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How To Remove Ads Amazon Fire Tablet

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How To Turn Off Ads On Amazon Fire Tablets

Remove Ads from Amazon Fire Tablet Now (THIS WORKS) | Free & Easy (2021)

How To Remove Ads & Bloatware From The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Install ADB Tools. In order to remove ads and remove bloatware from the Amazon Fire 7, you will need to install ADB tools.Enable ADB Debugging. You need to enable ADB debugging on your Android Fire 7 tablet before you can execute an ADB command.Remove Bloatware. Connect your tablet to your PC. …Remove Ads From Amazon Fire 7 Lockscreen. …

How Do I Remove Ads From My Browser

Open Chrome and navigate to the 3 dashes icon in the top right corner. Select “Settings” and select “Extensions” on the left. Remove the store from your browser by clicking the trash can icon. Restart Chrome. Open Firefox. Click the Big Orange Firefox button in the top left corner and select Add-ons. Remove the store from your browser by clicking the “Delete” button.

Do It Yourself On Amazon

If you would like to turn off the ads yourself, then here is what you should do:

  • Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazon.
  • Select the Devices tab at the top of the page.
  • Then, click on the device you wish to remove ads from to see more information. A pop up should appear, and you should click on that to open your device summary.
  • Under the Details heading, youll see a box that reads Special Offers. Click here to turn off ads and follow the prompts. You should see the amount you will be charged before you confirm you wish to turn special offers off.
  • And thats how to remove special offers on Kindle all by yourself! Its a really simple process, and youll have the ads turned off in no time.

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    Brief History Of Kindle Ads

    Quick Links

  • The Brave Ads-Free World
  • Amazons initial idea was to offer a budget-friendly tablet thats on par with other Android or iOS devices. To offset some of the cost, Amazon included ads that seemed to pop up everywhere.

    After a while, the company ditched the mandatory ads and you can now choose to remove them. But how do you do it? Most of the job is done via your Amazon account keep reading for more.

    How To Remove Amazon Lockscreen Ads From Amazon Fire Hd 8 And Hd 10

    How to Remove Ads From Amazon Fire Tablet

    Both the and HD 10 tablets run on Android OS on top of Fire OS out of the box. Well, both of these are by far one of the value-for-money tablet devices from Amazon but theyre natively designed for pushing entertainment subscriptions to the users. Now, if youre one of the Amazon Fire HD 8/10 users then you can check out How to Remove Amazon Lockscreen Ads From Amazon Fire HD 8 and HD 10 easily.

    A big thanks to Datastream33 for sharing this guide so that other affected Amazon Fire HD 8 or HD 10 tablet users can also remove the native lock screen ads. According to the XDA member, though running a command through ADB has initially removed lock screen ads on the tablet, after receiving the firmware update the same issue happening again.

    Even setting up value to 0 for the LOCKSCREEN_AD_ENABLED option in the settings database file, it seems that the Fire OS is forcefully reverting the lock screen ads again to changing the value to 1 as default. So, those whore unable to remove lock screen ads from their Amazon Fire HD 8 or HD 10 tablet, dont worry. There is a way to simply set up an automated app to perform the task by changing the value to 0 automatically.

    Page Contents

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    How To Free Up Storage Space On Kindle

    If you take a lot of photos or upload movies and heavy applications to your Amazon Fire HD, you might reach the end of your storage capacity quite quickly.

    • To check how much storage you still have, go to Settings > Storage.
    • Tap on Internal Storage to see whats stored on your tablet and then delete any unnecessary files or applications to free up some space.
    • If there is still not enough storage, you can also purchase a microSD card.

    tablets have a microSD card slot on the side. You can buy one with a suitable expansion and insert it into your Kindle when its switched off.

    • After this, turn your Kindle back on and continue using it as normal. To start using microSD storage, you need to go to Settings > Storage and select the microSD card.
    • If most of your tablet space is taken by apps you can enable the function Install Supported Apps on Your SD Card.

    Root And Disable Your Ads

    Unfortunately, Amazon hates this and will always try to adapt their software to combat third-party programs like this. In light of that, we wont waste your time by typing out a couple of steps that could become obsolete within months.

    Instead, you can check out this YouTube channel that has a pretty good guide that you can follow. Feel free to check out his video or to do some research on your own. Please keep in mind that while we do endorse this video, we cannot ensure its reliability in the future.

    The video can change or have some links turn invalid or malicious, so proceed with caution. Start by making sure that your Windows computer has the latest version of Windows Defender installed by updating your operating system.

    Alternatively, feel free to use any other third-party antivirus application to keep yourself safe.

