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How To Pick Up Amazon Order From Locker

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How And When To Use An Amazon Locker

Amazon Locker Pickup: Using an Amazon Locker for the First Time

Anyone with an Amazon account can use Amazon Locker if there is one in their area. Access to Amazon Lockers depends on the store hours of the location where the Amazon Locker is.

For example, if your items are at a Whole Foods, your access to the Amazon Locker depends on the stores opening and closing time. One of the major benefits of an Amazon Locker is being able to pick up your order on evenings and weekends.

How Do I Use A Locker

To use an Amazon Hub Locker as your shipping destination, find a Locker and add it to your Amazon address book. Then, during checkout, select the Locker as your shipping address. Once your package has been delivered, we will email you a unique barcode. Simply visit your selected Locker and scan the code on the Locker’s touchscreen, then remove your package after the Locker’s door opens. Learn more about picking up a package from an Amazon Hub Locker here.

Current Amazon Hub Promotion

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  • Shop and pick up your order at an Amazon pickup location

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Finding Your Amazon Locker Pickup Code

Edit: This post has been getting a lot of hits and I figure you are all probably very busy and dont want to read a boring story before getting to the answer. Check the Tracking screen for your package in the Amazon app on your phone, or Message Center under Your Account. If you still want to read the boring story of how I got in trouble with my companys mail room, keep reading.

Boring post title, I know. This is another one of those cases where I had a minor annoyance and thought Id do my best to spare others of the same.

I work an odd shift, and Im a bit of a shut-in anyway, so I get a lot of stuff delivered from Amazon. Im not a huge fan of having packages left at the front door, though, so I usually get them sent to work. It adds peace of mind.

I am currently not in the good graces of our mail room, however, due to a tiny lapse in judgement that absolutely anyone could have made.

If you must know, I had a chainsaw shipped to work. It turns out that some people consider that a dangerous item that violates our security policies. For the record, our buildings security manager is a very nice chap and I wouldnt have had the chance to meet him otherwise, so its not like it was all bad.

So I dont want to have anything sent to work until theyve had a chance to forget that. A year sounds about right.

So I placed a small order to be delivered to the local locker, and I checked the Amazon app today and noticed that it had been delivered.

Pick Up A Package At An Amazon Hub Apartment Locker

How to pick up your orders from Amazon locker

Your package will be available for collection at the Apartment Locker once you receive an email with your pickup code.

To use your pickup code:

  • Take the unique pickup code that you received via email to your Apartment Locker.
  • Enter your code into the touch screen display.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Note:

    • Your package is available for collection as soon as you receive your pickup code. The package remains in the compartment until the Property Manager empties the compartment to make space for new deliveries. Make sure to check with the Property Manager before reporting any missing packages.
    • You can reach an Apartment Locker specialist directly by calling 1-888-283-0577. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Where Are Amazon Lockers Located

    Many notable stores and businesses host Amazon Locker pickup stations such as Sprint, 7-Eleven, Stein Mart, and Whole Foods stores, according to Chain Store Age.

    Other than that, some fitness centers and apartment complexes also offer Amazon Locker services.

    You can search for locker locations on Amazons website after logging into your account.

    Add An Amazon Hub Locker To Your Address Book

    You can find Amazon Hub Locker locations when selecting a shipping address during the checkout process or when adding a new address in Your Account.

    To find an Amazon Hub Locker, do one of the following:

    • Go to and search by address, zip code, or landmark. The search results will show available locations.
    • Scan the QR code on a locker.

    Once the address is in your address book, you can choose it as your shipping address by selecting Ship to this address during checkout. To do this, your order must be eligible for delivery to a locker.


    • If you manually enter a locker location, our system won’t recognize your order and we won’t be able to deliver to this location.
    • To learn more about locker delivery, go to .

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    S To Use An Amazon Locker

    The Amazon Locker work in a very simple way:

  • The buyer puts the products in his shopping cart.

  • The user begins the payment of his purchase.

  • The customer indicates “collection point” as the delivery address of his package.

  • The buyer selects from the list the collection point / Amazon Locker where he wants to collect the order.

  • The customer completes the payment and Amazon ships the order.

  • The delivery person leaves the order in the Amazon Locker at any of their lockers.

  • The user receives an email with a code of numbers that informs him that the order has arrived.

  • The customer goes to the address of the Amazon Locker that she chose.

