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How To Remove Amazon Seller Feedback

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Are All Negative Reviews Bad

How to Remove Negative Seller Feedback 2020 Amazon Seller Central

While no one likes getting negative reviews, and understanding how to remove reviews from Amazon is important, not all negative ratings and comments are bad. They often provide an opportunity to improve your product, packaging, and service. By handling a negative review intelligently, you can also gain a positive review from the same buyer. They can amend or remove their rating or add a comment that can help readers see you have acted responsibly.

When sellers first launch a product, they may be unaware of a product or packaging problem. Perhaps thereâs an error in the description about a particular size. If an item arrives broken, and no one lets a seller know about it, thereâs no opportunity to improve the packaging. Thatâs the worst scenario in any business situation. You want buyers to let you know when there are problems so you can fix them.

Over time, analyzing negative reviews can help you improve your business. For example, if product quality comes up repeatedly, consider a change. For example, if things arrive broken, adjust the packaging. See what the pattern is and react to it.

Leave A Public Response

If the buyer does not respond, you can post a public response about how you addressed the complaint. When potential buyers see you have handled a problem, they may ignore a less than perfect rating.

On your Seller Central page choose Performance. Then you can:

  • Scroll down and find the feedback you want to address
  • Engage the drop-down menu under Action and choose Post a Public Reply
  • Write a professional reply

Product Reviews Vs Seller Feedback

As an Amazon seller, you might be knowing that both product reviews and seller feedback adds value to your business. But most of the sellers dont know the difference between them. At times, even your buyer gets confused with them. You can find the product reviews on the product details page on Amazon.

If you know the difference between product reviews and seller feedback, its excellent! If not, look no further, weve got you covered.

Seller Feedback Product Reviews
It helps buyers to decide whether or not to purchase a product from the seller by using your average feedback score ratings. These are the ratings and reviews provided for a product you sold.
Influences a sellers ability to win the Buy Box. It has nothing to do with your shipping and seller performance.
Your customers experience and the service you provide to them matters. Social proof for the customers to see how your product performs.
Product packaging and shipping time play a major role. Product performance and optimizing the listing to match your product is important.
Its all about your performance. Its all about your product performance.

Importance of Amazon Product Reviews and Seller Feedback for Sellers, Watch this video to find out :

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How Negative Reviews Affect Sales

Earning more buyer trust is directly proportional to an increase in positive reviews. Not only that, but itâs also how Amazon establishes its most trustworthy and reliable sellers within a particular niche and rewards them accordingly through a Buy Box.

Whoever wins the Buy Box has their product marketed to customers over other sellers with the same or similar products. Amazon takes into account a few factors when deciding who to give the Buy Box to, including the product price, fulfillment method, and most importantly, average seller rating.

All in all, gaining extra visibility and traction depends a lot on having plenty of positive reviews!

How Can A Customer Remove Feedback

Remove negative seller feedback on amazon (It works)

Hi all.

Please can someone send the instructions that a customer needs to use to remove feedback. He has agreed to do so.

Thanks guys

  • Log in and go to Your Account
  • Find the feedback you want to remove.
  • Thanks PPS, Cram. Checking that link now and copying/pasting those steps!Appreciate the help. So much easier to get good info here instead of support Hope things are well for people on Marketplace

    Would Amazon allow me to message that link to the customer, or would it get wiped by the message security system ?

    Removing buyer feedback, given in error, is very straightforward from the buyers viewpoint. If a buyer leaves feedback by mistake, he can very easily remove it: all that is required is for the buyer to specify why the feedback is being removed . What is NOT allowed by Amazon is removing negative feedback, and changing it to positive . It is very clear to a buyer who has mistakenly left negative feedback how to remove it.

    Removing buyer feedback, given in error, is very straightforward from the buyers viewpoint. If a buyer leaves feedback by mistake, he can very easily remove it: all that is required is for the buyer to specify why the feedback is being removed . What is NOT allowed by Amazon is removing negative feedback, and changing it to positive . It is very clear to a buyer who has mistakenly left negative feedback how to remove it.

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    You Can Lose The Buy Box & Other Seller Privileges

    Customer feedback is taken so seriously that it directly affects your Account Health. Repeated instances of negative feedback will result in warnings from Amazon. If your feedback rating is deemed as underperforming, it could lead to account suspension, your inventory being removed from appearing visible searches, and losing the buy box.

    Losing the buy box is one of the scariest things that could happen to a seller because at its worst it could involve hijackers and at the very least it could mean lost sales opportunities. Its in your best interest to avoid having to win it back if you can.

