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How To Prepare For Amazon Sde 2 Interview

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Amazon Online Assessment 3

Honest Guide to Cracking Amazon SDE II – System Design and Leadership Principles
  • Time: 120 minutes

This assessment is meant to give new grads an idea of what a day in the life of an Amazon SDE looks like. For this assessment, candidates are given questions with options on how they would respond or rate the already stated responses to the questions. In solving these questions, their virtual team members will prompt them via emails or messages to select the best way to deal with a situation besides several internal wikis, road maps, and code snippets. These questions also judge the candidate’s fit based on the Amazon Leadership Principles, so make sure you’ve understood them to ace this round.

Faqs On Amazon Software Development Engineer Interviews

1. Whats Amazons Software Development Engineer interview process, and how do I get started?

Amazonâs interview process for SDEs looks something like this:

  • Application Process
  • Phone Screen: 1-2 interviews
  • Onsite Interview: 4-6 interviews
  • 2. At Amazon software engineer interviews, do I need to qualify every round to get an offer?

    Yes, at Amazon tech interviews, you need to pass every round to be able to qualify for the next.

    3. What is the Amazon âBar Raiserâ interview?

    Amazonâs Bar Raiser interview is conducted by experts to see that for each competency that they test, you are least as good as or better than the average Amazon SDE. It is a crucial step in Amazonâs hiring decision process.

    Amazon Interview Experience For Sde

    Hi all,

    Recently went through the amazon interview process for the SDE-2 position in amazon Bangalore. I was approached by an amazon recruiter on LinkedIn and briefly discussed the kind of role Im looking forward to and what amazon can offer me.

    Hackerrank Online Round: Dont remember the exact questions, but there were 2 coding problems and some system design & approach based questions, given for some particular scenarios .Difficulty level: Medium

    First Technical Round: I was grilled almost 20-25 mins on LP. Two coding questions: ZIG-ZAG Level Order BST, Sliding Window MaximumDifficulty level: Medium

    Second Round: Low-Level design for book My Show kind of service. 10-15 mins of LPDifficulty level: Medium

    Third Round : High-Level Design and many project-related discussions. Why some discussions were made in a certain manner. Many LP questions were infused with interviewer questions.Difficulty level: Medium

    Bar-Raiser Round: For me, this was a little tough, as I was not able to bond with the interviewer. There were LP questions for 30-35 mins, and rest of the time I was asked to solve two coding problems , and asked to write pseudo code + dry run. I was able and did dry run also. For another question, I was able to write pseudo code but for dry run, there was no enough time.

    Two coding questions asked were:

  • Buy-Sell stocks to maximize profits with slight modifications added the by interviewer.
  • Difficulty level: High


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    How To Prepare For The Amazon Sde Interview

    You can crack the Amazon Software Development Engineer Interview if you stick to the following tips.

    • Learn about Amazon’s leadership principles and the company culture.
    • Aim for 10 to 15 mock interviews to analyze your interview style, identify any weaknesses and perfect your answers. Mock interview preparation is without a doubt the best way to ace your interview because itâs the closest thing to a real interview, without the high stakes of landing your dream job. The process allows you to practice the stories and answers youâve prepared and a great coach will give you direct feedback that you can use immediately. People see a dramatic improvement in confidence, communication style and the quality of their examples even after one hour of mock interview prep.
    • Get a firm grasp on the concept of data structures and algorithms and learn to code in any programming language.
    • Solve different problems and ask your peers to help you with interview preparation. You can use sites like HackerRank and LeetCode that have countless sample coding questions you can practice on.
    • Prepare your answers to the typical behavioral questions, and practice your storytelling techniques.

    Responsibilities Of Amazon Sde2

    Everything you Need to Know for the Amazon Engineering (SDE) Interview ...

    As an engineer, you will be accountable for the following:

    End-to-end management of a product/feature for all stages of creation and manufacturing.

    assuring that the built functionalities are expandable and easily deployable without compromising quality.

    Collaborate directly with senior engineers to fine-tune and execute the design.

    Project administration and implementation by project goals and deadlines.

    Participate in the ongoing recruitment and growth of technical expertise, both intrinsically and extrinsically.

    Work with corporate and project administration to establish and implement suitable quality goals, project schedules, evaluation methods, and procedures for developmental projects.

    Intellectual property to be contributed through patents.

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    Behavioral Interview Questions Asked At Amazon

    These questions are usually general behavioral questions that are asked to most applicants and are based on the leadership principles of Amazon. For example:

    • Tell us about a time when you faced a problem that had multiple solutions. How did you go about the situation?
    • Tell us about a time when you took a calculated risk and failed. What were your learnings from it?
    • Tell us about a time when you had to take the lead in a project. How did you fulfill your role?
    • Tell us about a time when you had to work with an uncooperative colleague. How did you go about it?
    • Tell us about a time when you leveraged massive chunks of data to build a strategy. How did you execute it?

    Read for more.

