer data, so you cant, for example, build an email list for your brand from your Amazon customers.
  • Overall, there are clearly more pros than cons when it comes to selling on Amazon Handmade, but depending on the individual artist, selling on Amazon may or may not be your preference.

    However, you can set up shop for free and the worst-case scenario is that you dont sell anything.

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    Pros And Cons Of Handmade At Amazon

    At first, I felt a little unsure about Handmade at Amazon.

    Firstly, would I even get in? I am truly a one woman operation and I just can’t churn out products like many Amazon buyers would expect.

    Secondly, how will it really be any different from Etsy? As it turns out, it is VERY different.

    Pros of selling on Handmade at Amazon:

    Cons of selling on Handmade at Amazon:

    What Does Amazon Handmade Mean

    Amazon Handmade is an exclusive community for artisans created by Amazon to accommodate the growing population of interested online sellers who are mostly artists and crafters. This particular marketplace is designed to showcase various handcrafted goods.

    From a marketing perspective, Amazon Handmade is the eCommerce giants way of challenging the increasing popularity and dominance of Etsy, another eCommerce site focused on handmade and craft supplies.

    Viewing it from a platform perspective and functionality-wise, one can say that Amazon Handmade in itself is a microsite dedicated to catering to the handcrafted goods of artisans. As a microsite, Handmade caters to around 30 countries.

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    What Are The Fees Involved In The Amazon Handmade Category

    Unlike other categories, Amazon sellers enrolled in the Handmade category will not pay the professional selling fee. Supposed Amazon Handmade fees were waived along with the listing fee and monthly subscription fee. Thus, it is enticing to become an Amazon seller for handmade category.

    However, a referral fee is still present under Amazon Handmade. Sellers will have to pay a referral fee on each product sold, and this may be via a flat percentage rate or a per-item minimum fee, whichever is greater. See the image below for reference.

    Amazon Seller Central: Screenshot of Handmade Referral Fees, from

    For the Handmade: Home Category, as seen above, includes Art, Bath, Bedding, Furniture, Kitchen & Dining, Patio, Lighting, Storage, Lawn & Garden, Home Décor, Organization, Party Supplies, and Stationery categories.

    Who Can Sell On Amazon Handmade

    10 Steps to Creating a Business with Amazon Handmade

    When you apply to sell on Amazon you will need to choose what kind of handmade seller you are.

    Amazon will give you the below options to choose from. Most people will fall into the first category of independent maker:

    • An independent maker, working alone or preferably, with fewer than 20 friends, family members, or employees to create products.
    • A collaborative group cooperatives, non-profits, or charities.
    • A cooperative a group of makers united to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs.
    • A non-profit organization these are groups dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view.
    • A non-government organization these groups are dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view.
    • A social enterprise these are organizations with the goal to empower and support collectives and communities of makers making one-of-a-kind, handmade products. For example, a social enterprise organization creates one-of-a-kind designs and works with communities of makers across their region to help with the creation and production of their final product.

    An example might help

    Carol, from the above example, the owner of Yorkshire Quilts, is classed as an independent maker as she works alone and her products are Handcrafted as in her cushions are made entirely by hand.

    She sells her cushions within the Handmade Home & Kitchen category.

    Key Questions

    You can get your editable version here.

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    Hard To Market Your Brand

    Amazon asks vendors to abide by a list of selling policies and a code of conduct that can be restrictive. Some of those requirements could limit your ability to market yourself and build your brand. For example, you are not allowed to contact your customers outside of buyer-seller messaging system. All messages to customers must be related only to fulfilling the order and customer service matters. Marketing messages are completely forbidden.

    Furthermore, any customer information you receive, such as address and telephone number, may be used only in the process of fulfilling the order and youre required to delete it after the sale is completed. And you may not provide prompts or links that encourage your customers to visit any external websites, including your own. Amazon goes so far as to forbid Handmade sellers from including any promotional or marketing information in shipments if that material includes links to non-Amazon websites or logos that contain links to other websites. If you want to include a business card in your shipments, you must update your card to show your Amazon URL, to drive customers to your Handmade store.

    Violations of these policies could lead to your removal from the platform or even prevent Amazon from forwarding payments to you.

    Regular Amazon Vs Handmade Amazon

    Understanding the differences between regular Amazon and Handmade Amazon can be a little confusing for new sellers. So its worth looking at how the two compare.

    Amazon Handmade is a standalone platform specifically focused on selling unique handcrafted goods, while the regular marketplace sells a wide array of products.

