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How To Look Up Your Amazon Reviews

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How To Get Reviews On Amazon In 2021

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Reviews are one of the most important metrics for businesses selling on Amazon.

While reviews are vital for any online business, they are 10x as important on Amazon.

On Amazon, reviews have a direct impact on conversion rate, rankings, sales, and more. Which means your ability to generate reviews will make the difference between your products success or failure.

As such, one question how to get reviews on Amazon is the most important to answer for anyone looking to launch and rank a product.

There are many ways to go about getting reviews. The types of methods you can use include:

  • Legitimate methods
  • Grey areas
  • Black-hat or illegal methods, such as paying for reviews, writing fake reviews, asking friends & family to leave reviews

It is not worth using black-hat or illegal tactics. While it might seem like the best way to get a lot of reviews fast, these methods almost always get you banned.

Amazon takes the issue of manipulating and incentivizing reviews seriously, so dont expect them to go light on you if you are caught breaking the rules.

There are more ways to ask for reviews in 2021, which dont put you at risk of suspension. Thats what well share with you today, with these safe ways to get more Amazon reviews.

White Hat Tactic #: Use Amazon To Contact Critical Reviewers

Up until recently, you were unable to contact customers who left a negative review as it was nearly impossible to find the buyer identity of a critical reviewer. In 2021 though, Amazon rolled out the ability to contact customers who have left a 3-star review or less.

Amazon now allows you to contact customers who have left a 3-star review or less.

This features works well to initiate a dialogue with customers who left critical reviews and hopefully make them happy and have them revise their reviews. Theres some important notes about this buyer contact feature though:

  • Amazon sends critical reviewers a canned message (and you can not send a custom message until the customer responds to the canned message
  • You must be Brand Registered
  • There is contingency on the customer revising the review

This tactic wont get you any more reviews, but having customers change or delete negative reviews is arguably more impactful than anything else.

Amazon Review Trader Sites

Some review trader sites can provide you with a review service. Simply register an account on one of these sites and launch the products. Reviewers will choose some products on the site they are interested in to leave reviews and get some discounts in return. This way, your products will have more chance to get exposure on the website. You can sell your products at discounted prices in return for sustainable orders that will help improve the rankings of your listings.

Here are some third-party sites for recommendations:

1. Vipon

Vipon is a discount website for Amazon products owned by AMZ Tracker. You must be a member of AMZ Tracker before you can get your products launched.


Snagshout is free to register. It costs at least $5 to launch products and you can get discounts if they are launched in batches.

Besides, there are some other platforms such as GiveawayService and iLoveToReview. If you are interested then you can give them a try.

Cons: For some review sites like Vipon, you must use their additional services before you can get your product launched. Due to the nature of these websites, conflicts with Amazon are common. This is because the way they get reviews often violates Amazon rules and policies to some extent. This can also affect the sellers and they may be at risk for financial loss.

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How To Search Your Amazon Order History

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You order so much stuff from Amazon, its tough to keep track of it all. If you need to go back through your history to find something youve ordered before, you can scroll through pages and pages of items youve bought, but thats tedious. Instead, use the order search history.


Searching through your order history is useful if you need to reorder something that you dont buy regularly enough for . Its also handy if you want to find the product page for something youve bought when you need to look up specs or check some detail about your stuff.

To search your Amazon order history, open Amazon on the web and click Orders in the top right corner.

Just above your list of previous orders, youll see a search box. Enter your search terms in this box and click Search Orders.

Your search results will appear in a list below the search box.

On each result, youll find links to buy the product again, write a review, archive your order, and even get support for the product if its available.

How Amazon Calculates Product Ratings

Amazon my reviews: how to find or remove your reviews

Ever since Amazon removed incentivized reviews and introduced verified and non-verified reviews, how Amazon calculates a products rating has become increasing complex. All ratings and reviews are not weighted equally.

Amazon uses a complex weight-average algorithm when calculating the average rating of a product. A product with just one five-star review could potentially have a rating of anywhere from 0-5 stars.

Mathematically, this product should have a 4.0 star rating but Amazon has weighted it as 4.1.

Amazon does not reveal the factors considered in this algorithm but its commonly accepted the following variables are important:

  • Review age
  • Reviewer profile
  • Verified or non-verified
  • Rating vs written review
  • Deviation from mean rating

Overall, recent verified reviews from customers with solid purchasing history are likely going to be weighted most heavily.

