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How To Put Ebook On Amazon

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How To Download Kindle Books

How to Publish an eBook on Amazon for Free – Step-by-Step Tutorial

When you buy or lend a book via the Amazon Kindle device, it’s automatically downloaded , and that’s also the case for if you go through the process online.

The only exception would be, if you bought a book on the Amazon website while your Kindle wasn’t connected to the internet. In that case, simply connect your Kindle to your Wi-Fi and the book will be automatically download.

Kindles are designed for everyone to use, whether you’re tech-savvy or a technophobe, so it’s good the download process is so simple.

Different Ways To Load Ebooks On Your Kindle

February 15, 2017 by Nathan

One question that often comes up is how to load ebooks onto a new Kindle.

If you had a previous Kindle then you dont really need to do anything. All of your purchased Kindle ebooks will automatically be available on your new Kindle, complete with all your highlights, bookmarks, last page read, etc.

If you have some non-Amazon ebooks then there are several ways to load them on a Kindle.

Kindles support a few formats in addition to Kindle formats, including PDF, TXT, MOBI and PRC.

Amazon also offers a free conversion service that can convert HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP files to Kindle format.

Here are six different ways to load ebooks on a Kindle:

1. The Cloud They dont call it cloud anymore but thats the best way to describe it. All Kindle ebooks that you ever buy get associated to your account so they are available on any Kindle or Kindle app registered to your account, meaning theres no need to load Kindle ebooks onto these devices, just download them from the all section.

2. CalibreCalibre is the most popular third-party ebook software for managing your library and for converting ebooks to other formats. Its one of the most common ways to send non-Amazon ebooks to a Kindle, and with a plugin you can easily remove the DRM from ePub ebooks to convert them to Kindle format.

Put Books On Amazon Kindle Via Email

Again, the prerequisite would be that your Kindle is connected to the Wi-Fi without any trouble.

1. You need to follow the steps a & b the same as from 1st method.

2. Following this, you will see Preferences FastMenu once you click on Your Content And Devices.

3. On the Preferences tab, look for Personal Document Settings .

4. Tap on Personal Document Settings & click on Add a new approved e-mail address. .

5. If not, type in the email address you use for your Kindle & tap on

6. Once you have added the email address, open a new window and login to any of the preferred email you use often.

7. Once logged in, Compose a new email, add the e-book as an attachment, and send it to the Amazon Kindle email address.

8. Make sure that the attachment format is PDF, AZW, or MOBI. If this isnt the case, convert the attachment before forwarding on Kindle e-mail address. Simple as that. .

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Amazon Hot New Releases List

As weve mentioned above, Amazon gives extra exposure to new releases books in the first 30 days of their launches. You might have heard of the Amazon 30-day cliff: a term authors use to describe how their sales plummet a month after their books release.

Whats responsible for the extra exposure given to new books? Mostly, the Hot New Releases list. The list itself isnt that easy to find while browsing Amazon its also hidden in the sidebar. But its often featured on the main Kindle Store homepage, and is also a primary driver of email recommendations. Whenever you receive an email from Amazon promoting the best new releases in Self-Help, you know where that email is coming from.

How To Add Epub To Kindle

How to Put Ebooks on Amazon kindle

Have got the reason, this part guide you how to. I will show you an common solution to add epub to Kindle.

Step 1: Get ePub files prepared.

Gather all your downloaded epub books together on your computer please, no matter they are from google play books or kobo store. If your epub files are saved in your another device such as kobo ereader or android tablet, please connect them to your computer and then transfer epub to computer.

Step 2: Read EPUB in Adobe Digital Editions.

On your computer please install Adobe Digital Editions , then authorize with your Adobe ID. The left is to drag your gathered epub files to ADE, make sure you can read ACSM via ADE. This is very important.

Step 3: Convert EPUB to Kindle.

Since Kindle doesn’t permit us adding epub format books, why not converting epub to kindle?

This is the common way I’m speaking always. Converting epub to kindle format, then kindle can recognize them, help us to add files to read smoothly. To begin with please get the tool Epubor Ultimate installed on your computer.

Then after you run it, you will see all your gathered ePub files are listed below the “ADE” icon. Just drag and drop them to the right area. If they are DRMed, this program will help you strip drm from epub with high speed. No drm? Don’t worry, they are still added in this tool, waiting your next converting job.

Select mobi or azw3 as output format. Please click on “Convert” button to get your kindle files.

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Handy Info About Using The Kindle Personal Documents Service

To send the files over, you just need to go to your email website or software, enter the Send-to-Kindle address in the To: field, and attach the books that you want on your tablet to a blank email. The total size of the attachments needs to be less than 50MB. If you want to send more than that, you can create a .ZIP archive of the files. Any archived files will automatically be extracted and converted to Amazons eBook format.

