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How To Publish And Sell Books On Amazon

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How To Sell Books On Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing In 4 Steps

How to Sell More Books with KDP

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Anyone can sell books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing . Opening an Amazon KDP account, listing, and selling books on Amazon are all freeand you get paid each time a book sells. Well walk you through setting up an Amazon KDP account and show you how to sell books on Amazon in four simple steps.

Do You Need To Copyright Your Book Before Publishing It On Amazon

Amazon does not require you to copyright your book before being able to publish it. When publishing a book on Amazon, you, as the author, own the copyright. You are allowing Amazon to distribute and sell your book under their terms and conditions.;

In the process of uploading your title, you verify the right to publish your book. Anything you have written in a static form including an ebook is automatically copyrighted. However, if you would like to go still go ahead with copyrighting your book before publishing on Amazon, these are easy steps for you to follow to get your book the legal backing it needs:

Next Steps For Amazon Self

Find a winning theme. Write the text. Get it designed. Join the Kindle Direct Publishing program. Upload your book and start selling.

Its a simple process. But thats what Amazon self-publishing is all about.

As you go through these steps, you should take care not to spend too much time. You wont be able to make any money unless your book is online and for sale. So get it as close to perfect as you can, then get it out there.

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How Can I Come Up With Ideas For My Own Book

One of the worst mistakes you can make when self-publishing is picking a topic you know little about.

If you dont have a concrete idea in mind yet, dont fret.

Heres an exercise to help you generate ideas. Grab a pen and paper and answer the following questions:

  • What do you find easy that others find difficult?
  • If you could only choose one section in a Barnes & Noble bookstore to read, which section would you choose?
  • What seems obvious to you that isnt apparent to others?
  • What topic gets you talking to the point you wont shut up about it?
  • If you were to take on a few freelance writing jobs online , which topics would most interest you?
  • What do friends and family tell you youre good at?
  • What compliments have you received from strangers?
  • What types of articles do you read online?

Once you complete your inventory, review it to look for patterns.

Maybe youre a great communicator. Maybe you have excellent financial habits. Or maybe you have a knack for motivating others.

The traits, knowledge, and skills you possess can be translated into topics for books.

Review the list and use your answers to come up with a few book ideas.

How You Make Money With Amazon Self

How to Write, Illustrate, Publish & Sell Your Own Book On ...

The first step here: get your books online on the Kindle platform! And get the word out through intensive marketing. Don’t be shy about telling the world about your book.

Its also important you know that putting out just one book through Amazon self-publishing probably wont bring in a lot of income. Those self-publishers who do make four figures per month or more have multiple books for sale. This gives you two important advantages.

First, this gives you more of a chance to write in a popular category and catch the audiences eye.

Second, youre more likely to have one of your books cross advertised with another you know, when the Amazon site lists other products similar to the one you just bought or have been browsing? Many people click on those links to find out more about those related products, in this case books, and buy them too.

Again, you could easily accomplish this by having two shorter books rather than one longer book on Amazon. Aim for having a goal of having at least two books on Amazon for best results. It’s a lot easier to get someone who bought one of your books to buy a second and third book than to get a new buyer.

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Map Out Your Launch Plan And Prepare Promotional Materials

You should never be winging it when you launch a book.

If youre smart, youll plan every single step youll take leading up to the launch, as well as the days and weeks afterward.

You need to create a schedule so you know exactly which promotion happens when, and what actions you should take each day.

Once you have planned everything, the next step is to prepare everything.

In the weeks leading up to my launch, I prepared:

  • The email sequence promoting the book to my subscribers
  • The emails Id send to my street team
  • 30 days worth of promotional articles that Id publish on Medium
  • Social media posts to promote the book

For the promotional articles, I also prepared a few new incentives geared toward promoting the book:

When you dont prepare for your launch beforehand, you will feel frazzled and frustrated throughout the launch.

Youll be scrambling to promote the book instead of having a strategy that makes you feel confident the book will sell.

Plan ahead, and youll launch with a bang.

Whats It Mean For You

Longer books sell better on Amazon, but short reads sell too, and earn more per page. So you;could focus on writing short books, write them much faster than long books, and still make money.

However Id bet a lot of that money is going to short erotica . Still, 5 sales a day in one of the lesser categories is still pretty great, if you ten or so short reads out.

The hottest short read categories are romance, thriller and suspense, and scifi-fantasy . If you get into the top 100 of short reads, thats about 40 sales a day .

My guess is, certain genres wont mind paying 99cents or even 2.99 for a short read, but other types of genres wont do so well .