    Is There Any Benefit To Giving Mock Interviews

    Nishit explains that giving mock interviews regularly can help you understand your frailties and will give you an idea about the aspects you lack in. Mock interviews help by simulating the real interview pressure with skill assessments, tough technical and behavioral questions and at the end, you get feedback on your performance.

    Unlike real interviews where you can attempt every 6 months but, mock interviews can be given again and again till you get it right- may it be with your peers or with your mentor.

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    Amazon Leadership And Behavioral Interview Questions

    Amazon leadership principles interview questions are asked during the Online Assessment stage and On-site interviews. You can expect one or two questions at each stage of the interview. Questions in these rounds are based on Amazonâs 16 leadership principles. To give you a clearer idea, letâs look at the type of Amazon SDE 2 interview questions asked.

  • Tell us about a time when you disagreed with your superior on a project
  • Tell us about a time when a coworker wasnât cooperating with you
  • Tell us about a time when you had to adapt to a new time that involved acquiring new skills
  • Tell us about a time when your work-life balance was hit due to a stressful project
  • Tell us about a time when you had to coordinate with multiple teams to complete a project
  • Check our pages on and to get a thorough idea of what to expect at these interviews.

    Practice these above Amazon SDE 2 interview questions to get ahead with your prep and ready yourself for your upcoming interview.

    What Is The Salary Of Sde In Amazon

    I cracked Amazon | SDE 2 Interview Experience

    Amazon offers competitive compensation for its employees. The standard Amazon Software Development Engineer salary is approximately $120,000 per year. Software Development Engineer salaries at Amazon can, however, fall between approximately $63,000 $202,000. As salary amounts can vary, it is best to check the job description of the specific SDE job-role you wish to apply for.

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    Amazon Engineering Interview Process

    Amazon continues to improve people’s standard of living and significantly contributes to the economies of many countries. Jeff Bezos, the former CEO at says:

    “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job to make the customer experience a little bit better.”

    Amazon’s engineering interview process usually takes four to eight weeks and typically follows these steps:

    • Submitting a resume, cover letter, and referrals
    • Getting an HR recruitment call or email if shortlisted
    • Performing online assessments
    • Having one to two phone screen interviews
    • Having four to six on-site interviews
    • Debriefing – interviewers making a unanimous decision
    • Receiving your offer letter

    Carrus Coach and former Amazon Bar Raiser Teresa Fung highlights that the process can vary slightly between the levels. Online assessments are commonly applied to L4 and L5 applicants Once they pass OA, it is possible to move straight to the final loop, or have a phone interview in between before reaching the final loop.

    Amazon Software Development Engineer Interview Process

    The amazon software development engineer interview process is lengthy and exhaustive. Hereâs what you can expect:

    1. HR interview: The preliminary step of the interview is focused on understanding the candidateâs interests and why the candidate would be a good fit for the company. Once the recruiter is satisfied with your answers, you would be given an online assessment to solve, or a technical screening would be scheduled based on the profile you have applied for.

    2. Amazon Online Assessments: This online assessment is usually a part of the hiring process for interns and fresher candidates. Sometimes, it is also included for experienced candidates. The assessment has three sections:

  • Debugging questions: A set of seven debugging questions will be assigned to you with an allotted time of 20 mins. Java, C, and C++ will be the three coding languages available for you to solve this assignment.
  • Questions on Coding: The second assessment would comprise two questions based on data structure and algorithm. You can use any of these languages: C, C#, C++, Java, Ruby, Swift, JavaScript, and Python.
  • Questions based on work simulation and logical reasoning: There are two parts to this assessment In the first part, you would be given various scenarios from the life of a software development engineer, and your responses to it would be analyzed. The second part would contain 24 multiple choice questions based on logical reasoning.
  • Read for more information.

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    What Exactly Is Amazon Looking For

    At the end of each interview your interviewer will grade your performance using a standardized feedback form that summarizes the attributes Amazon looks for in a candidate. That form is constantly evolving, but we have listed some of its main components below.

    A) Notes

    The interviewer will file the notes they took during the interview. This usually includes: the questions they asked, a summary of your answers and any additional impressions they had .

    B) Technical competencies

    Your interviewer will then grade you on technical competencies. They will be trying to determine whether you are “raising the bar” or not for each competency they have tested. In other words, you’ll need to convince them that you are at least as good as or better than the average current Amazon SDE at the level you’re applying for .

    The exact technical competencies you’ll be evaluated against vary by role. But here are some common ones for SDE roles:

    • Problem solving
    • Have Backbone Disagree and Commit

    D) Overall recommendation

    Finally, each interviewer will file an overall recommendation into the system. The different options are along the lines of: “Strong hire”, “Hire”, “No hire”, “Strong no hire”.

    My Amazon Sde 2 Interview Experience

    How to make my resume to be shortlisted for an Amazon SDE interview

    SWE III at Google | Ex-Microsoft | Blogger | OMSCS at Georgia Tech | Creator of Caption AI

    This article was originally published at on January 19, 2022.

