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How To Resell In Amazon

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How Can I Buy Things From China And Sell On Amazon

How To Start Reselling On Amazon FBA For Beginners (A Complete, Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Alibaba is the key, of course. Alibaba is a vast marketplace where Chinese manufacturers and suppliers sign up and list their products. For a seller, this is an extremely valuable resource, because it means you dont have to find individual Chinese sellers online since they are all on Alibaba.


How To Find A Product On Alibaba

As a successful Amazon seller, you are already familiar with this process. Finding a perfect product is the most exciting part. Here you feel like a fisherman roaming a sea for a goldfish.

To find a perfect product you just need to go to and do a product search. With Alibaba, it seems that you have tons of options, but what you need to do is product research.

If you are reselling from Alibaba to Amazon first time, it is preferable that you start with the familiar items, those youve already sold or know about. Then you are aware of what are the quality requirements of the product etc.

As always, you need to ensure that the product you selected is in demand and its business case is solid. Youll need to select a niche, study competition, selling fees, profit margin, ROI, etc.

The sources for great ideas are normally best-seller or trending lists, like those from Amazon or eBbay.

The tick-a-box list for how to find your first product is here. You can also think about private label product options, as Alibaba provides you with a lot of those.

Additionally, you should keep in mind the brand and patent issues. There are products sold on Alibaba with the rights belonging to a national brand and selling such items in other countries might be illegal. You also need to check the health and safety regulations associated with the product.

Ways To Succeed As A Reseller On Amazon

There are thousands of resellers on Amazon. The amount of competition can feel overwhelming and frightening, leaving many new sellers unsure if they will be able to successfully compete on .

But dont let the competition scare you off. A large number of third-party sellers proves that you can make money as an Amazon reseller.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to go up against resellers who have been in the business for years, who have high seller rankings, and who know exactly how to win the Buy Box.

So what do you need to do in order to succeed as a reseller on Amazon?

There are four key aspects of being a successful reseller: product, price, seller ranking, and branding. Below, well go through the primary ways you can optimize these areas to become a successful Amazon reseller.

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Buying And Selling Has Never Been Easier

If you are attracted to the idea of being your own boss, or simply pocketing a little extra income, then there is some good news for you: buying and reselling has never been easier than it is today, because the online marketplace has matured. There are more services available to you now than ever before. There are more retail websites from which to source products. Also, the worlds middle class is growing, and that means more potential customers.

That is not to say that arbitrage techniques are always easy to execute. It takes time to find the right products and analyze markets for potential resale opportunities. There is both an art and a science to it, and it is possible that some individuals just have a better sense of when and how to tactically execute a resale business.

Manage Your Inventory On Amazon

The Amazon Income Guide eBook

Managing inventory accurately is key to your success on Amazon. Amazon will lower your Seller Rating for not shipping an order for an item that you show in-stock. Like product listings above, you have several choices when it comes to inventory management. Whichever method you choose, keep inventory updated to keep your Amazon seller ratings high.

Note, Amazon automatically reduces your inventory count as your Amazon items sell. If you sell only on Amazon, this should keep your counts correct. But if you sell the same stock on your own website or in a retail store, youll probably need a better solution.

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What Are The Product Categories For Resellers

What are the best items to flip for a profit? Jessica recommended a few categories for new sellers.

Groceries Potentially a quick turnaround. Limited edition candies, cookies, and seasonal stuff sells well. Keep in mind the expiration date needs to be at least 3 months out.

Health and Beauty Shampoo, conditioner, face creams, etc. Jessica explained that women are willing to spend more for discontinued items to keep using their favorite brands.

Household Items Shoppers like finding unique items for their homes.

Toys Popular toys and games for kids can sell well. This category is often closed to new sellers during the holidays.

Books Used books sell well on Amazon. You can pick up books at goodwill, thrift stores, yard sales, and so on and resell. Look for niche-specific books, not mass-produced series.

Dropshipping: Like Wholesale Except You Never Physically Handle The Product

Important: Amazon has some rules about dropshipping that differ from traditional dropshipping, which well mention in a moment.

Traditional dropshipping is when you form a relationship with a manufacturer, and that manufacturer handles the shipping for you.

For example, you set up your ecommerce store, and people come to your site to purchase a product. Once they do, you send the shipping info to your manufacturer, who directly ships the product from their warehouse to the customer.

Basically, you never handle the product yourself. Youre the frontend of the store, while your supplier is the backend.

Now with Amazon, there is a slight difference.

Amazon does not allow you to dropship in this manner IF any information on or in the packaging identifies a company or seller other than you.

