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How To Order Off Amazon Without An Account

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How Do I Order Something On Amazon Without Prime

How to Buy Things on Amazon Without a Credit Card

4 Ways to Get Free Amazon Shipping Without Prime

  • Add Filler Items. Filler items, as the term sounds, refers to those items that you purchase just to fill your online shopping cart and meet a minimum price.
  • Add Pre-order Items.
  • Purchase Lightweight Items from Amazon Marketplace Sellers.
  • Students get an deep discount on Amazon Prime.
  • How To Hide Amazon Orders From Prying Eyes

    JamieRead more February 12, 2020

    Do you have a guilty shopping secret? Did you spend more than you should recently? Have you bought gifts for people online and dont want them seeing? These are all good reasons why you might want to hide your Amazon orders from prying eyes. Im going to show you how.

    That feeling of calm satisfaction of being ahead of the curve during holiday season, or of getting away with buying a little more than you should on Amazon will fade quickly if youre found out. If you are able to keep your credit card statement to yourself, the only other evidence, other than the products themselves, is your order history on Amazon. And while you cannot hide the mountain of packages outside your door that speel out your very obvious guilt, you can do something about that pesky, incriminating order history.

    While you cannot delete your order history, you can archive it. Unless the person looking on your account knows about the order archive, your secret should be safe.

    Amazon Usps Tracking Number Doesn’t Work

    If USPS site doesnt recognize your tracking number you’ve got through Amazon, it may be the case of mail forwarder delivery which has picked up your package outside of U.S. and is transporting it to USA. Until mail forwarder company hands over your package to USPS, you won’t be able to track it on USPS website.

    One other possibility is it can take up to 48 hours for the number to get into the USPS tracking system.

    You can follow your package from any origin country to USA using our universal package tracking service.

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    Is Amazon Prime Really Worth It 11 Questions To Ask Yourself

    Is Amazon Prime Really Worth It? 11 Q…

    My mom always said dont answer a question with a question. I listened to her about as well as my kids listen to me. So, is Amazon Prime really worth the cost? Ive got some questions for you in order to answer that. Sorry, Mom.

    And at the end, you can tell me if you think Amazon Prime is worth it or not.

    Trade In Tech For Amazon Money

    Amazon Says It Puts Customers First. But Its Pricing ...

    Places to trade in old tech like phones and tablets abound, and that includes . It can be used to get money to spend on more stuff at Amazon, naturally . The original product doesn’t have to come from Amazon to be eligible. Trade-in item categories include e-readers, tablets, streaming media players, speakers, home security devices, and wireless routers to upgrade to new Amazon-specific items, but they’ll also take cell phones and gaming equipment/titles. The page also offers info on where to find places to trade in Amazon-specific products, called the Amazon Recycling Program.

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    How To Buy Gifts Without Being Found Out

    With most of our shopping now happening online, there is a trail of electronic evidence that follows our every purchase. Where we once could use cash to buy a product and then either hide or trash the receipt, we now have a record on our credit card statement, an email confirmation, email statement and an account statement with the retailer. So while shopping may have gotten easier and more convenient, hiding your Amazon orders, and your overspending, hasnt!

    If you want to keep the mystery alive and your gifts secret, there are still options to hide that gift order for your significant other.

    Use A Degree Of Separation

    If youre gifting to curious types, you will need a degree of separation between you and the gift. That usually means using a family member or a friend to make the purchase. If you trust them not to let on, this is an excellent way of buying online without leaving a trace. You can then either use cash or do a bank transfer to pay the purchaser so everyone is even and youre all set!

    Again, as long as you know how or where to hide the gift, you should have no problem here. If youre already imposing on the kindness of friends and family, maybe you can just store the gif there.

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    Purchase Lightweight Items From Amazon Marketplace Sellers

    A lot of small, lightweight items dont cost much to ship, and Amazon Marketplace sellers often offer them with free shipping to get more orders. You’ll find these offers under “Other Sellers.” Sometimes, theyll even cost less than Amazon is selling them for! The only drawback is that theyll usually arrive in five to seven days.

    Amazon Japan International Shipping Options

    Can I buy off Amazon without an account?

    Amazon JP can ship some of its items to more than 60 countries. Unfortunately, not all sellers use this feature. That’s especially true with second-hand resellers or small companies. They don’t always know how to send anything in Europe or to the United States. That’s why the product you want, may be ineligible for international shipping.

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    Am I Doing This Right

    Give your Echo speaker a quick test to make sure Alexa order notification announcements won’t reveal what’s on its way.

