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How To Order Amazon Meal Kits

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Amazon Fresh Costs And Coupons

Amazon has a new meal kit delivery serviceis it worth it?

With grocery delivery services becoming more popular, customers like you benefit from competitive cost savings. In the beginning, Amazon Fresh cost about $15 per month in addition to other Prime membership fees. To keep up with the competition, Amazon now offers fresh for free to their Prime members.

As with most products on Amazon, youre going to get a good deal on groceries and household items, with a few outliers that seem a little overpriced. Even in those cases, the convenience is well worth it and the cost averages out to be the same or less than youd pay for local grocery delivery with fees.

For example, their antibiotic-free, natural fresh chicken tenders cost about $5 for just under a pound of meat. This is either comparable to grocery store prices or depending on where you live, a really great deal. With produce, expect prices to vary based on seasonal availability.

If youre a bargain hunter, youre going to like searching for a great Amazon Fresh coupon, which the site makes easy. At the top of the Amazon Fresh page, there is a clickable option for deals. Click on it and pages full of hot digital coupons will show up. Look for your favorites and save even more.

Variety: What Meals Are Available

You can find almost anything on Amazon. And now that Amazon has gotten into the food market, theres no shortage of meal options. The ready-to-eat kits offer the most variety, but together, no-prep and ready-to-eat meals let you try a range of new flavors.

No-prep meals often feature dishes that pack a flavor punch. For example, in the no-prep category, youll find dishes like:

  • chicken fajita bowl
  • kung pao chicken

There are more options in the ready-to-eat category, but here, too, strong flavors and sauces tend to be the norm. A few of the available dishes:

  • Moroccan-style salmon
  • turkey meatloaf with BBQ sauce
  • chicken tikka masala

This category also includes traditional favorites like mashed potatoes, chicken noodle soup, clam chowder, and spaghetti and meatballs.

Blue Apron Branches Out To Amazonno Subscription Required

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Subscription meal kit service Blue Apron is now selling its dinners on Amazon, with no sign-up required, as part of the expansion of its third-party sales strategy, the company announced Tuesday.

A selection of meal kit options, including new Ready to Cook offerings, as well as Family Favorites recipes and quick Heat & Eat meals are available via the online retailer. Customers can also buy limited-time special-occasion boxes via Amazon, along with Blue Aprons holiday offerings.

In June, Blue Apron made its meal kits available for sale on The month before, Blue Apron announced a new strategy to expand beyond its subscription service after many unprofitable quarters.

Meal boxes sold on Amazon are directly fulfilled by Blue Apron operations, the company said, allowing it to take advantage of its robust supply chain and next-day shipping capabilities.

Blue Apron also has recipes available on Amazons Alexa voice-controlled speakers, allowing customers to prepare recipes with hands-free instructions.

By offering a selection of products in the U.S. Amazon store, we are able to provide Amazon customers the opportunity to buy a range of chef-curated meals that will arrive quickly to their door, Blue Apron Chief Product Officer Josh Friedman said in a statement. Our mutual commitment to exceptional customer service will allow us to continue to deliver a great experience.

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Choosing Meals: Limited Options

Meal selection is very simple for these kits: You simply shop for them as you would any other grocery item on Amazon Fresh. We only had six to choose from. As far as specialty diets, of the kits we saw, only one was vegetarian. The rest had chicken as the protein, and almost all contained a variety of allergens. You can view the nutrition, recipes, ingredient, and allergen information prior to adding them to your cart so you can make an informed decision.

In addition to the kits, you can add groceries and other products like cleaning supplies and home goods to your cart as well. As you shop, Amazon keeps your shopping cart for Fresh separate from other Amazon purchases you make, which we found helpful.

The delivery day and time is your choice but it’s typically available for same-day or within a day or two of ordering. Changes to orders can be made up until your shopper begins filling your order, and tipping is available until 24 hours after your order is delivered. Delivery can be unattended, if you prefer to have the food left outside your home, or you can opt for in-garage delivery.

If youre not interested in delivery, you can arrange for pickup at your Amazon Fresh location. Just be sure to select this option as you begin to shop, as this can change product availability.

How Do You Choose Amazon Fresh Meals

Buy Cello Meal Kit Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set, 355ml, Set of 4 ...

Because the site has so much stuff on it, its tough to find the right things you want. Its not clear how many meals Amazon has in its database, but at least eight options change at will.

The prices range from $15.99 to $19.99, with vegetarian meals being the cheapest and fish or steak meals being the most expensive.

Browsing the site to find the meal kits is hard because they happen to be mixed in with the groceries and everything else.

The customer reviews are helpful to read before making decisions.

They have Amazon Kitchen branded pre-made entrees heat and eat. Spaghetti and meatballs as an example.

Sample Meal Classic spaghetti and meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, topped with parmesan.

Prepared with other foods that contain milk, soy, and wheat.

