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How To Make Amazon Prime

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Become An Amazon Associate Affiliate

How To Create Amazon Prime Account (2020) | Subscribe & Get 30 Day Free Trial!

If you have a website or blog I recommend checking out the Amazon associate affiliate program.

It is a tiered system that will pay you more commissions for the more you refer each month.

Amazon associates is a great affiliate program that works awesome on blogs or websites that have beauty, household, and other products people purchase on a consistent basis.

If you enroll someone in Amazon Prime through your affiliate link you also receive $3 per sign up. If you refer four people per month you are making back the cost of your membership!

Quick tip: Make sure you have an affiliate disclaimer or privacy policy to adhere to Amazons policy of letting your website visitors know of your relationship.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On Mobile Devices

You can also stream movies and television shows through Prime Video using the Prime Video app. Amazon has a lot of apps, including the Amazon Shopping app and the Amazon Alexa app, so it’s important to get the right one if you want to stream videos.

Here’s where you can get the Prime Video app:

  • Fire: Prime Video is included by default on Kindle Fire and Fire TV devices.

How To Get Your Products On Amazon Prime

Kevin Weiss | Aug 05, 2019

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives its 100 million members access to a variety of perks, such as;Amazon Prime Video streaming, discounts at Whole Foods;and exclusive deals on Amazon Prime Day. The biggest perk, however, is free one- or two-day shipping on select products.;

With this many members, its no wonder why brands that sell on Amazon want their product ASINs to be eligible for Prime. Although Prime members do still purchase non-Prime products, having Amazon Prime means your products automatically have a large, devoted customer base who are actively looking for that Prime logo. The Prime logo is a trust mark to the consumer that Amazon is going to take care of them through fast, on-time shipments, quality products, easy returns and customer service. Trust is a considerable component for consumers when buying online, which is the reason conversion is two to five;times higher for Prime eligible products.;

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Watch What You Love With Award

Make every night a movie night with Prime Video. Your Prime membership includes instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost. Catch Amazon Originals like Golden Globe-winning series Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, and Goliath, and Emmy-winning show The Man in the High Castle. Stream what you love on select smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, iPhones, tablets, and Android devices. You can even download to your device and watch offline.

Can I Get Another Amazon Prime Trial For Free

Amazon prime video login Archives

If youve signed up for Amazon Prime before, even if it was just the free trial, you might still be able to bag the free trial again. Amazon lets customers have a free trial once every 12 months, so check when your last one was – you might be in luck!

Check whether youre eligible for a free trial on the .

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Why Would I Want To Do This

Amazon Household is, as the name implies, designed for families sharing the same residence and in;a somewhat;traditional family structure .

The two adults in the household each get access to free Prime shipping, Amazons Prime Video streaming service, an unlimited Prime Photos account , access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library for free books, and, of particular interest to those with small children, easy management of all the child profiles attached to the primary account.

In addition, members of the household share purchased content across accounts: if youve bought a ton of books and your spouse has bought a ton of books, those books are no longer hostage on your separate accounts. You can share them with one another without having to buy them again. The same goes for audiobooks, apps, and games.

In short if you already have an Amazon Prime account, theres really no good reason to not take advantage of Amazon Household and share the benefits with your family.

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Amazon Prime Vs Prime Video

You can use a VPN to watch Amazon Prime Video content on However, you wont be able to watch it on Even when connected to your US server, you will get your local content and not the US videos you want.

Amazons mobile apps share similar limitations to and wont give you access to the American library. However, if you register a new Amazon account with your VPN set up with a US payment method, both sites will allow you access to the American library.

What You Need And Special Considerations

How To Create Amazon Prime Account In 2020

Youll need, of course, an Amazon Prime account to share your Amazon Prime access. The fine print, however, means Amazon Household access is not available to those of you with discounted Student Prime accounts . Sharing is also not available if youre a guest on another persons Prime account and not the primary account holderno surprise there, you cant share what isnt yours.

The other adult member of your household will also need their own Amazon login and password if they dont already have one . You do not need distinct logins for children as Amazon handles child accounts as profile-based sub-accounts of the parents account.

Finally theres one big consideration that really highlights how this is a service for families and not for friends, roommates, are distant relatives: when you link another adults account to your Prime account via Amazon Household, you also link all your billing information and payment optionsthe other adult in your Amazon Household will have unlimited access to any and all credit cards associated with the account. As such, its really only a viable option for spouses or other people with a shared financial situation.

