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How To Make Money With Amazon Associates

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Innovate With Different Mediums

How to Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

Keep innovating with different types of content to attract a new audience. Whether it is blogging, video content, or even listicles, the key is to make sure your content never gets stale. If youre a blogger, you could try out a new video format to review Amazon products. Dont forget, an Amazon affiliate is always trying to make a sale. Theres plenty you can do to endorse a product in an engaging fashion. Just dont keep doing the same thing forever.

Other Things Youll Need To Make Money Through Your Website Or Blog

Ill give you another heads up here, you may need a plugin called Advanced Ads to place adverts in the same place on every page of your website. I used it for Adsense before I joined Mediavine, but it works for Amazon ads or any others.

My Adsense earnings multiplied 100 fold the day I set that plugin up properly and its just so much easier than coding in adverts manually. 1 click and an ad is placed wherever you want it, on every page. Thank me later.

Youll also need great hosting. Great hosting is fast and page speed affects Google rankings. I struggled with Host Gator before switching to Blue Host because of a blogger recommendation. That was a disaster.

Site Ground is the hosting company we use now, on our smaller sites. I couldnt be more pleased with it and the customer service and support has been superb. Any tech problem Ive had, they fix, for free, instantly. I love them, check them out here. This big site outgrew them and now we pay a lot for hosting on this one.

Not Every Niche Is A Winner

While talking about retro videogames or woodworking tools, you might have issues finding an audience interested in the best text-based science fiction games of the 70s or best saws to cut Mahogany wood while making chairs.

A niche can be too specific, which might work for an affiliate site store.

Once you have an idea about the niche you enjoy and would like to create a site about, you can use sites like Google Trends to look at which topics are trending now.

Lets say you enjoy camping and would like your site to be about camping products, more specifically tents: Would camping be a trending topic with the world in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic?

You might think this is not a good time but in fact, Google Trends shows an increasing interest in the terms camping tents in the last month and as so, your interest in camping tents might be a good niche for you to choose at this time.

Once you have checked the status of the topics on your list, you will need to research your competition.

Is that niche currently dominated by other websites, influencers, or brands?

If so, can you bring something new to the table that could set you apart from them? You need to consider this as it is not only a matter of demand on the niche topic but also on the current supply.

You should now have some realistic ideas on what niche market could be the best for you, but there is still one more thing you should look for.

What is the rate of commissions that Amazon offers for the category?

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How To Make Money With Amazon Associates

  • Go to the official Amazon website then scroll down to the bottom part of the page where you will find the link labeled Join Associates. Click on this link.
  • Take the Get Started tour. At the last stage, join the program by indicating the required information on the form provided.
  • Once your application has been approved, you are now ready to get started.

After you have logged on the associated area, you will find numerous tools.

With those tools, you can use for promoting Amazon products like widgets, banners, slideshows, product links, and others.

Most of the time, an HTML code is for all of these tools that you only need to copy.

And paste to the website that you will be using for promotion.

The next step is the most crucial part of learning how to make money with Amazon.

You will have to drive traffic to the specific site you use for promoting products so that visitors can be converted into customers.

There are a lot of ways you can try to promote Amazon products online:

First, you can create free websites and put links, widgets, and banners to Amazon items on them.

These free websites are easy to create as it will only take you a few minutes to have them up and running in no time.

You can also have as many of these free websites as you want.

This means that you can have several websites for every Amazon item you promote.

One more free and effective way to promote and advertise products from Amazon is through blogging.

Amazon Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule

How to Make Money with Amazon Associates Affiliate Program ...

Heres a table outlining the fixed advertising rates for specific product categories :

The amount of money you make depends on the category youre in and how well you can promote the products.

Additionally, the amount of money you earn is influenced by your website traffic and conversion rate.

Heres a small example:

Lets say you run an automotive blog.

First, you write a blog post about the best car electronics and link to Amazon products in your post with your trackable link.

Your blog post gets 5,000 visits/month and out of that total, 25% end up clicking on one of your links and going to Amazon. That leaves you with 1,250 Amazon visitors.

Of these 1,250 visitors, 3% end up making a purchase on Amazon with an average order value of $78 .

That 3% comes out to 37 purchases at $78 each for a sales total of $2,886.

In the automotive category, Amazon provides a 4.5% payout rate.

Ultimately, you earn $129.87. Based on the 1,250 visitors that clicked your Amazon link, youre only earning 10 cents per click. Another way to look at it is that youre only make 2.5 cents for each of your 5,000 blog visitors.

It truly is a numbers game.