They also offer Amazon Kitchen branded meal kits, like this Sweet Chile Chicken,

Sample meal: Chicken with bell peppers, baby corn, and water chestnuts in a sweet and spicy chile sauce, served over rice

Youll get step-by-step instructions, mix the included ingredients, cook for 10 minutes it serves two. The price is $14.99.

They also have separate meals with just main meats and veggies, like this Amazon Kitchen branded Chimichurri Rojo Beef with Chile-Lime Butter meal. They could pair it with this vegetarian side-dish Asparagus and Red Onions that are topped with hollandaise butter.

They feature multiple guaranteed fresh side salads here is an Organic Kale, Caesar Salad kit, almost 10 ounces for only $4.99.

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How I Did The Math

To calculate the cost of meal kits versus buying the groceries, I took two EveryPlate recipes and priced out the ingredients. To keep things consistent I used the cheapest results that populated on FreshDirect, a popular online grocery delivery service here in the Northeast.

Since spices are generally sold in 1- or 2-ounce bottles, I divided the cost by 20 since each bottle of spices contains roughly 20 servings. The same goes for ingredients like sour cream and soy sauce which are also sold in larger quantities. I divided the total cost by roughly how much you’d need to execute each recipe.

What Is The Amazon Meal Kit

Most of us have ordered something from Amazon before, and the kits they sell include nearly everything youd need to make a meal. Still, theyre only available to or Members who live in metro areas that offer grocery delivery or at select Whole Foods stores in those areas. The prep work is done for you with no subscription.

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Delivery Dates And Times

Before committing to a specific plan, Resnick recommended considering when youll receive these meals to ensure they wont go to waste. Most services will offer customizable delivery plans to choose what days you want to receive your weekly delivery if you know you wont be there, most services will let you skip a week .

Are Meal Kits More Expensive Than Buying Groceries

How the new Amazon meal service stacks up

If you’ve wondered exactly much more expensive meal kits are compared with shopping for all the groceries yourself, I’ve done the math. While some meal kit services are still comfortably in the splurge category — Sunbasket and Green Chef to name two — the cheapest meal kits clock in at around $5 or $6 a serving.

After calculating the difference in cost between shopping for groceries and ordering meal kits for two recipes offered by my favorite budget-friendly meal kit service, EveryPlate, just a measly dollar separates the two approaches to dinner. The perception of meal kits as pricey date night splurge may be more of a myth than reality.

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I Cooked With Amazon For A Weekheres What Happened

I ordered three meals to cook for myself and my boyfriend throughout the week.

To see if these meal kits are actually worth their salt, I signed up for a free trial of AmazonFresh with my existing Prime subscription, ordered three meals, and got cooking. I chose Chicken Parmigiana with Pesto Farafelle and Caprese Salad, Petite Tender Steak with Truffle Butter and Garlic-Chive Potatoes, and Falafel Patties with Tomato and Sumac Salad, and my total order came out to just around $50.

Ordering was as simple as adding the meal kits to my cart, checking out as I normally would through Amazon, and choosing a delivery day and window. I chose the window of 1 to 3 PM on Saturday afternoon, and sure enough, there was a knock on my door and two brown AmazonFresh bags sitting on my porch by 1:30.

I recognized the bags from my boyfriends previous grocery orders through AmazonFresh on his own account. Theyre much less bulky than the big packages Ive received from other services, and thats because they dont have to be insulated or protected for long-distance shipping.

Inside each bag was one to two labeled brown boxesthe kits themselvesand a row of frozen plastic water bottles in place of freezer packs. Not the most professional looking, but preferable to a bunch of wasteful packaging. Each box fit neatly in my fridge until they were ready to be prepared.

Ideal vs. actual Chicken Parmigiana with Pesto Farafelle and Caprese Salad.

What Needs To Improve

The recipes are not good. They’re boring and they lack key flavors. The portions are satisfying but don’t seem to represent a balanced meal. While a Blue Apron or Hello Fresh kit will usually include a green side vegetable or salad, the Amazon Meal Kits often resemble fast food.

The chicken burgers were all white meat, which is very healthy, but the sides were oven-roasted French fries and a dripping carrot and celery slaw. A Hawaiian pork dish came with macaroni salad and coleslaw, per tradition for Hawaiian take-out fast food. A roasted pork loin was served atop a bed of flavorless sautéed cabbage and pre-cut corn with no other vegetables.

I’m sure the kids would gobble these down, but I wouldn’t feel like a great parent serving these dishes regularly. Those white meat chicken burgers clock in over 1000 calories if you prepare the recipe as written with the bleu cheese sauce on the side. That Hawaiian pork dish contains 21g of sugar if you add the included sugar packet to the macaroni salad.

If you keep a vegan diet or have some other tight dietary restrictions, there is little to find on the Amazon Meal Kit menu. Of the two vegetable kits, only one was properly vegan, the boring mushroom bowl. The boring roasted cauliflower I cooked needed its yogurt sauce to achieve any real flavor complexity.

