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How To Market On Amazon

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An Intriguing Book Title And Subtitle

How To Advertise On Amazon Seller Central | BEGINNER Tutorial FBA/FBM

Your cover is what grabs the readers attention, but your book title is what makes the sale. It will depend largely on the theme of your book but taking time to craft a title/subtitle will be a deciding factor for potential readers to buy or not.

The title is the hook that draws readers in and the subtitle is your elevator pitch that tells them what they can expect to gain by reading this book. Will they lose weight? Become better at saving money? Run a full marathon in under six hours?

Brainstorm as many possible titles as you can for both the main title and subtitle. Although the title can make them guess what the book is about, the subtitle is what sells it. Good books that sell often have great subtitles that gives browsers a stronger idea of what is behind the cover.

Check out these great titles for inspiration:

Book Launch: How to Write, Market & Publish Your First Bestseller in Three Months or Less AND Use it to Start and Grow a Six Figure Business by Chandler Bolt

The Value Of The Genius Series

Over the next four weeks, we will teach you not only the traditional methods for marketing on Amazon, but also some new methods were calling Genius Series strategies.

These advanced marketing methods are optional, but as you can see in the graphs above, can make a huge difference in your costs and profits.

But before we can start discussing strategies for marketing on Amazon, its probably a good idea that you understand the four phases of marketing on Amazon.

Product Categories To Avoid

If you are going to be a private label seller, then understand that not all items are created equally. You need to avoid choosing some complex products such as Cameras, Photos, Paintings, Home Appliances, etc. for some reason.

Do not pick products that have complications with shipping and manufacturing, as they turn out to be the biggest headaches later on. This is mainly because such massive products involve liabilities, quality assurance, returns, and customer reviews.

In addition, anything that foes in or on your body like foods, lotions, creams, nutritional supplements tend to have potential liabilities. So, it is good to ignore such products.

On the other hand, categories like shoes and clothing are worth noting too. Since most individuals have their brand preferences, creating your brand might not be successful.


How to Verify Demand for a product during Product Research

You find an excellent product that has high-profit margins and low competition, but it wont matter if there isnt anyone looking to buy your product. That is why it is very important to accurately estimate the demand for your product.

There are solid methods to measure the demand for a certain product and we are going to cover each one of them below! They are excellent metrics to ease out the risk in your Amazon product research phase.

#1 Price

To draw in a bit more context, lets take two examples.

#2 Sells around 10 products per day

#5 Lightweight preferably under 2-3 pounds.

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Set Up Your Shipping Options

Even if you sell on Amazon, youll always have the option to ship products on your own. But Amazon offers a truly unique and advantageous shipping service for all their sellers thats incredibly hard to pass up — . With Fulfillment by Amazon, all you have to do is send your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center and theyll store your products, package them, and ship them to your customers.

Signing up for Fulfillment by Amazon also makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime free two-day shipping, free shipping, and customer service and returns. Shipping costs are already included in your seller plan, so all you have to pay for is storage space and and a fee for each order Amazon fulfills.

Finding The Right Product

Amazon Marketing Tips That Will Get You Leads And Sales

After extensive amazon market research of browsing, Travis eventually settled on tie clips as his first product to sell on Amazon. This seemed like a good idea for a beginner wanting to get started in eCommerce.Tie clips are small and light, and you can design them so that your product stands out. This was not a bad route to take, and the criteria that Travis used were valid ones. However, his list of criteria to apply to the decision was incomplete.

The main stumbling block for Travis was profit margin. Travis was excited about the tie clips since they were really cheap to manufacture at only about $5 per unit. Since they were so small and light, the shipping costs were decent too. He was previously considering selling an inflatable punching bag but gave up due to high shipping costs. This is why tie clips seemed so attractive in comparison.

Travis was hoping to sell the tie clips for $12 – $15 per unit, which would provide him with a decent profit margin . It turns out that he was wrong with these calculations.

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Chapter : How To Get Started With Amazon Marketplace

Establishing your Amazon Marketplace account is the first stage of creating a successful sales strategy for the platform. If you dont set your page up correctly, you can run into issues that can hurt your sales further down the line.

On the other hand, getting started the right way can help you lay a solid foundation that all but ensures future success. Lets take a look at the steps youll need to follow to get your account up and running!

Provide Product Information And Upload Images

Next, youll be prompted to describe your product in a way the Amazon Marketplace software can understand. This means providing vital information such as brand name, manufacturer, and package quantity:

Youll need to fill in a series of fields, although you can ignore those that arent relevant to your product. If the item has multiple options, such as colors or sizes, you can describe these under the Variations tab.