  • Enter the code that was sent to the mobile phone on the Amazon Locker digital screen.

  • The user moves a little away from the locker as any door can be opened and hit, so he must move a few centimeters from the machine.

  • When the box office opens, the buyer takes the package.

  • The customer closes the ticket office and proceeds to leave.

  • These are all the steps that must be taken to use an Amazon Locker . In the case of returns, they are made at the Celeritas Points, which are local stores and have nothing to do with Amazon Lockers, since Celeritas is an external company hired by Amazon.

    We hope this article has been useful to you and you can pick up your order in an Amazon Locker without any impediment.

    Discover the other articles that you can find on the blog so that your purchases and sales are happier.

    Can You Return Items To An Amazon Locker

    How to pick up a package using Amazon Locker

    If an item qualifies for delivery to a locker, you can usually return it at the same place.

    To do so, initiate a return on Amazons website and look for the locker under dropoff choices. Youll need to label and repackage the item, making sure to keep the total dimensions below 18x14x12 inches.

    After that, check your email inbox for a message with a dropoff code. Youll have to enter this number on the touch screen when you return the product.

    In most cases, Amazon will only reserve a return locker for about one business day, but you will have an entire month if space remains available.

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    What Is Amazon Locker Plus

    While standard locker stations are entirely self-service, Locker Plus locations provide some extra features to customers.

    These facilities are staffed by Amazon employees who can help you pick up and return products.

    If necessary, the attendant will also supply you with a box and padding to use for a return.

    Are Amazon Lockers Safe

    Like most lockers, the equipment used by Amazon Locker may not be 100 percent secure. Its possible that a thief could break into a locker or otherwise gain unauthorized access.

    However, this is still a safer option because theft from doorsteps and apartment hallways is far more common.

    Also, the lockers use surveillance cameras, and most businesses have their own security systems as well, making Amazon Locker quite safe on the whole.

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    Secure And Convenient Shipping In The Usu

    Amazon Lockers serve as a resource for off-campus students, staff and faculty to ship products from Amazon to for easy pick-up, ensuring that your packages are safely delivered to a code-protected locker, located near the entrance of Bulldog Bowl in the USU Lower Level.

    About “GAGE”

    The Amazon Lockers are accessible during the hours of operation for the USU. Please note facility closures around major holidays that may overlap with your stated delivery date and three-day window to pick up your items.

    There is no additional cost to use an Amazon Locker, though standard shipping rates apply. For FREE two-day shipping, Amazon Prime is available.

    How to Use

    What Is Amazon Locker

    East MoCo: Amazon Locker arrives in Silver Spring, Long ...

    Amazon Locker is a delivery option that lets customers send their Amazon packages to a secure locker where they can pick them up. For people who have had packages stolen from their front porch, or who live in an apartment building where its difficult for a UPS driver to gain access and safely leave packages, Amazon Locker delivery can be a lifesaver.

    The lockers are secure, self-service kiosks located in cities around the U.S., and only accessed by a special code that is sent to the recipient.

    Another nice perk: Some Amazon Locker locations allow for easy returns. Instead of having to find a UPS store or wait in line at the post office, you can simply drop your packaged return in the locker and have it picked up that way.

    Prime members get free shipping to Amazon Locker locations. Other Amazon customers are welcome to ship items to an Amazon Locker location, but they must pay standard shipping costs to have deliveries go there.

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    How Does Amazon Locker Work

    Using Amazon Locker can be done simply by using Amazon as you normally would you just have to remember to set the delivery address to an Amazon locker when you place your order.

    Go through Amazon, find the items you want, and fill your cart as you normally would. When you go to check out, youll see that an address book will pop up with any shipping addresses you have used in the past, including your default address.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and youll see a category for Your pickup locations. Under that, youll see an option to Look up a new Amazon Pickup location and a field to enter a zip code to search for a pick-up location near you.

    Provide your zip code and a pop-up window will show Amazon pickup locations including Amazon Locker locations near you.

    Find the location you want, select that as your delivery address, pay for your item, and youre good to go.

    Once your package is delivered to the Locker, youll receive an email notification with a specialized code to access the package. Head to your Amazon Locker, pick up your package, and rest easy knowing that your item is secure.