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Cancelling Your Prime Membership

To cancel your Amazon Prime membership:

  • Hover over Account & Lists
  • In the dropdown menu click Your Prime Membership
  • Select Manage Membership
  • Select End Membership from the dropdown menu
  • Confirm your choice
  • If you accidentally signed up or have not placed an order using Amazon Prime you are eligible for a refund.

    To cancel your Prime Video membership:

  • Hover over Account & Lists
  • In the dropdown menu click Your Prime Membership
  • Get Refunds On Lost Items Late Deliveries

    Image: Getty

    Amazon Prime offers two-day shipping, and many items usually include a guaranteed delivery date if you order by a certain time. But delays happen, especially during the pandemic. If you paid extra for expedited shipping and your order doesn’t show up at the appointed time, it will refund those extra shipping costs.

    If an order is marked as delivered and you can’t find it, meanwhile, call Amazon customer service at 1-888-280-4331. An automated system will walk you through the order and offer to re-send or issue a refund, no questions asked. It’s unclear how many refunds Amazon will issue in a given time period. Frequent lost-item refund requests will likely get your account flagged, so don’t try any funny business.

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    On The Prime Video Mobile App

    Step 1: If you love watching your favourite shown on your smartphone, you can also play with profiles on the mobile app. To do that, open the Prime Video app, and tap on My stuff. In the My stuff tab, tap on the drop-down menu corresponding to the username, and tap on Create profile.

    Step 2: Add a name to the profile, and depending upon whether the profile will be used by kids, you can enable the option that says Kids profile?. It is exactly the same as creating a profile on the webpage. After you assign a name, tap on Save.

    Step 3: However, if you want to delete or edit any existing profile, tap on Manage profiles by tapping on the drop-down menu corresponding to the username.

    Step 4: Tap on the small pencil icon to rename or delete the profile name, and tap on Save after you are done doing.;

    Step 5: Next, tap on the delete icon to delete the profile, and then tap on Yes in the confirmation box that appears.

    What To Watch On Amazon Prime Video

    How to Make Amazon Prime Day Last All Year

    Amazon Prime Video offers a range of content spanning both film and television, from classic to current. Original Amazon content includes Carnival Row, the Marvelous Mrs Maisel and films such as Brittany Runs a Marathon and The Goldfinch.

    However, Amazon Prime Video has a smaller library than some of its rivals, such as Netflix. And some of the more up-to-date titles you’ll find on its interface have to be bought outside of the cost of your core subscription.

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    Sell A Product Using Amazons Fba

    FBA means , and as a seller, all you would need to do is ship your inventory of products to Amazons warehouse and they take care of shipping it for you.

    Some merchants choose to ship out products themselves, in order to avoid hefty fees Amazon charges.

    There are pros and cons of doing this, but if your product sells in high volume, it makes the most sense to ship via FBA.

    Out of all the options listed in this article, becoming a seller has the greatest opportunity for you to cash in on extra income, but it also involves the most amount of research and uncertainty.

    Before you start, you first need to have an understanding what it entails. You run the risk of losing money if you dont do your due diligence first.

    Im speaking from first-hand experience on that one.

    My Amazon Mistake

    Ive sold products on Amazon for the last year, and Ive learned that research is a critical factor, before you start.

    This was my biggest mistake. In a nutshell, I didnt do enough research around the product before making a huge purchase of 1,000 units.

    After shipping costs from China were factored into the retail price, the product ended up being too expensive to sell , and I was forced to take a loss.

    If you want to really learn about how to sell on Amazon, it takes a lot of due diligence, YouTubing, reading and talking to others who have been in the business.

    The awesome thing about Amazon is the sheer number of potential customers that may click and hopefully buy your item.

    Recap FBA Tips:

    Wait For Amazon Prime Membership Sale

    While this doesnt happen very frequently Amazon does sometimes offer heavily discounted membership options.

    When Amazons original show, Mozart in the Jungle, won a golden globe for best TV series they dropped the price to $73. While this isnt always predictable;its a great way to take advantage of a discounted Prime membership.

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    Publish An Ebook On Amazon

    You can self-publish an ebook on Amazon, and each time you sell, Amazon takes a cut, ranging from 35-70 percent of the listing.

    I know what youre thinking: me? Write a book? Thats crazy, I dont have time for that or even know where to begin!

    Writing and publishing an ebook sounds unachievable, and I havent done this personally, but I know a lot about it because Im an avid reader of ebooks from Amazon.

    I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Membership is $9.99 a month. Its given me an opportunity to not only read the eBooks and learn from them, but Im also able to see what kind of content resonates with others on the site, through reading reviews.

