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How To Remove Feedback On Amazon

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Contacting The Customer To Remove Feedback

how to remove feedback from amazon

If the feedback does not violate Amazons guidelines, the next thing you should do is contact the customer.

Contact the Buyer Directly

Amazon might not be able to remove the feedback, but the buyer can. This is a tricky situation and should be followed with care.

What to do:

  • Reach out to the buyer promptly after you receive the feedback.
  • Maintain a polite and professional tone.
  • Apologize to the buyer and try to fix the issue or offer a refund if appropriate.

What NOT to do:

  • Demand they remove the feedback immediately.
  • Bribe them with a refund or other sort of monetary or material incentive. This is against Amazons policies. Yes, you can offer a refund, but it cannot be on the condition that the buyer removes the negative feedback. You can ask for a removal after the issue is resolved or after you send them a refund.

How to Ask the Buyer to Remove Feedback

  • Find the piece of feedback in Feedback Manager as outlined above.
  • From the drop down menu on the right, select the Resolve button.
  • Select Contact Customer.
  • Select the subject, write a message, and hit send.
  • Amazon Feedback Removal Guidelines: What Will Be Removed And What Wont

    Imagine one day you make a sale and then see that some feedback has come in. Great! Or, maybe not. This is when knowing the Amazon feedback removal guidelines comes in handy. Being familiar with them helps you act quickly!

    Amazon sellers have two ways to remove negative feedback:

  • Contact the buyer to try and remedy the situation in hopes they will remove the negative feedback. After the initial submission, buyers have 60 days to remove the rating. Here are some best practices to help you facilitate the process.
  • Contact Amazon for removal of incorrect feedback, if applicable.
  • Amazon says it will not remove buyer feedback even if its unwarranted or the issue has been resolved. However, Amazon does recognize there are certain situations that call for the complete removal or further explanation of some types of feedback.

    Rules On Negative Feedback Removal Amazon

    As the reviews may be unfair or inappropriate, Amazon had set specific criteria as to what kind of reviews are not allowed on their platform. If the feedback doesnt comply with Amazon’s terms of service, bad Amazon reviews will be deleted.

    Amazons review removal policy is as follows:

    • The review should refer solely to the product
    • Reviews that compare prices, alternate options, and product availability are not allowed by Amazon
    • A review should not contain hate speech or abusive comments, propagate pornography or illegal conduct
    • A review should not contain personal information, like e-mails
    • A review should not request or offer compensation in exchange for content
    • A review should not contain feedback from competitors
    • Multiple negative reviews by the same customer for a single product are not allowed
    • One-word-reviews are not allowed as well.

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    Respond Directly To The Customer Review

    When you want to comment on the customers negative review, consider the following options:

    • Be polite and present your perspective on the issue
    • Let them know what you can do/what you did to fix the problem, and that it will not happen again in the future
    • Show that you care about them and captivate them with exceptional customer service
    • If they want further resolution, ask them to contact you via buyer-seller messaging service so that you can fix the problem

    Note: Asking buyers to contact you off-Amazon is against . So avoid offering email addresses or personal contact information in your response.

    When you respond to a negative review

    The review still stays on your product page. However, the negative impact can be reduced, as you provide additional information to shoppers.

    The customer may update/edit the review if they are satisfied with the customer service you provided. However, do not ask them to change/remove their reviews.

    When you get a 1-star or 2-star review, do not panic. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is this from a genuine buyer or a competitor?
    • Why is the customer unsatisfied?
    • Does the customers review violate Amazons guidelines?

    Recommended Guide: .

    How to comment on a negative review?

    Note that customers cannot get in touch with the vendors as they do with the sellers . Vendors can only ask the customers to get in touch with Amazon customer service.

    Could The Negative Ratings Be Due To Amazon

    amazon negative feedback removal step2

    Multitudes of sellers use Amazons FBA program. They utilize it to enhance the logistical and fulfillment aspects of their business. This program does make many things easier for sellers. However, there are times when Amazon itself ends up making a genuine mistake. For instance, an order gets destroyed due to Amazon. In this case, Amazon change seller feedback occurs.

    But what if the negative review you want to remove is not an Amazon miss? It is still possible to get the negative feedback removed. The bad news is that doing that will be totally in your customers hands.

    You will have to do your best in the process of resolving the situation. Even one negative feedback can make a lot of difference. Therefore, you must try every tactic you know to resolve this issue.

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    Ways To Remove Bad Reviews On Amazon

    Are you wondering How to remove an Amazon review? Well discuss all about it today.

    Dealing with negative reviews on Amazon is annoying for sellers but it is something that is inevitable.

    When youre selling products, you are bound to come across a few disgruntled customers and it is how you deal with their dissatisfaction that counts.

    When you get a negative review on Amazon, it will influence the overall rating of your products featured on Amazon.

    Irrespective of how many good ratings your products have acquired, most customers are only looking for negative reviews to get an understanding about potential problems they may face or experience with the product.