After that, youre ready to upload images of your product. Simply select the images youd like to include, determine which order they should be presented in, and save them to the listing. While only one is required, having multiple pictures of different angles and variations can improve your chances of getting a sale:

Make sure each image you upload is high-quality and professional, but also meets the .

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Set Up Seller Account

To set up a seller account, you must have the following details on hand:

  • Bank account number and routing number
  • Government-issued national ID
  • Tax information
  • Phone number

After youve gathered those details, navigate to Seller Central and choose a selling plan. The Individual selling plan is best for those who sell less than 40 units per month. Think of it as a pay-as-you-go plan because its just $0.99 per sale.

The Professional selling plan is best for sellers who sell more than 40 units per month and need access to advanced reports and APIs. To sell on Launchpad or Handmade, you must have a Professional account. Professional runs $39.99 per month, no matter the amount you sell.

Helium 10 Portals: Its Time To Stake Your Claim

How to Advertise a New Product on Amazon

Selling on Amazon has become more than just a side hustle. We think should reflect that.

With Portals by Helium 10, you can now direct external traffic from virtually anywhere to dedicated, branded landing pages. These landing pages are conversion-optimized and specifically tailored for sellers on the Amazon platform.

Helium 10 hosts your pages, you focus on your customer experience.

Not everyone is a web designer, and you shouldnt have to be to run a successful Amazon business.

Portals allows you to create custom web pages with a simple, yet intuitive landing page builder. These template-centric pages will act as for your off-Amazon traffic.

Your landing page lives off-Amazon, but ties directly to your Amazon listing.

We live in an age of connectivity theres no reason your Amazon seller tools should be any different. Portals automatically pulls your title, bullet points, and images from Amazon right into your brand new landing page. Additionally, Portals plays nice with other apps like Facebook and Google Analytics. You shouldnt have to track down different platforms just to track your analytics.

Is your artistic talent limited to stick figures? Not a problem, Portals gives you several templates to choose from.

With Portals, you have the toolset to make your Amazon brand independently thrive.

Dont forgetAmazons algorithm favors brands that bring in external traffic!

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Promote Amazon Listings Organically

Ecommerce shoppers, especially on Amazon, tend to make the purchasing decision within seconds. Before jumping to promoting your Amazon products, it is important to make sure that your product listings are optimized to attract clicks and increase conversions.

You can encourage shoppers to make this decision in your favor by making it simple for them:

Title matters.

Make sure that the title clearly describes what the item is and gives your customers a clear idea of whether it would be compatible with their needs. Mention the brand name. Clarify the product use and its main benefit. Most importantly, keep the title direct and concise.

Pictures are important.

Your main photo should clearly display what the product is, without the need to zoom or pan it. Additional photos should show other angles from the product and lifestyle imagery, if applicable. It is also a good idea to include a photo of the back of your product box to show any instructions or ingredients. .

Bullet points are your elevator pitch.

The bullet points should be brief and include all the key areas that customers will need to know before they have to scroll down to see additional information.

Product descriptions matter as well.

Most shoppers will quickly skim the description, so a 15-line long paragraph wouldnt work. Repeat the most important selling points and mention any supporting facts to help you customers understand why they should buy your product right now.

Double Down On What Works Cut The Rest

No matter how hard Ive tried over the years, I just cant seem to make Facebook ads work for me. Perhaps I dont know enough, or perhaps Im using the wrong keywords. Whatever the reason, its a total cash sink for me. Meanwhile, I can build Instagram profiles into 5-figure follower accounts in less than 5 months. So why spend all my energy trying to make Facebook work when I can do Instagram for far less?

Not every marketing platform will deliver the goods.

Some that work well for others might stink for you, and those that others have had trouble with might be your golden goose.

The trick is finding the things that do work for you and doubling down on those. But just as difficult is recognizing the things that dont work for you and your marketing plan and cutting those out.

And dont forget to experiment!

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How To Manage Your Amazon Marketplace Reputation

Amazon reviews are one of the most important factors shoppers consider when deciding what product to buy. Shoppers can easily see the percentage of negative to positive reviews that youve received, as shown in the example above, and this will play a role in their purchasing choices. Reviews can also influence where a product appears in a search. For this reason, you want to ensure that youre maintaining your Amazon Marketplace reputation, and securing glowing reviews about your product and company.

When someone makes a purchase, therefore, it can be a good idea to shoot them a message asking them if theyd be willing to leave you a review. However, you need to be cautious about how you solicit these reviews. According to , you cannot offer an incentive to a buyer to leave a positive review or to remove a negative review. This also includes providing discounts or coupons in exchange for reviews.

