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How To Promote Amazon Book

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Create A Library Of Books And Build Your Brand

Amazon Advertising – How to pay Amazon to promote your book.

Its really hard to make money from just one book. Which is why I recommend;writing and publishing a lineup of books;that your fan base cant wait to read. Writing multiple books is a long-term strategy that can build a profitable book business over the course of several years. Remember, youre in it for the long-haul.

Can you imagine if you had ten books for sale and each one is set up for success to bring in an average of $1000 a month? You can do this with a strategic plan for your author business.

Publishing new content regularly builds your email list and pushes your;;up the charts. By putting out a new book every 3-4 months, you are creating new content that keeps your;;sizzling with activity.

In addition, it is easier to promote several books at the same time. You can set up a book bundle and have your books available in multiple formats including audiobooks and paperback.

Action Task:;Block out 30-minutes a day for the next 30 days. Come up with ideas for at least ten books you want to write. Do a mind map followed by an outline for each one. Then, set out to create a publishing schedule for each book.

Questions to ask yourself are:

  • How long is each book?
  • Am I targeting a general audience or a specific niche?
  • What is the estimated profit potential for this book?
  • How can I put out a new book every 3-4 months?
  • What is my featured lead magnet;to start building subscribers email list?

Zoe McKey, Communication and Personal Development

How To Promote A Kindle Book For Free

Did you know that more than a quarter of worldwide book sales consist of e-books?

With devices like tablets and Kindle, its no wonder, either.

Its easier than ever to start reading your favourite books on the go.

This also means that theres more potential profit for you like an e-book publisher.

Ive been writing and selling books on Amazons KDP platform for a few years now.

Im no Steven King, but Ive learned a thing or two that Id love to share with you.

The biggest thing that changed my book sales was promotion.

Having an ebook promotion strategy is crucial for your success as a self-published author.

You can upload your books and wait, but proper promotional techniques will get you downloads and sales immediately.

Keep reading if youd like to learn how to promote your Kindle book for free.

Kindle Instant Previews And Kindle Select Promotions

With these two tools, youre giving away your book, or a sample of it, for free. This might seem counterintuitiveafter all, youre trying to sell books, right? As it turns out, providing freebies can be a powerful tool if you do it correctly.;

With the Kindle instant book preview tool, you can embed a few sample pages from your book on your own website or blog or in an email. This is a great way to hook your readers and leave them wanting more so they head on over to Amazon to purchase the full book.;

Kindle Select, on the other hand, lets you offer your full book for free for up to five days. Lets face itpeople like free stuff. Readers who might not necessarily choose to purchase your book may be more willing to take advantage of a free download. This will boost your Amazon rankings, making your book more visible even after your free promotion is over. You also might get reviews from these readers, which will mean more good news for your rankings.;

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Is It Worth It

This is subjective, obviously. How do you quantify the value of 10+ Amazon ratings/reviews, and other vanity metrics like bestseller rankings?

From a cost standpoint? No, my paid promotions werent worth it. But I cant complain about FreeBooksy itself getting to 103 in the free rankings seems like a decent result for one days worth of promotion.

I should shoulder some of the blame for not having a more defined strategy. If I was trying to climb the rankings, then another paid promotion the next day or even a bit more effort on free Facebook groups and other social media would have got me higher.

I treated it as more of a curiosity, along with a vague hope that a famous publisher would somehow get their hands on my book and decide to make me a millionaire.

That said, my eBooks are now in the hands of a few thousand people. Ive only sold several hundred copies of my books in the last year, so perhaps some of those people who read and enjoyed them will be more likely to buy future books.

I can see why paying to market these giveaways could be beneficial for other authors, especially those writing fiction series. The more books in ones back catalog, the more potential for sales of an authors other titles, Id assume.

Why Add Amazon Editorial Reviews

How To Promote Your Book On Amazon

You probably have book reviews from your beta readers or friends.

Perhaps you know readers that cant add a customer review on Amazon because they dont qualify for the $50 minimum spend to post reviews.

You can use all these avenues for your book reviews and have them appear prominently on your Amazon sales page.

As long as you have permission from these people, you can add their reviews.

If you are not adding Amazon editorial reviews to all your books, you are really passing up a terrific free book promotion tool.

All you need to do is collect your reviews, and you are ready to make your book sales pages perform so much better.

Once you add them, your page will look like this.

You can see that the reviews I added appear before any other book details.

A potential book buyer will notice them first because Amazon truncates the main book description with a read more link.

Your customer reviews appear way down on the page, so this is a great way to get reviews in front of readers eyes immediately.