    Can’t Get Your Amazon Products Delivered To Your Door Here’s How To Pick Up A Package At An Amazon

    If you need to order a product from Amazon but don’t want it shipped to your home, Amazon Locker offers a secure alternative. Maybe you live in an apartment or condo complex with no convenient spot for a delivery. Perhaps you’re ordering an expensive item and don’t want it left at your door. Or maybe you’re traveling and need a certain item while you’re away.

    Whatever the reason, you can have the item delivered to an Amazon Locker, where your package will be kept safe until you pick it up.

    Amazon offers more than 2,800 lockers across more than 70 major metropolitan areas in the US find them at Amazon’s Whole Foods Markets and other stores and outlets. The lockers themselves are self-service kiosks, so you can use them even during evenings and on weekends.

    Shop for your Amazon product online as usual. During checkout, specify the Amazon Locker as your delivery location. Once your package is delivered, you’ll receive an email alert with a six-digit code to access to your locker.

    There’s no extra cost to use an Amazon Locker versus your regular address. The only significant downside is that Amazon gives you just three days to pick up your item. If you fail to get your product within the three-day deadline, it is shipped back to Amazon and you are issued a refund.

    But as long as the locker is convenient and accessible to you, this can be a handy alternative to having items sit on your front porch. How does this all work? Let’s check it out.

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    Collect A Package At An Amazon Hub Locker

    You can collect your package from an Amazon Hub Locker after you receive your pickup code.

    Note: Collect your package within three calendar days after it is delivered to the Locker. If you don’t collect your package by the end of the third day, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund.

    To pick up your package, do one of the following:

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    Are Amazon Lockers Always Open


    Many different kinds of establishments host locker stations, so access hours vary by location.

    Because of this, remember to check the business hours of a store, bank, or fitness center before trying to pick up your package.

    Additionally, hours also differ depending on whether the lockers are installed indoors or outdoors.

    Keep in mind that some of these facilities are closed on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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    Amazon Locker Locations: How To Find An Amazon Locker Near You

    Amazon Lockers the e-commerce giant’s newest way to prevent porch piracy and keep your orders safe after delivery. Here’s how Amazon lockers work, and what to expect when using them.

    has revolutionized the way people shop. It started with them offering fast, free shipping to their Amazon Prime members. Now, however, theyve expanded their offerings even further, offering video streaming, food delivery, and even home automation solutions.

    One issue that plagues a business like Amazon is security. When delivering packages to someones house, theres always a risk of theft.

    This is especially prevalent during the holiday season, but it can happen any time. The risk exists whether you live in a house or apartment building, and theres not much you can do to mitigate it short of hiring security.

    At least, that was the case until recently.

    Recognizing the issues their customers have had with package theft, Amazon has created their own solution to the problem: the Amazon Locker. These secure lockers allow secure package delivery while also offering greater convenience to customers.

    In this guide, were going to take a look at what these lockers are, why you should use them, and where to find the Amazon Locker locations closest to you.

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    What Are Amazon Lockers

    Amazon Lockers, as the name implies, are . The lockers are just large metal boxes with various-sized compartments, a touch screen, a keypad, and a barcode scanner.

    Having a package delivered to an Amazon Locker is just as easy as ordering anything else on Amazon.

    All you have to do is add your nearest Amazon Locker to your address book and then choose it as your delivery address when you check out. From there, Amazon will handle the rest.

    When one of delivers your package to the locker, youll get an email to inform you. This email will also include a six-digit code that youll use to access your packages.

    When youre ready to pick up the packages, all you have to do is head to the locker and either enter the unique pickup code using the keypad or scan the barcode in the email you received. If you have the Amazon app, you can also access the pick-up codes and barcodes there.

    Once youve entered the required information, the locker containing your package will open. Once the door opens, just grab your package, close the door, and be on your way. It really is that simple and secure.

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    Shop With Amazon Locker

    Now it’s shopping time. Find the Amazon item or items you want to order and place them in your shopping cart as you normally would. Proceed to checkout. The checkout page now lists the locker you chose as a pickup location. Select your locker and click the Use this address button.

    Confirm the locker location as the shipping address. Select your payment method. Note the delivery date. Review the order and shipping details, then click the Place your order button.

    What Do Amazon Lockers Look Like

    Amazon Locker package pickup

    If youre at a retail store, the lockers will probably be painted yellow or orange. They often have less eye-catching colors when located in apartment buildings.

    Although sizes vary depending on the available space and type of establishment, the stations typically measure at least six feet wide.

    If you still cant find them, look for signs or ask a nearby employee or person for help.

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