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    How Do I Get Rid Of Bookmarks On My Kindle Fire

    Steps Go online. Navigate to the forward and back buttons in your browser and the more options button should be on the Bookmarks tab. Select the bookmark you want to delete and hold it for three seconds. A new options screen should appear. When a text box appears asking if you really want to delete this bookmark, click Yes.

    Removing Ads From Other Apps

    How to Remove Ads From Amazon Fire Tablet | 2 Ways

    At this point, your Kindle Fire is very close to the utopian dream of ads-free apps and the internet. But some third-party apps like Facebook and YouTube will still keep showing you commercials. And again, you need to tamper with the in-app settings to remove or, at least, limit the number of ads.

    Launch the app, hit the hamburger icon , and select Account settings. Scroll down the following menu, tap Ads, and proceed to Ad Settings. The next window gives you three options to choose from:

  • Ads based on my use of websites and apps.
  • Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies.
  • Ads with my social actions.
  • You need to tap on each option and manually disable ads by ticking Off, Yes, or No one. From here on, Facebook should no longer display ads, but it might take some time for the changes to take effect.

    Unfortunately, blocking ads on YouTube isnt as easy as on Facebook. The best solution is to subscribe to YouTube Red which is designed to provide a premium ad-free viewing experience. Theres also an option to use a browser extension, but this solution might not work on the Kindle Fire.

    Certain third-party Android apps promise to remove ads from the YouTube app. However, many fail to deliver so we wont make any recommendations for now.

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    Saving Yourself The Trouble

    Saving $15 when purchasing your new Fire Tablet seems like a fantastic offer. But before going through with it, its probably a good idea to think twice about it. If the answer is that they wont bother you at all, then go ahead and save the money.

    But if you know deep down that you will go back and unsubscribe, you can save yourself the trouble and pay the full price straight away. For the indecisive, option one is likely preferable.

    Why Are Ads Present In Your Fire Hd 10 And How To Get Rid Of Them

    When you buy your Amazon Fire tablet, you get an option to save $15 by receiving what Amazon calls Special Offers. These special offers are movies, music, book recommendations, and other offers. If you think you can deal with them, you can save $15 and keep receiving them. Some people dont like them, so they find a way to remove them.

    Removing ads from your Fire HD 10 tablet is not difficult. All you have to do is:

  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Go to Your Devices and Content and click on it.
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    How Do I Remove Ads From Amazon Tablet

    In fact, you have at least 2 ways to remove these ads from your Kindle. Open the official Amazon website, go to Content Management and then to Devices. Select the “Your devices” tab. Click on your device for more information. Click Change next to the Special Offers field and follow the instructions to unsubscribe from Special Offers.

    Kindle alternative

    Contact Amazons Customer Support

    How to Remove Ads From Amazon Fire Tablet

    Finally, for the super-secret method that you can try. Giving and asking them to get rid of the advertisements on your tablet can sometimes pay off. Youll have to use your people-speaking skills for this.

    A popular method that usually works is by telling them youve seen multiple reports of people calling the customer support team to get the ads removed for free. Alternatively, you can also tell them that you cant find the Edit button from the first method.

    Lastly, if those two methods dont work, you can let customer support know that you werent given the $15 choice when you bought your tablet. Either way, youll have to make a convincing case for this one, but it has worked for some people!

    That wraps up this article. Hopefully, this has helped you turn off ads on Amazon Fire tablets. If you have any questions, leave us a message down below.

    If this guide helped you, please share it.

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    To Root Or Not To Root

    While Amazon preps the Fire with its own Appstore, several Google apps are not available on Amazon’s market. For some, that’s a deal breaker and a reason to .

    While rooting the Amazon Fire tablet allows you to install a standard Android version and thus the Google Play Store, doing so loses the interface optimized for consuming Amazon Prime content. More importantly, rooting can void your warranty and—in the worst case—brick your device.

    Fire OS, the operating system running on the Amazon Fire, is a custom version of Android. Thus, it only takes a few tweaks to install the Google Play Store and remove lock screen ads—no root access required.

    When you’re done, your lock screen will resemble the screenshot below this looks so much better than a screen covered in Amazon ads!

    How To Remove Lock Screen Ads From Your Amazon Kindle Or Fire Tablet

    Amazon’s devices have always been extremely affordable, especially its Kindle e-readers and Fire Tablets. Meant almost exclusively for content consumption, these entertainment devices are subsidized largely by Amazon’s ecosystem. You see, the company knows you’ll buy Kindle books, music, videos, and other services from Amazon directly, so it has no problem selling the gadgets at or below cost to get that juicy services revenue. Another way it makes these devices cheaper is by offering you ad-supported versions, which can save $20 or so on the initial purchase price. Most people think the tradeoff is clear and fair, but if you’re tired of seeing them, here’s how to remove those lock screen ads from your Amazon Kindle or Fire tablet.