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Your Title Is A Headline So Test It

In Tom Hanks 1996 cult hit That Thing You Do, the fledgling band the Oneders are taken under the wing of Hanks character, record-label exec Mr. White. Mr. White eventually gives them a fresh look and image, but first deals with the most pressing issue: the bands baffling name.

Next, this Oneders, with the O-N-E, it doesn’t work. It’s confusing. From now on, you boys’ll just be simply, The Wonders, White said.

As in, I wonder what happened to the O’Needers? quipped bandmate Kenny.

Why am I telling you all this? First, because you should see the movieits great.

But, second, because no one cares about, or understands, your obscure or kitschy title. When it comes to marketing your book, picking a bad title can be catastrophic.

Instead, think of book titles as an ad or article headline. Because they, like book titles, are often the single biggest determinant of who sees your finished work. A great headline entices people to read whats inside.


Ogilvy once said, On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

Some headlines will routinely work better than others. Thats why you do things like use power words and headline formulas online to boost your chances of success.

For a quick $200, Ferriss tested six different title and subtitle combinations using AdWords and creating text ads for the titles, monitoring the for each.

The Kindle Unlimited Program

Amazon is constantly promoting and featuring books that are available;for their exclusive Kindle Unlimited program.

Kindle Unlimited is a membership model for Kindle readers similar to Netflix which is a membership model for watching movies and TV shows.

Kindle Unlimited members pay a monthly fee of $9.99 in order to get unlimited access to over 1 million titles on Amazon and thousands of audiobooks to boot. There are some restrictions .

Amazon also offers a one-month free trial to Kindle Unlimited to entice new customers to sign up for the service.

Amazon promotes Kindle Unlimited titles on every Kindle reading device, app and on the main Amazon website with a special Kindle Unlimited page.

Amazon also promotes Kindle Unlimited books in every Amazon search result with a Kindle Unlimited logo next to a price of $0.00 for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. This likely results in more clickthroughs to your books page on Amazon from search results.

Note:Kindle Unlimiteds selection of books varies from country to country and is currently only available for customers in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico and Canada. Amazon has plans to roll out Kindle Unlimited to more countries soon.

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Hack The Amazon Ecosystem

Regardless of how many retailers you sell through, youre going to want to know how to promote your book on Amazon as effectively as possible. Theres a whole art to understanding Amazons algorithms, which you can learn about through our course or in this handy post, but heres a few simple things to get you started.

If you’re selling exclusively through this marketplace, consider checking out this post about .;

Accumulate Reviews Before Launch

How To Promote Your Book On Amazon

How great would it be to already have reviews on your product page before your ebook even launches? Sadly, Amazon doesnt let customers post reviews until the book is published even if its on pre-order.

So how can you promote your book on Amazon before launch day? By publishing another format earlier.

For example, If you release the paperback one week before your ebook, then readers will be able to post reviews on the paperback. And since paperback and ebook are on the same Amazon product page ta-da! Youll be able to accumulate reviews on your ebook page even while its on pre-order.

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Learn From The Most Popular Books In Your Genre What Helps Them Sell

Examining their titles, cover designs, and typography will show you what works in your genre. Shortlist the ones that you like best or do not like at all, and think through your reasons for each inference.

There are more benefits to studying the best books. As you read their reviews, you will come across words and phrases that connect with and characterize your target audience. By including these in descriptions for your books metadata, you can help your book be discovered by your target audience through their search queries.

As you go about this process, keep your eyes open for balanced and insightful reviews; you can add the reviewers to your shortlist and approach them for a review when your book is ready.

Choose The Right Keywords

Like categories, Amazon keywords also help readers find your book, but in a different way:

  • Categories help readers find your book when theyre browsing
  • Keywords help them find it when they type a specific search into Amazons search bar

Think about that for a minute. Someone just typed a question into Amazon. If your book answers that specific question, keywords let you tell Amazon to show that customer your book.

So you can see how important it is to get those keywords right.

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You Can Automatically Manage Pricing On Amazon

  • The Automated Pricing Tool lets you automatically adjust prices for your available inventory based on your pricing rules and preferences.
  • The Match Low Price feature helps you match the lowest price with the click of a button

Write A Great Book Description

Kindle Promotion Made Easy: How to Promote Book Over ...

Finally, you need to write a description that will actually sell your book.

I say finally because the rest of this post covers topics that are more in line with what people usually think about when they talk about book marketing. But these first 5 steps are critical to your sales, so dont skip over them.

Theres an art to writing a great book description. It comes down to proving the unique benefit of your book to a specifically targeted audience.

If you want to learn more about that, you can read my step-by-step guide. Just make sure all these things are in place before you start putting your book in front of more people.

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Create A Professional Interior

The same thing is true of your books interior. If your cover did a good job and drew the reader in, you dont want them to open it and change their mind.