    Sellers on regular Amazon can choose between the individual selling plan and the professional plan, while Amazon Handmade sellers can register with a professional selling plan.

    Individual sellers pay $0.99 every time they sell an item, while the professional costs $39.99 per month. On the other hand, Amazon Handmade sellers dont have to pay any monthly fee.

    However, Handmade does charge a flat 15% referral fee on the total sales price. Regular Amazon sellers can expect to pay a referral fee anywhere between 8% and 15% of the products total sale price. Though some categories charge a referral fee of more than 15%.

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    Can You Be Discovered

    On Etsy, its pretty easy to get to a sellers profile or see their other items. On Handmade at Amazon, the site operates the same way were all used to on Amazon. It doesnt give much focus to the profiles of individual sellers.

    Handmade has plenty of profile space to populate, with pictures of the artist, their workspace, and their products, but it took me several tries to find the profile of a particular artist.

    On Etsy, the more popular an individual shops get, the more likely it is to lose some of its brand recognition. Instead of someone remembering that they bought an item from a specific shop, they bought it on Etsy.

    This makes it harder and less likely for them to recommend the exact shop to someone else). I fear that that sentiment applies more heavilyto selling on Amazon.

    I dont remember which items I bought from an individual seller and which products I bought from Amazon itself. I dont even check. Even when I rebuy an item, Ive never attempted to get it from the same exact seller. That kind of thing doesnt matter on Amazon, but it matters to artists.

    Amazon Handmade also doesnt allow any kind of branding or marketing material to be sent out with your products. As a seller, youre not supposed to encourage buyers to leave Amazon. This is frustrating and worrying because so much of growing an online business is about creating customer loyalty.

    It isnt an end-of-the-world rule, but it is something that sends up a few red flags in the eyes of this seller.

    So Whats A Maker To Do

    How To Get Started in Amazon Handmade

    Several sellers have reported doing significantly better on Handmade at Amazon than Etsy. There could be a variety of factors behind that. Despite knowing that I sell on Etsy, some of my friends are still wary of purchasing from the platform.

    That fear might be assuaged by Amazons name but theres still the issue of purchasing from a unique seller instead of Amazon the company.

    Amazon also withholds the money from the sale until the order has shipped. Etsy releases it immediately. I dont need the money from the order to make the order, but some artists do. This is just another example where Amazons platform is built in a way that doesnt cater to artists selling handmade products.

    It isnt terrible, per se, but it is something to be aware of before making the jump. When Handmade at Amazon launched, media outlets claimed that it would kill Etsy and that artists would be jumping ship left and right. So far, I havent seen too many of those. If artists jump ship away from Etsy, its usually to their own website.

    Finally, Amazon does have a bit of a reputation for taking products that are selling well and making their own version of them and then selling them cheaper. Theres nothing really stopping them from finding out which products sell well and then replicating them under their own brand. Is it likely? Maybe not, but its certainly possible.

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    Exposure To A Wide Audience

    Its hard to think of any other single eCommerce site that is visited by and accessible to a larger audience than Amazon. Be aware, however, that the best way for customers to find you is for them to search in the Handmade category. If youre offering handmade soap, your volume of sales will likely place you well below common household names on a typical search. Using keywords, like the scents or oils you add, can boost you, but the fact remains that unless customers specify handmade, youll be competing in search results with far bigger players. The good news is that Amazon Handmade listings dont expire, and you dont pay a listing fee. So you can allow more time for items to sell.

    How Can We Sell Handmade Products On Amazon

    If you get ready to sell handcraft products on amazon, we will help you how to create an amazon account step by step.

    According to the definition of handmade product on amazon, your product must be satisfied these conditions

    1.products must be designed and produced by you or a small group of your family members/employees

    2.Accept prefabricated goods that have been manually modified For example, you apply your design to things like drinking utensils and tea towels.

    3.Allowing renovations or operations to increase the value of second-hand goods For example, paint or decorate a table.

    4.Permit re-use, or use of the Goods or their components/parts for new or other Goods For example, make bowls out of old vinyl records or pillowcases out of old rugs.

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    Which Pays You Quicker: Amazon Handmade Or Etsy

    Once you decide to start selling on any of these platforms, you want to get the money as soon as customers are ordering your products!

    Amazon Handmade, just like in the other categories of Amazon, releases payment for goods as soon as products are shipped. However, theres a holding period of approximately two weeks on your funds.

    On the other hand, Etsy releases payment as soon as the customer has purchased your product with no holding time. So, in terms of payment time, Etsy is much better than Amazon.

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