This basically means in most cases you cant dropship directly, since any packages sent directly from the dropshipper would include their shipping address and contact info on the labels at the very least, if not in packing slips, invoices, etc.

If you can find a way to dropship directly while ensuring no third-party information appears on or in the packaging, you might be okay.

Another way around this is to use the FBA model and have your dropshipper send inventory directly to Amazon.

You still wouldnt have to handle the product yourself, and youd have to pay FBA fees, so its up to you to decide if this is worth it.

to make sure youre complying with their drop shipping policies!

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Connect Your Amazon Account To Your Shopify Account

After receiving Amazon approval, connect your Amazon seller account to your Shopify account. On the left navigation of the Shopify dashboard, look for the + button beside Sales Channels and click on it.

A pop-up will appear where Amazon is listed first. Click Add Channel.

Next, click Connect to Amazon.

How Much Can I Earn By Selling On Amazon

How To Start Reselling On Amazon FBA For Beginners (Step By Step)

When you’re selling on Amazon, really anything is possible: You could be making $9 or $9 million. The answer varies.

Ultimately, the amount of money you can earn by selling on;Amazon is directly correlated to the uniqueness of your products. You need to sell your own branded products with high margins . That way, your marketing efforts can afford a higher customer acquisition cost , and youre making more for every sale.

Today more than ever, ecommerce content and storytelling drive brand loyalty. Focus on maintaining your brand image on Amazon so that your products are seen as reputable, high-quality goods from a company that consumers know and trust.

If youre a seller with a large inventory of high-ranking products with high margins and good reviews, you will be set up for success. But just like any online business, it all comes down to how well you can choose your products and market yourself.

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Create Listings For Products

Under the sales channel, youll see Amazon listed. Click on it, then click the create listing button.;

Afterwards, youll want to click Select Product. There will be two options to choose from. As a private label seller, you should click the lower option This product is made by another brand.;

Choosing the option will allow you to search for the AliExpress product to become an additional seller. After finding the product you sell, click Select. Lastly, youll need to select Publish. And repeat the process for each item.

Tips To Resell Items On Amazon How To Resell Your Products On Amazon

Wondering how to resell item on Amazon?

It is very profitable selling on Amazon. The primary objective of listing your product or service on platforms like Amazon and eBay is to get eyeballs. The more eyeballs you get, the chances of your making a sale improve. This is true for both eBay and Amazon.

You will be surprised to know that people make decent money selling on both these sites. Selling on these sites is a privilege and if a merchant is offered the same, he should count himself lucky. This article will give you tips on how to resell products on Amazon. These tips will not make you rich overnight, however, if they are followed diligently, you are sure to create your own brand name on the site.

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How Can I Resell Products On Amazon Fba

Before, youll first need to understand the different ways to resell products on Amazon. The most popular strategies include:

  • Sell Your Used Products: If you have any old products lying around your house, you can take pictures of them and list the items for sale on Amazon. This allows you to clear out your home and make some cash. However, this is only profitable in the short term since you wont have unlimited items to sell.
  • Buy Products At Retail Stores: If you purchase items from a retail store, either online or in-person, you can resell them on Amazon for a higher price. This is an excellent way to increase your profit margins and make more money in the long term.
  • Buy Products From Other Wholesalers: If you know a specific item will sell well on Amazon, you might want to consider buying it in bulk from a wholesaler. Buying in bulk allows you to get the best possible price without having to spend a ton of money. This is a great way to increase your profit margins while decreasing the amount of time you spend looking for products.
  • Purchase Directly From Manufacturers: You might also consider purchasing directly from the manufacturers. This strategy will allow you to form a relationship with the brand and negotiate better pricing, which will enable you to make more money and sell higher-quality items.

While you can make money from any of the strategies listed above, most successful choose to focus on manufacturers or wholesalers because its easy to grow your business.

Selling On Amazon Directly Marketers Guide to Resell Rights: Appstore for ...

Selling on Amazon directly is similar to selling your products on Etsy or eBay. Even as a side business, you can start selling on Amazon for $39.99 per month plus additional selling fees. The registration process is simple.

  • Choose a selling plan.
  • The four-step setup process after registration is user-friendly and similar to Amazon FBA:

  • List your products in the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Sell items to customers.
  • Ship the products to customers.
  • Get paid directly by Amazon into your bank account. ;
  • Youre responsible for listing your product, managing the inventory, and shipping it to customers. When selling on Amazon directly, you have more access to contact customers to request a review or handle issues that may arise before the customer posts a negative review. This is important because you dont want an issue with your customer experience strategy to negatively impact your brand. ;

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    How To Buy From Alibaba

    Purchasing products from Alibaba couldnt be simpler.