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Select Your Amazon Categories

Amazon provides a collection of categories and subcategories to choose from. Like keyword selecting, your goal is to look for trending areas that dont have tons of competition.

If you visit your book page, these categories will appear partway down the page, displaying the rank like in the image example below.

These categories are what you will rank as a bestseller in, which is why you want to make sure you pick fitting categories that are specific, but also not super competitive. You want to stand out. That said, these do have to match the intent of the book you wrote.

You can also check the rankings of the top three books on the first page of each category.

Amazon sales ranking measures how well a product is selling compared to its competitors. All books that are ranked 2,000 or less are considered to be highly purchased products in that particular category.

Here are a few tips when publishing on Amazon in order to rank in more categories:

  • Research your competitors keywords
  • Choose trending categories with lower competition
  • Acquire additional categories by contacting Amazon and asking for keyword placement
  • Unless you have an established with significant downloads and reviews, try to aim for categories with books that rank between 10,000-30,000.

    Do you want to know how to rank for ten categories? Check out our blog post that details;.

    Select Categories In International Markets

    How to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon KDP

    A little known fact is that you CAN change your book categories in all the different markets.

    However, the number of categories in each market is different. Based on our research from Publisher Rocket, we have the following:

    German eBooks 7347

    So, finding the right category in each foreign market can be time-consuming. I have a full article on international categories here. But to sum up the process, here is the easiest way to find international categories and change your book to them.

    For those that own Publisher Rocket, you can select a different market and either use the Unleash the Categories’ feature to find what other categories books are listed in or use our international categories database to find the right one:

    Once youve found the right categories for your book, here is the process to get your book included in those categories:

    Step 1: Contact Amazon using this contact link.;

    Step 2: If you havent signed into your KDP Account, youll need to do so now

    Step 3: On the left, click Amazon Product Page and Expanded Distribution

    Step 4: Then select Update Amazon Categories

    Step 5: Write in the title of the book, ASIN, which market and which category you want to be added to, and or which ones you want to be taken out of.

    Example email:

    I would like to update my book’s browse categories. Please find the relevant information below.

    Kindle Store: DE

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    Here Are The Main Benefits Of Publishing An Ebook:

  • Easy publishing. Gone are the days when authors had to wait on someone else to publish their book. The eBook publishing process is easy, user-friendly, and can be done with the click of a button.
  • Low-cost. Publishing your eBook is free on Amazon, but youll still want to make an initial investment on professional services like cover design and formatting to get your book ready to be published.
  • Maximized reach. Get wide distribution of your eBook to readers all around the world without ever mailing anything out.
  • Passive income. Many people turn to eBooks to generate passive income Use this Book Royalties Calculator Tool to determine your books possible profits.
  • Grow your platform. Many bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online business owners use eBooks to leverage their platform, build raving fans and customers, and create book funnels to increase revenue.
  • There are so many benefits to eBook publishing no matter who you are, or what your goals are.

    Publish On Amazon In 4 Easy Steps

    Getting listed on Amazon is fast and easy! PublishDriveâs friendliest dashboard guides you through the process in no time. It starts with a simple upload of your book files.


    Prepare Your Book

    Upload your book files . An AI editor helps put everything together from formatting to metadata.


    Publish Your Book

    Switch on Amazon and other book stores you want to sell in. After hitting submit, it takes a few business days for PublishDrive to review your book. When approved, your book gets sent out immediately.


    Promote Your Book

    Choose from a suite of book marketing tools and perks. Run discounted book prices, get featured in newsletters, collect reviews, and more.


    Track Your Book

    Keep up with reviews, ratings, and real-time sales. Get automatic royalty reports, pre-made charts, and never miss a payment.

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    Register For Your Free Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Account

    No matter if you have a book in the works, you can open an Amazon KDP account.;Its actually a good idea not to have a book yet, but you can still open an Amazon KDP account. This will allow you to access KDPs many useful tools and publishing tutorials.;Once your book is completed, you can already create an account.

    Go to;;to set up your Kindle Direct Publishing Account. Youll see the following screen:

    In a short video, the;KDP;sign in screen guides you through the basics of up-front.

    You will need an Amazon account in order to create a KDP Account, as you can see from the yellow Sign-in button.;Note that Amazon strongly discourages individuals from having more than one Amazon account.;Dave Chesson, Kindlepreneur says that authors can open a separate Amazon account under a business entity. This is a great way to seperate your book sales and your personal Amazon account.