    Over the years, Ive learned that you dont need to create a potential Pulitzer Prize book in order to get published on Amazon.

    Because its a self-publishing platform, anyone can do it, and many self-made authors have used Amazon to help strengthen their expertise in their particular subject matter.

    You can write about and publish something you feel very passionately about. Many of the ebooks Ive read arent very long either a lot are under 100 pages and very consumable.

    The quality of the ebooks Ive purchased over the years is all over the place too, which tells me that anyone can do it.

    If you enjoy creative writing or have expert knowledge on certain subjects, consider writing an ebook on Amazon.

    You can use Kindle Direct Publishing to get started.

    Fill The Cart With Low

    how to create an amazon prime account?

    If you don’t have Prime, the minimum is $35 for free shipping. What do you do if you only need a $20 item? Find some fillers and add-ons. Amazon lists lots of cheaper items that you can only get at a cheap price if you’ve got $25 worth of stuff in the shopping cart. Just search for “add-on items” and you’ll see things like 8-packs of batteries, lip balm, and snacks that are all priced cheap. Or visit;;and put in the amount you want to spend to bring the cart up to a certain amount. The search will show you a bunch of items that qualify.

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    Yes, this Roomba model is super pricey, but its totally worth it. What sets this one apart is the fact that it essentially cleans itself thanks to a home base that allows the robot vacuum to automatically empty out what it picks up off the floor. You have to clean out the base once every 60 days or so, but other than that you can let the Roomba do its thing. This model also boasts 10 times the suction power of the previous one.

    Amazon Prime Messaging Markets Your Product For You

    Getting past consumers to buy from you again can be difficult. Yet its extremely important for the success of your business to turn those shoppers into repeat customers.;

    Not only is it more expensive for you to acquire new customers, repeat customers spend an average of 20% more than first-time buyers. Their conversion rate is much higher as well .

    More than three-quarters of Prime members think Amazon is a good company for shoppers, and 84% value being able to shop on the platform.;

    For non-Prime members, while those numbers are still high, they do drop considerably in comparison; 61% and 53% respectively.

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    How To Enable Amazon Household

    The first step in setting up your Amazon Household is logging into your Amazon account. If you dont know the login and password of the secondary household member , youll want to grab them as youll need that information shortly. You wont need any children present as all child profiles are linked to the parents account .

    Pros And Cons Of Amazon Prime


    Before signing up, consider how much you’ll take advantage of the services

    Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, taking place on June 21 and 22 this year. And there are already and hundreds of other items. In order to shop the sale, you have to be a Prime member. But that’s not the only benefit of enrolling in the paid service.

    Launched in 2005, Amazons membership service, Amazon Prime, has evolved to include a variety of benefits. CEO and founder Jeff Bezos announced in April that there were more than 200 million Prime subscribers worldwide at the beginning of 2021, 50 million more than last year.

    The main driver of Amazon Prime has always been free expedited shipping for over 100 million products, with many customers now eligible for one- and two-day shipping at no additional cost.

    But over the years Amazon Prime has added a slew of other features. They include such services as Prime Video, unlimited cloud photo storage, exclusive access to deals and the annual Prime Day sales event, and discounts on grocery items in Whole Foods stores.

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    Can You Shop Amazon Prime Day 2021 Without A Membership

    As mentioned above, because Amazon Prime Day is exclusive to Prime members, you cant shop Amazon Prime Day without a membership. But if youre not interested in paying for a full membership, you still have a couple of options:

    • If this is your first time with an Amazon Prime subscription, you can to gain access to the sale, and then cancel the membership before the 30 days is up.
    • If you have a family member who is an Amazon Prime member, you can ask if theyll add you to their . This will allow you to enjoy all Prime benefits, including access to Amazon Prime Day.

    Once you sign up for Amazon Prime, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without all the convenient … benefits.


    What Is Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime is a membership service offered by Amazon to give you amazing deals on thousands of products on Amazon.

    Amazon Prime benefits:

    • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
    • The ability to rent Kindle ebooks from their nearly unlimited collection. These Kindle books are 100% free if you have a Kindle, Fire tablet, or Amazon Fire phone
    • Unlimited instant streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video.
    • Unlimited ad-free access to over two million songs and over a thousand playlists
    • Free unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos
    • Some cities can use Amazon Prime for grocery delivery
    • Free release date delivery;

    Millions of people pay for Amazon Prime each year. Were going to show you how you can get Amazon Prime for free.

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