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How To Rank Amazon Listing On Google

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Find The Keywords That Competing Listings Rank For In Google

How To Rank An Amazon Product In Google

Paste any competing Amazon listing into Ahrefs Site Explorer and head to the “Organic keywords” report to see the keywords it ranks for in Google.

Not only is this another excellent source of keyword ideas to incorporate into your listing, but you can also see which keywords send your competitors the most organic traffic.

Increase your chances of getting traffic from Google by targeting these same keywords.

Your Product Description And Bullet Points

These go hand-in-hand. Both tell your customers more about your product, so this is your chance to be very detailed, as well as persuasive. Of course, youll need to include your most important keywords here, too.

For the description, work hard to make the copy readable, natural and convincing from a pure sales standpoint. Follow ecommerce landing page best practices. This will resonate with potential buyers beyond the SEO power youll get from including your keywords.

As for the bullet points, the same applies. Bullet points are easy and quick to read because theyre scannable, so your customers are going to look at this area with priority. Tell your customers about the benefits of your product and include crucial information like ingredients or dimensions. Work your relevant keywords into these bullet points in a natural way, so as to add value to each tidbit of information about your product. Check out your competition and make sure theyre not including more thorough information than you.

Find New Trends And Products Before Your Competitors

The “Newly discovered” report shows keyword ideas that were only recently added to our database.

Because our data comes from real-world user data , these keywords are often things that people only started searching for recently.

Use this report to find new trends and uncompetitive product ideas before the competition does.

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Watch Us Do Amazon Seo In Real Life

Want to get some taste of the real search engine optimization action?

Join us in our four-part video series, where our CEO, Jon Tilley, and CTO Stefan Ratchev take a listing from the dead and give it some Amazon SEO love, reviving it back to life. The duo walks you step-by-step on how to rank your product using Amazon search engine optimization best practices.

Check it out here!

Two Words: Relevance And Performance

Amazon Listing Optimisation

Relevance and performance form the crux of rankings on Amazon. Products that are most relevant to what customers are searching for and have the best performance history get the nod for the top spots.

Both relevance and performance are driven by ranking factors. A9 evaluates these factors for individual products against individual queries to come up with the best recommendations possible. This process is repeated every time a new search is performed, ensuring buyers are served with up-to-date and highest-quality results only.

Next, letâs take a look at the relevance and performance-related ranking factors to understand further how the Amazon search works.

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Dont Mix Up Amazon Best Sellers Rank With Organic Ranking

Both of these values are important, but both have totally different functions.

If you seek to create your own product on Amazon as a private label seller, then organic ranking is very important to you. The higher your product appears in the SERP, the more likely customers are going to click on it and purchase it.

Meanwhile, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is great for estimating the sales frequency of an individual product or an entire product category.

How To Rank Higher In Search On Amazon

Amazons search algorithm arranges products on search results pages according to their organic rank. Amazon wants to present shoppers with products theyre most likely to buy, so the more relevant your listings keywords are to a given customers search query, the better its chances of showing up on the first page of search results. Higher-ranked products appear at the top of the page, followed by lower-ranked products moving down the page.

Its easier to conceptualize organic rank if we consider the absence of those determining factors. Lets say youre selling a mesh trucker hat but somehow forget to include the keywords mesh or trucker anywhere in your listing. Your hat wont show up for mesh trucker hat searches, because theres nothing in your listing telling Amazon that its relevant. And because it doesnt show up in searches, your sales velocity probably isnt that great.

In order to rank higher for relevant keywords, you need an optimized listing, plus a strong conversion rate. Fortunately, there are simple strategies you can follow to help increase your rank.

Optimize your listing titleYour listing title is one of the most important pieces of an effective Amazon listing. It should entice both customers and A9 with clues about your products relevance.

After you pull customers in with your great title, the rest of your listing needs to sell them on your product.

So, how do you choose the perfect price for your products?

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Amazon A9 Algorithm The Force Behind Amazon Search

The A9 algorithm powers the entire Amazon recommendation system, including its search component. It is the core ranking algorithm that decides which product should rank where on Amazon.