    ;Writers and business professionals can sell books on;Kindle direct Publishing;without withholding any royalty payments, states Chesson.;Amazon has the appropriate tax form to include royalty earnings on business taxes.;Its smart to keep your royalty earnings separate for professional authors and those who sell books on Amazon for business.

    Once you have decided how you want to proceed, as an individual or as a business, you can create your Kindle Direct Publishing Account.;These are the details you will need to sign up for your KDP account.

    It takes only minutes to set up your;;Account.

    Write Or Design Your Book

    364: Public Domain Publishing: $100,000 Selling Classic ...

    In this;example, I created an adult goat coloring book. ;The creative process is what will take the longest in this process. ;You can hire this out or do it yourself. ;If you do it yourself, you will need some art and design skills. ;You can create coloring book pages in Adobe Illustrator. ;I think this is the most popular tool artist use for this type of work. ;Or, you can do hand drawn designs too. ;Just scan them and upload them. ;I know people who do this option also.

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    How To Self Publish On Amazon: Choose A Pricing Strategy And Upload Book

    Now its time to choose a pricing strategy and list your book for sale!

    If you dont have an audience, I highly recommend that you list your book for free the first 5 days. If you enroll your book in the Amazon Kindle select program , you are allowed up to 5 free days every 90 days.

    This is the strategy the Steve Scott and Nick Loper recommend.; In fact, we followed Nick Lopers launch strategy VERY closely throughout the entire process. So if you want even more details, I highly recommend checking out Nicks course right here that is currently 75% off.

    Heres the pricing strategy that we followed when launching our book, and it has worked extremely well:

    • Free first 5 days
    • $0.99 3 to 7 days after your free days
    • $2.99 after your $0.99 period

    Listing your book for free should help you climb to the top of a few categories within Amazon.; People love free stuff, so your book will get downloaded.; And if you do the additional marketing that I suggest below, you should get LOTS of downloads.

    After the first 5 days, your book should be performing well if all goes according to plan .; Then when you list your book for $0.99 its really the first time you can get some market validation for your book!

    Are people actually willing to pull out their credit cards and hit the buy button?;

    Pricing at $0.99 will only earn you a 35% royalty rate from Amazon which is pretty terrible, so you wont want to leave it here permanently.

    Taking Advantage of KDP Select

    Sharing The Amazon Kindle Publishing Love: Ask Others To Email For You

    If you dont have an email list, why not ask others that do have an email list to spread the word about your book?

    This can be a little more difficult to do if you dont already have relationships with people in your niche, but it is possible.

    For example, Perrin and I were able to contact someone in our niche that we knew had a large email list and we simply asked them if they would tell their audience about our free Kindle book.; They agreed.

    We asked this person to email their list when there was only 24 hours left before our book went to $0.99.; That was done to drive up the free downloads on the last day, but to also get some sales for those people on the email list that missed the free download deadline.

    We were clearly getting lots of free downloads before this email went out, but the last day was definitely our biggest free day.; See this chart:

    I think our book would have done just fine without that email blast ; however, it certainly didnt hurt.

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    Find Your Category On Amazon

    First, youll need to find a suitable category for your book idea on Amazon.

    Heres how:

    Go to and navigate to Departments > Kindle E-Readers & Books >Kindle Books.

    Next, click Best Sellers & More in the menu.

    Scroll down until you see the menu below and click Kindle Best Sellers.

    Select Kindle eBooks from the menu.

    Pick a category and subcategory that fit closest to your book idea.

    For my book, I chose the category Self-Help and the subcategory Personal Transformation.

    Once youve picked a subcategory, its time to investigate your potential competitors.

    Here Are Some Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Books On Amazon Kdp

    Should You Self Publish with Amazon KDP?

    Expecting instant results is the biggest mistake when selling books through Kindle Direct Publishing.;Selling an ebook is like marketing other products.;It requires dedication, work, time, effort, and a variety of marketing channels.;Authors rarely see a return on their investment after publishing multiple works and marketing them all. This is why it is so important to build a readership.

    Publishing a poor work on Kindle Direct Publishing is the second biggest mistake new writers should avoid.;Badly edited books with many errors and poor writing are a big turnoff for readers. And messy covers wont help you sell your book.;Both errors are against Amazons quality guidelines.;Dont rush to publish.;You should take the time to edit and create a cover that is memorable.

    There are many freelance editors and cover design professionals who can help you create e-books on;Fiverr.;These experts are well-versed in Amazons quality guidelines, and can give your work the professional shine it deserves.

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