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How To Open My Own Amazon Store

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Brainstorm A Business Name And Register Your Domain Name

How to Create an Amazon Store Brand Storefront

Your business name isnt as make-it-or-break-it as the niche you choose, but its still super important.

But, if youre not careful, it could put a halt to starting your online store!

People obsess over picking a name – I know I have. My advice is to give yourself a hard deadline of 1-2 weeks to choose the name if youre really stuck. Otherwise you’ll spend months trying to figure it out and never pull the trigger on starting.

Now, onto some dos and don’ts to help you pick a name:

DO choose a name thats easy to pronounce.

Spelling is hard, people! So make the name SOUND like its spelled, and make it easy to pronounce. Otherwise people might go to the wrong URL.

DO choose a name with some significance.

If its related to the niche youre in, it makes it easier for people to get your business. If theres a deeper, more personal meaning to it, itll make a great backstory for media pitching.

DO be as original as possible.

An entrepreneur based in Kentucky, Victor Moseley, opened a lingerie shop called Victors Secret. Victorias Secret promptly filed a lawsuit against them.

DO choose a name with an available .com domain.

While .cos and other domain endings are becoming more popular, people will still instinctively type in .com. You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you!

DONT choose a name that’s too long.

DONT choose a business name thats a combination of words and numbers.

Dont Get Caught Up In Operational Tasks And Neglect The Marketing

This is so easy to do!

There are so many pieces of the puzzle to put together from selecting products to dealing with suppliers, handling shipping issues, listing products, dealing with seller central, packaging, labeling, etc.

Its super easy to almost forget about the marketing part and believe that Amazon will do all the work for you.

To a degree as I said above they have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you, but youre working in a very competitive marketplace now.

All the courses and training over the years teaching how to sell on Amazon has created a raft of half-decent competition on the site.

The secret to success on Amazon is negotiating a bloody good deal on getting your product to market so you have a good profit margin and then out-marketing your competition on the platform.

Here are some tips on how to do that

Content Marketing And Seo

You probably already know this, but Search Engine Optimization is amazing.

You can have two online stores selling the exact same things, but youll see phenomenally different results if only one store is search optimized, and the other isnt.

At the end of the day, selling stuff online is really a numbers game.

Youre trying to maximize the number of people who visit your online store.

And maximize your conversion rate.

And maximize your retention rate.

You get the idea. Thats where content marketing and SEO come in – high-quality content helps you rank, drives traffic to your store, and builds trust with your visitors, which increases sales.

I wont get into the nitty gritty, but check out this guide to eCommerce content marketing.

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If You Want To Play In Amazons Garden Youll Have To Play With Their Toys

Dont dabble with Amazon PPC. Make it an absolute must to master it.

It will be without doubt the fastest route to getting your products to page one of your main keywords, so dont scrimp on this vital skill.

If you really cant cope with it , then outsource to someone who will become or is already a master. It will be worth every penny.

You dont even have to employ full time, sites like will have the people with the skills youre looking for.

Guide To Starting A ‘fulfillment By Amazon’ Business

How to Setup Your Own Amazon Store in Less Than 5 Minutes ...

Interested? It is possible to build a five-, six- or even seven-figure business by leveraging the FBA model.


The business model continues to grow in popularity, and for good reason. Fundamentally, its the same as a traditional ecommerce business. But, instead of your having to fulfill orders one by one, Amazon stores your products for you and even picks, packs and ships them out to customers.


This makes it a lot easier for you to build your business without having to worry about the logistics of warehouses, packaging materials, couriers and so on. With private labeling, you also have the opportunity to build your own brand and website, thereby increasing the value of your business.

Raring to go? Heres our basic guide for starting an FBA business.

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Save On Clearance Items

Did you just say CLEARANCE SALE?

Its somewhat close to reality.

However, all of that stampede and crowd is worth it since you can purchase items at much lower prices during clearance sales and resell them on Amazon for amazing profit margins.

But note that with some stores, this is a recurring trend as chain stores will have identical items and usually clear them at the same time.

There will be a hassle while getting your desired items, but you can save a lot.

Creating Your Seller Account

Ive deliberately left creating your seller account until now as there is a monthly fee to sell on Amazon & you dont want to start paying that until youre almost ready to send stock in.

To ship your items to the Amazon warehouses youll need to have your account and product listings ready to go.

Greg Mercer over at Junglescout has a step by step visual guide on how to sign up for your seller account.

And heres a video walking you through the process of creating your product listing

Once youre up and running on Amazon Seller Central, youll be ready to ship your items to the Amazon warehouses.

