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How To Prepare Products For Amazon Fba

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Making Sense Of Amazon Packaging Requirements For Fba

How to prepare products for Amazon FBA – What supplies I use and where I get them

Before we get into packaging, its worth noting that labels must also follow strict guidelines too. If you are going down the FBM route, its still a good idea to ensure that your packaging and labelling follows Amazon guidelines before posting your items to the buyer. However, if you are opting for the FBA route, note there are two differing elements to packing for FBA:

  • The labels and packaging of your individual products must be organised . You can either package and label your items individually yourself, or you can leave this to Amazon, who will charge you the costs of doing this.
  • The labels and packaging for your bulk delivery to the Amazon warehouse. This is where you send your items in bulk to Amazon, for Amazon fulfil your orders. You need to package the boxes or pallets according to Amazons rules, to enable them to track and process your orders.
  • Choose Whos Responsible For Labeling

    Click the Labeling required tab to see a list of the products that require Amazon, UPC, or EAN barcodes.

    From Who Labels, select FBA Label Service to offload the task onto Amazon for a per-item fee.

    If you plan to label your products yourself, select Merchant. Youll want to check out all of the barcode requirements, which specify label placement, printer type, and even the paper type labels should be.

    How To Start Selling On Amazon Fba

    Check out this overview to see how easy it is to get started.

    Selling on Amazon FBA is simple. To be eligible, you must be approved as an individual or professional seller. After setting up your account, youll list the items you want to sell. Assuming you are not manufacturing your own product, youll select your product from Amazons catalog and enter three main pieces of information:

    • Item price
    • Item condition
    • Whether or not you want Amazon to ship the item

    If you want to use FBA to fulfill orders, select Amazon will ship and provide customer service as the fulfillment channel. You have the option to save this setting for additional products you add to your Amazon store. If you select this option and its your first time using FBA, youll be taken to a registration screen where you can read and accept the FBA terms of service.

    You dont have to use FBA for every item you sell on Amazon. If you know that a particular product is likely to be slow to move, it might make more sense to fulfill it yourself. Its also worth noting that certain products such as hazmat items cannot be sold via FBA.

    Its important to know that after you convert your listings to FBA, they will be temporarily unavailable to shoppers until your inventory is received by Amazon.

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    Create Your Product Listings

    To add your products on Amazon and create a product listing, follow these steps:

  • Visit Amazon Seller Central and click Add product under the inventory drop-down menu.
  • Select Create a new product listing and choose the category of the products you will be selling.
  • Fill in the required information such as product title, description, brand, manufacturer, price, and Universal Product Code . If you dont have a UPC yet, buy one before you start creating a product listing.
  • Click on Save and Finish.
  • Optimizing your product listing is essential to help you gain sales, rank high on Amazon, and encourage organic traffic.

    Palletizing Your Shipment Too Early

    Amazon FBA Success: Your Guide to Starting and Launching a ...

    Whether you should palletize your goods in China before shipment depends on a few factors. If youre shipping bulky goods by air or sea, you may need to palletize your goods in China to simplify storage and transport.

    However, avoid having your supplier palletize your goods before shipping from China to the U.S. unless youre shipping a full container load . If youre not, palletizing your shipment can increase the volume and shipping costs. However, if the goods youre shipping are relatively fragile, and you intend to ship them by sea, palletizing may be your best option.

    Pallets allow forklift trucks, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment to move, store, and retrieve goods safely and efficiently.

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    Request Product Samples Before Shipping

    Before you make the final order, make a smart move, and ask the suppliers and manufacturers for samples to test the products.

    It will give you a first-hand experience of the quality of the product.

    Moreover, it will help you experience what it is like to work with the dealer.

    If you miss this, you might end up with unfamiliar products in the warehouse.

    Understand Fba Shipping Requirements

    Follow Amazons shipping label requirements to ensure that your items arrive at Amazon fulfillment centers quickly and safely. There are separate shipping guidelines for small parcel deliveries and less than truckload/full truckload shipments. Every box or pallet you ship into Amazon FBA has to have a unique box ID. Check out the full list of requirements for more information.

    The FBA box ID label and shipping carrier label must be scannable and readable. Make sure that your shipment is packed so that labels can be scanned quickly when the shipment arrives at the fulfillment center. This will help prevent inventory receiving delays. You should also be aware of key inventory dates throughout the year, especially during Q4.

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    Start An Amazon Product Copywriting Business

    Product descriptions and stellar copywriting are crucial components of selling a product.

    How many times have you seen an Amazon listing with a jumbled description, obvious non-native English, or spelling and grammar atrocities?

    Great copywriting can take a potential customer from product consideration to sold in a matter of seconds or minutes.