The following book and document file types are supported: .MOBI .AZW .DOC .DOCX .HTML .HTM .RTF .TXT .PDF. You can also get the Personal Documents Service to convert your files to Amazons format without making an archive by entering Convert as the subject line of the email.

Upload Your Ebook Files

The technical publishing process is almost complete! While entering all of the details for your eBook are tedious, its still easier than you might think!

Here are the steps to upload your files:

The supported eBook formats accepted are listed below:

  • Select your saved eBook file from your computer
  • Select your cover file from your desktop to upload it.

Note: You can upload the manuscript as many times as you want and the new version will override the existing file.

Now that your manuscript and book cover is uploaded, you can now check the book files with the eBook previewer:

Next, youll be prompted on ISBNs. If you dont buy an ISBN of your own, Amazon will provide one for you free of charge for paperbacks only.

Click to learn how to get an ISBN. If you are planning to publish multiple books, I would recommend you buy a block of 10 or 100 ISBNs.

Next, you can opt to enroll in Amazons exclusivity program KDP Select.

Lastly, youll verify your eBook publishing territories and be on your way!

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Insert An Offer To Collect Emails From Your Book

Did you know that your Kindle eBook can also act as a lead generation tool? Unfortunately Amazon doesnt allow you to have the email addresses of everyone that buys your book. However, you can put a free offer in the front of your book.

If someone is interested in your free offer, they will click the link, go to your opt-in page, and give you their email address.

Heres an example of a free offer in the front of Nick Lopers Work Smarter Kindle eBook:

Create A List Of Book Ideas

How to Publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle

Once you understand your mission and your purpose, its time to create a list of potential book ideas.

Here are some great questions to help generate some book ideas:

What are you passionate about?

What message or story do you have to share?

How can you create a new story thats never been told before, or take an old story and tell it in an entirely new way?

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Upload Your Manuscript To Amazon

First, you have to make sure your manuscript is in the right format to be uploaded to Amazon. Usually, your formatter will do this for you, but if youre not sure or have self-formatted your book, these are Amazons recommended formats for uploading your manuscript:

  • Recommended Amazon Publihsing Formats:

Heres how to upload your book to Amazon for publishing:

  • In your Kindle Direct Publishing account, go to Your Bookshelf.
  • Locate and click on Kindle eBook Actions next to the title of your book.
  • Locate and click on Edit eBook Content.
  • Upload your manuscript file on your computer.
  • Upload complete!
  • Once Amazon finishes uploading your file, a confirmation message will be sent and you can preview the uploaded file to check for any errors.

    You can upload the manuscript as many times as you want and the new version will override the existing.

    Its important to check how your book looks using the Look Inside feature once the book is live on Amazon. This feature is often the first thing your prospective readers will click on when checking out your book.

    If the formatting is off here, it can deter readers from picking up your book. Take this extra step to make sure your formatting looks good here too or consider hiring a professional ebook formatter to ensure it looks good.

    Create An Amazon Kdp Account

    The first thing you need to do is open up a KDP account with Amazon. You can sign up for this for free at the following link

    Dont worry too much if your eBook is not in Kindle format, you still need to sign up. Your eBook will be converted to Kindle at a later point, so try not to worry.

    Once you are all signed up, you will be taken to your Bookshelf. This will list all the books that you have available for sale on Amazon. This will obviously be empty right now. but not for long!

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    Insert Your Page Breaks

    Always insert a page break at the end of a chapter so that the new chapter will start on a new page. Not only does this make your book formatting look clean and organized, but it improves the readers experience.

    Heres how to insert a page break:

  • To insert a page break, place your pointer where you want the break.
  • Click the Insert tab, then click Page Break.
  • You can use Ctrl+Enter to insert a page break.
  • Choose Your Amazon Keywords

    How to Put Free Ebooks on Your Amazon Kindle

    If you want your book to show up in Amazon and Google search engines, youll need the right mix of keywords. Since Amazon allows only seven keywords per book, keyword selection requires strategy.

    But what are keywords exactly?

    Keywords are specific words or phrases used to describe your book. If someone was looking for a book on your topic, they might type one of those keywords into Amazon or Google in order to find it. Amazon self publishing is all about becoming relevant in the niche you need to be. This not only gets you the type of readers you want, it also helps tremendously to have the correct visibility.

    For example, if your book is about perseverance, you might find keywords like this useful:

    • how to have perseverance
    • persevering
    • persevering when its hard

    These are all phrases or words people looking to better themselves with perseverance would type into search engines in order to find what theyre looking for, like in the image below.

    Amazon Keyword Research Tools

    Make a list of possible keywords for your book, then leverage the tools above to test your keywords. Putting in the time to get keywords right will have your book rank higher and appear more frequently to readers.