    How Do I Get A Negative Review Removed

    The only way to get a negative review removed is by contacting Amazon. And quite frankly, the firm will only think about taking action if the review in question breaches one of its communication guidelines. Contact Amazon through your Seller Central account and let them know of the review along with Order ID, reviewer name/pseudonym, the date and time of posting, and a link to the review.

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    How Do I Remove Negative Feedback

    There are two cases in which Amazon will remove negative feedback:

  • If the buyer posted a product review as seller feedback
  • If the negative feedback is related to damaged goods, return issues, or delayed delivery while the seller has opted for Fulfillment by Amazon.
  • In both of these cases, get in touch with Amazon and they will be quick to take action.

    Editing Or Deleting My Amazon Review On The Computer

    How to Remove Amazon Seller Feedback Negative Ratings and Reviews to Increase Conversions

    1. Once you are on Amazons main page, click on Accounts & Lists in the top right corner of the page.2. Under the Ordering and shopping preferences list, select Your Amazon profile.3. On this page, you will see all of your reviews listed under Community Activity.4. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of any of your reviews. This will prompt you to Edit Review or Delete Review. Make your selection, and your review will be deleted or you will be brought to the review page where you can make whatever edits you would like.

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    What You Cant Do About Negative Feedback

    In the past, the seller was able to contact the buyer to ask them to remove or reconsider negative feedback if it was unfair or unwarranted. However, this is no longer possible. According to Amazons latest feedback rules, you may not ask customers to change or remove their review.

    Amazon has also introduced new rules for buyer and seller communications that affect how feedback may be sourced and dealt with. These rules took effect at the end of 2020 and are important to note in order to keep your seller account in good standing.

    Read on to find out how to best navigate customer communications under the new rules.

    Check If The Seller Feedback Violates Amazons Guidelines

    One way you can remove bad feedback to protect your account health is to check if the review violates . You can have the review removed if it contains:

    • Abusive or offensive language. If the review contains abusive or offensive language, Amazon will take it down. No circumstance warrants the use of abusive language, no matter how dissatisfied the customer is with your product. In the unfortunate instance that you receive a review containing abusive or offensive language, Amazon will help you get it swiftly removed.
    • Personal information. Also known as doxing, the revealing of personal information such as phone numbers and addresses violates users privacy on the Amazon platform. Amazon will remove feedback containing private information.
    • Promotional content. If someone leaves a negative review while promoting another product, you have the right to ask Amazon to take this down. This is inappropriate and involves the misuse of your seller platform to promote another brand.
    • Product reviews. Product reviews should only be on the product page, and so if someone is posting a negative product review on your seller feedback section, you can get this taken down. This guideline for feedback can protect sellers from having the same negative review on two pages of their seller platform.

    If you are an Amazon FBA seller and your product is delivered to the customer broken or damaged, which is Amazons fault, they will take down the negative review you receive from this incident.

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    Amazon Strike Out Buyer Feedback

    Ok so amazon wont actually remove it, they will strike a line through it and take responsibility for it. This also means it wont go against your overall seller rating.

    If you are a FBA seller, amazon will strike through feedback if the comment made relates specifically to fulfillment, this makes sense as amazon are handling the fulfillment side of things, their mistakes are out of your control.

    If you are a merchant fulfilled seller, things are slightly different. The comment made by the customer needs to relate to a late or undelivered order, but it must have been sent on time using .

    Amazon hadnt offered merchant fulfilled strike throughs until May 2018. Whether you are a FBA or MF Seller, a strike through of negative feedback can only be good for your account health.

    There are other circumstances in which amazon may strike through feedback.

  • If a customer receives a damaged item (when the same item was checked into an amazon fulfillment center in good condition, most of the time amazon will take responsibility.
  • If your customer receives an incorrect variation or version of your item, such as colour or size. Amazon may well take responsibility if they have picked and packed the wrong item.
  • Alot of the time Amazon will automatically strike through feedback that is covered under one of the above conditions. However, if they do not you can follow the same removal process outlined above.

    Learn More About The Best Bidding Strategy For Your Amazon Listings

    How To Remove Negative Seller Feedback on Amazon

    If you are a third party Amazon seller who frequently uses PPC campaigns to promote products, you should know that a proper advertising strategy is the key to success.

    In this article, you will be able to determine the best strategy for your listings, depending on their current position within search results.

    Beyond Page Five

    If your listing is ranked beyond page five or six on Amazon, then it is recommended that you focus only on a handful of keywords that are converting well, rather than all the keywords that are ranking there. This way, you preserve your funds and concentrate on the phrases that are ranking in sales but are quite far behind in the search results. The bid here needs to be rather modest.

