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How To Make An Amazon Gift Registry

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Configure Your Baby Registry

How To: Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Now that youre signed up, you can create your baby registry on Amazon. Youll see a form as pictured below asking you to complete a few basic information about yourself, your baby, and how youll want to receive your gifts.

One of the most important things on that page will be to select the shipping address for your gifts. You can ship to your home address if youre often home or are ok with leaving parcels on your doorstep while youre away. Alternatively, you can also select your office address to make sure that therell always be someone available to collect your deliveries.

Helpful note

You can add your spouse or partner as a Co-Registrant to your baby registry. That way, both of you will be able to view and edit your gifts list.

Another useful question to pay attention to is the Gift Options selection. You can select to register for Amazon Gift Cards, register for a Diaper Fund, and allow group gifting for all gifts priced over a certain amount.

Registering for an Amazon gift card just means that, if people want, theyll have the option to send you a gift card with a certain credit amount instead of buying a gift. Its great for people who have a smaller available budget to spend.

Registering for the diaper fund allows your friends and family to contribute any amount, up to $550 in total, towards diapers. And trust me, youll need plenty of that in your babys first year! Contributions are received as Amazon gift cards which you can use to purchase diapers .

Creating Your Dream Amazon Registry

The first step to creating your Amazon wedding registry is to fill out your personal information. Make sure that you have an updated address because some of your gifts will get shipped right to your home.

The next step is to fill out the information for your wedding date and location of your event. An awesome feature that Amazon offers is group gifting. You can enable group gifting for a set amount. This feature is great for pricey gifts because you could have multiple people help purchase it together.

Then, set the privacy setting for your registry and uncheck the box if you do not want The Knot to show your registry if someone searches for it. The next boxes to check, if you want, is to receive emails about your registry and if you want to receive wedding offers and discounts.

Finish by hitting Create My Registry.

Not Sure What Gifts You Want To Include On Your Gift Registry

  • Browse through the for ideas
  • Prefer a Gift Card? Have a look at Gift Card Deals and promotions
  • Have a look at the vast media collection of Prime Music and Video at your fingertips.
  • can go a long way when youre looking at decorating your babys nursery.
  • Huggies Coupons can help you stock up on diapers
  • Brighten up your babys nursery with Led Lights Coupons

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Reasons Why You Should Use Amazon Custom Gift Registry For Your Business Startup

Along with the 8 best reasons why you should use an Amazon gift list for your startup is a basic question:

Can you think of any reason why you shouldnt?

Your only cost to set up the registry is spending an hour surfing the Amazon website and choosing items you need.

Although there are so many types of startups with so many different needs, every business has some basic needs:

  • Phones/business phone systems/headsets/fax
  • Filing cabinets
  • POS system/card reader

Have you been running a mental calculator along with this list? You can get every one of these items on Amazon.

Why Should I Create An Amazon Registry Through The Knot

What is the Amazon Baby Registry? Everything you need to ...

The Knot Registry works behind the scenes to make sure your Amazon wedding registry are synced to your Knot wedding website. This means anytime you add something to your Amazon registry it populates onto The Knot Registry, where attendees of your shower and wedding can shop for everything youre looking for to start newlywed life off right together, from your top Amazon picks to unique experience-related gifts like honeymoon adventures and date night ideas.

There are also some great Amazon registry benefits, including a one-time 20% off or 10% off on items site-wide. Plus, you get 180 days to return any items . As for your guests, theyll get free shipping on items over $49 and the option to support their favorite charity if they order through Amazon Smile.

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How To Use The Baby Registry Checklist

The Registry Checklist is listed under the Checklist” button in the top navigation. It has twelve different product categories with themes like “Feeding” and “Nursery Bedding & Essentials” that help you sort through what you need. If you click on each category, you’ll see another list of subcategories .

A whole page of items appears, depending on the products youre looking to add. Each product box has an “Add to Registry” button that allows you to quickly add items that you’re interested in. If you need more information about a product, click on the product for a full description, reviews and more.

Once you think you’ve registered for everything you need in a subcategory , you check the box next to the subcategory name . Amazon keeps track of how much of your checklist you’ve completed.

At first, the checklist can seem quite daunting, especially if you start with the major purchases. There are a lot of products to choose from and so many categories to cover. But here’s a trick: You don’t have to pick a product from every single one. Just check the box and Amazon will mark it as complete. Amazon’s system is pretty great you will probably need something from every category you just need to decide whether you want to register for it on Amazon or get it another way.

