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How To Optimize Products On Amazon

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Asins And Amazon Product Categories

Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing For Mobile [Tutorial]

and product identifiers to manage its enormous database of products and to help it return the most relevant results possible when customers do a search. It is important you get both right for the products you sell.

There are two important things to remember with Amazon product categories:

  • They are not the same as Google Shopping categories
  • Some categories are open but for others, you have to request approval before you can start selling
  • , so it is an Amazon-specific product identifier used in all its listings. You can find it in the address bar:

    Reviews And Questions & Answers From Customers

    CTR and CR of a product are also affected by the reviews. Taking both into account, it is important to think about the following:

    • Amount
    • The stars

    It is possible to increase the number of reviews you receive in several ways. Reviews are more likely to be written by customers who receive excellent service. In addition to parcel inserts, you can advertise on product testing platforms or ask customers to provide feedback.

    Please ensure that you always respect the Amazon review guidelines, especially when using the second method. The Early Reviewer Program and Amazon Vine are two of its fee-based reviews programs which a seller can enroll in.

    Your shipping also matters in reviews. Customers love your products, Amazon ranks your listing but the shipping company delivers your product late or worse, if it is a delicate product that gets damaged during the shipping process your store reputation will sink as well. So always do your research for the right shipping method according to your product. Research first class vs priority mailwhich one suits your product.

    Seller Feedback Vs Product Reviews

    Just to clarify, product reviews and seller feedback are different, serving very different purposes. And, most importantly, since Fulfillment by Amazon sellers dont pick, pack, or ship their own products , any negative feedback they might receive would likely be Amazons fault.

    In that case, when feedback is given for something beyond our control as sellers, we can open a ticket with Amazon to have it removed.

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    Amazon Listing Optimization Service

    Of all the tools that Amazon gives its sellers, nothing is more important than your product listing. Your Amazon product listing is your one chance to impress a customer and convince them to purchase from your store, as well as your one chance to ensure that your products are found in the first place through effective search engine optimization on the Amazon platform.

    Given these two vital roles that your product listing plays, Amazon listing creation services are by far some of the most valuable investments an Amazon brand or seller can make. In addition to helping you create a listing that is designed to be as appealing as possible to potential customers, the best Amazon listing optimization providers will also be able to leverage and tools in order to create a listing that will rank highly for relevant searches and get your product in front of more shoppers.

    Throughout this page, we’ll take a look at and discuss how an Amazon SEO expert and Amazon ranking services can help you develop a product listing that will successfully attract, connect with, and convert more customers on the marketplace.

    Product Reviews Are Queen

    Optimize your Amazon listing with us #amazonlisting # ...

    If sales are king then reviews are queen.

    Amazon knows customers rely on reviews to make informed decisions about their purchases.

    That is why Amazon has been cracking down so hard on fake review services where people are getting paid to write fake positive reviews and why improving Amazon reviews is top-of-mind for many sellers.

    Reviews serve as social proof and let buyers know its safe to spend their money on your product.

    Plus who wants to be the first to leave a review for this product?

    Additionally, reviews factor heavily into product rank in the search results.

    I can recall a product one of our clients launched that started selling really well from day one with no reviews. However, it could never break past the page 5 mark.

    Once the first two reviews came in, the product jumped to page 2.

    Sales continued to come in and once the product received its 10th review, it hit page 1 almost the same day.

    So the moral of the story is, do what you can to get honest and unbiased reviews as soon as possible.

    The first thing to get in place is an email feedback sequence that communicates with buyers through the buyer-seller messaging service in seller central.

    Two of our favorite tools are:

  • Sales Backer.
  • With these services, you can write custom email sequences to your buyers that help develop a customer relationship and ask for honest feedback and reviews.

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    Tips To Optimize Amazon Your Amazon Reviews And Ratings Strategy

    • Reach the Optimum Number of Reviews: A product listing on Amazon should have at least 25 reviews before you start scaling your advertising efforts. Reviews can be a useful way to optimize the traffic that comes from search engine results pages, as well as converting visitors who come directly to the page. The more competitive your product category is, the more reviews you will need for similar products to compete with them and earn sales.

    Trellis Top Tip: For a niche category of products, 5-25 Amazon product reviews may suffice, depending on how relevant they are for users searching online which increases their chances of conversion.

    • Aim for 4-Stars and Beyond: Anything less than a 5-Star rating is not bad. Have you ever considered why the Amazon 4-Star Store is not called the Amazon 5-Star Store? Here is what Amazon says about this on theirFAQs page for the store:

    As with any device or product, there will be a range of customer opinions, but anything that achieves an average of 4 stars or above demonstrates a consistent thumbs up from our customers. Many of the products in Amazon 4-star are rated higher than 4 stars.