    Amazon copywriters work with sellers to write high-converting product titles and descriptions.

    Copywriting is an art and something you’ll need to learn or have previous experience with to be successful.

    Start A Product Photography Business

    How To Send Your First Shipment To Amazon FBA | BEGINNER TUTORIAL

    If you have an eye for photography or product display, starting a product photography business might just be the best Amazon business opportunity for you.

    Many Amazon sellers without the resources or skills hire product photographers to showcase their products in a variety of ways from showing off the details, to lifestyle photography, and more.

    If you already have the camera gear, costs to start a product photography business for Amazon sellers will be minimal.

    Learn more about starting a product photography business from Expert Photography here.

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    How Do Sellers Get Items Into Fba

    One of the reasons FBA is so successful is because the experience is so streamlined from the shopper perspective. Many consumers dont know that the items they are buying are sold by third-party sellers. But how easy is it to sell with FBA? In a word: very.

    • If youre already selling on Amazon, simply add FBA to your account and youre ready to go. If you dont have a selling account, set one up and choose the FBA option. The fee for a Professional selling account is $39.99 per month. While sellers with individual accounts can sell via Amazon FBA, they will not be able to take advantage of advertising options and other features of the program.
    • Create your product listings. You can add products in bulk via flat files, or you can add them one by one. Pay close attention to the quality of your photo description.
    • Prep your products. Amazon has packaging and prep requirements, as well as shipping and routing requirements, that you have to follow. By properly preparing, packing, and labeling your items, you can be sure they will be made available to customers quickly. Following these guidelines helps ensure that your items will arrive at Amazon fulfillment centers safely and in good condition.
    • Ship your inventory to Amazon FBA. Create a shipping plan and print your shipping labels with inventory management software like RestockPro or in Seller Central. Then send your products to the Amazon fulfillment centers your shipping plan requires.

    Where To Ship Your Amazon Fba Shipment

    As one of the biggest companies in the world right now, Amazon has more than 175 fulfillment centers globally. The majority of these are in North America and Europe, and overall, it spans more than 150 million square feet of space.When you create your shipping plan on the Amazon Sellers Account, the location where the boxes should be shipped is automatically generated. Each FBA order is different, so the location isnt always the same. Amazon doesnt allow sellers to drop off products and boxes at the fulfillment centers directly, so you would have to ship them through UPS or FedEx.It is confusing to know where to ship the boxes, but Amazon has a service that allows a seller to ship to just one Amazon fulfillment center for all future shipments. It is cheaper than sending to multiple warehouses, saving you lots of money.How to do this?Simply go to the Inbound Settings in the Amazon Sellers Account and change the Inventory Placement Option.

    After confirming that the selection has been updated, the Amazon Sellers Account will indicate where the products are being sent, and it will be specific to one fulfillment center only.

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    Select Who Labels The Products

    After determining who preps the products, you can select whether Amazon or you will be responsible for applying labels to each unit in the Label Product page of your Shipping Plan.

    You can also choose who labels your products by default in your FBA settings page. Please note that changing the default does not affect previously created shipments or any label preferences you have defined for specific items.

    How To Source Products For Fba

    How to Sell on Amazon FBA


    Now that youve found your product, or narrowed your list to a few final product options, its time to find a supplier.

    If you find this step a little intimidating, youre not alone. Many successful sellers today say they initially had no idea how to find or work with suppliers. However, with enormous advancements in technology, communication, and services to help facilitate international trade, it is a process that is simpler than ever.

    Well walk through 3 steps to find and source your products to sell on Amazon

    Research and compare relevant suppliers

    Evaluate product samples and refine your product

    Order and ship your products to Amazons FBA warehouses

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    Sourcing The Incorrect Products

    Product sourcing from Chinese suppliers for sale in the United States, from clothes to electronics, is an affordable way to operate an online business. However, if youre starting an eCommerce company, it can be challenging to maintain high-quality manufacturing standards, especially if the products require assembly or testing.

    Always request samples or prototypes before placing a bulk order. This way, you can determine the companys workmanship and quality control. If the product is labor-intensive to produce or assemble, this can increase the per-unit cost of your goods.

    Create Your Listing In Seller Central

    Now that youve prepared all the elements of your listing, its a simple process to create your listing in Seller Central.

    • Add your product and select the category to list your product in. Choose a category thats most appropriate for your product, and select as specific a subcategory as possible.
    • Under product ID, add your UPC code.
    • Add your product title and brand name.

    You can return to edit this listing at any time. Once youre selling your product, you can make changes to test how different product details affect your sales and continue optimizing your listing.

    More sections of the listing setup will allow you to add product variations , add SKUs to help track your inventory, and of course add your product description details, including your keywords and images.

    Once you click save changes, your listing will show up in Seller Central under Manage inventory.