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The Desktop App: Because Nobodys Drag N Dropping 40000 Photos

If you have a lot of photos to upload and youre not interested in the hassle of manually uploading them, the desktop app is the path to happiness for you. The app also allows you convert the names of the folders into album names, which is especially handy.

Visit the Prime Photos splash page and download the appropriate version for your operating system. Run the app to install it and then log into your Amazon account.

After signing in, youll be prompted to confirm which folder you wish to use as the syncing folder. By default the app creates a brand new folder in your user directory called Amazon Drive as seen below. We recommend you leave this as the default for now. This will give you an opportunity to play around with the file syncing by adding a few folders to the directory before you unleash the syncing process on all your photos at once. . You can always change the default directory later once youve confirmed it works the way you want it to. Click Next.

Next, youll be prompted to sync folders from your Amazon Drive account to your computer. Unless you have a compelling reason to want to sync all your drive folders to this computer, its best to skip this step and choose not to sync. Choosing not to sync here has absolutely no impact on your photo backup process.

Finally, youll be presented with a handy little key for reading the Amazon Drive interface, and the Drive app will park itself in your system tray, awaiting some files to upload.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed

You have a few ways to suss out what may be a fake review. The easiest way is to use Fakespot. This site allows you to paste the link to any Amazon product and receive a score regarding the likelihood of fake reviews.

For example, we ran an analysis on some headphones we found during a recent research sweep for our guide about cheap in-ear headphones. You can see from the results below that the headphones reviews didnt score so well.

We corresponded with an official spokesperson for Fakespot to get a better idea of where these results come from. He said:

The quick answer is that every analysis does two simultaneous things: we analyze every single review posted and we review each reviewer and every review that reviewer has ever posted on that account. We take all that data and run it through our proprietary engine which grades everything and looks for patterns.

The engine adjusts based on the prevailing patterns used by proven fake reviewers and their reviews, so while there is some base criteria, were able to use artificial intelligence to keep ahead of the imposters. Every fake reviewer has patterns. And the more data we collect via analyses completed, the more our engine is able to adapt and learn. The secret sauce is not only in the engine but the ability to run the data in the quickest amount of time possible ensuring swift delivery of an accurate product.

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Manual Upload: Drag Drop And Done

Manual upload is a great place to start, because to get there, you have to log into our Amazon Prime Photos control panel and become familiar with the service. To do so, simply visit and log in with your Amazon credentials.

If this is your first time ever using the service, youll see a blank slate like the one seen below.

You can select the Upload Photos button to use your operating systems file explorer to select photos or, more conveniently, simply drag and drop photos right onto the browser pane.

Either way, youll see an upload meter in the lower left corner. Once it wraps up, youre free to browse your photos.

In addition to the noting the upload is complete, also note the People tag in the sidebar, as well as the Things tags above it. Amazons Photo service has improved significantly since their clunky offerings in years past, now with sophisticated face recognition and the ability to recognize object patterns in photos. Thanks to the automatically generated tags, you can easily search for combinations of tagslike checking the tag for your kid in the People category and Lawn to show just photos of him outside in the yard or on the soccer field.

Be prepared to be shocked at how uncannily accurate the recognition algorithms are. In a series of photos we uploaded of some neighborhood dogs at play, the algorithm tagged all dog photos as Dog, including photos of puppies as Puppy.

Why Cant My Customer Leave A Review

Amazon Echo Spot Unboxing, Setup, and Quick Look!

If customers report they cant review your product, Amazon may have put a permanent or temporary review block on your listing. If its a new buyer account, they may also not meet the necessary requirements for writing product reviews yet.

Find more answers to frequently asked questions, straight from Amazon, here.

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Common Reasons For A Review Not Showing Up

Reviews not showing up could be due to three reasons. Amazon has either blocked, deleted, or limited the number of reviews based on the extent of its policy violations. Sometimes, itâs none of these reasons as a review usually takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days to appear and in rare cases, up to 2 weeks.

Itâs worth mentioning that for the most part, without Amazonâs disclosure, there is no way to verify the exact reason behind reviews not appearing.

As such, the reasoning behind reviews not showing up is sometimes based on speculation as well as seller feedback gathered over the years.

Letâs take a look at the possible reasons why Amazon prevents product reviews from showing up.

Big Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Cant Afford To Make

by | Aug 24, 2018 |

Amazon has very clear selling policies and outlines best practices and mistakes to avoid for Amazon retailers within Seller Central .