    The Amazon Product Listing Concept

    Brick-and-mortar stores create customer experiences by setting up visual product displays. For an Amazon business, product images and product videos help generate a concept of the product in the mind of a prospective customer.

    Moreover, an increasing number of online shoppers say they rely heavily on seeing products being used or explained via video when making purchasing decisions, so its essential for eCommerce sellers to have this type of media available if they want to compete effectively against competitors.

    Here is how you can revamp your Amazon product listing concept to rank higher in Amazon search.

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    How Seller Labs Can Help You Optimize Your Listings

    Updating and perfecting your Amazon listings is one of the most time-consuming tasks, yet its critical for keeping your business afloat and standing against the competition.

    With a customer incentive as a focus and robust Amazon Seller tools in your corner, you have all the chances to rank higher and ramp up your conversion rate. If you are looking for an intelligent solution to help you optimize your listings, Seller Labs PRO has you covered by:

    • tracking historical changes in product price, sales, and reviews
    • providing actionable data on search volume, estimated sales, and CPC for every keyword
    • offering AI-powered recommendations to see potential sales from seed keywords

    Additionally, you can turn to our Managed Services team, which will be glad to do the heavy lifting of listing optimization on your behalf. With more than 5-year experience we know how to:

    • remain ToS compliant while appealing to potential shoppers
    • inspect and identify blank spots in your strategy
    • apply those changes to a given listing quickly and effectively
    • chip away at the problems which eat out your profitability
    • have significant output gains based on the efforts youve put

    How Do I Edit Multiple Amazon Product Listings At Once

    How to Create and Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing for FBA Private Label

    You can edit Amazon product listings in bulk by using the flat file upload feature inside Seller Central. The feature works best for large sellers, allowing them to make changes and add new information to their product pages without much effort.

    Many sellers are afraid to make changes to their existing listings, especially the ones that are doing well. But remember this: top positions on Amazon must be fought over and maintained. The competition is always eyeing for an opportunity to grab your spot. If you donât optimize your product listing from time to time, theyâll catch up sooner or later.

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    Keep Stock Of Your Prices And Inventory

    No matter how engaging your content is, if your product isnt competitively priced, your sales will suffer. Know the prices of competing products and keep yours relevant. Likewise, you cant sell products that you dont have in stock. Manage your inventory and prices to ensure that you max out your sales.

    Core Pillars Of The A9 Algorithm

    Amazon has three equally important ranking factors:

  • Conversion rate Factors that Amazon has found to have an effect on conversion rates including reviews, image quality and prices. Its vital for sellers to keep their prices competitive to maintain a good . This is just one of the ways repricing software can help your Amazon business.
  • Relevancy Factors that tell A9 when to consider your product page for a search result. To rank higher, your product needs to be relevant.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention Factors that aid customer retention including and order defect rate . Make customers happy and theyll keep coming back. The more positive seller feedback and good reviews you get, the more likely it is that youll win the sale.
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    What Is Subject Matter In Amazon Listing

    Subject Matter helps Amazon better understand what your product actually is. It is arguably the most important type of backend keyword. You get 5 Subject Matter fields for most product categories, each allowing 50 characters of data to be uploaded. Some examples of Subject Matter keywords are focus toys for kids, traveling yoga mats for women, and vacuum seal plastic bags.

    Note:Certain products only consist of one Subject Matter field whereas others may still have five. Make the most of what you have.

    How To Optimize Your Listings For Visibility On Amazon

    Amazon Copywriter, Amazon Product Description Writer ...

    To improve profits and beat the competition, must follow the product listing best practice. By optimizing each listing with target keywords, you can increase sales, boost conversions and grow profit margins.

    If your customer has a good experience with your products, they will give good reviews, which also boosts your products ranking.

    Optimizing Amazon product listings is vital to providing an exceptional online shopping experience. Furthermore, there are over 2 million sellers and more than 353 million items sold on Amazon.

    As a result, sellers who want to make a significant profit on the platform must get past the fierce competition. The only way to do this is to gain more visibility. If your product isnt visible, even if its a great product, you wont be able to generate sales.

    In addition to visibility, your Amazon product listing can ensure consistency throughout branding, messaging, reviews, and ratings.

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    Create A Compelling Product Name

    If you want people to click your product, you need to have a compelling product name. A cute or clever name may sound cool, but it can be a vague, causing people to overlook it because they dont know what the product is. To increase the click through rate, make sure that your products name accurately describes what the product is and does. Look to your competitors for inspiration see how they present their names on Amazon.