    The second best thing you can do to safeguard against Alexa spoiling any surprises this holiday season is to make sure your new settings work as they should. To test it out say, Alexa, wheres my stuff? Normally she would announce the name of the product you ordered, but if you turned off the above settings, she will only tell you that a shipment is on its way, the date you bought the item, and when it is expected to be delivered.

    Under normal non-holiday circumstances, the rim around the top of your Echo speaker would flash yellow, alerting you to a notification that your order is on its way. When you turn off delivery notifications, the light will no longer link yellow after placing an order with Amazon.

    Now you can rest easy knowing that your Echo Dot, Echo Show, or another Echo speaker, like our favorite, the Echo , wont ruin any gifts youve ordered on Amazon. Just make sure to go back in and adjust the settings after the holidays are over, so you can quickly and easily keep track of your Amazon orders and when they will arrive.

    How To Disable Purchases Via Alexa

    If you don’t want the convenience of being able to purchase items from Amazon using Alexa, you can disable it entirely.

  • Launch the Alexa app.
  • Tap the Menu tab in the upper left corner.
  • Tap Settings.

  • Scroll down and tap Voice Purchasing.
  • Enter a four-digit passcode into the confirmation code box.
  • Tap Save Changes.

  • When you have a passcode set up, you can make it all the way through the steps of purchasing an item, but when you confirm that you want to buy an item, Alexa will say, “Tell me your voice code.” Without it, you can’t complete the purchase.

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    Remove Items From Your Recommendations

    Amazons Recommended List is another source of potential gift spoilers. This is an automated list of items the algorithm thinks youll like.

    To exclude certain purchases from influencing your recommendations, go to your Amazons Improve Your Recommendations section, locate the item you want to exclude, then select I prefer not to use this for recommendations.


    Wow Just Wow You’re Obviously

    3 Ways to Buy Things on Amazon Without a Credit Card

    From JKJ on January 07, 2020 :: 2:05 pm

    Wow just wow! Youre obviously young because you dont know much, lol. Instead of getting angry with older folks why not direct that anger at the problem youre speaking of..college tuition costs. Go ahead and get ahold of the government who took over the college tuition loan business and subsequently tuition sky rocketed! Which by the way, has NOTHING to do with boomers as you call them. And obviously you think youre just a little more important than …..anyone else in the world!

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    Sales And Import Taxes

    When goods are imported into a country, they are sometimes subjected to extra charges. These might be customs duties, taxes or fees, but collectively Amazon calls them Import Fees.

    Amazon usually collects an Import Fees Deposit from you if you order abroad. Its an estimate of what itll cost to get the order into the country.

    If it ends up costing less, youll be refunded, and if it costs more, you wont be charged extra – Amazon covers the extra cost. If you do end up eligible for a refund, hold tight, because Amazon says it takes 60 days to come through.

    Youll probably want to check local forums for local users in your nation to see what their experience has been with ordering items from Amazon. It may be that the item youve ordered requires additional scrutiny or may be banned depending on your local customs regulations. Amazon notes clearly that youre responsible for making sure the item youre ordering is allowed in your country.

    Also, dont be surprised if you end up having to pay a bit more, too. Amazon does its best to ensure taxes are paid for your particular country, but it may still not be enough. In that case, you might have to pay a bit more to collect your item.

    How To Find Archived Orders On Amazon

    The best part is that you can still find the same hidden item whenever you want to make another online purchase. This is by simply typing the name of the hidden item in the main search option.

    The other option for viewing your hidden items is through the Account option:

    • Step 1: Click the “Account & Lists” option.
    • Step 2: Select the “Archived Orders” option.

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    Sign In To Create An Amazon Account

    Along the top of Amazons homepage – next to the language globe, if there is one – therell be a Sign in button. Select this, and youll then see an option to create your own account.

    Just as a general note, though it may appear that youll be creating a new account, if you use the same email and password as your other Amazon account, your account info will transfer to the new Amazon account. Pretty nifty.

    The only exception is for Japan and China. For those, even your old email and password will create an all-new account from scratch.

    How To Turn Off Amazon One

    how to buy things in amazon without a credit card

    Benj Edwards is an Associate Editor for How-To Geek. For over 15 years, he has written about technology and tech history for sites such as The Atlantic, Fast Company, PCMag, PCWorld, Macworld, Ars Technica, and Wired. In 2005, he created Vintage Computing and Gaming, a blog devoted to tech history. He also created The Culture of Tech podcast and regularly contributes to the Retronauts retrogaming podcast. Read more…

    One-click purchasing on Amazon can be handy, but sometimes, you might want to disable it. Luckily, Amazon allows you to completely disable 1-Click Ordering on all browsers and devices with a link buried in Settings. Heres how to find it on desktop computers and mobile.