However, if youre selling on Amazon as a beginner, there are some mistakes you could easily make without realizing it. Theres a lot of fine print in those requirements, and Amazon put them in place for a reason everything they do is driven by the shopper experience.

That being said, below are some of the leading avoidable errors Amazon sellers make when setting up accounts, selling on Amazon, and handling Amazon orders.

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How To Request Amazon Reviews

Learn how to get reviews while staying compliant with Amazon’s guidelines.

Amazon allows sellers to send proactive permitted messages to request reviews and/or seller feedback. There are a few ways to contact buyers: through Buyer-Seller Messaging, by using the Request a Review button, or with the Amazon API. Many sellers use third-party software to automate the process of requesting reviews with the Amazon API.

All communication with buyers must be sent within 30 days of order completion, include the order ID, and be translated into the buyer’s language of preference.

Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging: You can manually send review requests through Buyer-Seller Messaging in Seller Central. Using Buyer-Seller Messaging allows you to customize your messages, but it’s important to follow all of Amazon’s guidelines for communicating with buyers when doing so. See the policies section for more information.

Amazon Request a Review Message: The Request a Review message is sent directly from Amazon to the buyer on your behalf upon your request. It cannot be customized, but it is automatically translated into the buyer’s preferred language. You can send manual requests from the Order Details page in Seller Central or use software to automate this request. Sellers have been getting great results with this messaging option. In a random sampling of FeedbackFive customers, we saw a 41% increase in the daily average review rate after implementing this feature.

Amazon My Reviews: How To Find Or Remove Your Reviews

How to archive your Amazon order history to keep it private

Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, which allows its customers to buy and sell items. Its users can purchase and buy clothes, electronics, games, baby goods, books, furniture, house supplies, and so much more on this website, and get these things delivered to them in a timely fashion. Some people would like to know how to use Amazon my reviews section, and here is your handy guide to this vital part of the site.

The principles of Amazon, one of the largest online shopping stores, are excellent customer service, which comes above focusing on the competitors, passion for new inventions, long-term thinking, and commitment to excellence. Since there is a freedom of speech on the website, every customer can express their satisfaction or dismay with the goods they received. This is why there is a special section dedicated to customer feedback, which is created and designed specifically so that clients could voice their opinions and sellers can make necessary improvements when it comes to their goods or sales strategy.

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The Review Contains Profanities Threats Or Inappropriate Text And Images

Buyers express their opinions regarding products by posting reviews and are more than welcome to share negative experiences. What is not allowed however, is to hurl abuse, profanities, or personal threats at the seller. The same goes for attaching images within the review that are deemed to be inappropriate, indecent, completely unrelated to the product, or unsuited for a younger audience.

If such a review is noticed by Amazon it stands a high chance of being removedâand rightfully so.

View Your Order History

Cant remember if youve put an order in for a new tablet or not? Need a reminder of when you bought that Rolling Stones vinyl? Go ahead and check your full order history.

To take a look, log onto the , hover over the Accounts & Lists section, and click Your Orders. The next screen will show you everything youve ever purchased from Amazon, in reverse chronological order. You can see when items were ordered, when they were delivered, and where they were delivered to, which makes this a useful page to check if something has gone missing.

In addition, the buttons on the right side of the screen let you take more actions. You can request refunds on recent orders, leave reviews, or ask a seller a question about an item. You can also remove your embarrassing purchases from this list by clicking Hide Order. And if youre looking for something specific, take advantage of the Search all orders box at the top of the page.

When your report is ready, Amazon will send you an email. At that point, you can download the CSV file from the same page you used to request it. Open it with Excel, Numbers, or another spreadsheet app, and then play around with your order historyfor example, you can graph how much money youve spent on books or DVDs over time.

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Ways To Get Amazon Product Reviews In 2021

As we all know, reviews are critical to a products success on Amazon. Ever since, Amazon removed incentivized reviews, getting reviews has been harder and harder. However, there are some easy sure-fire ways to get reviews some that are completely white-hat, and some not so white-hat.

In this post, well discuss the current state of affairs for Amazon reviews and how to get those critical first reviews.

The Product Has Popular Keywords

How To Schedule UPS To Pick Up Your Amazon FBA Shipment

Its far easier to use the wheel as is than to try and reinvent it. When you come across a product that has keywords widely in use, put it on your shortlist right away. A good rule of thumb is that the top 2-4 keywords have roughly 100,000 searches for it each month, but keep that as a loose guideline.

You might have to temper expectations a bit if the product is in a more niche category, and you might want to stay away from a product if its keywords are too popular.


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