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Perk 3 Fba Customer Support

When you are an Amazon FBA seller, you get plenty of help and support options, personalized to meet your selling needs.

Starting from registration guide to seller central support and Seller University that provides you self-learning material, FBA has got everything covered for you.

You can even hire a professional support team to sell for you.

E: Look Through The Rest Of Your Settings

How to open your own Amazon Store in India

The final step before publishing is to check over your settings and make sure everythings accurate.

On your Checkout page , you can specify whether you want your customers to check out as guests or if theyll need to create an account before checking out.

On your Payment Providers page, you can enable different payment methods.

On your Shipping page, you can set shipping rates for different zones. We have a huge guide to all things shipping you should check out for this.

On your Notifications page, you can customize the emails your customers will receive upon completing an order.

And youre done with your website! Great job.

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Take Advantage Of Promotions

Promotions including Lightning Deals are a great way to sell units at an increased velocity, ultimately leading to more reviews. Lightning Deals are flash sales that are featured on the , one of the most frequently visited pages on Amazon.

Not only do they help increase discoverability of your product, they also help you increase sales during the limited-time sale and even after the deal is completed. This is because you often increase your rank and search relevancy due to the increased units sold during that flash sale, and this carries over for a period of time once the deal completes, sometimes for several weeks.

Lightning Deals for most sellers are invite-only in a sense since you can only run them when they show up on your See All Recommendations section of the screen on Seller Central, and there is often a nominal cost associated with running this deal.

For big events such as Prime Day and during the holidays, Lightning Deals can be very successful in selling hundreds to sometimes thousands of units in the period of a few hours and also in helping new customers discover your brand, even if they dont buy immediately.

The goal is not to always be on promotion or providing deep discounts, but if you can sprinkle these in occasionally, including toward the beginning of your product lifecycle on Amazon, it is a great way to gain additional reviews and build relevancy so other customers can find you.

Almost Anyone Can List Products For Sale On Amazon

Unless a brand has tight distribution controls over its product, its not unusual to find dozens if not hundreds of resellers offering the same products on Amazon.

This crowding creates price competition, as well as incentives to ignore Minimum Advertised Pricing/Manufacturers Suggested Retail Pricing policies or to divert products at low margins, just to get some margin out of holding a particular brand.

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What Are Amazon Stores

Creating an Amazon Store gives sellers a platform to create, brand up and showcase their products in a separate and distinct area, away from the competition of Amazon search results.

It is completely free for existing sellers to , but the benefits and features on offer can work wonders for your brands reputation and allow you to elevate your Amazon Advertising strategies with a unique and trackable URL.

Rather than just having your products appear alongside close competitors in search, you can point ads and links to your dedicated store to provide potential customers with a virtual shopping experience and benefit from the increased traffic.

Building Your Off Amazon Audience

Amazon vs eBay vs My Own Store

This was our secret sauce in the first year of our business and was certainly what helped us grow so quickly.

As I said above using Amazon PPC will be one of your greatest marketing channels for selling on Amazon, but if you can couple this with quality traffic coming in from external sources then youre going to accelerate your sales velocity which is going to increase your ranking.

There are a multitude of ways to grow your brand off of Amazon. By far the most effective and for long term growth will be to build your email list.

In fact Ryan Moran from doesnt even view Amazon as a business he sees it as a lead generating machine helping you to grow your overall business.

However you view it, one of the fastest ways to grow a business on or off of Amazon is to build an asset base of people interested in your brand and products.

If you think about Amazon, the basis of its success is its database of over 200 million customers who have entered their credit cards into the system.

As a much smaller company with fewer resources, youre going to have to build your database of interested parties first with the goal of converting them to a database of paying customers.

You can see my post on Email Marketing for a step by step guide to getting your lead generation campaigns off the ground.

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Do What Suits Your Personality

Please note even though in point 1 above, I say What am I interested in, passionate about, would love to build a brand around?, you do not have to be passionate about the niche youre entering if youre passionate about the model and business in general.

You might be a 35+ male who can see a huge opportunity in the prenatal market for example, and is happy to spend the next 3 years building a strong brand and series of products in this niche. Youll then outsource content marketing and social media branding to those who know more about the topic than you do. Thats a more entrepreneurial approach .

Or, you might be hugely passionate about something thats affected your life and now you want to share your experiences and sell products that directly appeal to people like you or who have had similar experiences. Thats more along the lines of how I view lifestyle businesses. Building a business in something youre truly passionate about.

Theres no right or wrong. You need to do what suits you and your personality.