How Do I Find An Amazon Registry

You can find a couples wedding registry on Amazons website, or by using The Knot couple search. On both sites, enter the bride or grooms name under Find a Registry. On The Knot, youll be able to see the couples Amazon registry, as well as any other retailers theyve registered with, plus cash funds and experiences theyve wishlisted through The Knot.

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Why Should I Create My Baby Registry At Amazon

Free Welcome Box

An Amazons Baby Registry comes with a free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome box. You get this just for creating your registry. It is valued at $35, and it has great goodies for baby and mommy.

Easy To Create

The registry is really easy to create and organize an Amazons baby registry. Amazon offers lots of guides, tips, and tricks. They also give you a jumpstart checklist, where they offer suggestions on what you may need. You can even search through other peoples registries for instant inspiration.

Not really sure what to add to your registry? Amazons baby registry has a checklist, right inside the registry to help guide you. Also, most products sold on Amazon come with customer reviews, to help you make buying decisions.

Excellent Variety

Everything that you need as a new parent, is available on Amazon. They carry the largest selection of baby registry items. Period. The Target Registry is great and so is Walmart, but when it really comes down to it, Amazon simply has more variety to choose from. Thats because Amazon has a ton of 3rd party sellers on their platform. Sure, Walmart has that too but theres not much of a comparison in terms of scale. If variety is a big deal for you, no other registry can beat the amazon baby registry.

Free Shipping With Prime

Amazons shipping is free if you have Prime, or free for purchases over $25.

Easy For Friends And Family To Buy From The Registry:

Manage You Registry On-The-Go

Free Parenting Ebooks

How To Share Your Amazon Wish List

Free baby gift from Amazon! Baby Registry Box!

Once youve added your favorite items to your wish list, its time to share them. You can share it with everyone, only a select group of people, or keep it just for yourself. To share your list, you must first change your privacy settings and then share the link.

  • On the list page, click More > Manage List
  • 2. Privacy. Select Public or . With Public, anyone can search and find the list with , only people with a direct link can see the list.

    3. Click Save Changes. If you made it public, your list will be searchable after 15 minutes.

    4. You can also just copy the link and send it to whoever you want (Just dont forget to set your privacy settings correctly

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    Create Your Wedding Registry

    Create your Wedding Registry profile and add items to your registry.

  • Go to the portal.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Note:

    • To protect your privacy, people viewing your registry only see your name, city, and state.
    • If selected in your preferences, it may take up to 36 hours for your new registry to appear on
    • After creating your wedding registry, you can visit your list by selecting or selecting the Wedding Registry option on the Account & Lists drop-down menu.
    • You can edit your profile information any time by selecting Settings from the menu at the top of your registry.

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    It’s Easy To Get Creative With Your Amazon Gift Receipt

    The vessel for creativity is none other than the humble gift receipt. To be clear, the gift receipt that Amazon provides is truly humbleno bigger than an index card, the flimsy slip of paper printed with smudgy ink seems to have been a leftover from the days when things were mimeographed.Though the gift receipt is devoid of style, it serves an incredibly important role: it allows you to convey a personal message to the recipient as they open up your gift. All you need to do is take advantage of the opportunity.

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    The Advantages Of A Registry On Amazon

    Having an enables you to keep your baby equipment shopping list in one place, allows your friends and family to know precisely what you want down to the exact brand and model and can help you tick all the boxes when it comes to what items you really want and need.

    Evidently, many moms-to-be already have an , so it may seem like a natural choice to establish an for great . Amazon gives you a gateway to almost all of the brands and products you love under one roof! Plus, you can receive discounts, free samples, easy returns, and free two-day shipping on registry items. Read on to find out why we believe this is one of the best ways to stock up on baby supplies before your dumpling arrives.

    Dont Miss The Diaper Discount

    Check Out What Comes In Amazon

    By and large, ask any new parent, and theyll tell you that diapers can cost a small fortune. Babies use about 240 diapers per month. That equals about $1,000 a year. Ouch! Over the first 12 months of your babys life, Amazon customers who receive or buy $500 or more in products from the Amazon Baby Registry will receive a 20 percent discount on diapers.

    Wait, theres more: You can combine your discount with and get up to an additional 20% off totaling 40% off your diaper orders

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    What Is Amazon Gift Registry

    Anyone can create an Amazon Gift Registry. All you need as a prerequisite is an Amazon account. The registries named by Amazon are Baby, Wedding, Birthday and Custom. Although you could argue that youll be wedding to your startup business, and itll be your baby, choose Custom.

    Those who start a registry do the shopping first. By category, they surf the multitudes of items available on Amazon. With a click, they can add chosen items to their registry.

