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How To Remove Negative Seller Feedback On Amazon

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Amazon Seller Feedback Isnt A Product Review

How to Remove Negative Seller Feedback 2020 Amazon Seller Central

There are a lot of blogs by experts on Google, but a lot of them confuse negative customer feedback with negative customer product reviews.

Often, product reviews by customers cannot be removed from a product page. The only way to publicly deal with a negative review is through comments. When communicating with an unhappy customer via comments, you can show potential buyers that you attempted to fix the problem.

In this blog, were talking strictly about how to submit a feedback removal request for a negative review on a seller profile.

Was The Item As Described By The Seller

This is also a yes or no question. It determines if the buyers received the actual product they ordered online. To avoid getting a negative answer to this question ensure your descriptions match the products you sell. In fact, if you mess up in the descriptions of your product, then Amazon may refuse to remove negative feedback from your shoppers.

How To Remove Negative Feedback From Amazon

As an Amazon seller, you never want to get negative feedback. It looks bad, it deters buyers and it impacts on your ability to win the Amazon Buy Box. Its not all bad news though, you can ask Amazon to remove negative feedback if it doesnt abide by their rules.

Amazon can remove negative feedback that:

  • Focuses on the product itself and not the seller service.
  • Uses profane or obscene language
  • Includes personally identifiable information

Where an FBA service is reviewed negatively, Amazon dont remove the actual feedback. Instead, they insert a line through the rating and add the statement, This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience will be added.

If a review is positive but the buyer accidentally provides a negative rating, youre entitled to contact the buyer and request they edited or remove it.

Feedback should be about service the buyer receives and not a review of the product. You can apply to remove negative feedback thats not based on your service, like when a buyer comments The product was too difficult to use. Amazon has a separate product review section.

If the review combines feedback of both the product and the service, then Amazon will not remove it. For example, if the review says something like Service wasnt great and the product wasnt much better, then in theory Amazon wont remove the negative feedback.

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Two: Contact The Reviewer

If you cant get the negative feedback removed by Amazon, the next step is to reach out to the seller to try and solve the issue.

You wont be able to offer a refund in return for removing the feedback as this violates Amazons seller guidelines. If you resolve the buyers problem then you can ask them to remove it and the problems solved!

Make sure you do this as quickly as possible because Amazon provides 90 days for buyers to remove their feedback. If they dont remove it by this time, it will be there to stay.

Its important to be very careful when interacting with customers when theyve left a negative review. Something has led to them having a poor experience and your priority has to be fixing this when possible.

Only when youve generated some goodwill by solving their problem will they be willing to remove their feedback.

What Counts As A Negative Review On Amazon

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

Before learning how to remove amazon review, lets understand what counts a negative review on Amazon. Any review that gets less than three stars or less on Amazon can be considered as a negative review.

Users on Amazon generally consider ratings above 3 stars to be positive and it leaves a good impression on potential buyers.

A negative review on Amazon will affect the ranking of the product and may damage sales.

This is why tracking negative reviews are vital for sellers to conduct business. Though in the first place, they should avoid getting them but they should also know how to remove a review on Amazon.

This is where an may benefit you since it does all the hard work for you.

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Editing Amazon Reviews As A Buyer

There are a number of reasons why you might be searching how can I edit my ? as an Amazon customer. You might want to change a positive review to a neutral or negative review if something went wrong with your product shortly after you left a review on it. On the other hand, you might want to change a negative or neutral review to a positive one if a seller went above and beyond with great customer service to remedy your issue.

Editing or deleting your review is easy from both your computer or your mobile app:

You Can Lose The Buy Box & Other Seller Privileges

Customer feedback is taken so seriously that it directly affects your Account Health. Repeated instances of negative feedback will result in warnings from Amazon. If your feedback rating is deemed as underperforming, it could lead to account suspension, your inventory being removed from appearing visible searches, and losing the buy box.

Losing the buy box is one of the scariest things that could happen to a seller because at its worst it could involve hijackers and at the very least it could mean lost sales opportunities. Its in your best interest to avoid having to win it back if you can.

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Respond To The Negative Feedback

If there is no way you can remove the negative feedback, you can control the impact of your feedback rating by responding to the bad feedback.

Your response should include an apology or expression of regret that your product wasnt to the customers satisfaction, followed by a promise to rectify the issue by improving the quality of your items, replacing the defective item, or offering a gift of compensation.

This way, when someone reads the negative review, they will also see how much your brand cares about customer satisfaction.

Your response should never be condescending or rude. Remember, the customer is always right! Customers are what makes your Amazon FBA business profitable, they are the source of your income, and you should remember this when dealing with feedback to protect yourself from further negative ratings.