    Its rare that Amazon ends up deleting negative reviews on the request of the seller but its important that all sellers track reviews and report any fake, funny, or spam ones on Amazon.

    In this blog post, we are going to share some of the options available to sellers for removing bad reviews on Amazon and the approach they should adopt.

    All online retailers must deal with the prospect of facing negative product reviews daily but how these reviews affect your business is based on the way you respond or deal with them.

    The relationship between the retailer and customer is one of the most important aspects of your business.

    This is why whenever you come across negative reviews on Amazon, you must deal with them instantly.

    Lets learn how to remove a review on Amazon, especially a negative review.

    How Do Amazon Reviews Give Your Product Credibility

    In the storied history of Amazon product reviews, we can break the timeline into BVP and AVP . In the BVP times, anyone could leave a product review. This worked for a while that is, until fake reviews started becoming a serious problem. In 2016, Amazon introduced the verified purchaser badge with the aim of restoring credibility and helping to weed out those artificial stars from unverified reviews.

    As long as a customer hasnt bought your product on a more-than-50% discount and theyve spent at least $50 on their Amazon accounts, they can leave a verified review.

    Four years later and consumers are more skeptical than ever when it comes to interpreting both a negative or positive review. So much so, that having an abundance of positive reviews may be just as suspicious as having too many negative ones. The Verified Purchaser badge adds credibility to your listing by telling shoppers, Dont worry, this person paid full full price. Its not a guarantee, but it certainly helps restore significant trust in the consumer community.

    More importantly, positive customer feedback from a reviewer helps you leverage an already quality product, taking it from useful to useful and profitable.

    Having your reviewer give positive feedback also shows a level of customer satisfaction to future shoppers.

    Positive Amazon reviews:

    Your product reviews act as an extension of your product listing.

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    What About Fba Amazon Feedback Removal Criteria

    Amazon will take the blame if things go wrong with FBA orders too. For instance, an order gets negative feedback regarding fulfillment or any other Amazon service. In that case, they will remove the rating. But, moreover, a statement will appear in its place. There Amazon says that it has taken responsibility for the unpleasant experience.

    Two Bonus Tips:

    • Be careful when you explain your reasons to Amazon. Ensure to limit the number of words because a long description will make the Seller Support Staff ignore your message. They might instantly deny your request for removing Amazon feedback.
    • Secondly, be straightforward and concise when communicating with Amazon. Typically, the support staff member will understand your point of view. Consequently, they will delete the unfair negative. If they deny your request, open up a new ticket with Seller Support. Now hope to get a different Amazon staff member this time.

    Contacting A Customer To Remove Feedback

    how to leave or remove a feedback on amazon

    Buyers themselves can also remove negative feedback retrospectively. However, you need to abide by Amazons rules when asking buyers to remove a negative comment.

    This means you cant offer them a full refund in exchange for them removing their comment. If you do this, you run the risk of .

    You can contact the buyer and attempt to resolve the problem they encountered. If an order arrived late, you can apologise and offer a partial refund or a full refund for any shipping charges. If you hear back from the customer, you can politely ask them to remove the negative feedback. However, you cant connect the refund to the feedback removal.

    Sellers shouldnt pressure buyers into removing feedback. Feedback manipulation, harassment and quid-pro-quo agreements are all violations of Amazons policies.

    If the feedback doesnt break Amazons rules and if you dont hear back from a buyer after a reasonable period of time, then you may want to consider responding to the negative comment.

    You can apologise for not meeting their expectations on this occasion and explain anything youre doing to stop it from happening again in the future.

    An example message may look like this,

    Dear John,

    We hope we met your expectations on your recent order of .

    If you feel we have adequately addressed any concerns you may have had, then we kindly ask you to consider removing the negative feedback.

    Buyers have 90 days from their purchase date to leave feedback.

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    How Is Seller Feedback Calculated

    Your overall seller feedback rating is the aggregated average of recent feedback received from your buyers. This is because Amazon calculates an average of how much positive feedback youve gathered over certain periods of time, tracking 30-day, 90-day, 365-day, and lifetime scores. Your Seller Feedback Score is simply the percentage of positive feedback you have received over a specific period of time. Amazon explains that only 4-star and 5-star feedbacks count toward your score. Neutral feedback is excluded from the calculation and instead is measured by your Negative Feedback rate.

    Amazon considers 5 and 4-star ratings to be positive, 3-star ratings to be neutral, and 1 and 2-star ratings to be negative. So for example, if 100 customers have left seller feedback reviews over the last 30 days, and 95 of them left either 4 or 5-star ratings, your score for the past month would still be 95% positive regardless of whether those remaining 5 customers all left neutral or negative feedback.

    How Do You Ask A Customer To Remove Negative Reviews

    Itâs not possible to ask a customer to remove a negative review anymore. The best you can do is to get in touch with Amazonâs customer support team and ask them to remove a review provided it violates one of Amazonâs communication guidelines. Even if you can somehow contract the buyer directly, we would advise not to ask them to remove negative reviews as this can land you in some serious trouble.