    Heres how that works:

  • visit;directly or search for Alibaba in Google
  • use the search bar at the top of the page to search for the product youd like to;purchase
  • browse through the results and click the product that appeals to you
  • The image below shows a Google search for Alibaba and the top 2 results:

    The image below shows a product search in Alibaba:

    The image below shows a the Contact Supplier button on a product page in Alibaba:

    Its worth mentioning that when you search for products on Alibaba, almost everything you look at will seem like its filled with potential. In theory, thats probably true, but in reality you have competition and pricing points to deal with, so keep that thought in mind to keep your mind from wandering.

    If a competitor can buy in larger amounts than you can right now, theyll likely get a cheaper deal per product, which means they can undercut you in Amazon. That said, you can always sell at a higher price by presenting your product as a premium product. I talk about this often in my .

    Another thing to keep in mind is that most FBA sellers who lack the right FBA education will jump into Alibaba and see potential everywhere, whereas youll have an edge because youll be applying the criteria Im going to share with you in a moment.

    But first:

    Does Your Store Meet All Requirements

    To become an Amazon seller, youll need to ensure that you meet all requirements and that your products arent restricted.;

    Niches like baby products, books, pet supplies, toys & games can start an Amazon store quickly. You can view additional eligible stores. If your niche isnt listed there, youll need to apply for approval.;

    Amazon also has restricted products such as hoverboards, explosives, and weapons, so avoid selling anything that falls under Amazons restriction guidelines..

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    Create Your Product Listings On Amazon

    As an Amazon seller, you can create product listings in two wayseither add your items to existing product listings or create a new product listing for an item. Either way, youll want your product to show up in the top results when customers search for it. With keyword research, youll know the exact words potential customers type in when looking for a product like yours.

    Sellics is an all-in-one Amazon software that offers a free keyword research tool. You can either add the keywords Sellics finds to your product listings yourself or use the software to help you optimize and scale your Amazon store. .

    Adding items to existing listings is by far the easiest of the two, and this is how most new sellers get started on Amazon. So well begin here.

    Promote And Market Your Books

    How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners | Reselling On Amazon Step-By-Step Tutorial

    Take advantage of Amazon tools

    Promote your online book business on social media

    Pay attention to reviews

    • Be honest about item condition
    • Ship orders on time
    • Respond to customer inquiries quickly
    • If issues arise, solve them as soon as possible

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    How To Make $1000/month Selling On Amazon

    When you think about making an online purchase, your brain might be hardwired now to go right to Amazon. If thats true, youre not alone.

    There are over 310 million active users on Amazon, and 100 million of them are Prime membersthats a lot of two-day shipping.

    Amazon is an ecommerce behemoth, and the company is quickly moving into other markets like streaming services, grocery and food delivery, music, video games, fashion, and even healthcare. This vertical integration is making even it harder for smaller businesses to stay competitive.

    As they say: If you cant beat em, join em. And there are plenty of ecommerce brands making a lot of money by selling on Amazon. While running your own ecommerce site provides more control over branding and profit margin, you cant ignore Amazonin fact, you might be better off joining.

    If youre looking to increase profits from your ecommerce business, it’s time to start selling on Amazon! Ready to get your feet wet? Wondering how to make $1,000 per month selling on Amazon? Before we get into how to accomplish that, lets review some basics to see if selling on Amazon;is the right opportunity for you.

    Wholesaling: Buy Products In Bulk Directly From An Existing Manufacturer Or Brand

    Being a wholesaler through e-commerce is, in many respects, very similar to classic wholesaling at a brick and mortar shop.

    You find a supplier typically an established manufacturer or brand. Then you purchase product in bulk from them usually at a steep discount.

    This has the benefit of a better profit margin for you , as well as the assurance that youre purchasing authentic product directly from the brand.

    People arrive at the wholesaling model from a variety of backgrounds. Some are business people already familiar with how wholesaling works traditionally, and are looking to bring their model online.

    Others are retail or online arbitrage sellers who eventually hit a ceiling in terms of being able to scale their business up after all, there are only so many hours in the day that you can spend cruising from store to store.

    Wholesaling requires a more business-savvy approach. Arbitrage is arguably easier with a faster inventory turnover; you find gaps in marketplace offerings and make money quick, but your income potential plateaus at some point.

    In some ways, wholesaling is just a larger version of online arbitrage!

    Laws vary from state to state, so for US sellers, youll need to find what laws apply to small businesses and wholesalers. Amazon will also ask for proof that youre licensed to sell a certain brand, if youre reselling products from an established brand.

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