Wait, didn’t I buy this at Whole Foods?

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Blue Apron With Amazon Pricing

A box of two standard meal kits with two serving each will cost $50 with free shipping for members. Bundles of two meal kits for four start at $70 with per-serving costs as low as $8.75. There’s also an option for adding extras such as salad and bread to round out the meal kits. A box of four prepared Blue Apron meals can be had for $60.

The Blue Apron x Amazon meal kits are sold via the , but boxes are directly fulfilled by Blue Apron’s operations team, taking advantage of the company’s strong supply chain and its ability to ship boxes the next business day.

The meal kit company announced a similar partnership with retailer Walmart in June of this year.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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How Amazon Fresh Works

Buy Cello Meal Kit Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set, 355ml, Set of 4, Blue ...

Amazon Fresh is a grocery and meal delivery service that delivers to select cities in the United States. The pilot program for Amazon Fresh started some time ago, but more recently, theyve decided to expand the market and appeal to their customers growing demand for groceries and household items delivered to their doors.

Amazon Fresh locations dont cover all communities, and they are currently focusing more on serving major metropolitan areas. If you live in one of their service areas, Amazon Fresh offers a service that may make you reconsider your local grocery delivery.

Amazon Fresh offers a wide range of fresh grocery, pantry, and household items that you find, order, and have delivered right to your door at a day and time of your choosing. Their selection far exceeds what youre going to find in your average grocery store, giving you more options without leaving the comfort of your home.

To take advantage of Amazon Fresh, all you need is an Amazon Prime account and to live in one of their delivery areas. From there, you shop online for all your favorites and a few new discoveries. Next, choose your delivery window, pay, and then wait for your complete order to be delivered.

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Amazon Meal Kits: Whats Included

Each kit comes with a small cardboard box with a full-color recipe card. Usually, there are five or six steps youll need to with some helpful tips.

The photos can offer helpful visuals to help you along the prep process oddly, the pictures are of the ingredients instead of the finished meal.

The packaging is less than other meal kit brands, and They dont have big boxes to recycle or insulated liners encased in plastic. The kits come in compact paperboard boxes that you can easily recycle, and the ingredients can fit in the fridge.

Amazon will wrap the ingredients tightly in insulated plastic bags, clamshells, tiny tubs, and screw-top jars in bubble-wrapped packages. You may even get a pair of gloves to keep your hands from getting messy while prepping your meal.

The cooking process is fast since the ingredients have already been prepped, youll find the Amazon meal kits to be easy and quick to make. With little prep to do, you can get right to cooking. Each meal takes 25 to 30 minutes, with very little cookware needed.

The recipes are simple and straightforward, so even beginners can make them.

Are Meal Delivery Services Safe

Food safety is often one of the biggest considerations for shoppers, especially when the food is coming from an external source. Every meal delivery service is different and will use different methods to ensure the safety of their ingredients, some of which can be up to the mail or courier service delivering your food.

A company may do all the things to ensure your box is packed safely, but if theres an unforeseen disruption in the courier service, that packing effort may be impacted, said Britanny Saunier, executive director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education . The PFSE advises shoppers to take steps thatll help ensure the food stays safe.

These steps are no different than if you sourced food yourself from a grocery store or community market, Saunier added.

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No Recipe Hunting No Ingredient Shopping No Tedious Prep

Making dinner doesn’t need to be a chore. With Amazon Meal Kits, you can whip up a delicious, chef-designed dinner for two in about 30 minutes. We take on the boring stuff ahead of time, leaving just a few steps between you and an amazing dinner. Perfectly portioned ingredients, easy-to-follow recipes, great-tasting food. Simply delicious.

The Meal Delivery Kit Buying Guide

Testing Amazon’s new meal-kit delivery service that is taking on Blue Apron
  • One thing to look at while youre pricing plans is the cost of shipping. Some services offer free shipping, while others charge you as much as $9 or $10 per box. Youll probably find some meal kits that base shipping charges on your location.
  • Meal delivery services typically have limited delivery days. That means you may only be able to choose between a Tuesday or Wednesday, for instance, or maybe a Friday or Saturday. If you opt for a kit with fresh ingredients, keep in mind that you may need to serve those within three days of arrival, which may not fit well with your family schedule.
  • Packaging can be extreme with meal delivery services. Food has to be shipped with ice and plenty of padding, so youll have quite a bit to jam into the recycle bin. If youre environmentally-conscious, some meal delivery kits use both eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.
  • Although meal delivery services typically require a monthly subscription, you can skip multiple weeks at any time. You can even pause your service and pick it up again a few months later.
  • Grocers are getting in on the meal delivery kit trend. You may see a display at your local grocery store. If you use Amazon Fresh, they also have meal kits available for delivery.

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