    Page Two-Five

    Similarly, for those keywords ranked in the third, fourth, and fifth pages, you can follow a more moderate strategy that focuses on top-performing keywords as usual. You need to keep bidding consistently over time and see which keywords are getting the most sales. Then, optimize your advertising campaigns accordingly with these keywords. Amazon will automatically enhance the organic ranking of your listing for these queries as they begin to generate conversions.

    Page One and Two

    Over here, you should also focus on the variations of these queries so that you can boost sales for them as well. Create a secondary campaign solely for this purpose and set the match type to phrase to cover as many variations as possible.

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    Publicly Responding To Buyer Feedback

    If none of the above methods have worked for you, there is another option. Through amazons feedback manager you can respond publicly to all of your feedback, now before doing this you need to ensure you take all emotion out of the equation.

    Having a public argument with a customer is only going to damage your business and online reputation, like Ive said the best place to start is an apology, even if it wasnt your fault.

    The only exception to this rule is the legal implications of a comment, after all the comment is there for everyone to see.

    If you want to respond publicly, here is how you do it.

  • Using feedback manager, find the offending feedback.
  • You will then need to click on the Actions link, next to the relevant order.
  • Choose Post a public reply
  • Enter your response and click Submit
  • Now, unless the customer chooses to remove the feedback this will not affect your overall feedback rating, this is also not the place to resolve the buyers issue .

    Once you have submitted a response, you have the ability to edit but you cannot delete it. Remember, even if you feel angry you are a professional business owner, you must be polite!

    Anyway, now these methods are out the way im going to show you how you can go about getting more positive feedback.

    If Feedback Is Ineligible For Removal Reach Out To The Buyer

    If youve received negative feedback that doesnt qualify for removal by Amazon, your next step should be reaching out to the buyer.

    Amazon gives buyers the power to remove their seller feedback. If you contact the buyer, resolve their problem, and politely ask that they revoke their comments, they may have a change of heart.

    A few Dos and Donts of this stage:

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    How To Improve Your Seller Feedback And Rating

    Once your account is up and running, managing the feedback from your customers should be a priority to ensure smooth operation. Buyers have a 90-day window to leave feedback, so its important for businesses to send a request soon after the item is delivered. Educate yourself on feedback and the importance of ratings. We like this guide from eComEngine, which talks specifically about staying compliant with Amazons terms of service and proactive feedback management options. for At eCommerce Nurse, we offer full account management, strategy, troubleshooting, and marketing support to ensure your products offer the best customer experience on the Amazon site. Its also important to request feedback from your customers, so any issues can be addressed, customer queries can be answered, and any poor ratings can be balanced out with far more positive ratings.

    If you need further assistance with your seller feedback, ratings, or adherence to Amazons selling policies, please contact us.

    Katy Luxem

    Discuss. Learn. Connect.

    Set Up Instant Feedback Alerts With Third Party Seller Software

    How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon as a Seller

    With seemingly endless to-do lists, forgetting to check for feedback is entirely understandable. Amazon third seller platforms allow you to automate notifications when customers review your products.

    Real-time feedback notifications alert you the moment you receive negative feedback so you can quickly swing into action. This process ensures that you promptly start the feedback removal process and increase the chances you resolve the issue in a matter of days — not weeks or months.

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    Removing Feedback On Amazon

    Seller feedback is an important metric for amazon sellers, nobody wants negative feedback! Most sellers dont realize that there is a way for you to remove negative feedback that shouldnt be there.

    Today im going to show you how you go about removing feedback on amazon, ill lay out the process step by step.

    As a bonus, at the end of the article im also going to show you the method i use to grow my positive feedback.

    Be Polite And Ask For Feedback

    Use buyer-seller messaging on Amazon to send a request to review your products on Amazon once the order is delivered. Amazons Request a Review button can help you with that.

    Besides, you can opt for a 3-emails strategy. Email your buyer post-delivery of your product. Follow-up with them after a couple of days for product review and feedback. If you receive positive feedback, you can follow up on the same email asking for seller feedback. This process boosts your chances of getting more product reviews and seller feedback. However, Amazon allows buyers to opt-out of unsolicited messages from third-party sellers, which includes a buyer-seller messaging service too.

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    Make Sure To Have Your Alerts Set Up

    Once you have completed your Amazon negative feedback removal, make sure you have your Helium 10 Alerts set to notify you every time you get feedback so that you can take instant action to remove unwarranted feedback.

    You might think that customers do not check your feedback, and for the most part, that might be true. Its hard to find the feedback for sellers. Still, remember that there are a lot of metrics that go into how Amazon views your account health. If you go into the danger zone on many of these metrics, you could get your account suspended.

    Let me know in the comments below how many Amazon negative seller feedback alerts you have removed lately!

    Happy selling!

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