    In this clip we show you how to set up your Seller Central account.

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    Start An Amazon Liquidations Business

    Did you know you can buy pallets of Amazon returns online? Buying Amazon returns, sorting them, and reselling them is an amazing Amazon business opportunity.

    When customer returns are sent back to Amazon, not all of them are relisted or resold. Sometimes brands sell the products through liquidators. This means you can buy an entire pallet of customer returns to keep or sell for yourself.

    Pallets can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 or more.

    Popular liquidators include:

    • BULQ
    • BoxFox

    Once you receive your pallet, inspect each item and get to work selling items that work or are in great condition!

    You can start an online store, sell through local marketplaces, or even start your own Amazon FBA business.

    How To List A Product On Amazon

    How to Package & Ship Your Product to Amazon FBA
    • Keyword research


    Your listing is how customers will find and purchase your product on Amazon, so this step is incredibly important!

    Well review the key steps for setting up a successful listing here:

    Free resource

    Guide to Selling on Amazon

    Step-by-step guidance and expert tips to help you sell more on Amazon

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    Not Verifying Intellectual Property Protection

    If you source a Chinese supplier, select a product from their catalog or suggest one yourself for production, and place an order for sale in the US, its crucial to verify whether the product is protected by patent or trademark.

    Some companies dont comply with Intellectual Property laws, manufacturing and selling products without a license or permission. Selling or importing these goods can result in a lawsuit that could shut down your business.

    Other suppliers may sell counterfeit goods, such as shoes, handbags, perfumes, jewelry, and cosmetics, resulting in a cease and desist order or litigation suit from the manufacturer of the original goods. There are also safety concerns related to counterfeit cosmetics.

    According to United States Customs and Border Protection:

    on a typical day in 2020, CBP officers seized $3.6 million worth of products with Intellectual Property Rights violations.

    Avoid these pitfalls and legal challenges by ensuring everything you buy and sell is compliant with U.S. intellectual property laws.

    Sell Low Or No Content Books With Kdp

    Low and no content books are books like notebooks, journals, and planners. You can sell low and no content books on KDP and easily make them yourself.

    The process for selling low content and no content books is very similar to the process for writing books to sell on KDP.

    This process involves choosing a niche, doing market research, designing the book interior, choosing a cover, uploading, and titling your product.

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    How To Send The Products To Amazon

    After properly packing the products and ensuring that the boxes have been labelled properly, the next step is to send the products to the Amazon FBA warehouse. It can be difficult to figure out how to ship to Amazon FBA if there arent any clear guidelines on the website. Those who have sold products with Amazon have also begun not knowing shipping to Amazon FBA.

    Time And Money Required

    How To Sell On Amazon FBA As A Beginner

    Most time in this business model is spent in the product research and supplier negotiation stages often concurrently. However, once you have found and ordered your product the time requirement drastically reduces.

    When your product/s are selling expect to answer the odd question on your listing, respond to the odd request, monitor PPC campaigns and keep an eye on inventory levels for clues on when to re-order.

    The smallest financial investment to get started can be as low as £500 for all costs. I did it for around £600 however, you will see lower and slower returns of course at this lower entry point. For the less risk averse its still a fairly small gamble to test the waters.

    Those with higher appetites for risk may wish to go all in with £1000s invested in their first product. Done right, this can be greatly rewarding but beware of the risks and especially be wary of cash flow issues.

    Say for example your 200 units of product start selling, you may be sold out before youve been paid by Amazon and need to make your next order thus pushing you more greatly out of pocket than you might have expected.

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    How To Become An Amazon Reseller

    Once youve decided the type of items youll want to sell youll next need to set yourself up on . Youll want to:

  • Register As An Amazon Seller
  • To make the most money reselling, youll want to register as an Amazon seller first. Youll be able to choose two options, either a professional seller account or an individual seller account. If you plan on selling more than 50 items a month, youre better off using a professional seller account.

    Make sure to have an ID, tax information, and a credit card to get started with your Amazon account.

  • Find The Right Products To Sell
  • After you have an Amazon seller account, the next step is to find products that will make a profit. If you choose an item that isnt popular or not well-ranked on Amazon, you might find it challenging to make the volume or number of sales you were hoping for.

    Instead, youll want to focus on popular items that are not too competitive that you wont be able to stand out in the market. To do this:

  • Rely On Your Amazon Seller App
  • To make a profit reselling, youll want to rely heavily on the . Its the best way to create and manage your store from anywhere!

    The first time you log into your account after registering as an Amazon seller, youll be able to set up inventory levels for each product. This information will then sync with all of your devices so that it will update everywhere else if you make any modifications.

  • Ensure You Are In Compliance Using MAP Software
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