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    There Are Better Sources Of E

    If youre in the Amazon hardware ecosystem, how much of the software are you actually using? Im on my second Kindle reader, and Ive yet to download to my e-reader any free publications from Amazons Kindle Owners Lending Library, Prime Reading or Amazon First Reads.

    The same can be said in our household for Amazon Prime Video, Amazons attempted Netflix slayer streaming service. Ive watched a few movies and shows, including the Academy Award-nominated The Sound of Metal and One Night in Miami, and the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancys Jack Ryan, and The Man in the High Tower. But I headed there only because I was already a Prime member — not the other way around. There are alternate, less expensive ways to get your reading and viewing fix.

    You can stream TV shows, movies and get audio/ebooks for free from your local librarys digital platform, said Woroch. Just apply for a library card online and forget Prime Video.

    I use our local library system to get book loans into my Amazon account and onto my Kindle or iPad.

    How To Archive Or Hide An Order On Amazon

    Log in to Amazon and click Returns & Orders in the top-right corner.

    This will show you a list of all the things youve ordered in the past three months. Scroll through the list until you find the order that you want to hide and click View Order Details. If you dont see it, use the search bar to find it.

    For the item that you want to hide, click Archive Order.

    Then, click Archive Order again. Everything you ordered at the same time will also be archived.

    Now, when someone looks at the list of your orders, it wont appear. It is still accessible, however, in the order archive.

    You can access it on . To find it on Amazons website, go to Accounts & Lists > Your Account. Under Ordering and Shopping Preferences, click Archived Orders.

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    Can You Archive Amazon Orders From The App

    No, you cannot! But you can archive them from your phone. Follow the below steps:

  • Open the browser on your iPhone or Android phone and go to Amazon.
  • Open the options for your browser and select “Request Desktop Site”. It will help you to load Amazon as if you are on a desktop computer.
  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Locate the “Your Orders” section.
  • Select “Archive order”.
  • Get Free Credits Galore They Translate Into Free Money

    3 Ways to Buy Things on Amazon Without a Credit Card

    that I had to write a separate article about it! But here are some highlights for a quick-and-dirty rundown:

    • Get a $10 credit the first time you reload $100 to your gift card using a debit card through .
    • Share your receipts with to get $10 in free credits every month.
    • Choose No-Rush Shipping to get free digital credits.

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    What Does ‘delivery Attempted’ Mean On Amazon

    Delivery attempted business closed – If the business was closed on the day the package arrived then it would be scanned Business closed. If it is scanned delivery attempted, then the package was attempted and no one was there to receive the package or there wasnt a secure place to leave the package. At that time a notice is left for the customer to come to the post office and pick it up or to let the post office know they would like redelivery. If there hasnt been an update, the customer hasnt gone to the post office to pick up the package and it should still be at the post office.

    Delivery attempted will try again – It means USPS will attempt redelivery, usually the next day. Then USPS will leave a notice for you to pick up the package at the post office.

    Do You Have To Be A Member To Buy From Amazon

    It is important to have a amazon account to purchase any product .

    You cant make purchases without account on amazon even its COD, Debit/Credit card , net banking or gift card payment .

    You need amazon account to place an order.

    You never need a bank account to make purchases from amazon with an exception.

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    Set Up Amazon Household Instead

    Archiving orders to a little-known section of the user interface isnt a great solution, to be honest. Sure, it works, but someone whos curious could still easily find the order details. Instead, if you have Amazon Prime, theres a much better solution: .

    Amazon Household lets you share your Prime benefits and digital content with another adult and up to four teens and children. This means that both you and your partner can have your own Amazon accounts, order each other whatever secret gifts you like, and get the same free delivery optionswithout paying for a second Prime account. No more account-sharing needed.

    It also means that you can set your teenage kids up with their own Amazon accounts so that they can order things with your approval, but they wont be able to pry through your order list to see what theyre getting for Christmas.

    To , head to the and follow our full walkthrough.

    How Long Does Amazon Take To Ship

    How to buy stuff on Amazon without a credit card / debit card

    Amazon international shipping times vary a great deal. Some items can get from the US to Germany, for instance, in a couple of days – but thats with priority shipping. With standard shipping, the same item can take weeks to arrive.

    If youre in a hurry and dont mind paying a premium, choose the fastest shipping. If you can plan in advance and would rather save the money, choose standard shipping and plan on the item arriving sometime within a month.

    And of course, the route has a big effect on how long it takes, too – the further the item has to travel, the longer it might take. So dont imagine that ordering from Amazon US and Amazon Australia is exactly the same deal.

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