Remember: Amazon gives readers the option to preview any ebook that you publish through Kindle Direct Publishing Dont waste that opportunity.

Chances are youve put a lot of hours into organizing and writing your book. Make sure the interior design holds up to the same standard.

Push Your Reader Magnet

Before you can send links to your mailing list, youll need to have readers subscribed to it! If youre not familiar with reader magnets, theyre basically a free something you give readers in exchange for their signing up to your mailing list. If you dont have one already, you know what to work on next. If you do, youll enjoy the following hacks.

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Amazon Kdp: Hitting The Publish Button

What have I done? What if no one likes my book? I thought, finger poised on the yellow Publish button.

After 9 months of writing, the moment had finally arrived to send my book out to the world. Remembering the encouragement of several real authors much braver than I am, I hit the button.

Soon after, an email arrived saying that I was now live on the Kindle Store. No going back now!

Over the next few days, sales trickled in slowly, and I even had one positive review. This was extremely exciting. I wondered what the next step was: How can I get the book into more peoples hands?

Id read about a program called KDP Select, Amazons lending program, at which theyre throwing lots of money and promotion.

Offer Your Book For Free

How to Promote Your Book with 5 Free eBook Amazon Promotions

A great way to gain visibility for your book is to offer it for free strategically. When you enroll your book in KDP Select, you can run a Free Book Promotion for up to five days of each 90-day KDP Select enrollment period. You can run this promotion for a consecutive five days or break it up over the course of three months.

While you wont receive royalties on your book during this period, it may be worth it. Youll increase the odds of ranking on Amazons Top 100 Free list, which is incredible exposure for any author.

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Why Pay Another Site To Promote Your Amazon Giveaway

Amazon eBook authors can choose one of two promotional tools every 90 days if they enroll in KDP Select. One is the Kindle Countdown Deal, where you can discount your eBook but retain the same royalty rate. The other is the Free Book Promotion, where you can offer your book for free for five days, either consecutively or spread out over 90 days.

You might be wondering why you should pay a third-party to promote your giveaway when Amazon is already doing it? Well, in my own experience, Amazon does very little if anything to push your book.

Ive tried the free book giveaway with zero promotion as an experiment, and I got single-digit downloads.

To adapt a famous saying:

If a free book falls flat on Amazon and nobody is around to download it, does it make a sound?

Free book promotions are supposed to get your books into the hands of more people, so youve got to actually have a plan and market this giveaway if you want it to have an impact.

There are the usual methods, like sharing it on social media, sending an email to subscribers, or using Google/Facebook/Amazon ads. But a popular alternative is submitting your book as a feature on one of many specialist book promotion websites.

There are hundreds floating around, so it can be confusing and overwhelming. Heres a long list of them, with a helpful breakdown. Some are free to submit your promotion to; some charge you for the privilege of reaching their email subscribers.

Add The Facebook Pixel To Your Giveaway Page

If your reader magnet is a free book , then Im guessing you use BookFunnel to distribute it if you dont, check out their service, itll save you a lot of headaches.

Now, a little-known fact about BookFunnel is that they make it extremely easy to to your giveaway pages.

Having the Pixel on your reader magnet page allows you to:

  • Track the conversion of your page;
  • Optimize the ads you run for signups rather than just traffic;
  • Create custom and lookalike audiences on Facebook based on all the people who viewed your magnet.
  • As weve said many times before, any author advertising on Facebook and not leveraging the Facebook Pixel; a free and incredibly useful tool is just wasting money. Dont be one of those authors; make sure youre getting maximum bang for your buck.

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    Ways To Promote A Book

    All nonfiction book promotion comes down to two questions:

    • What will I get from reading your book?
    • Why should I listen to you, specifically?

    If you cant answer those two questions, no amount of promotion will sell your book.

    If that sounds harsh, Im not trying to be. Im trying to save you from throwing away hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on book promotions that wont work.

    In fact, I wrote this post because of all the bad posts out there that list untested book promotion ideasposts that dont tell you the first thing about what really sells a book because they were written by people who havent actually sold any books.

    Ive sold over 4.5 million copies of my own books, and my company, Scribe, has put out books that have sold millions more. We know what were talking about, and when it comes to book marketing, this is it:

    Line up these two answers first, and your marketing strategy will practically write itself.

    The first question positions your book in the market.

    Your book has to solve a need for a specific set of readers, or no one will care about it. I cant stress that enough.

    The only thing readers want to know about your book is what it will do for them.

    The second question defines your Author brand, showing the reader why you are the right person to solve that need.

    Ideally, youll answer both questions before you write even one word of your book.

    It lays out:

  • How to think about book marketing
  • How to set the foundation for your book marketing
  • More articles

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