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    Who Takes Responsibility

    There are other cases in which Amazon will further assist you when dealing with bad feedback.

    If you are an Amazon FBA seller and the feedback is the about the shipping method, delayed delivery or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon then Amazon will strike-through the feedback.

    A strike-through means that Amazon will add a disclosure below the review in question which states:

    This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfilment experience.

    If the negative feedback is a result of not received or delayed shipping for orders shipped by the seller on time using buy shipping, then Amazon will also strike through the review.

    Buy shipping is when the seller with an individual seller account purchases and uses Amazons shipping channels for the shipment of an order.

    The strike-through text will read a bit differently:

    The fulfilment issues associated with this order were not due to the seller.

    For FBM sellers that receive negative reviews regarding delayed deliveries or not received deliveries, Amazon will not remove or strike through those customer reviews.

    Amazon sellers are responsible for their shipping methods and need to send orders to customers promptly. The maximum time frame is three business days. Longer than that and you risk getting a bad review. This is one of the disadvantages to the FBA vs FBM debate.

    How To Amend Feedback

    how to leave or remove a feedback on amazon

    It is possible to amend feedback up to 60 days after you left it. You may choose to do this if a seller makes an effort to resolve a difficult situation after you have already left negative feedback:

    Go to and click on the "Your Account" link at the top rightClick the yellow "Your Orders" buttonYou'll be asked to log in. After logging in, you'll see a list of your recent ordersFind the order you want to amend feedback for and click the "View Order" button on the right.On the next page, in the section "Your seller feedback about this order", you'll see a "remove feedback" link. Click on this link to amend it."

    Just sending them the links doesnt guarantee they will do so.I had a nasty negative,that the customer told me in an e-mail was actually reaction to someone one elss poor practice.You seem like a nice sincere seller,so I will remove this.So I sent him all the info and he did nothing.30 days today,so should be back to 100% positive,but we cant force them to remove it

    Ive had this Amazon do not make it straight forward for customers to remove feedback. You can, if you have it clearly stated in an email ask seller support to remove on your behalf based on the customers comments in the email

    Have you had negs removed by SS from customer agreements in the last 6 month?

    This topic was automatically closed 180 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.

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    How To View Your Seller Feedback And Overall Seller Feedback Rating

    To view the seller feedback youve received, log into your account, click Received Messages under Communications in your left navigation, and click the Seller Feedback Tab. You can sort by rating or status, and search by order ID.

    To view your Amazon seller rating, go to your Seller Central dashboard and click Performance, then click Customer Satisfaction. From here open the Customer Feedback Tab to see your overall performance broken down for the last 30 days, 90 days, 365 days, and your lifetime rating all side-by-side.

    How To Contact Customer:

    • Go to your Feedback Manager Page.
    • Scroll down and click View Current Feedback.
    • Click the Resolve button on the comment you want to resolve and youll be directed to the Resolving Negative Feedback page.
    • Then click on the Contact Customer and type in your message.

    When the customer does respond to your message, make an effort to understand their problem and do as much as possible to resolve their issue. After this is done, wait a few days and then follow up in a very polite way to ask if they could remove their negative feedback. Once they agree, they should simply follow the steps listed below.

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    How Do I Remove Negative Feedback

    There are two cases in which Amazon will remove negative feedback:

  • If the buyer posted a product review as seller feedback
  • If the negative feedback is related to damaged goods, return issues, or delayed delivery while the seller has opted for Fulfillment by Amazon.
  • In both of these cases, get in touch with Amazon and they will be quick to take action.

    How Can You Avoid Negative Amazon Reviews

    How to Remove Feedback on Amazon FBA – Amazon Feedback Removal Request Tutorial 2015

    Of course, the best way to avoid receiving a bad review is to provide the best service and customer experience you can for every customer. Below, we list a few ways to earn as many five-star ratings as possible.

    Offer a High-Quality Product

    It should go without saying, but the product you sell on Amazon should be of good quality and condition. Receiving a low-quality or damaged product is the primary reason why legitimate customers are incentivized to leave a poor review.

    Provide Accurate Details of the Product

    When writing your product description, do not mislead potential customers or make claims that are too bold about the product. Also, avoid listing product features that are not included.

    Provide Stellar Customer Service

    Offer speedy shipping options and ensure deliveries are mailed out promptly. And when customers contact you, answer their questions in a timely and friendly manner.

    Include a Handwritten Note in the Product Package

    Something as simple as a personal, handwritten note can remind the buyer of the human element behind your brand and product. Receiving a note in the product package makes the buyer feel a closer connection to youand therefore, they may be less likely to write a negative review.

    Listen to Honest Feedback From Customers

    No matter how much effort you put into your product and service, no business is perfect. When you inevitably have a dissatisfied customer, listen to their feedback and adjust accordingly.

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