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    Contact Amazon To Get 8 Bonus Categories For Your Book

    Pro tip: youre prompted to select up to 2 categories when you go to , but you can also add up to 8 additional categories post-publication by .

    You should absolutely take this step. Note also that not all of the sub-categories are available through the publication dashboard. Some can only be added post facto, or by using a specific keyword as part of your seven keywords.

    Add Epub To Kindle App

    With iPad or Android tablet, we can install Kindle free reading app to read books. But Kindle app only allows us to read books from Amazon store.

    For those epub books on iPad or Android, of course there are some good reading apps we can use. For example, iBooks, Play Books, Kobo, and so on. But maybe you have fallen in love with Kindle, and you want to read those epub books by Kindle app. But I have spoken many times at my content that Kindle only supports books from amazon, not epub or pdf format.

    So in this case, firstly you must convert epub to kindle format. The common way is also useful at this part.

    Then, please make sure that you also have installed Kindle for PC/ Mac app on your computer, it is used to sync your converted mobi books with your reading devices.

    After you installed and run the Kindle app on computer, please drag your files to this app. All your drm free mobi files will be added to Kindle library.

    Then the left job is just to run your Kindle app on your iPad or Android with your own amazon account. You will see those synced books are displayed in the library. Click the cover to open epub in Kindle.

    Now I have shared all about this subject “add epub to kindle”. In summary, if you want to read epub on Kindle Fire, you have alternative method, with epub reader apps. But if you want to read epub files on Kindle Paperwhite or with Kindle app, you can only choose the common way. Remove drm and convert to Kindle format, then transfer them to your device.

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    How Does Kdp Publishing Work

    KDP Publishing is a platform for authors to self-publish eBooks and paperback books.

    For eBooks, authors can directly upload their book files, and it will appear in the Kindle store as an eBook for readers to purchase and instantly download.

    For , authors upload their book files and KDP Publishing uses print-on-demand technology to print the paperback book once its purchased the printing costs will be subtracted from the royalties you earn from every book sold.

    You can learn more about which files to use in this EPUB vs MOBI guide.

    How To Publish A Book On Amazon: An Intrepid Authors Guide

    3 Ways to write eBooks and make MONEY on Amazon Kindle KDP

    We all know a writer whos decided to publish a book on Amazon only to run away shouting, Its a jungle out there! You cant blame them: publishing your work is nerve-wracking, especially when youre making all of your own decisions. Even those authors who are excited by the freedom of self-publishing can be hesitant to embark on the adventure without someone to point out the dangers.

    So weve donned our khaki, loaded the riverboat, and were ready to guide you through the jungle starting with how to publish a book on Amazon, in the most literal sense. Intrepid authors, get ready to hit that publish button with confidence.

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    When Does Kdp Pay

    Kindle Direct Publishing will pay your royalties to you every month, approximately 60 days after the end of the month that your royalties were earned.

    However, a caveat to this is that your payment amount must meet a minimum threshold before it is paid out. You can choose to be paid out through several options including direct deposit, wire transfer, or check.

    Format Your Book File Using Microsoft Word

    If youre an author or writer, chances are that youre already familiar with using Word. If youre one of the few people that have never used Word before, thats okay. There isnt a steep learning curve to using the program and you can use Word tutorial videos to get the gist.

    Formatting your book in Word for Kindle is really easy. Although there are technical aspects that you should be aware of, its really not rocket science.

    You can only apply formatting as per the technical requirements of the Kindle device, which is specified by KDP itself. And to be honest, these are not complex in any way whatsoever.

    When I say formatting for the Kindle is technical, I mean there are specific ways that you can do certain things and there are features you cannot use.

    For example, you cannot have text boxes in your eBook file, as also headers and footers are not recognized in the Kindle device.

    Well cover how to do this in detail below.

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    What Do You Need To Do To Become A #1 Bestselling Amazon Author

    Being a number #1 bestseller on Amazon isnt just about the cool points, it also helps you sell more books as well.

    However, how does an author not only ensure they make that rank, but keep it too? Well, lets dive into how Amazon chooses which book is the #1 bestseller of a category. It all starts with your books Amazon Best Seller Rank .

    Amazon assigns the ABSR of a book based on how many sales or downloads it has had over a certain period of time as compared to all other books on the Amazon market. With this, if you have an ABSR of 1000, then it means that at that point in time, there are 999 books on Amazon selling better than you. If you have an ABSR of 1,000,000, then it means there are 999,999 books selling better than you.

    So, if your book has the LOWEST ABSR of all books that are attached to an Amazon category, then you are the #1 best seller in that category. It is that simple.

    So, choosing your kindle categories or book categories will have a direct effect on whether or not you become a bestseller.

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