Three: Respond To The Negative Review On Amazon

How To Remove Negative Seller Feedback and Reviews Amazon FBA

Sometimes customers wont respond to your attempts to contact them, or they wont be willing to remove the negative feedback at all.

In this situation, youll have to accept that the negative feedback cannot be removed. In this scenario, you can still take steps to minimize the damage by responding to the review in a professional manner. This will signal to other potential customers that you take customer service very seriously.

How to respond to reviews on Amazon

  • Select Feedback in your Seller Central account.
  • Next to the feedback you want to respond to click Respond.
  • Enter your response: this is your opportunity to sound professional and conscientious about the feedback youve received to put future customers minds at ease!
  • Hit the Submit button

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Remove Feedback Amazon Automatically

You might be well aware that e-commerces growing by leaps and bounds. Hence, you will need to have a structured feedback system. Try SageMailers 1-month free trial. By doing this, you will find out how much time you can save. In addition, it eliminates various manual tasks that are associated with negative feedback.

The broad base of SageMailers customers uses the service to make their feedback-removal process much more manageable. Here is how it works:

  • Notification: When a customer leaves negative feedback, SageMailer immediately sends an alert to the seller.
  • Automatic Reach Out: On the SageMailers Feedback page, a seller can click on the Feedback Removal Request to trigger the automated request to Amazon.
  • Quick Links for Requesting Removal: SageMailer sends a removal request to Amazon. If Amazon doesnt automatically remove feedback, it sends a request directly to a buyer with the quick removal link. In case youve found a compromise, your customer will delete his/her feedback manually.
  • Tracking & Follow Up: SageMailer helps the seller organize their course-of-action. It keeps on doing this till feedbacks either removed by customer or Amazon.

Apart from the above mentioned, therere other features merchants can use. From attaching notes to every follow-up message to requesting reviews using .

Negative Feedback Isnt The End Of The World

Having a high seller feedback rating is a critical part of being a successful Amazon seller. At the same time, negative feedback is by no means final on Amazon. Double check to ensure the comment doesnt contravene Amazons strict feedback rules. If it doesnt, look to resolve the situation to the buyers satisfaction, and try to have them remove it themselves.

The key is to not let negative feedback get you down when selling on Amazon. Take a deep breath and address feedback problems when they arise to improve your service, and your appeal, for future customers.

Over the long term, a few negative ratings here and there wont trip you up if you focus on improving your business and offering amazing customer service. With these goals in mind, sellers will have no trouble thriving in the Amazon marketplace.

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Contact The Reviewer Personally

Finding the contact details of the reviewer is easy if you have the sales records and receipt. You can softly ask the customer to share his experience with your Amazon product and offer them some sort of incentive to remove or modify the Amazon negative review. You can extract the emails of the buyers with different marketing tools. If you dont know how to deal with all these steps, the very next method is the perfect solution for you.

Think Twice About Selling An Item In Acceptable Condition

How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon Product As A Seller in (2021 ...

I almost never sell an item that I think is in acceptable condition. Just like I wrote above, different people grade items differently, and what I think might be acceptable, someone else might see as completely unacceptable. Even if you provide the buyer with the most detailed condition notes describing exactly what the items faults are, they probably wont remember when they get the item days later and are more likely to post negative feedback on your account.

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Never Intimidate Or Incentivize Reviewers

When it comes to biased reviews, Amazon has an incredibly strict policy.

It all started in 2016 when compensating reviews with discounts or free products became a trend. Amazon acted by changing its terms to prevent that from ever happening again.

This meant there was a ban on incentivised reviews. Youre prohibited from asking consumers to change their bad reviews in exchange for discounts or extra gifts.

The rules apply to engaging with your customers.

If you come across a negative review on your page, you cant act in a manner that could be construed as a threat to a customer to change their review.

If you intimidate or incentivize reviews on Amazon, you risk getting permanently banned or getting your Seller Account suspended.

Amazon Feedback Removal Will Be Needed Eventually

Amazon Seller Feedback is no exception.

are always wondering when that first seller review will come in. Even experienced sellers have a hard time acquiring seller feedback on Amazon.

So with seller reviews being the precious commodity that they are, it really stings when a negative review comes in. And you can really feel powerless when the nasty one-star review is about something totally out of your control!

If you’re planning on , you should brace yourself for the following seller feedback.

  • this cost way more than it does at Walmart!
  • Too orange! Hated it!
  • I paid for PRIME TWO DAY SHIPPING and this came a day late and therefore ruined my child’s birthday and caused her to run away from home.

Ok, that last one’s a bit extreme.but not by much!

As an experienced FBA seller, I can tell you that the sting of negative feedback does lessen over time. But it’s still no fun!