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    Removing The Kindle Fire Ads

    Step 1

    Once you access the Amazon account, select Manage Your Devices which is located under the Your Kindle Account menu.

    The following window gives you a list of Registered Kindles and theres an Edit option in the upper right section of the window. Its just under Special Offers and next to Subscribed. Anyway, click or tap on Edit to make changes.

    Step 2

    A window pops up allowing you to unsubscribe from Amazons Special Offers. Tap or click on the Unsubscribe now with 1-Click button and thats it, most of the ads that appear on your tablet are gone.

    Step 3

    Then you can move onto the quick settings menu by swiping down from the top of the screen. There should be a notification to inform you that Special Offers have been removed.

    Things to Consider

    As you might guess, ad blocks on the Kindle Fire are device-specific. This means the changes dont affect your overall Amazon account and other services you might be using. And you need to repeat the steps for each Kindle you might have connected to your account.

    The previous quick guide tells you how to remove the ads but youll still see the other customers recommendations. Nevertheless, the Kindles UI will look much cleaner sans the ads.

    Remove Customers Also Bought Recommendation From Kindle Fire

    Remove Amazon Fire Tablet Ads Forever | Free, Fast and Easy! (2021)

    Besides special offer, you may also see “Customers also bought” recommendation on your Kindle Fire. These recommendations include books, apps, videos, etc below carousel.

    In the following part, I will show you how to remove “Customers also bought” recommendations from Kindle Fire.

    Slide down from the home screen and tap ” Settings” button at the menu bar.

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    Install Adb Usb Driver

    On Windows 10, you should be able to connect your Kindle Fire and see it pop up under This PC. Windows should automatically recognize the device and install the required drivers.

    If the device doesn’t show up, you’ll need to manually install the Google USB driver so you can perform ADB debugging on Windows. You can download the drivers manually, or you can use RootJunky’s .

    Before you proceed:

    • Disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 8 and 10 .
    • Completely turn off any emulators running on your system, such as the BlueStacks Android app player.

    Talk To Customer Service

    While the first method is easy to follow, you may wish to contact customer service to remove the ads for you. Reasons you may wish to use this method include 1) because youd rather not try to do it yourself, or 2) you would like to see if they will turn off ads for you for free.

    Some people have reported that customer service may occasionally choose to waive the fee for removing special offers as a one time exception for you. So reaching out to customer service and asking them about turning off ads may be a good idea, especially if you are wanting to turn off ads on your first Kindle device.

    When I got my first Kindle device, there was no option to purchase the Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle without ads. So I reached out to customer service and asked how to turn off ads, and they waived the fee for me. If you contact customer service, you may have similar success depending on your specific situation.

    To have customer service turn off ads for you or to see if youre eligible for waiving the fee, start a chat or phone call here. And thats how to remove special offers from Kindle by contacting customer service!

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    How Do You Block Ads On Youtube

    To block YouTube ads, log in to your YouTube account and click the icon next to your account name in the top right corner of the page. You will be taken to the YouTube settings. In your account overview, find the “Additional Features” section. Click a link to see additional features under that heading.

    More Tips To Get More Out Of An Amazon Fire Tablet

    Install Google Play &  Remove Ads on an Amazon Fire Tablet Without Root ...

    The Amazon Fire isn’t the lightest, thinnest, or otherwise best device on the market, but it offers great bang for your buck. Once you’ve successfully followed this guide, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a user interface optimized for Amazon Prime and all your favorite Android apps from the Google Play Store.

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    Can Ads Be Turned Off On Kindle Fire 9

    How to Disable Ads on Kindle Fire HD. After logging in, under Your Kindle Account on the left side of the screen, click Manage Devices. Then, in the “Registered Devices” section, you’ll see a list of the devices you own. In the Special Offers column, click the Edit link next to Subscriber.

    Convert pdf to kindle

    How Do I Get Rid Of Amazon Ads On My Fire Tablet

    A window will open where you can unsubscribe from Amazon Specials. Click or tap the “Unsubscribe Now with 1 Click” button and most of the ads displayed on your tablet will disappear. Once you’re done optimizing your Amazon account, go to your Fire and see if any ads appear on the lock screen.

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    Remove The Ads Add The Pictures

    Ads are everywhere, and they mostly desensitize people. But its one thing to have them on a website or a billboard, and another for them to occupy your Fire Tablet screen. Unfortunately, youll have to pay up to get rid of them. But then a whole world of wallpapers and lock screen images and scenes opens up.

    How do you feel about ads on your Fire Tablet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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