Named after the company that developed it, A9 was initially launched as a public-facing search engine in the fall of 2004. It was meant to compete with Google and other big search engines of that time.

However, four years later, following the unprecedented growth of, Jeff and his team decided to shut down A9.

But they didnât shelve it completely, and instead, they re-engineered it as the brain behind the modern-day Amazon recommendation engine.

Today, A9 decides the fate of products on Amazon. Besides organizing the search, it is also responsible for powering Amazon ads, Best Sellers Rank, Also Bought suggestions, and other parts of the Amazon ecommerce system.

What is Amazon A10 algorithm? Back in 2019, Amazon made updates to A9 to further improve its search engine. These updates were widely branded as A10 by sellers and experts alike. Itâs an industry-adopted term, one that many people use even today to refer to Amazonâs core algorithm.

Price A/b Test Your Prices

Amazon SEO – How To Optimize Your Amazon Listing And Rank In Search

As previous analyses by Sellics showed, cheap products are not especially favored by Amazons ranking algorithm. That means you dont need to have the cheapest product around to be successful on Amazon.

You still need a competitive price, of course. Your price will impact your ranking because it will both influence:

  • CTR in search results: customers compare your price to the other products in the search results.
  • CR and sales on the product page: Does your price match your target audience, product quality, branding, etc. to achieve a good conversion rate?

Defining a good price using a theoretical approach can be very tricky. This is why you should A/B test different prices and compare the results in terms of CTR, CR, sales and, of course, profit.

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Just What Is External Traffic

Before we get started, lets just introduce what we mean when we say external traffic.

For most Amazon sellers, your primary source of traffic and sales is internal. This means people who type in or open the app, and either find your product from the search results or click on one of your sponsored ads.

External traffic is everything else. This is where, instead of waiting for someone to go to Amazon, you proactively get in front of them somewhere else online. This could be

  • Paid ads
  • Email or instant messenger
  • Social media
  • Website referrals

We say offline, but it could even be offline sources for example, an ad in a magazine or newspaper with a QR code or URL to your product.

External traffic generally relies on a significantly different approach to generating traffic from inside Amazon. With internal traffic, most of the time youre optimizing for people who are searching for something to buy.

External traffic puts the boot on the other foot. You go out and find people, who may not know they want to buy something at this time, and convince them that your product is what they need.

Done right, external traffic is a powerful growth lever that can help you to grow your sales, improve your organic rankings, and build assets that give your business much greater stability.

Use The Power Of Bundles

Theres a little secret to Amazon that you can use to dominate on both Google and Amazon: bundles.

Bundles are a time-honored Amazon technique. Creating a package with more than one item lets you create a completely separate listing, side-stepping a frequent problem with Amazon where a product is oversaturated with listings.

In addition, when people search by UPC, your bundle is unique and you can take advantage of a unique item name, too. On either Google or Amazon, it will bring up your own bundle, not the hundred duplicate listings for each product.

Theres more that goes into bundles than just throwing two or more products together and calling it a day, but thats beyond the scope of this article. If youre interested in learning more, there are plenty of resources that can guide you in taking advantage of this strategy.

With these five tricks, youll be able to use Google and Amazon together to drive traffic to your products and create more sales. So what are you waiting for?

Apply these tips now and youll be well on your way to greater ecommerce success.

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Webfx Will Help You Boost Your Amazon Product Ranking

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How Is Amazons Best Sellers Rank Calculated


Although Amazon doesnt reveal exactly how the Best Sellers Rank is calculated, there are a number of factors that contribute to it, including:

  • Current and historic sales
  • Product price changes and promotions
  • Competitive products

The BSR reflects current sales trends, as well as historical sales volume, and is updated hourly.

For example, if a product has 10 units of sales in one hour but drops to only one unit sale the next, that doesnt mean it will automatically drop down to a BSR thats for products that only sell one per hour. Instead, the BSR algorithm will take into account both sales velocities.

Let me show you what I mean using some hypothetical numbers.

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Find Out Where Your Amazon Keywords Come From

The first thing to consider is where your keyword data comes from, whether it originates from Amazon autocomplete or other search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube. By figuring out where your keyword data is from, youll know if your product will be discovered by customers in Amazon search results. In addition to using standard search engine data, you also have to think about the customer intent of that search data as well.