If you really struggle to define a niche youre interested in then start your Amazon business by picking an ideal product as per the criteria in the following section.

Dont allow not picking the perfect niche to hold you back. As Marie Forleo says

  • You can buy cheap products from garage sales etc and sell at a higher price on Amazon .
  • You can find and improve upon products that are already selling well.
  • Private Labelling Means:

    Launching Your Products On Amazon

    Okie Dokie. You are rocking and rolling!

    Now we have our product, its been branded and is now winging its way to the Amazon warehouses, what do we do when it gets there?

    Here is our 5 Step Launch Plan to really getting your product going with a BANG!

    1. Optimize Your Listing. Ensure there are keywords in your headline and your bullet points, that you have 5 7 attractive and enticing images and a solid product description.

    Nowadays if youre brand registered you can also add a video and on all product listings, you can now add a product image gallery and a huge eye-catching product description below the main listing.

    Personally I would use every bit of real estate Amazon gives you to showcase your products and point out all the features and benefits.

    None of your images will matter however if youre not being found for your specific keywords. Remember Amazon is a search engine and is getting more sophisticated as such every day.

    To out market and outrank your competitors you need to ensure that when people are searching for your product or products yours comes up top of the list.

    There are many ways to do this, but one of the biggies is the number of unique keywords you use in your listing via the headline and bullet points and in the backend when you list your product on Amazon. .

    The Selling Family have put together a very detailed post on . Highly recommended reading before you list your product.

    All these things and more will contribute to getting great reviews.

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    Do You Need A Business License To Sell Amazon Fba

    You dont need a business license to sell goods on via FBA or FBM. All you need to do is register a seller account. For this you will need:

    • A business name, which can be a brand-style name you choose, or you can use your full name.
    • A telephone number Amazon may wish to speak to you as part of the registration process.
    • A credit card with a valid billing address.
    • Tax information

    As you begin to make a success of your Amazon sales and start to see profits, then you can think about setting up a formal business when the time is right.

    Its common to get caught up in irrelevant details when launching a business what you need is sales! I recommend you spend most of your time initially looking for opportunities in hot niches with low competition.

    Of course, you have to run your business legally and ethically, but rest assured you can start selling on Amazon, and do the formalities later once you begin to turn a profit.

    Complement Your Shopify Store By Selling On Amazon

    amazon easy store and how to open amazon easy store franchise and amazon easy store registration

    At first glance, Amazon can seem like a challenger to your small business: a global marketplace, a massive audience, a go-to destination for consumer search. However, when approached properly, Amazon can actually help you make money online.

    Listing optimization can help you get discovered by a global audience and unlock new markets for you. In-Amazon promotions can elevate your brand atop the competition, giving you center stage in front of a highly qualified audience.

    Your online store is your home base, and Amazon is your opportunity to reach massive new audiences. Strategic planning, experimentation, and some hustle will get you a long way to successfully selling on Amazon.

    Use Shopifys step-by-step guide to open up your new Amazon sales channel. Refer to this guide as you begin launching new products on Amazon.

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    Start To Scale Your Amazon Store

    • Improve your Best Sellers Rank. BSR is an important metric for both your customers and your sales. This is also a key factor in valuation if you ever want to sell your business. Potential buyers will want to see steady growth in your BSR rank over time.
    • Increase your product offerings. You will need to do proper research for every new product offering you create. Having more products can reduce the risk of your business becoming dependent on just one product.
    • Build your brand page. As you continue to expand your private label product offerings, youll want to build a professional, dedicated site for your business within Amazon. This gives you another way to market your products, and can also make your business attractive to potential buyers. Frooition creates for sellers who are on the Amazon brand registry.


    Sales Velocity + Conversions

    You will get a lot of Amazon love if you can show a steady sales velocity , coupled with a solid conversion rate .

    Your conversions will come from ensuring you have quality images, copy, keywords & high review ratings on your listing ensuring your item is both relevant and attractive.

    Sales velocity will come from ensuring you have lots of high-quality traffic clicking & converting on your listing.

    So to start the ball rolling and to help improve your rankings on Amazon, sending out discount coupons every day for a specific period depending on your budgets, marketing campaigns, etc, will increase the sales velocity.

    Unfortunately, you cant get the double whammy of reviews anymore as its against Amazon TOS to ask for a review from a discounted product, but you can still run a launch campaign and increase your sales pretty quickly over a short period of time to give your product some momentum and to ensure its picked up by the Amazon machine!

    Couple that with a targeted Amazon Sponsored Ads campaign, a well thought out social media campaign and an influencer review campaign and you have the beginnings of a crush it style launch!

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