To succeed, you need to have both substantial traffic and rank for keywords in Amazon categories that pay well and high a high average order value .

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Add Affiliate Links To Your Content

Step 1: Sign up and get approved. You usually need a decent amount of traffic before getting approved. If you have a large following somewhere else , you may be able to convince affiliates to approve you. Otherwise, you need to generate traffic first.

Step 2: Get your affiliate links. Login to your affiliate dashboard and grab your affiliate links. With most individual affiliate programs, they assign you an affiliate ID which you can add to any URL on their website to turn it into an affiliate link. In affiliate marketplaces like ShareASale, they preassign affiliate links but also have a custom link generator. Use these to add deep links.

Add your affiliate ID to any URL on their website to create an affiliate linkCustom link generators are found in some affiliate programs/marketplaces like ShareASale

Step 3: For blogs, install an affiliate link management plugin and add your affiliate links here. This lets you organize, track, cloak, nofollow, and add affiliate links.

Import your affiliate links into the Thirsty Affiliates plugin

Step 4: Configure the Thirsty Affiliate plugin settings.

  • Choose a link prefix
  • Enable statistics in the Modules setting
  • Use nofollow + sponsored
  • Consider Thirsty Affiliates Pro if you want automatic keyword linking

Configure the Thirsty Affiliate settingsUse the Thirsty Affiliates button to add affiliate linksOr add them to YouTube video descriptionsTake advantage of features/statistics in your affiliate dashboard

Get Traffic Before Sales

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is focusing on money first.

This is bad for a few of reasons:

  • No traffic = no sales
  • Most affiliates require you to have some traffic
  • Your authenticity is ruined if youre too salesy from the start

But it definitely helps to have money in mind when you start. That way, once you get traffic and are approved by affiliates, you can easily add affiliate links to blog posts where you already mention your affiliates products/services. Dont focus on money first, but have it in your plan.

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Examples Of Smart Amazon Affiliate Program Posts

When writing a post with the intention of making affiliate income from it, take your time and invest in making it the best post possible.

Carolina from MamaInstincts makes over $1,000 with this post on nontoxic baby playmats. Its detailed and contains a list of baby playmats that allows the reader to choose the perfect item.

This post reviewing the best laptop is a huge moneymaker. I love the scrolling images that allows the user to see the product from multiple angles. This article gives the reader the confidence to click through and make a purchase.

You may not be able to rank for the best laptop because the competition is so fierce on Google. But I wouldnt discourage you from writing the post, you can still market it well on and through your email list.

Enter Your Payment Details

HOW TO MAKE MONEY With Amazon Associates

Once the basics of your account are set up, you come to the payments section. Here, you enter information about how you wish to get paid.

You may set this up later. If youre in a hurry, you can skip this section and move forward with the account setup. However, I recommend doing this immediately so you can start making money as soon as your account is approved.

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Sign Up For Amazon Associates

Signing up for Amazon associates is a free process. You can get started by visiting this .

Please ensure to read all of the requirements. One of the questions that you will be asked here is Where is your traffic going to come from?, or somethign similar to that. For this question, you can indicate your TikTok account URL.

You can find your TikTok profile URL either by visiting and typing your profile name in the serach box, then copying the link.

Amazon Associates: The Ultimate Money Making Guide For 2022

You want in.

The idea of making money with the Amazon Associates program sounds enticing.

And when you buy products on Amazon, youre always amazed at the pure volume of stuff they sell.

But your understanding of how it all works is, well, fuzzy.

Lets bring it into sharp focus. Ill walk you through the details you need to decide if Amazon Associates is right for you.

And if it is, Ill show you how to make money by tapping into Amazons vast river of eCommerce. Instead of letting this monetization method flow by you, you can be a part of it.

Sound good? Lets get started.

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How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program In 2022

So, you want to know how to make money with the Amazon Associates affiliate program?

Well, listen up. Ive been making money with the Amazon affiliate program since 2008.

In that time, Ive made over $1,239,861 from it.

Ive built dozens of sites which made money in this way like this one below, which made $9,380.65 in a single month.

There is a lot of bad advice out there, written by people who dont actually make any money from Amazon Associates.

In this blog post, Im going to set the record straight and show you how to do it right.

But first, let me explain something.

How To Add Affiliate Links To Your Blog

HOW TO MAKE MONEY With Amazon Associates

There are lots of ways that you can add your Amazon affiliate links to your blog.

The easiest way to add links is to include contextual links. These are products that you mention in passing because they are relevant to what youre talking about, but they are not the start of the show.