    • People dont buy products on Amazon they buy pictures of products. Include as many clear, crisp product image as necessary to satisfy the needs of a prospective customer. When buying on Amazon, your buyer cant hold your product in his hand or examine it, so you need to include quality pictures that demonstrate exactly what the buyer will get. The more expensive or complex the product, the more images youre likely to need.

    Product Descriptions And The Bullet Point Section

    Like with other places you might sell, this product description is the place where you can tell your customers about your products in detail. A part of the listing thats more specific to Amazon is the use of bullet points which is in a separate section that the descriptions paragraph.

    But they both are spaces where you can really start selling your products. Since someone who is shopping on Amazon might not take the time to scroll to the bottom of your product page, its helpful to put the most important information in the bullet points. Then you can go more in depth in the description.

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    Not Incorporating Customer Reviews & Questions

    When auditing a listing, one of the first things to look at is what customers have said in their reviews and questions on a specific product detail page.

    Make sure you look at the same thing for a competitors listing, too.

    What we want to identify are key aspects that our product might have or might not have that could create a negative experience for the customer.

    The idea is to pinpoint specific features that customers mentioned in reviews as reasons why they bought the product, then highlight those features in the bullets .

    The same goes for any questions asked by potential customers.If you think about what it takes for a customer to leave a question on a listing, they would have had to come to the page, read the content, and ask a question, hoping that maybe they would get a response.

    I look at questions as key indicators to help identify whether there was something that stopped a customer from making a purchase.

    Make sure you are routinely looking at customer questions to identify points that need to be highlighted in the title, bullets, and images, or in the A+ content.

    Heres The #1 Way To Squeeze Every Last Dime Out Of Your Listings

    How to do Amazon Product Listing Optimization for Increasing Visibility & Conversions?

    Have you had your listing text optimised? Who wrote the copy for your listings? You could be missing out on potentially thousands of dollars in lost revenue because:

    A: Your listings arent attracting as much traffic they could be because theyre lacking the proper keywords in the right places B: Your listings arent converting as much of the traffic as they should be because your listings arent written in a way thats compelling or benefit-driven enough to convince someone who is browsing to push the Add to Cart button.

    If you havent invested in having your listings written by a qualified copywriter who specialises in Amazon listingsI would highly, highly recommend trying it. This could be one of the best investments you make this year. Do a test with just one listing, first, and compare the difference before having them all rewritten.

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    Questions & Answers On Amazon

    The questions that customers can ask on the product page are just as important. Customers often ask about specific details of the application or other information they cant find on the product page. Sellers, vendors, and other customers can answer questions. Sellers and vendors should address unanswered questions regularly to ensure that customers receive correct answers.

    Doing so will also improve the information content of the product page: The questions often point to larger information gaps, which can now be added to the description.

    What Are Backend Keywords

    Backend keywords on Amazon are text strings that cannot be seen by Amazon users but can be crawled and indexed by Amazon bots. They help boost your productâs visibility in the search and are vital to SEO.

    There are six types of : i) Intended Use keywords, ii) Other Attributes, iii) Target Audience keywords, iv) Subject Matter, v) and Search Terms.

    Note: Platinum keywords are no longer part of backend keywords. Additionally, many categories have only the “Search Terms” field available for filling in.

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    Amazon Product Detail Page Optimization

    In this chapter, we discuss product detail page optimization. What do we mean by the term optimization? Well, lets work backward from our primary goals of increasing the number of visitors to your product pages , and increasing the percentage of those visitors who purchase during those sessions to those product pages .

    In general, as your products appear higher up and more frequently in the search results page, the more visitors these products will receive. And, the more detailed and higher quality content you have provided for your products, the more purchases those items are likely to receive .

    So, by optimization we mean the tasks you can do both internally and externally .

    We will consider how the Amazon search engine works, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines, and the best practices for maximizing a products conversion rate. We will begin with the internal tasks of Conversion Rate Optimization and Keyword optimization. Well then quickly address some external tasks you can do to increase traffic to you product detail pages, and well wrap things up by reviewing some real product detail pages.

    Dont Lose Sales Because Of A Bad Listing Use Our Tools To Help

    Amazon Listing Optimization: Increase Your Sales as soon ...

    So, youve decided you want to sell on Amazon. That probably means that while you were coming to that conclusion, you spent a lot of time looking at Amazon listings.

    What caught your eye?

    With close to 400 million different listings on Amazons online marketplace, how does anyone listing have a chance of standing out?

    Many of the products sold on Amazon seem almost identical. Still, there must be a reason that your eye is drawn to a particular listing. Heres a little secret

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