That is because people use search engines with different purposes and intentions, which means that the search data also varies with them. For example, people who search for products on Google, Bing, or YouTube are generally trying to find more information on those products, not to purchase the products themselves.

On the other hand, when people go on Amazon to search for products, their intent is to purchase those products. Thats why its important that you make sure that your keyword performs well in as much as it does in . To ensure accuracy, the data you are referencing should be based on Amazon estimations rather than other search engines. You can use an Amazon keyword research tool such as to help you with your keyword decisions.

How To Use Amazon Keywords And Get More Visits To Your Product Pages

Competition is fierce on Amazon. It is often an uphill task to get visibility to your store and compete with thousands upon thousands of competitors. Sellers that operate large stores on Amazon and have more marketing budget to spend, can easily promote their brand and products through Amazon ads.

On the other hand, if you are a startup or a solo entrepreneur doing Amazon FBA, you might not be able to spend much money on marketing. Instead, you will need to be smart and optimize your Amazon store to get organic clicks to your product listings.

To do this, you can use Keyword Tool to get Amazon keywords related to your products. Once you get a list of Amazon search terms with high search volumes, you can start inserting them at appropriate sections. The most important places to include the keywords are in your Amazon product and category sections. Make sure they are optimized for Amazon algorithm but also easily understood by a human reader.

Once you have optimized your store with relevant Amazon keywords, sit back and watch as you get more free, organic visits to your Amazon store than you ever have.

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Find The Best Keyword Ideas For Your Amazon Listings


Not sure how people are searching for the products you sell? No worries.

Enter a broad description of your product into Ahrefs’ Amazon Keyword Tool and check one of the five keyword ideas reports to see the most popular related search terms.

Given that we have nearly 100 million keywords in our US Amazon database alone, this usually results in hundreds or thousands of keyword ideas. That can be overwhelming, so use the inbuilt filters to refine by monthly search volume, clicks, and more.

Incorporate any relevant keywords into your product listings to help increase visibility.

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Keyword Research Is Key

Its only when search queries match the keywords contained within the product listings that a product can be found. The more relevant the match, the higher that product will appear in the rankings. Research what keywords your customers are searching for, and implement those into your product listing. Shoppers generally dont browse through pages of search results to find what theyre looking for. They want to find the best product quickly, so its important that your listing appears on the first page of search results.

Nearly three-quarters of search queries are long-tail keywords because theyre more detailed and specific to exactly what the customer is looking for. Searches for these long-tail keywords also convert at a much more frequent rate than single keywords. Check out for insight into what the most popular, least competitive keywords and phrases are in your area of business.

How To Determine What Sort Of Products To Sell On Amazon Using Bsr:

  • Check the products Best Sellers Rank on Amazon using the methods described above..
  • Estimate the average monthly sales for the product on Amazon to get an idea of how often the product sells. You can use the .
  • Calculate the cost to sell the item. This includes the cost of the product itself, any , the cost to store the product if it takes a while to sell.
  • Lets say you have an opportunity to buy these two different books for the same price each.

    The first book is Poor Charlies Almanack by Charlie Munger. The book sells for $59.95 on Amazon. Currently, its Amazon Best Sellers Rank in the Books department is #1,942. A book that has a BSR of #1,942 has 540 sales per month. Thats almost a book every hour. This means if you purchase the book and list it on Amazon at the lowest available price, in an hour you will have a sale. Literally that fast!

    The second book is the old Dungeons & Dragons module The Tomb of Horrors. This book sells for more on Amazon at $64.99. So wed make more profit. But its BSR is #1,256,348. That means this book only sells 2-3 copies per month. If you buy and list this book, chances are you might not see a sale for a month or maybe even longer.

    So which product sounds better? Poor Charlies Almanack, which is almost guaranteed a sale in its first 24 hours at $59.95, or The Tomb of Horrors, which may take months to sell on Amazon at a marginally higher profit?

    How to calculate product sales using Amazon Best Sellers Rank).

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