For example, if youre writing a post about working from home, you might mention your new coffee machine that makes amazing coffee that helps you start your day right. Then you would add a link to that coffee machine when you mention it, and thats it.

Another really popular way of including links on your blog is to write product reviews. This will only work if you actually own and use the product that you are reviewing because your review has to be in-depth and helpful to the reader. And ideally, it needs to reflect your experience with that product, with a focus on the benefits you get from it personally.

Note: Its against Amazons terms to use reviews left by other buyers, it must be an original review by you.

And last but not least, you can create gift guides or round-up posts to showcase multiple Amazon products in one post.

All in all, Amazons affiliate program is a tool that any blogger can use to make money with their blog and it has the potential to be a great earner if you know what youre doing! So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up for an account today and make your first affiliate sale!



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Affiliate Marketing Via Amazon Associates

Leverage your existing website or blog by joining the program.

This is a great way to make money on Amazon without selling anything. The program allows you to earn up to 10% in advertising fees from qualified purchases.

Examples of commissions by product category as of May 2021 include:

  • Luxury beauty and Amazon coins 10%
  • Furniture, home, home improvement 3%
  • Lawn & garden, pets products, pantry 3%
  • Physical books, kitchen, and automotive 4.5%
  • Digital music, groceries, physical music, handmade, digital videos 5%

You can view the full Associates Program standard fees schedule here.

Its easy to join and get approved. Amazon also provides you with a wide range of linking tools to embed on your website.

Since Amazon is so ubiquitous these days, you end up getting commissions on all sorts of random products that people buy during the cookie window after clicking your link. If you can build high traffic sites and get lots of clicks to your affiliate links, the earnings add up fast.

I Earned $147k On Amazon Associates: What To Expect Your First Year

by Jim Harmer | Blogging

I was surprised when I tallied up how much my blogs earned on Amazon over the last 12 months. $147,253.02 is pretty staggering considering that it is just one of the income sources on my blogs however, its not so surprising when I look back at the hard work Ive put in over the last several years to build my blogs up to this point.

Ive been blogging full time for the last 5 years, and have consulted with hundreds of bloggers here on Income School, so I feel like I can give you a pretty good idea of whats possible with Amazon Associates, and what to expect your first year in the program.

When I start a brand new blog with zero traffic, I can expect to earn about $7,000 my first year as I work to build up traffic. Its the second year when I expect to see huge spikes in income. You can obviously do a lot better or a lot worse, but thats what I expect to see with a brand new blog.

Obviously, your mileage may vary. But thats where I set my expectations in year one. Its year two where things start to get exciting.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing: What It Is Step By Step Starter Guide


What if I told you there is a way to make lots of money online? Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is a way to make money online. All you need to do is work with the largest e-commerce company in the world! With Amazons affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates Program, you can monetize your online presence and earn a regular income.

Its not as easy as it sounds though. Theres plenty youll have to do in order to be a successful Amazon affiliate. Lets have a closer look at the details to understand the program and learn how you can become an Amazon associate.

Boost Your Sales And Amazon Associates Income

How To Make Money With Amazon Associates on YouTube

Here are some additional tips to boost your income through the Amazon Associates Program:

  • Discuss and promote accessories Many products work best with or are enhanced by accessories and other products. You can promote those related products or accessories on your site alongside the main ones to increase your income.
  • Check out what other items your referrals are buying One of the amazing features of the Amazon Associates Program is that you can get paid when people use your link to buy products that you didnt actually refer. You will also get information about what your referrals bought from Amazon through your account stats. If the products are related to your website niche, you can then start promoting those product, too, so that you can increase your reach and profitability.
  • Monitor your analytics Always check on whats getting clicked on your website, whats being sold, and what your market wants and is paying for. This is very valuable information that you can use to adjust your offerings to maximize your profits.
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    Resources To Learn More

    There are a lot of resources out there when it comes to growing an Amazon affiliate site. If you are looking for some of the best minds on the subject, then we recommend taking Cloud Livings AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp course, which you can get here.

    Cloud Living has a case study Amazon affiliate site currently doing around $3,000 per a month in income, solely from Amazon.

    Its also very newbie friendly, so someone wanting to really learn this stuff but fear they might not be technical enough, would love this course. Weve personally gone through it ourselves and vetted the product to make sure it is the highest quality possible .

    If you want to skip the guesswork and buy an Amazon niche site that is already producing profit,

    Or maybe you already have an Amazon affiliate site and you want to turn it into a nice big payday in that case, you can

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