    How Often Will My Amazon Registry Be Updated On The Knot

    Anytime you update your Amazon bridal registry online, The Knot will automatically sync the changes to your account on the same day. Additionally, products that are no longer available or have already been purchased will not be displayed on The Knot Registry, making guest shopping straight-forward and easy.

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    Get The Completion Discount

    When you register with Amazon, you will get something called a Completion Discount. This gives you a one-time purchase of products from your Registry with 10 to 15 percent off- for members .

    Note: Eligible items must be added to your cart from this completion discount view to receive the discount. For more on this, take a look at Amazons Completion Discount Terms and Conditions.

    How To Create An Amazon Baby Registry

    How To Create Amazon Wish List

    Once you get to the main , click the “Create a New Baby Registry” button. You’ll be prompted to put in your name, address, expected due date and shipping address, as well as some preferences like who can see your registry. That’s all you need to do to create a basic registry. If you want to personalize your registry, there’s a section for optional information. You can include let Amazon know if this is your first child, note your baby shower date and write a cute message to family and friends who check out your list. Amazon includes a helpful sample note where parents-to-be can tell gift givers the color of the nursery or, for instance, that they prefer compact items because their apartment is on the smaller side.

    Once you have the registry ready to go, it’s time to add products. You can add them from the individual product pages or look at Amazon’s Registry Checklist, which shows you popular products without ever having to leave the registry page.

    To install the Universal Registry Button, you just click the install button to add it to your browser. Go to any retailer’s site and use the button when you find something you like.

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    Can You Tell If Someone Buys From Your Amazon Wish List

    In order to know whether or not someone has purchased from your Amazon list is to set up the list to receive notifications when something is purchased. When you set up the list, you can choose to receive an alert when something is purchased.

    But, although youll know that something has been purchased, that happening wont be noted on your list. The item will remain on your list. ist creator. Well go into more detail about this below, but essentially, a person will only receive notifications if theyve set them to send an alert when something on their list is purchased.

    If youre considering purchasing a gift on your own Amazon account rather than from their wish list you can. But, Amazon will not know that it should remove that item from the list, and therefore someone else may make the exact same purchase.

    Can You Turn An Amazon List Into A Registry

    The Amazon list and the Amazon Custom gift registry share many similarities. With both, the registrant shops and adds items to a list. The list can be shared with others, such as family and friends. Family and friends can also search for an Amazon list by the shoppers name.

    The Amazon list can be found from the main website by choosing the Accts and Lists tab. The second selection youd make is Find a list or registry.

    Can you turn an Amazon list into a registry? No, they are separate. They can be used the same way.

    Our opinion? The Amazon list is more of a personal wish list. Its where people shop and choose items that they wish they could have someday.

    Although the Amazon list can be a tool to aid family and friends in purchasing gifts for you, the Amazon Custom Registry seems more applicable. The items are not personal gifts for you. The items are needed for your startup.

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    Why You Should Bother Filling Out That Amazon Gift Receipt

    4 min read

    Theres no doubt that has made sending a gift easy. Just search for the desired item, enter the shipping details and, with a few clicks of auto-filled information, the present is on its way for the recipient to enjoy.Convenient? Absolutely. Filled with warm fuzzies? Not so much.I recently added some personality to a few birthday gifts I ordered through Amazon and was pleasantly surprised by how positive the recipients reaction was. So much so, I thought it was worth sharingespecially since it was so easy!

    What Does An Amazon Wedding Registry Look Like

    Unboxing: Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

    I love that you can customize your Amazon wedding registry for you and your fiancé. You can upload a picture for the cover photo and the circle where the rings are you can add a picture of the adorable engaged couple.

    Now youre ready to start adding items to your registry! Obviously, the best part! Curl up on your couch together or head to a local coffee shop and enjoy the experience together. Its important to make this a joint effort.

    When you hit registry favorites, Amazon breaks it down into different categories of items that most people shop for. You can use the top scroll bar to start your list. Small kitchen appliances, than dinnerware and serveware, and it will bring you right through from room to room.

    One very unique aspect to creating your wedding registry with Amazon is the section title Experience gifting. I wish this was an option when we got married because we love adventure and trying new things together as a couple. Scroll through and look for something you will enjoy as a newlywed couple.

    Click Add to Registry and boom! It will be on there.

    Finish scrolling through the top categories and you will be surprised how much variety Amazon has to offer you and your gift givers. Because Amazon is so diverse in the number of products they offer, you can customize your wedding registry to match you as a couple.

    We are huge campers! We were able to customize our wedding registry to match gifts we needed to start our life camping together.

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