You can’t prevent negative seller feedback, but you can follow the right steps to remove it or at least minimize the effect of one lone review on your overall seller rating.

Let’s take a deeper look at Amazon Seller Feedback and then I’ll show you 5 things you can do about your seller reviews.

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Set Up Instant Feedback Alerts With Third Party Seller Software

With seemingly endless to-do lists, forgetting to check for feedback is entirely understandable. Amazon third seller platforms allow you to automate notifications when customers review your products.

Real-time feedback notifications alert you the moment you receive negative feedback so you can quickly swing into action. This process ensures that you promptly start the feedback removal process and increase the chances you resolve the issue in a matter of days — not weeks or months.

Get More Positive Reviews

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon as a Seller

If youre at this stage of removing your bad review on Amazon, it means that youre stuck with that negative review for good.

So, what is the best way to improve your overall rating at this stage?

The answer is simple, you get more feedback!

You dont need to worry about getting more feedback since it will happen naturally as you start selling more products.

There are going to be weeks where you wont get any reviews and then suddenly you will get multiple responses at once.

If youre impatient to get more reviews then you can always contact customers with a request to provide a product review.

Amazon allows sellers to send buyers at least one request for a review, once their package has been delivered.

There are also chances that your email may trigger an unhappy buyer to send you a bad review on your product.

However, that is a chance that you must be willing to take to acquire more positive feedback on your Amazon page.

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How Amazon Ratings And Reviews Affect Buy Box Performance

In order to ensure a positive customer experience for its users, Amazon places great weight on seller performance when it determines which products are featured in the Buy Box.

Sellers are awarded points for orders that are received without any problems and are rewarded for five-star ratings and reviews with more seller performance points.

If a seller gets a negative rating , they will be penalized and deducted points. The penalties for negative reviews are higher than the rewards for positive ones, so make sure you keep them to an absolute minimum!

When Choosing The Condition Of A Product Round Down Not Up

If you have a book and you think its condition is somewhere between very good and good condition, round down and list the book as good. Buyers can be very picky and if they think they are ordering a book in very good condition but get a book they believe is only in good condition, you might get a negative review for the order. Remember, people grade items differently, so its best to play it safe. Plus, if someone orders an item in good condition, but then gets it and thinks its in very good condition, then it is much more likely youll get a positive feedback rating.

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Request The Buyer To Remove Negative Feedback

If the buyer has left negative feedback that does not break any Amazon guidelines and is legitimately pointing out your fault, the next best step is to do what is right and make amends with the buyer. Amazon buyers hold the power to remove negative feedback.

Take the time to understand their concerns, resolve the issue at hand and politely request them to remove the negative feedback. It is important to understand that this will not always work. You may fail to satisfy them yet again or maybe it will prove difficult to make contact with them. With all the luck, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when requesting feedback removal from the buyer.

What to do:

Quid pro quos, manipulation, bribes, and harassments go in violation of Amazons guidelines. Going against the Amazons Guidelines will result in account suspension.

How to contact an individual buyer and request negative feedback removal:

Step 1: Visit the Amazon website.

Step 2: Open up the tab called Orders

Step 3: Select the Manage Orders option.

Step 4: Find the negative feedback you would like to address and click on the Order ID number.

Step 5: Click on the name of the buyer.

Step 6: Select the option Other.

Step 7: Choose the appropriate subject and write down your message professionally.

Step 8: In case you would like to attach any supporting documents, click on add attachments

Step 9: Review your message and documents attached, and then click send.

Big Reasons Why Amazon Seller Feedback Is Important

How To Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon (4 Steps)

Everything Amazon does is for the sake of its customer experience because it knows thats what keeps people coming back. So as a seller, if you cant provide that world-class experience Amazon covets so much, you probably wont last very long. Its that simple – and serious. Amazon only wants merchants that buyers can trust, and seller feedback is an easy way to measure buyer experiences with a seller.

For sellers, feedback does the following:

Affects Buy Box ownership. Seller feedback is a key factor for your Order Defect Rate, which is a heavily weighted metric in Amazons Buy Box algorithm. When it comes down to it, having more positive feedback compared to a competitor can help you win the Buy Box more often.

Has Other Sellers on Amazon implications. If buyers bypass the Buy Box and compare Other Sellers on Amazon, they will see your feedback rating here and most likely opt for the seller with the highest rating.

Gives sellers a competitive advantage. Todays Amazon shoppers are incredibly review savvy and often use ratings to make purchasing decisions. Seller feedback is a review of your reputation, and nobody wants a bad reputation, right? Poor feedback can send a shopper straight to your competitor. And with upwards of 175,000 new sellers on Amazon in 2020 alone, competition continues to be high!

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