    I recently appeared for an Amazon SDE 2 interview, and this article will document my experience. The entire process took about three months, from the day the recruiter contacted me to the time I got the offer.

    Amazon SDE-2 interview process has one telephonic screening and four on-site rounds. Making a total of five rounds. Sometimes, there are additional rounds conducted as a part of on-site interview.

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    How To Prepare For Amazon Software Development Engineering Interview

    Hire and Develop the Best, advises Amazon. When it comes to opening a door for a candidate in the organization, Amazon is one of the Big Four Tech Companies that cares a lot about its Leadership Principles . According to a LinkedIn article from 2018, Amazon is a top firm. Data Structures and Algorithms are crucial for interview preparation, which you may already be aware of if youre preparing to join this organization.


    There is no doubt that this one is a must-have skill to apply for the job of SDE or software engineer role in Amazon or any other big tech company. Hiring procedures in these companies are kind of similar but we are going to share some specific detail, tips, preparation strategy, and evaluation process of Amazon to crack the interview. Keep in mind that the difficulty level of these rounds depends on the level of SDE position you are applying and you can prefer any programming language you are comfortable with.

    Important Points to Keep in Mind:

    The interview procedure in Amazon is kind of similar to other big tech companies so lets discuss that

    We are going to categorize this in the below section

    1. Technical Coding Round :

    2. System Design Round:


    Important Links:

    Amazon Sde 2 Interview Questions On Coding

    Coding is an important component of the process. Youâre asked Amazon SDE 2 interview questions on coding in the Online Assessment and On-site interviews.

    To be able to answer Amazon SDE 2 interview questions on coding, you should be thorough with the following concepts.

    • Graph algorithms, including greedy algorithms

    Questions asked in this round are typically in the medium-to-hard difficulty level on Leetcode.

    Letâs look at some sample Amazon SDE 2 interview questions on coding to give you an idea about the type of questions to expect at your interview.

  • LRU cache Problem – Write a program to implement a Least Recently Used cache and execute a given sequence of SET and GET operations.
  • Word Ladder Problem – Given two words which are – beginWord and endWord, and a dictionary word List, write a program to return the number of words in the shortest transformation sequence from one word to another, or 0 if no such sequence exists.
  • 3-Sum Problem – Given an integer array arr of size n, find all magic triplets in it. Magic triplet is a group of three numbers whose sum is zero.
  • Island Problem – Calculate the size of the largest island in a given matrix m where 0 represents the sea, and 1 represents the land.
  • Check out the comprehensive list of here.

    For more problems with solutions, check out our Problems Page

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    Faqs On Amazon Sde 2 Interview Questions

    Q1. How many stages are there in the Amazon SDE 2 interview process?

    There are 3 main stages in the Amazon SDE 2 interview process. They are – i) The Online Assessment, ii) The Technical Phone Screen, and iv) The On-site Interview.

    Q2. What type of interview questions are asked at Amazon SDE 2 interviews?

    Amazon SDE 2 interview questions are mainly around coding and problem solving, distributed and scalable systems, and Amazonâs leadership principles.

    Q3. What is the average salary offered to Amazon SDE II?

    The average salary offered to Amazon Software Development Engineers is $129,000 per year.

    Q4. What are the important coding concepts for the Amazon SDE 2 interview?

    The essential coding concepts to prepare to answer Amazon SDE 2 interview questions are – strings, linked lists, arrays, trees, graphs, greedy algorithms, hash tables, recursion, and dynamic programming.

    Q5. Should you be good at multiple programming languages to stand out at the Amazon SDE 2 interview?

    Having a solid hold on any object-oriented programming language such as Java or Python is sufficient for the Amazon SDE 2 interview.

    Gear Up For Your Next Technical Interview

    Amazon Interview Preparation Tips | SDE-2

    Are you getting ready for your upcoming technical interview? Register for our technical interview webinarto get the best guidance and insight from highly experienced professionals on how to crack tough technical interviews and land high-paying offers from the biggest companies.

    At Interview Kickstart, weâve trained thousands of engineers to land lucrative offers at the biggest tech companies. Our instructors, who are FAANG+ hiring managers, know what it takes to nail tough tech interviews at top technology companies.

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    Amazon Sde2 Interview Questions

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    I interviewed at Amazon


    Processo normal com muitos etapas para no final nao dar feedback para o candidato . Fora isso, a experiencia foi boa pois em cada etapa muitas informações são passadas com detalhes e dá pra se preparar e saber o que será esperado.

    I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at Amazon


    Primeira etapa de avaliação de currículo. Segunda etapa é uma Phone Screen com muitas perguntas técnicas, principalmente relacionado à complexidade de algoritmos, já com a recrutadora. Após isso são solicitados horários para marcar a etapa técnica.

    Interview Questions

    • O que é uma árvore binária?Como balancear uma árvore?Qual a diferença de map e linkedList?

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