If someone leaves you a positive review, thank them for their kind words and encourage them to purchase again in the future. If someone leaves a negative review, on the other hand, contact them to see if there is anything you can do to change their opinion. In many instances, a negative review is left because the product wasnt what they expected or it came damaged. If you can replace the product, they may be persuaded to change their review.

How To Sell On Amazon Canada From Us: Tips And Tricks

Amazon Explained: Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Here are a few final ideas, to get you started in Amazons Canadian marketplace:

  • Customer satisfaction is key in growing your business make sure you fully understand the shipping costs and times, so your new Canadian customers get their goods when they expect them, and are pleased with the service you offer

  • If youre growing your business, you might benefit from a volume listing tool which lets you create multiple listings at once, rather than needing to individually create them there are some tools available via Seller Central to help with this

  • Dont forget that listings should be in the language of the market, which means you might need to translate your listings to French for some areas of Canada, or Spanish for Mexican sales. Amazon highlight several professional translation tools, including Gengo and Language Wire, which can make translation simpler

  • Consider getting a Wise Business account, to link to your North American Amazon account. This way, you can accept payment in US and Canadian dollars, or even Mexican pesos, and then convert to any currency you like for a low fee and with no exchange rate markup

If youre looking to grow your Amazon business, or have an idea you think will be popular beyond the US, expanding into Canada can work well. is popular, growing and trusted by customers, making it the perfect place to kickstart your business expansion. To ensure you keep your standards high as you learn the new market, it pays to take things slowly.

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Integrate An Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Product round-ups published by popular blogging sites make it easy to scan a list of top-rated products and find direct links to Amazon.

But how do these products end up on the list? Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is effectively an exchange: In return for your product being published/mentioned/shared, you pay a small fee to the affiliate site if readers click and purchase. Its a win-win scenario that helps you drive sales and collect positive reviews. Its also a critical way to build brand awareness, especially if the affiliate site generates a substantial amount of web traffic.

HubSpot Tip: Tap into . Its free and easy to use and immediately connects you with approved affiliates.

What Is Amazon Marketplace How Amazon Sellers Can Benefit From Them

As a retailer or a third-party merchant, having somewhere to sell your products without renting a physical shop is a plus for your business success. The good thing is Amazon Marketplace has you as a retailer or a third-party seller in mind. You can sell your products on their e-commerce platform. Besides, the Amazon marketplace allows you to connect with millions of customers worldwide. With that said, let’s answer the question what is Amazon Marketplace?

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Optimize For Amazon Internally

Suppose you are a seller of Sports Shoes on Amazon. Now when a buyer searches Sports Shoes on Amazon, numerous results get featured in the search results. Then how are you going to be on top of the search results or at least appear in the first few results? That is where the need to optimize your product internally arises. To optimize the Amazon product listing internally, you need to understand the A9 Algorithm, the Amazon search engine. The A9 Algorithm has its own set of rules and protocols to rank a product up in the search engine results.

It has three pillars namely:

What Products Sell The Best On Amazon

How To Advertise Your Amazon Product on Instagram

Amazon is a price-driven marketplace, meaning that people visit the Amazon site to find cheap prices on the products they want and need. So, if your price or price range isnt the best one out of a group of the same products, you wont be getting the sale and youll be stuck with inventory.

Certain items will sell better on your site while others will get the most sales by using the Amazon online marketplace. So, what products are the best items to sell on Amazon? There are two types of products that are best sold on Amazon:

#1 When Brand Differentiation Doesnt Matter and You Have the Lowest Price

If you have brand generic products that you can offer at the lowest price, you should sell these items on Amazon. Its not a product brand name that attracts the sale, its the price tag. With this type of product listing youll be going head-to-head with other sellers and the lowest price usually wins.

This is the main theme of Amazon. If customers want an original brand name purse, theyll shop on that sellers website to get it. On the flip side, if theyre shopping for a basic brown crossbody purse where brand name doesnt matter and price does, Amazon is where theyll go. If you offer a brandless purse, your best bet is Amazon.

#2 When You Have a Validated Differentiated Product Idea

So, what are the best products to sell on Amazon for beginners and how do you narrow down the options to pick the right ones?

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Ready To Start As An Amazon Associate

The Amazon Associates program is a great way to start your affiliate marketing career. All you need is a website, a social media profile, or an app to sign up to be an Associate. Once Amazon approves your application, youre good to go.

If affiliate marketing sounds like a good side business for you, the Amazon affiliate marketing program can effectively help you earn additional income. Your revenue increases if you choose a niche, write high-quality content about it, integrate your Amazon affiliate links organically, and stick to Amazon Associates policies.

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